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Do you intend to purchase in Ahmedabad? If yes, read on. It describes some of Ahmedabad’s poshest neighbourhoods.

Do you intend to purchase in Ahmedabad? If yes, read on. It describes some of Ahmedabad’s poshest neighbourhoods.

Intent on purchasing real estate in Ahmedabad’s posh areas? If so, you will find this information helpful. It contains information about many of Ahmedabad’s most desirable residential neighborhoods.

These are Ahmedabad’s eleven most wealthy residential areas. Each unit has luxurious facilities and features, from a private spa to a fitness centre. They have good livability rankings and are sought after by prospective inhabitants.

The purpose of these opulent residences, situated in a luxurious western section of Ahmedabad, is to host family reunions. Each dwelling’s design encourages natural elements to enter, engaging occupants and establishing a connection with nature. These residences are located in upscale communities with convenient access to retail centres, medical facilities, and entertainment events.

By continuing to read, learn about the most costly neighbourhoods in Ahmedabad, such as Ambawadi and Bhat. You will also learn about GIFT City, the Gujarat International Finance Tec-City, and Naroda, a posh area that is rapidly expanding.

Ahmedabad’s posh new areas

Ahmedabad's posh new areas
Source: Jay Soni / unsplash

The population and infrastructure of affluent areas of Ahmedabad continue to rise. Those interested in investing in this area have a variety of residential alternatives to choose from. These regions include an abundance of contemporary amenities and conveniences.

  • Satellite, Bodakdev, and Thaltej are some of Ahmedabad’s upscale neighbourhoods. These three neighbourhoods are close to Navratna Business Park, Parshwanath Business Park, Pinnacle Business Park, and Westgate Business Bay. These neighbourhoods get a high grade for livability and are well-connected to the city.
  • Schools and hospitals, such as Adwait Multispecialty Hospital and Life Care Hospital, are nearby.
  • Many ONGC workers and small business owners also reside in this area. These regions are expanding quickly due to cheap housing initiatives. The proximity of these regions to Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad has aided in their fast development.
  • In addition, a BRTS facility connects this region to the rest of the city. A six-lane motorway linking Gandhinagar and Visit has made the trip from this location much more accessible.

11 of Ahmedabad’s finest and most exclusive neighbourhoods

Consider one of these eleven posh residential zones if you like a lavish lifestyle. Read on to find out more!

1. South Bopal and Ambali – Two Prominently Developed Areas

South Bopal and Ambali are attractive places to dwell since the city’s aristocracy mainly comprises immigrants from other states. Both have established infrastructures and are home to a variety of facilities. The region has several landmarks, including the Community Health Center, City Gold multiplex theatre, GEB Electrical supply office, and ISRO colony. The New Tulip School, Life Insurance Corporation of India, Intex, Vodafone, and LG have offices here.

Ambali is home to exemplary public services, parks, and educational opportunities. You may want to have a peek at Ambali if you’re searching for a luxury place to live. It is also close to many of the city’s more upscale neighbourhoods. In addition to this, Ambali is well-known for the high-end housing alternatives and excellent public services that it provides.

The approximate cap. rates (for every sq. ft) under this micro-market are:

Geographical region  AmbaliSouth BopalBopal
Avg. sale price/property  INR 7500 (approx..)INR 4000 (Approx..)INR 4000 (Approx.)
Avg. sale price/condominium  NAINR 7000 (Approx.)AINR 6900 (Approx.) 

Professionals working in local office centres and the city’s aristocracy are also drawn to the neighbourhood. The region has easy access to Dholera, a projected industrial corridor that would increase property values. South Bopal is close to Prahlad Nagar, Bodakdev, Sanand, and the industrial corridor. Consequently, real estate prices are anticipated to climb by 10 percent during the next four to five quarters.

2. Satellite – One of the Luxurious Regions

Satellite – One of the Luxurious Regions
Source: Marcus Christensen / Pexels

If you’re seeking a cheap, high-quality house, Satellite, Gujarat might be your place. While Satellite is still being constructed, it already boasts many of the luxuries seen in the city’s

other upscale neighbourhoods. Three or four crores may be paid for a variety of premium apartments. With so many services in a single location, it is simple to understand why Satellite is an attractive option for many individuals.

In addition to being a handy location for commuters, the region provides a vast array of social facilities. The area is near several well-developed facilities, including schools, hospitals, retail malls, restaurants, and condominiums. It also gives convenient access to the metro system and other transportation in Ahmedabad. The satellite area is near numerous large hospitals, including the Bodakdev and Parth.

