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Akshay Kumar, a Bollywood actor, is well-known for his energetic personality and daring stunt work.  The actor resides in a lavish mansion in Mumbai with his family. Akshay Kumar house in Juhu has expansive views of the ocean and tastefully adorned furnishings created by his wife Twinkle Khanna, an author, former actress, and interior designer.

Whether on the personal or professional front, Akshay Kumar always manages to make headlines. Khiladi Kumar is the centre of the town for various reasons, including his movie announcements, shooting updates, and family holidays. You can also read about Ajay Devgan’s new house and Allu Arjun Luxury House.

Akshay Kumar House 

Now, Once upon a time, In Mumbai, Dobaara diva is making headlines again—this time, it’s because she just moved into a new residence. According to a report in Money Control, Akshay just spent Rs 7.8 crores for a lavish condo in Mumbai.

akshay kumar house
Source: Photo by LYCS Architecture on Unsplash

A new apartment is situated in Mumbai’s Khar West on the 19th floor of the Joy Wonder building. It is an 1878-square-foot apartment that has four parking spaces. The property reportedly underwent registration on January 7 of this year. 

Even though a lot of attention is being paid to this allegation, the celebrity has not yet provided an official statement. You should note that Akshay already owns a duplex in the Juhu neighborhood of Mumbai, which features a view of the sea and houses in Goa and Mauritius.

Akshay Kumar’s residence is in the “Prime Beach” building in Juhu, which is in Mumbai. The property that Akshay Kumar and his family live in has a breathtaking view of the Arabian Sea, which can be seen from the bottom floor.

Aruna Bhatia, Akshay Kumar’s mother, resides on the first level of “Prime Beach,” while Alka Bhatia, his sister, and Surendra Hiranandani, their husband, live on the sixth floor. In the same complex as Akshay Kumar, Hrithik Roshan, too, has a home. Please visit this article for additional images of the houses of Hindi film actors and Indian movie stars.

Conversation About Flats

The developer, however, has come forward to clarify that the actor only bought the flat, which is on the 19th level of the building, Joy Legend, for investment purposes.

“This purchase is only made as an investment. Media sources state that it is only about 1800 square feet. The alleged relocation of Akshay Kumar is untrue, according to builder Bhaven J Soni.

Because Akshay Kumar is one of the busiest Bollywood stars and one of the largest taxpayers, it is safe to assume that he brings in more money than most people. Additionally, this indicates that the urge to purchase additional residences worldwide is more robust and easier to achieve for a wealthy man like him. The following is a list of some gorgeous mansions he has that are worth many billions of rupees.

One Beach House in Mauritius 

According to numerous sources, Khiladi Kumar enjoys the ocean, and in addition to his beachfront home in Mumbai, he also has a sizable estate in Mauritius.

Spanish villa in Goa

When his family needs a quick break, they may stay in a lovely antique Portuguese villa he purchased for about Rs 5 crores, taking his love of beaches across the Maharashtra border.

Sunset View House in Mumbai

Twinkle also created his stunning home in Juhu with a lot of love, which faces the beach.

In Canada – Hill

Everyone knows of the actor’s Canadian citizenship and numerous investments nationwide, including an entire hill outside of Toronto.

Residences in Mumbai

The actor invested in 4 apartments in a high-rise building in Andheri a few years ago, paying approximately Rs 4.5 crore for each apartment.

Akshay’s background

On September 9, 1967, Akshay Kumar was born in Amritsar, Punjab, India, and later relocated to Delhi, where he spent most of his early years. His father migrated to Mumbai after leaving the army to work for UNICEF.

Beginning in the early 1990s, Rajiv Hari Om Bhatia entered the Hindi film industry. After a series of clothes, Akshay Kumar’s breakout performance in the Abas-Mastan-directed action film Khiladi established his status as an action hero. 

Before entering the movie industry, Akshay Kumar changed his name to Akshay Kumar. He was a ladies’ man thanks to his affectionate scare and petite frame. He continues to be one of Bollywood’s healthiest and sexiest performers at 52.

Rustom, Padman, and Kesari are just a handful of the fantastic films that launched Akshay Kumar into newfound fame, even though he is a commercial superstar. He has the character of being a set prankster and practices discipline and punctuality. 

About New Flat 

According to registration records that SquareFeatIndia has access to, Akshay Kumar paid Rs 7.84 crore for a flat in Khar West’s Joy legend building. 

