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Hyderabad’s Allu Arjun house is a picture of beauty and simplicity. It is an architectural marvel in and of itself because of its distinctive box design. That will give you a fantastic glimpse into the Hyderabad home of Allu Arjun.

Allu Arjun, the hot superstar of the Telugu film industry popularly known as Tollywood, is described as a stylish style icon, a great dancer, and an outstanding actor. Due to his devoted fan base, many people come to the exterior of the Allu Arjun house in Hyderbad to catch a brief sight of the actor or his family.

Allu Arjun had his Tollywood debut in 2003 with the film Gangotri, and since then, he has been on many Telugu movie fans’ must-see lists. You also read about Akshay Kumar and Ajay Devgan Houses.

Other details

Allu Arjun has pleasantly surprised his audience with a fantastic performance after an outstanding performance, beginning with his role in the 2004 film Arya, which earned him the Nandi Special Jury Award, and continuing with his stunning characterization as Bantu in Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo.

He has gained popularity across the country and has won five Filmfare Awards South in addition to three Nandi Awards. Although Allu Arjun is well-known in the industry, his family is also famous. He is born into the legendary Allu family, a Telugu film family with a long history. Ram Charan and Chiranjeevi are also members of the Allu family.

People like Allu Arjun for more than just his playing abilities; they also admire him for being a faithful, honorable husband and father. In his contemporary, lavish Hyderabad home, Allu spends his free time with his wife, Allu Sneha Reddy, children Allu Ayaan and Allu Arha, and friends and family.

Allu Arjun House Address

We may not know Allu Arjun’s specific residence address, but he resides on the outskirts of Hyderabad. He had just moved to a luxurious bungalow following the marriage of his brother Allu Bobby. 

The Telugu celebrity used to live at Jubilee Hills, an upscale neighborhood in Hyderabad. The cost of the Allu Arjun house is reportedly over Rs 100 crore. The home has an area of 8000 square feet and was constructed on what is thought to be a 2-acre tract of land.

The cost of the Allu Arjun residence is reportedly over Rs 100 crore.

If minimalism and comfort are a house’s theme, the Allu Arjun house in Hyderabad excels at both! This celebrity home redefines class and calm, starting with the neutral colors of the furnishings, the plain white walls, the extensive empty areas, and the occasional pop of green provided by plants.

Other Details about the house

The Allu Arjun house is a gorgeous villa with a living area of 8000 square feet and is a monument to simplicity and beauty together. In addition to the standard rooms in the house, the Allu Arjun house is a vast, expansive home with a huge garden (where the kids are frequently seen having a blast), a bar area, an entertainment room, and a lovely kids’ room.

But make no mistake—this home is not your typical home. Allu Arjun’s house was created by renowned architect Aamir Sharma of Ameer and Hameeda Associates. It offers plenty of open space for children to play, and the interiors are entirely clutter-free.

The entire house features a few odd items, including an airplane propeller, an abstract painting, and a bright yellow Piaggio Vespa. This accessory was purchased by the designer at Mumbai’s Mutton Street. Additionally, the master bedroom is connected to a private bathing space that is impossible to miss. We could take showers here all day because the area is upscale and fashionable.

Inside the Allu Arjun house, The Family Room.

We are aware of Allu Arjun’s love for his children because of the several videos that both he and his wife released while the country was under lockdown. These films gave us a glimpse of the family area in the Allu Arjun home and regular updates on how the celebrity spends time with his children.

allu arjun house
Source: Photo by Francesca Tosolini on Unsplash

The eating area is modest and stylish. The dining area, an addition to the family room, unites with the remaining wood. The dining table in the video above is made of solid wood, and the table mats are a muted shade of grey. However, the massive white lamp shade and contemporary designer side table are visible in the backdrop.

Allu Arjun’s Living Area

The Allu Arjun residence has a vast living space. White walls, Allu Arjun’s favorite color, are a common trend throughout the entire property.

The sofa and seating are also black. The family has parties and welcomes guests in this portion of the living room. Another thing that draws your attention is a grey accent wall that matches the sofa set.

However, the area’s main attraction is the crystal chandelier, which adds a sense of grandeur to the space and is both contemporary and striking. You can also see plants’ importance to the environment and how they contribute to their earthy aesthetics. 

An entertainment room is a given in any actor’s home, and when that actor is Allu Arjun, it stands to reason that this space will take center stage. As shown in the video, a big TV is placed on a wall made of grey wood to blend in with the rest of the house.

In contrast to the living rooms, this room has wooden floors, and the grey carpet only enhances the room’s comfort and style. Chaise chairs made of rust give the otherwise monochromatic area a splash of color.

The Allu Arjun House‘s Exterior

In the garden of their brand-new family house in Hyderabad, Allu Sneha and Allu Arha are having fun. The junior Allu family loves the color green, and their enormous garden space outside their home is a perfect example of this.

Allu frequently shares images of himself watering plants or films of a green wall covered in plants. You can watch Allu Sneha enjoying herself with her daughter in the garden.

The well-kept space is a true dream for someone with a green thumb, complete with attractive patio furniture, a large fountain in the middle, and LED lights covering the garden walls.

The Backyard of Allu Arjun’s house 

A sea-saw in the backyard of Allu Arjun’s house, where the youngsters like to play.

Allu arjun home backyard
Source: Photo by Martin Kníže on Unsplash

The Allu Arjun home combines simplicity and luxury, and we are head over heels for the simple yet stylish home.

Facts about the Allu Arjun House

The living room in the Allu Arjun residence is roomy and tastefully designed. For the kids, there is also a lively nursery. The living area at Allu Arjun’s new house combines white and muted colours. It has cream-coloured couches and a grey marble coffee table.

Allu Arjun’s new home’s basic yet luxurious design scheme is stunning. The living room’s aesthetic is completed by a grey rug. Cushions with black and white striped patterns lend life to the design scheme. Alongside the couches are side tables with marble surfaces decorated with silver lamps and indoor plants.

Other small tables have striped designs that go with the accent pillows, and an ottoman made of textured peach also features a partition. The glass-enclosed curios, action figures, family photos, and flowers are displayed on the open wooden shelves with grey slabs.

Additionally, the pair has a more informal sitting space. This space offers cosy dark brown couches, a wooden centre table, and cream carpeting. The white walls and marble floor contrast beautifully with a dark-framed piece of art. A tiny counter with attractive plants sits next to a lighting fixture that looks like a block.

The Kitchen Area 

White walls and curtains, window panels cupboards make up the entire décor concept of the kitchen in Allu Arjun’s home. A wooden island has colourful magnets and the kids’ artwork as well. On the refrigerator, they are displayed. The family gathers in the kitchen to celebrate special occasions in Allu Arjun’s home. 

A polished wooden dining table is in the corner of the dining space, which also exudes an air of openness and cleanliness. There is a small counter next to the table, and taupe chairs create lovely complements. This separates the living and eating sections. Aamir Sharma of the leading organization Aamir & Hameeda Partners is the architect of the unusual box-shaped house. 

He focused on a simple yet luxurious décor motif for this enormous 8,000-square-foot house on a two-acre land near Hyderabad. Architecture fans are attracted by the Allu Arjun home’s distinctive rectangular-box shape. According to Sharma, the request was for a lovely vacation home. 

A corridor indicates the entry in front of it. This continues into the living areas and continues until the swimming pool. The Allu Arjun residence’s an outside seating area with a shelter that provides a pool view. Sharma has attached one of the walls to the nearby garden using artificial grass. The Allu Arjun house represents elegance and luxury, and we are head over heels for the simple yet stylish home.