Satellite real estate is accessible for middle-income families since it is bordered by upscale business spaces and a broad choice of residential and retail options. Those in search of a residence in Satellite may be pleasantly surprised by the reasonable pricing.

The approximate cap. rates (for every sq. ft) under this micro-market are:

Geographical regionSatelliteSatellite (Luxury residences)
Avg. sale price/property  INR 4,300 – INR 5,600USD 250,000
Avg. sale price/condominium  NANA

Buying a home in Satellite is a wise investment since prices are relatively modest compared to other areas of the city.

3. Chandkheda – A Popular Residential Locality

In Chandkheda, an expanding neighbourhood along the Sabarmati riverbank, there are a lot of real estate development projects. Due to their proximity to Gandhinagar, the airport, and various IT centres, these developments are quite popular among real estate enthusiasts. Chandkheda is one of the most desirable areas for real estate investment in Ahmedabad for people wishing to buy property.

A few decades ago, the town was a little community, but it is today a bustling residential area. This municipality offers a variety of contemporary amenities, such as schools, parks, and recreational facilities, to its residents. The Apollo and Kanoria hospitals, as well as several banks, are located nearby. In addition to residential communities and a train station, the area also has many condominium complexes.

This neighbourhood is home to the city’s most renowned institutions, and its infrastructural amenities are exceptional. Chandkheda also has a train station, allowing quick train access to the town. Around 14 kilometres distant is a large airport. In addition to having excellent public transit, Chandkheda is bordered by notable organizations’ headquarters.

4. SG Highway – An additional upscale residential area

SG Highway – Another upscale and developed residential neighbourhood in Ahmedabad is comprised of both existing and freshly emerging sub-communities. The area is well linked to other city sections and is distinguished by its social and commercial infrastructure.

Compared to other of the city’s more costly neighbourhoods, real estate prices around SG Highway are much cheaper than in other parts of the city.

  • Prices per square foot vary from Rs 3,400 to Rs 8,000.
  • In this city, the average cost of a three-bedroom flat is Rs 91 lakh. Other property types are also available.
  • Homes at Anand Nagar, Ambavadi, Gota, Bodakdev, and SG Highway pay Rs 6,500 per square foot.

The SG Highway links the cities of Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar. In addition to residential buildings, various business districts have been established around the SG Highway. This region boasts a robust social infrastructure, including super-speciality hospitals, many schools, and several other organizations.

Additionally, there are local restaurants, bars, and hospitals. In addition, the region offers a huge development area and can provide purchasers with individualized design alternatives.

5. Thaltej – Among the Most Luxurious Residential Areas

It is a tranquil residential neighbourhood encircled by a lake, with excellent access to the SG Highway and the Sardar Patel Ring Road. While the setting is primarily residential, a few enterprises and commercial complexes exist here, including Pinnacle Business Park, Global Hospital, Commerce House 5, Mondeal Heights, and Shapath V.

Thaltej, Satellite, and Bodakdev are some of Ahmedabad’s most upscale neighbourhoods. These areas are close to large business parks, including Navratna Business Park, Parshwanath Business Park, Pinnacle Business Park, and Westgate Corporate Park.

This location has a lot of conveniences, despite its high cost. The approximate cap. rates (for every sq. ft) under this micro-market are:

Geographical regionThaltej
Avg. sale price/propertyINR 6933 (approx..)

The most affluent communities are easily accessible by public transit and networked roadways. The commute to work will be convenient for residents. In addition, the region has several parks, schools, and hospitals. In this neighbourhood, there are several restaurants and nightclubs.

6. Maninagar – the finest and most opulent hotel

Maninagar - the finest and most opulent hotel
Source: Jovydas Pinkevicius / Pexels

If you are searching for an economical apartment in Ahmedabad, you may want to explore Maninagar. It has several commercial centres, a central train station, and a BRTS hub. It is also home to many renowned schools, an industrial park, and other attractions.

Location, unit size, and amenities all influence pricing. The approximate cap. rates (for every sq. ft) under this micro-market are:

Geographical regionManinagar (monthly rent)
Avg. sale price/propertyINR 3,500 – INR 3 lakh

Maninagar, formerly Manipur, is a well-developed neighbourhood with superior infrastructure and everyday conveniences.

7. Prahlad Nagar – Yet another affluent area

Prahlad Nagar is the place to be if you seek a magnificent home in the centre of Ahmedabad’s commercial sector. This upscale residential neighbourhood is bordered by business areas and has excellent public transportation and interconnected roadways. The location is also conveniently positioned along the SG Highway, and the Vastrapur Railway Station is about one kilometre away.

There are a large number of high-end firms located here. Purchasing an apartment in Prahlad Nagar is a wise choice since it has all the amenities a contemporary house needs.