Akshay Kumar New Flat
Source: Photo by Adam Winger on Unsplash

According to Varun Singh, founder of SquareFeatIndia, “The total registered area is 200.58 sq meters (2155 sq ft), this includes, RERA carpet area of 1878 sq ft, plus a dry area of 29 sq ft and a duct area of 55 sq ft,”

The actor’s apartment is on the 19th floor of the structure. According to reports, he has paid Rs 39.24 lakh in stamp duty. And the apartment’s ready reckoner read Rs. 7.22 crore.

His Residence

Bollywood star Akshay Kumar’s residence is a mansion with a view of the Arabian Sea located in the opulent Prime Beach complex close to Juhu Beach. Not just for fans traveling to Mumbai but also for hundreds of netizens who follow the daily updates posted by Akshay Kumar’s wife, Twinkle Khanna, a successful designer, novelist, and columnist in her own right.

The new apartment, which is 1,878 square feet, is located on the 19th floor of the Joy Legend building and has four parking spaces. It is unknown if Akshay’s flat has three or four bedrooms. According to the website, every home contains a living room, balcony, dining area, primary bedroom, guest bedrooms, children’s bedrooms, kitchen, and bathroom. 

Price of Residence Area 

In Mumbai’s Juhu, you can see the opulent Akshay Kumar House residence. Although expected, given Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna’s incredible wealth, this Rs 80 crore artistically decorated duplex is located in one of Mumbai’s priciest neighborhoods.

The family resides in the Akshay Kumar residence in Mumbai with their two pets and children, Aarav and Nitara. Hrithik Roshan also invested in his new residence in the Prime Beach complex, which houses Akshay Kumar’s sister and mother. The Mumbai address of Akshay Kumar’s home is in an upscale neighborhood where other Bollywood stars live.

Interior of Akshay Kumar House 

Twinkle Khanna herself created the stunning duplex that serves as Akshay Kumar House in Juhu. Prime Beach is the name of the large structure that houses Akshay Kumar’s home in Juhu. 

A lovely pond serves as the focal point of the living area, and both house floors have designs that are in harmony with nature and have plenty of vegetation. The apartment’s orchard, lawn, and garden all have mango trees that Twinkle finds symbolic of her father, Rajesh Khanna, one of India’s most prominent performers.

A great walk-in closet, a sizable kitchen, and a home theatre are located on the first floor, while grey dominates the top level. The family can see Juhu Beach clearly and in great detail. It shouldn’t surprise you if you know the pair are enjoying a romantic date night by strolling along the beaches till they reach the Marriott. That is how near the beach the property is.

It has an excellent grass and orchard in front of it, and the flat fills countless pictures, souvenirs, and art pieces. Brown and beige colors dominate his house. But, the primary color scheme for the garden is blue, while the remaining portions of the duplex flat, including the couch, the walls, and the floor.

This Juhu apartment’s primary design theme is earthy, organic, and nature-friendly, and prints have been cleverly used throughout, from wall pineapple prints to vivid Ikat bedspreads.

Specific Features of Akshay Kumar House

The 13-part hanging light installation in Akshay Kumar’s homeroom is a gift from Klove Studio. Sandeep Khosla and Abu Jani designed the centre table through a glass wall in the eating area; the orchard is visible. The bedrooms, Twinkle Khanna’s home office, a balcony, and a pantry are all located on the first floor.

The first floor of Mumbai resident Akshay Kumar’s house is decorated with Italianesque sofas. The residence displays South Indian silver statues and European figures throughout the room. It features feminist works by artists like Rekha Rodwittiya and Shipra Bhattacharya.

The family enjoys the beautiful vista outside while playing indoor games like backgammon and ludo on a daybed that has been blissfully placed on the balcony. Twinkle Khanna is an active reader; her home is full of comfortable reading areas, including a corner decorated with empty gin bottles, a child’s painting, a multi-purpose shawl, and her favourite coffee bean and vanilla candle.

In Juhu, Akshay Kumar’s home contains a little piece of flora that resembles a farm and a forest. The family raises tomatoes, brinjals, mangoes, and sapotas here, among other fruits and vegetables. In the garden’s pond, a magnificent Buddha head emerges from the surface.

The founding father would sit on the lawns during their visits and meditate. Today, a stone statue stands precisely where the original did. The lawn at Akshay Kumar’s Mumbai home features a large selection of outdoor equipment, including swings and sofas, making it perfect for holding parties and family outings.

Chef To A Superstar

Long before the bright lights of Bollywood captured his attention, Rajiv Bhatia was a cook at a small Bangkok restaurant. He studied martial arts for many years and currently performs most of his stunts. Action directors highly regard him. Akshay began his career as a small-time model for a furniture business. But then he quickly discovered that he could make more money in two days than in a month. 

