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Harshad Mehta probably still is the biggest scammer in the history of the stock market. This is why endless people are still interested to know Aatur Harshad Mehta net worth. So, here you will know the inside details of Aatur Harshad Mehta net worth, the scams he did, the endless properties he owned, his downfall, and more.

Also known as the big bull, Harshad Mehta managed to create a history that is spoken of even today long after his demise. When we try to calculate Aatur Harshad Mehta net worth, you will be baffled by the kind of money he made. He had a very meagre start as he barely had money to meet his means.

However, his sharp wit and shrewd mind coupled with striking business sense made him one of the biggest names in the history of the Indian stock market. He knew how to play and he played well until he didn’t.

Such was his tantalizing journey of how he went from rags to riches that a web series and a Bollywood movie were made on his life journey because they just had that much action. He knew how to manipulate the market and he was a king during his prime. His uber-luxury style also kept him in the discussion because he loved to both earn and spend.

So, instead of simply focusing on Aatur Harshad Mehta net worth, we are going to take you through several aspects of his life to help you truly sketch his character and know the journey he traversed.

Harshad Mehta- The Big Bull

aatur harshad mehta net worth
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Born in the tiny city of Rajkot, Gujarat back in 1954, Harshad Mehta was a man of big dreams. He was born in a very ordinary family and he tried his hand at several odd jobs to sustain his family, but he always had the hunger to do something big.

To chase his dreams, he shifted to Mumbai and after shuffling several jobs, he finally settled at the New India Assurance Limited. His hunger to learn always helped him gain plenty of knowledge. The real story kickstarts after he joined a brokerage firm wherein, he met Prasanna Pranivandas. This was the start of his golden stock market days. He kept on piling money and became a millionaire until his manipulative ways came to the notice of the law and his empire started to crumble, one by one.

Aatur Harshad Mehta Net Worth

If you are looking to know his net worth, one of the first things you need to know is his house.

The Luxurious Worli House

His house was a sensation during his time as it boasted of the finest world-class amenities and the type of luxuries that a lot of people couldn’t even afford to dream of. The house is located in Madhuri Society and is one of the best posh localities in South Mumbai. The house has 8 inter-connected apartments and it covered as many as 2 floors of the whole society.

Some of the amenities that were a part of his house include a private swimming pool, mini theatre, billiards room, well-equipped gym, and tons of other things. His house covered a net area of 12600 square feet. He often lent his house to media for photography.

After his downfall and subsequent death, his house was auctioned and it was sold at an amount totalling Rs. 32.6 crores, back in 2009.

His Other Assets

He was a massive car lover and owned some of the top high-end models of cars. During that time, he also bought the imported Lexus LS 400 and became the only person in the nation to own it.

Apart from his esteemed Worli house, he also owned two more flats in the top localities in Mumbai. Each of these flats is spread over 1150 square feet of area and offers the best views.

Even his office was gargantuan as it covered a whole floor. It was strategically located in one of the costliest localities in the whole of Mumbai.

Most of his assets and properties were seized after he was imprisoned. He had started his business along with his brother Aswin Mehta. Aswin has managed to consolidate the money and has a very good net worth. During the prime of his career Harshad Mehta’s net worth was estimated to be close to $475 million. This is approximately 3542 crores. However today he is no longer alive to enjoy the luxuries he badly coveted.

The Harshad Mehta – 1992 Scam

The infamous Harshad Mehta Scam was unveiled in 1992 though he was cheating the banks and the stock market for a long time.

At the time, when he committed this fraud, he manipulated the market and the loopholes in the banking sector. During that time, the banks had no regulations on having a minimum balance for the sake of buying stocks.

Also, one didn’t need any demit account even for the trading of stocks. Mehta was an astute businessman and his sharp acumen and knowledge gave him incredible insight. This allowed him to manipulate the markets in a way that he could make huge money.

He worked on his networking skills and managed to procure a massive amount of money. Mehta used different well-known banks. Harshad resorted to fake bank receipts for this purpose. He continued to exploit the loopholes in the banking sector.

He single-handedly managed to dupe the banks of more than 3500 to 4000 crore rupees. This is one reason why the whole of Indian stock market crashed terribly. Being a sharp business-minded person, he almost managed to sell off his property to cover all his debts. However, Sucheta Dalal, the sensational journalist ended up uncovering him as she did a detailed case report on him.

This triggered a series of legal cases. Subsequently, he was also sentenced to jail. He tried to resort to all means but somehow all his networks failed to excavate him out of the situation. It was because of his scam that RBI was forced to come up with several different reforms. They did so that another stock broker or a shrewd businessman couldn’t hoodwink the whole banking sector and dupe them of such massive money.

A lot of people believe that had the journalist not exposed his scam, he may have gone on with his ways. He may have gone on to become a global icon because his progress was unstoppable.

Even today, a lot of stock brokers still try to learn a lot by following his methods and reading about his ardent zeal and verve.

The Death

Despite enjoying such a massive fan following and being in the media limelight, he died quite unceremoniously. He suffered acute chest pain when he was still in jail. He was then rushed to the Thane Civil Hospital and thereby breathed his last.

Some people believe that it was the endless legal battles and the downfall he faced that caused his untimely death.

It is said that during his later days, he realized the grave mistake he did. The greed and unsatiated hunger to always earn more was the major cause of his downfall. His story continues to both inspire and rectify people.

A journalist reported that he put money into the poor man’s pocket while allowing the rich to rob simultaneously. He did change the lives of too many people, even when all his methods weren’t right.

Aatur Harshad Mehta net worth remains baffling. Shortly after his death, all cases against him were disposed of. Aatur Harshad Mehta is his son and he continues to live in the shadow of his father. He has managed to make some strong and meaningful investments. But, he will never be able to live the larger-than-life journey that his father did.

He likes to keep his profile low and doesn’t want to repeat the same mistake as his dad. He still believes that with the right investment track, he will be able to consolidate the right amount of money. This will suffice his living standards.

Aatur was just 22 when his dad passed away and he seems to have taken the right life lesson.


Is Harshad Mehta alive?

No, Harshad Mehta died in 2001 at the age of 47 in Thane Civil Hospital.

Did Harsha Mehta commit suicide?

No, as per records, Harshad Mehta died because of a sudden heart attack.

What is Aatur Harshad Mehta net worth?

During his prime, Harshad Mehta’s property was valued to be Rs 3542 crores.

What does Harshad Mehta’s son do now?

Harshad’s son likes to keep a low profile and he is an entrepreneur and an investor. He once came into the news after he purchased a massive number of stocks of a certain company.

Who purchased Mehta’s house after it was auctioned?

Ashok Samani purchased the epic Harshad Mehta house. He is a popular stockbroker and a businessman. He purchased the house for staggering Rs 32.6 crores.

Was Harshad Mehta a celebrity?

Such was the prolific fame and his high-end way of living that Harshad Mehta was hailed as the celebrity stock broker

Who was the journalist who uncovered the scam in 1992?

Sucheta Dalal, the Times of India journalist uncovered the real story.

Are any Harshad Mehta cases still running in court?

Shortly after he died, all his cases were closed

Was all of Mehta’s property sold off?

Not, all his property was sold off, but a significant amount of his assets was forfeited to square off his debts.