The approximate cap. rates (for every sq. ft) under this micro-market are:

Geographical regionPrahlad Nagar
Avg. sale price/propertyINR 4,400 – INR 7,000

8. Ambawadi – Elegant and Pricey

Ambawadi is a residential neighbourhood in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. This city section is renowned for its opulent housing choices, outstanding schools, retail malls, technology parks, and public services.

This location is surrounded by green woods and is accessible by public transportation to large cities. Several foreign and domestic architects created the Ambawadi Apartments. Additionally, the firm is renowned for developing a lot of upscale commercial developments in Ahmedabad.

The approximate cap. rates (for every sq. ft) under this micro-market are:

Geographical regionAmbawadi
Avg. sale price/propertyINR 6,800 (approx..)

It is an expensive neighbourhood, but it is well worth the cost. It is also home to many international nationals due to its convenient road and rail connections. This area of the city boasts a blend of classic and contemporary atmosphere. This city section has several international and national schools, institutions, and renowned commercial parks.

9. Bhat — Luxurious and Unusual

If you’re searching for a new home in the centre of Ahmedabad, Bhat may be the ideal location. This upscale neighbourhood is adjacent to numerous prominent communities, including Koteshwar, Koba, Sughad, Hansol, Motera, and the 86-acre Gift City, a commercial centre.

If you’re interested in purchasing a property in Bhat, you should know that there are several upscale developments from a prominent developers in the region. Numerous businesses construct high-quality houses with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring you get excellent value for your money. It is a win-win scenario for purchasers since it has been in existence for almost two decades.

You may purchase a new house in Bhat, but you should evaluate the community’s amenities. Its facilities are quite handy, including 24-hour backup power and rainwater collection. A few of its luxury apartments have a party space and a rooftop deck. There is no way to go wrong with these contemporary flats.

Bhat is home to some opulent high-end buildings, such as the exclusive Tulsi Xperia and Sky Forest residences.

10. GIFT City – Gujarat International Finance Tec-City – Principal business district

Source: Luis Quintero/ Pexels

GIFT City, also known as the Gujarat International Finance Tec-City, is an under-construction central business area in Ahmedabad, India. The project, once named “GIFT City,” is the culmination of years of study and preparation. It will consist of offices, retail complexes, and hotels.

Located in the epicentre of Ahmedabad’s burgeoning technology sector, this region will soon be home to some global corporations. It will have a high-tech infrastructure and a sustainable master plan to compete with world-class financial hubs. A double-corridor metro system will link GIFT City to the airport and other locations in Ahmedabad. On the banks of the Sabarmati River, it will be a global financial centre with a population of over one million people.

The project was initially a joint venture between Infrastructure Leasing and Financial Services Ltd and Gujarat Urban Development Company, which began in 2007. The project team chose East China Architectural Design & Research Institute to design the city’s buildings. The business was responsible for the majority of contemporary Shanghai’s planning.

The worldwide recession that followed the Lehman crisis hampered the construction of GIFT City, but in 2013 then-prime minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the first multi-story structure. Modi was fundamental in drawing the region’s first wave of investments.

The GIFT City, India’s first operational IFSC, will symbolize India’s receptivity to international investment and ideas. It will also act as the nation’s entry point to the global fintech industry.

11. Naroda – Rapidly Expanding Affluent Area in Ahmedabad

Many individuals choose flats in Naroda – Fast Growing Posh Area in Ahmedabad, to live comfortably. There are several advantages to residing in these flats.

For instance, they provide entire facilities such as power backup 24 hours per day, constant water supply, and staffed security. In addition, they feature an abundance of leisure amenities, such as a swimming pool, playground, meditation centre, elevator and video surveillance.

Naroda, located northeast of the city centre, is a fast-expanding neighbourhood in Ahmedabad. Originally an industrial district, it has since evolved into New Naroda. This location has grown popular among students and middle-class professionals.

The approximate cap. rates (for every sq. ft) under this micro-market are:

Geographical regionNaroda
Avg. sale price/propertyMonthly rent for a 1,098-square-foot flat starts at Rs 6,000 per month.

The Sardar Patel ring road provides access to this area, which contains the SVPI airport. The rapid expansion has not harmed the affordability of these flats in Naroda.

Key Takeaway

If you are interested in purchasing a home in one of Ahmedabad’s most desirable postal codes, you have come to the correct spot. These postal codes provide properties with over one thousand square feet of area for less than one crore rupees.

These neighbourhoods are recognized for their cosmopolitan lifestyle, which gives them an edge over other city regions.

Contact us if you are interested in purchasing a home in these Ahmedabad posh areas.