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Aadhar is a leading biometric identification system. This is one of the top identification cards that is used extensively and almost anywhere where you will need to verify your identity.

What Is The Aadhar Card?

The Aadhar is mainly a unique 12-digit number that has been linked to the biometrics of a person. This number is therefore unique to every individual and it also ensures that one will be able to get hold of significant details with the help of this number. A lot of information is stored in one’s Aadhar number.

Even if you need to offer proof of your residential address, you can produce your Aadhar card and it will serve your need. If any of your biometric and personal details have changed, you must submit these to the portal and get them updated at the earliest to avoid any form of discrepancies.

When Should You Update Your Aadhar Card?

Those who are wondering what conditions under which you need to update your Aadhar card should check out the following scenarios.

  • Change of mobile number
  • Address change
  • Alteration of the local language
  • Name change (either voluntarily or post marriage)
  • If the operator made clerical errors during the enrolment process
  • When the quality of biometrics procured was poor and not okay
  • If multiple authentication attempts fail
  • If any accident leads to alteration of biometrics like fingerprint or even iris
  • In the case of a child’s Aadhar (age needs to be updated at the age of 5 and then 15 years)
  • If you are requested to submit additional documents

So, these are the different scenarios when you will have to update the Aadhar card. It is really important that you always keep the information up to date and accurate. Your inability to do so is surely going to lead to inconsistency in information.

Documents Required During Update Process

When you have decided to update the details for your Aadhar card, here are some of the key documents that you need to keep handy. You are likely to need this based on what information you are choosing to update.

  • ID Proof- It can be either PAN Card or voter id or passport or even a driving license
  • Date of birth proof- It can be the birth certificate, passport, PAN Card or even the SLLC certificate
  • Address proof- It can be a ration card, insurance policy, bank passbook or even the voter ID
  • Relationship proof- This can be the passport or the pension card or PDS card or even the MNREGA Job card

How To Upgrade Your Aadhar Card Via An Enrolment Centre?

You can choose to update the Aadhar card in both online and offline format. If you don’t have access to a computer or you don’t prefer to do it online for whatever reasons, you can choose to head to the closest Aadhar enrolment centre and follow the below steps to update the Aadhar. If you don’t know the closest centre, you can head to the UIDAI portal and locate the right one.

  • Mostly you don’t need to book an appointment and you can directly contact the closest facility and ask them the timings
  • Make sure to carry both original and photocopy of the documents that are needed for updating the information
  • Before choosing to update the details, the operator will check all the information and see if the documents are in the right order
  • The operator will then upload the documents into the software and if needed collect your biometric as well.
  • When the whole work is done, you will get an acknowledgement receipt for it
  • The UIDAI portal will allow you to track the status of the update request
  • If everything was done in the right manner, you will shortly receive your Aadhar card at your address in a few business days

How To Update The Aadhar In An Online Manner?

Here are the steps to follow when you want to update it in an online manner

  • Head to MyAadhar and then opt for UIDAI Login
Source: Official Site
  • Now choose the option ‘proceed to update Aadhar’
  • Type the Aadhar number and the captcha
  • Now choose to send OTP
  • Enter the OTP that you will receive on your registered mobile number
  • Now click on the option that reads ‘update demographics data’
  • You will land on a new page and there you can select the right options and then click on proceed
  • The changes will be applied on the subsequent page and you will be asked to upload the documents
  • Make sure to double-check that you have entered the right details
  • You will then get the update request number and this will be used to check the status of the update.

Can You Change The Aadhar Address Without The Proof Of Any Document?

If you want to update the address on your Aadhar card, you can do so without having to present any proof of address.

  • First of all, you need to use the option called request for an Aadhar validation letter. Here are the different steps you need to opt for.
  • First of all, the resident needs to request by logging in to the portal with their Aadhar number
  • After entering your Aadhar details, you will be issued an SRN
  • The second step is the address verifier approval.
  • For this, you need to click on the link that will come on your mobile
  • Once again, log in with your Aadhar details and then give your permission to do whatever is asked
  • Now the registered contact will receive a verifier consent.
  • You will need to log in by entering the SRN you had received
  • Now check the address and make sure to check other details and then submit the request
  • Finally, a letter with the secret code will be emailed to you. You need to access the address updating portal.
  • Make sure to change the address using the secret code and then confirm the address and click on the submit button
  • A URN would be issued which you can use to track the status


Does the Aadhar number change on updating the details

No, the Aadhar number remains unchanged even if you update the details. Only the details will be changed

How long will it take for the Aadhar card to be updated?

Once you have submitted the details, it could take anywhere up to 90 days for the details to be updated. These days, you can also opt for the PVC Aadhar Card as well.

Can I change the address without an address proof?

Yes, the Aadhar portal has the provision to do so. You need to follow the systematic steps for that.