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A three-bedroom, one-and-a-half-bathroom, and one-and-a-half-kitchen apartment or house is abbreviated as “3 BHK.” It usually comes with three bathrooms and a balcony, while the specifics depend on the configuration.

Homes with three bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms, and two balconies are typically large. Because of this, they are a good choice for people with large combined families, including children, or who frequently have guests around. These flats require 3BHK flat interior design ideas for the best appearance and impression. 

You could use one of the bedrooms as a nursery for your child, another as a guest room, and the third as a room for your parents. The master bedroom would be reserved for you and your significant other. 

This article will be enlightening and eye-opening for you if you live in a three-bedroom, three-bathroom apartment (also known as a “3 BHK apartment”) and if you want to decorate your apartment using incredible new 3BHK flat interior design ideas. You will be provided with information regarding the condo decorating concepts that are trending the most and don’t cost a lot of money.

Everything You Need to Know About 3BHK Apartment:

  • The interior design of a three-bedroom, three-and-a-half-bathroom home provides ample space for the homeowner to experiment with various design styles.
  • Your home might look more fashionable with 3BHK flat interior design ideas inspired by modern industrial or minimalist Scandinavian styles.
  • You might also try some classic-style interiors, which have beautifully crafted furniture and a significant amount of cutting wood to achieve a vintage feel in the space.
  • Utilizing natural materials in the construction of your home alongside the installation of colorful poufs, a canvas sofa, a swing, or a hammock are all excellent ways to accomplish the look of a bohemian abode.

What you must consider for getting the best 3BHK flat interior design ideas- 

Create the impression that a space is more significant than it is

Consider decorating your small apartment with items of furniture that seem to have legs that are either beautiful, solid, or eye-catching. 

This is especially important if you live in a smaller space. When a furniture item is low to the ground, the eye tends to stop at the base of the piece, but when it has legs, the watch can continue past the floor and into the body of the furniture. In more compact areas, tables made of glass or mirrors might help avoid the impression that the furniture occupies an excessive amount of space. 

If you want the ceiling to seem higher, choose a bed with shorter legs or perhaps even sitting on the ground rather than a bed with taller legs.


The possibilities are practically limitless regarding the 3 BHK flat interior design ideas. Individuals choose to invest in their homes according to their unique interests and preferences while also bearing in mind the financial limits they face. The most effective strategy to move forward is to create a detailed spending plan that you can allot to renovate your house.

Use smart storage

Use your imagination to devise inventive ways to use the available space for storage. You can hide your belongings from view and organize them in an orderly and visually beautiful way by using collapsible furniture, stackable or concealed storage, shelving, and pegboards. All of these options are available to you.

Utilizing previously used resources in new ways

Not only can you save money by recycling old furniture for the 3BHK flat interior design ideas, but you can also give your home an air of quirky individualism. There are numerous creative ways to do so. If you already have an old lampshade that appears to be outdated, you can rework it so that it hangs plants off the wall. 

If you have any old doors that must be replaced, you may keep the chunk of wood from the doors and paint it in vivid colors to form a one-of-a-kind center table.

Make changes to the built-in features.

It’s possible that you won’t be able to redesign some of the lights in your home, but this doesn’t imply you have to accept the way they now seem. Use accessories or do-it-yourself coverings to conceal unsightly cables or pipes using these methods. For instance, a decorative grate can be employed to hide an obsolete wall heater, and an ornamental picture frame can be used to cover an outlet that is no longer in use.

Make Lighting Stunning

The ability to experiment with different lighting configurations is a perk that comes with living in an apartment that is larger than average. Various options are available, ranging from chic pendant lighting to hang over the kitchen island to chandeliers to hang in the living room.

 Investing in ceiling lights is another option for bringing more light into the sections of your home, such as the entryway or hallway. When you wish to lay around or relax after a long day, you may adjust the lighting with the light switch to create the appropriate atmosphere for those activities.

Top – 3 BHK flat interior design ideas

Different Colors And Patterns

Different Colors And Patterns
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If you’re looking for a way to make your space stand out from the crowd, this is undoubtedly one of the top 3BHK flat interior design ideas you may implement in your home. The best option for your apartment might be to combine various colors and patterns, especially if you have a lot of space. You could give the walls a variety of hues by doing so. Then, add some stunning bedding in vivid colors to your home to voice an opinion.

Choose stunning patterns to apply to your walls if they are uninteresting and you want to give them a one-of-a-kind appearance instead. The color and motif of your floor, walls, and personalized furniture all need to be entirely complementary to one another. Once this has been accomplished, you will be able to notice how gorgeous your home looks.

Add textural element

Add textural element
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The open-ended nature of materials like wood, stone, and linen, along with the textural texture and tones that come along with it, gives the home an inviting and warm feeling for the year 2022. Incorporating textured materials into the interior design will remain at the forefront of our considerations when decorating selections in 2022 and beyond.