Despite having a $150 million net worth, Akshay Kumar wasn’t always a household name. He moved to Canada after a series of losses, certain that Mumbai was where his career would end. He applied for citizenship while doing work there for a friend. Akshay Kumar is a Canadian citizen and an NRI. In a recent promo interview for Good News, he explained his position on the ongoing controversy surrounding his NRI status.

Space for Books

The following photo, which Twinkle Khanna posted from her Instagram account, demonstrates how well-designed Akshay Kumar’s study is.

Source: Photo by Henry Be on Unsplash

The classy black bookcase, stocked with books, decorations, and a typewriter, goes well with the comfy swinging armchair. The bookshelf attracts designed and loaded with several souvenirs from the lives of the celebrity spouses, including trophies and pictures. 

Given the well-known ingenuity of these two Bollywood actors, it is not surprising to see such an artistically beautiful study space.

Love Towards Nature 

As it is furnished with lush gardens, indoor ponds, banana leaves, and bougainvillaea plants that echo their love for flora, Akshay Kumar and his wife Twinkle Khanna’s Mumbai home is nothing short of a dream home for those who are in love with nature.

The Best Thing About Akshay Kumar’s House

In a Vogue interview, they asked Twinkle about the most attractive feature of her and Akshay’s Juhu home with a sea view. The actress responded that seeing the sun set into the Arabian Sea daily is a blessing for her and her family. This is one of the best features of their home. Twinkle reported:

Being close to the ocean is fantastic. It’s pleasant to merely sit on the parapet and observe the setting sun. The actor from Bell Bottom’s duplex includes a bizarre modern kitchen, a spacious living area, a dining area for the entire family and visitors, and the actor’s wardrobe on the first level. 

Twinkle Khanna’s study room and the family bedrooms are on the second floor. Twinkle Khanna carefully crafted everything about this gorgeous property, from the architecture to the interior decor.

She and her husband, Akshay, have gathered a variety of artefacts on their travels to various areas of the world, including statues of Lord Ganesha, stunning huge artwork, and other items. This creative home is reportedly worth over 80 crores of rupees.

Apartments in the Andheri Transcon Triumph Building

Akshay Kumar bought four luxurious apartments at the Similar ancient services Triumph building in Andheri, Mumbai, back in 2017. Each apartment in the 38-story structure was 2,200 square feet, and the actor had selected the 21st floor.

Working Status 

Regarding the work front, Akshay is developing several fascinating films. In comparison, he is anticipating the release of Raksha Bandhan with Bhumi Pednekar. We can also see him in Ram Setu from Abhishek Sharma, starring Jacqueline Fernandez and Nushratt Bharuccha, OMG 2- Oh My God! 1, and Gorkha, which is based on the life of war her.

In addition, Akshay will appear in the Amazon Prime Video series The End. In an interview with Variety, a journalist questioned him about the estimated $2000 crore in revenue from selling the theatrical, streaming, and satellite rights to his subsequent films.

Akshay Kumar’s Mumbai home is more Aesthetically Pleasing – Colourful Paintings and Printed Furniture.

In addition to his acting prowess, many people admire Akshay Kumar for being a decent family man. He enjoys spending time with his family in their beachfront home in Juhu, Mumbai. This is where he lives with his wife Twinkle Khanna and children Aarav and Nitara.

A Fantastic View of the Living Room, Seating Area at Akshay Kumar house

The living room has stunning artworks and artefacts, and you may find a range of moods and gorgeous collections, to put it lightly. In addition to the standard rooms, Akshay Kumar’s residence has a home cinema and a well-equipped gym.

The Akshay Kumar residence has bedrooms, and Twinkle Khanna’s home office is on the first floor. Opposite a luxury living room with an addition to the library and the family space, kitchen and dining area, and home theatre on the ground floor.

Akshay Kumar’s Sister and Mother Surround Him in Living Room

The property’s living room designs are unique in neutral colours with pops of gold to give the space a feeling of richness and trend. This living area features a magnificent rug, a stunning round chandelier, textured walls, an artsy side table, and lavish chairs. Do not overlook the centre table glass and brass design by Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla, as it immediately sparks conversation.

Popular actor Akshay Kumar is famous for his excellent temperament and fans’ affection. It makes sense why a large crowd of admirers gathers outside his house on his birthday to see the actor. to decorate your home to resemble your favourite celebrity Kumar, Akshay