It should come as no surprise that, given the state of the economy as it stands right now, an increasing number of people are expressing a desire to construct a home that exudes a sense of coziness and protection. To put it plainly, an area will appear lifeless if it lacks texture. It is the ideal method for giving a space a sense of decadence, depth, and dimension.

The herringbone tiled floor and the various kinds of wood used in the furniture are only two examples of the wide variety of materials that can be found in this space. Other examples include the chalky texture of the wallcovering as well as the blocky design used for the upholstery.

Open Plan Design

Open Plan Design
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If you wish to make a big impression in the foyer of your home, the senior designers here at Décor Aid suggest that you go with an open-plan 3BHK flat interior design idea if that is at all possible. Your home will give the impression of having more open space thanks to the interior style you choose.

A return to the use of warm hues

A return to the use of warm hues
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Colors are an essential component of interior design and remain prominent in the field’s most notable design trends. Because they cause the individuals who will inhabit your place to experience various feelings, colors can either make or shatter the designs you have in mind. 

To ensure that your home’s interior design adheres to the most recent design tendencies, you should use colors that are complementary to the overall style, layout, and atmosphere of the building. In previous seasons, warmer hues such as red and orange were replaced with colder colors such as purple.

Nevertheless, in 2022, earth tones are making a solid reappearance. Although red is now heralded as the season’s color, all hues of red, orange, & tangerine will be dominating fashion in 2022. 

This year, browns and beiges are more frequently seen as earthy tones used in 3BHK flat interior design ideas. Beige and a warm color palette are substituting the chilly hues this season, a shift from last year’s trend of mainly using gray as a neutral color.

Use tiny corners

Use tiny corners
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Suppose you assume that the nooks and corners of your home are unimportant and choose to neglect them. As a result, you could make a mistake because these nooks and corners could serve you more fundamentally. For instance, if the top shelf of the cabinets in your kitchen or bathroom is going unused, you could put a lovely antique vase there instead of leaving it empty.

This concept not only renders confined areas far more practical but also has the potential to lend an air of refined sophistication to the abode. One further illustration of this would be making use of the area beneath the stairs; this can be a beneficial strategy for lodging problems.

You have many options for using this area, and it can provide ample storage for many of your belongings. Last but not least is the selection of a number of the storage concepts that have been specifically made; with that, you can maximize the use of the space that is accessible to you and also acquire a beautifully presentable appearance for your areas.

You may try candy cane strips.

Turning back the clock will become a significant theme in the year 2022, and this is because looking to the past can frequently provide solace after enduring difficult times. The red and white candy stripe refers to positive memories and will rapidly transmit the energy of jubilant bygone days onto interiors. It brings to mind images of helter-skelter rides, sticks of rock, and barber shops.

Even though they are brilliant, the combination of red and white stripes brings to mind the coziness and harmony of a more innocent era.

Use big plants

Use big plants
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Adding plants to the interior or exterior of your home is an excellent way to make it stand out from the rest. If you want people to take notice of your taste in interior design, decorate the inside of your home with giant plants. 

Either set a couple of large plants in your living room or arrange them in the corridor where guests pass by. Plants don’t cost a lot of money, so adding some to your space is an attractive option if you’re trying to improve the aesthetic of your 3BHK flat interior design ideas without breaking the bank.

Add bold wallpapers

Add bold wallpapers
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It doesn’t matter whether it is in the living room, the bedroom, or the conference room; daring wallpaper is making its way onto the walls all around us. In the past, this component was merely utilized as an exciting twist; nevertheless, in modern times, it has taken on a more daring and decorative role. The most recent developments in the field of interior design have shifted the focus away from wallpaper and toward wallpapers as an art piece for your surroundings. 

You’ll be able to better embrace the 3 BHK flat interior design ideas of 2022 with the help of a wide variety of wallpaper prints, including geometric shapes, landscape scenes, abstract shapes, figures of humans and animals, and more.

Combining Antiques and Contemporary Objects

Combining Antiques and Contemporary Objects
Source: LEGRAN / Shutterstock

Individuals are increasingly opting to purchase antiques & vintage items, in addition to even more modern designs for their furniture, instead of buying wholly new pieces of furniture.

The use of antiques and vintage-sourced decor, as well as furniture, is beneficial to the environment because it involves the recycling of previously owned goods. It also enables a room to include an exciting contrast of new and old elements. 

Shopping at vintage stores seems more desirable than ever, particularly in light of recent interruptions in supply chains and backorder wait times that sometimes last for months. Following a survey published by the online resale marketplace Mercari, in the United States, consumers spent over $17 billion on used furniture and other products for the home in 2017, and it is anticipated that this amount will continue to rise.

Consider some environmentally responsible alternatives.

Once washed, these fabrics generate non-biodegradable plastic microfibres, and there aren’t any guarantees regarding how recyclable they would ultimately be. Until recently, the eco-friendly fabric movement primarily concentrated on those woven from recycled plastics, which raises several issues while having good intentions.

They depend on plastic products instead of creating long-lasting, repairable, green alternatives. However, things are looking up as a younger generation of eco-friendly textiles begins to gain momentum, which bodes well for the future.

Include more art displays wherever possible

Putting up exhibits of artwork can assist in determining the color scheme used for the interior design of a home. Visitors will surely be amazed and admired when they see these emotionally charged pieces hung up on your wall. However, suppose you are looking to construct home decorating on a budget. In that case, you can buy at thrift shops & bazaars for art exhibits and décor that are inexpensive but spectacular in their appearance.

More natural elements inside the house

People are gravitating toward natural components and warmer tones in their interior design, which seems to indicate a shift toward a more environmentally conscious orientation in 3BHK flat interior design ideas because they provide the impression that your space is more natural and genuine, decorative components crafted from raw materials, whether actual or fake versions of the real thing, are in high demand.

Recent developments favor using natural wood in every possible service, such as a surface for flooring and countertops, an accent in decorative accents, and even cabinetry. This modern fad in interior design is also addressed by stones such as marble, quartz, and pebble, in addition to materials that resemble these stones. Materials resembling these stones are also considered part of this category. 

Recycled and handcrafted goods are gaining popularity among consumers and designers alike not merely because of their aesthetic appeal but also because of their eco-friendly approach to the creation process. Whether you want to do it by installing eco-friendly bamboo flooring or a verdant indoor plant garden, one of the most popular 3BHK flat interior design ideas in 2022 will be to bring the outside.

Unique lighting and bulbs

Unique lighting and bulbs
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The most important aspects of your space are the lamps and bulbs. That being the case, you need to select them by yourself. You have many options to pick from when it comes to lights that you can buy for your apartment, and those options can be based on your spending limit and the specific requirements of your home. You can go with arc lamps, tripod lamps, banquet lamps, torchieres, floor lamps, or branch lamps.

What kind of furniture or decorations you decide to put in your space is entirely up to you. The Arc lamp is the best choice for your home because it gives it an elegant and sophisticated look and feels. 

Your genuine choice of bulbs will determine the amount of light emitted throughout your home. To get the most out of the lighting in your apartment, you need to switch to LED lights and position them strategically. Installing high-quality window blinds beside your windows is another option for controlling the amount of natural light that comes in through your windows and for filtering the light that does come in.

 Because of this, you will indeed be able to make the most out of the natural light, and you’ll also be able to manage the quantity of natural light that enters your home in line with the lighting in your interior.

Design with a Focus on Biophilia

Design with a Focus on Biophilia
Source: Okrasiuk / Shutterstock

The objective of biophilic design, which was identified as a top trend in the 2022 Pinterest Suggests research, is to introduce elements of the natural world into the interiors of people’s homes by utilizing raw materials, colors, and course, living plants. Plant parents are already exploring plant-covered surfaces and one-of-a-kind hanging installations, going beyond the traditional practice of placing a few pots on the windowsill. 

This style, inspired by nature, originates in the fundamental components of the human species. “Traditionally, being associated with nature has supplied food, clothing, and shelter.” These associations are permanently etched in our brains, and the colors, textures, & patterns that we associate with these associations subliminally bring us a sense of comfort.

Go for hardwood flooring. 

Installing fashionable and sophisticated hardwood flooring in your home interiors that feature rare wood is a surefire approach to leaving a lasting impression on your visitors. This addition to the interior design is an investment that is well worth it despite the possibility that you will need to use the services of expert contractors to install the flooring. Your home’s worth is almost certainly going to go up due to the installation of this time-honored flooring design and the fact that it looks stunning.

Choose Concrete Details as Your Accent Material

This versatile and easily accessible material, masonry, is now being applied more intriguing and unusual ways, even in home décors such as pendant lighting and furniture. Although concrete has historically been used for floors and countertops, this substance is used in a broader range of applications than ever before. Concrete won’t merely be used as a material for surfaces in 2022; rather, the trend toward interior design will drive the usage of concrete in novel and inventive ways.

When designing with concrete, you need to ensure that your space does not become too drab; instead, pair concrete highlights with bright, warm hues like reds or yellows to confirm your area is up to date with the most emerging 3BHK flat interior design ideas.

Spice up the seating arrangement 

Spice up the seating arrangement
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Designers are exhibiting that a more casual type of seating design may combine the convenience element and everyday utility with high-level elegance and supreme style-desirability. When it comes to this style, the Italian manufacturers are the ones that are setting the standard. Curves are the latest craze in chair & couch design, and Bontempi Casa, Edra, and Arflex are three brands embracing this trend.


When it comes to the best 3BHK flat interior design ideas, 2022 will see a shift toward a focus on health and wellness in the house, as well as a preference for features and textures that are comfortable and reassuring.