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The decoration of a house is essential for making the house look organized, beautiful, and well-maintained. A well-decorated house gives a positive vibe to the people for a peaceful dwelling. The beauty in the decoration of a house depends on the creativity, taste, and nature of the selection of the individual who takes the initiative to decorate the house. 

Therefore, there are different ways and styles of decorating a house. For example, one type of house decorating is using beautiful handmade wall hangings. However, an easy handmade wall hanging with paper forms an innovative and stylish idea for decorating a house.

Have a look at these hanging lights and craft wall-hanging ideas.

Decorative Styles
Source: Photo by Collov Home Design on Unsplash

Innovative Ideas for Decorating the House with Handmade Wall Hanging

Various kinds of articles and components are used to decorate a house, thus making it look attractive. Home décor components include furniture, lighting, artifacts, furnishings, showpieces, wall hangings, racks, wallpapers, etc. Among these several home décor components, the easiest and simplest idea for decorating a house is with beautiful handmade wall hangings.

Creativity in the Paper Wall Hanging Idea for Decorating a House

Amongst the various types of home décor ideas, with different articles, like Flower vases, mirror strips, artificial flowers, paintings, furnishings, etc., the wall hangings made of paper are a whole idea with a retro touch in it. Apart from colorful pieces, other articles are also required for wall hangings like string, metal, plastic, wood, wire, silk threads, etc.  

However, with the changing taste and living style of the people, the house decoration with wall hangings of simple paper cutting has become outdated. With the evolving innovation, the house’s look can be made vibrant and jazzy with the easy and creative ideas of paper wall hanging.    

Facilitating the Vibes in a Room with Colorful Wall Hangings

The easy handmade wall hanging with paper is quite simple and hassle-free to make. With the help of innovative ideas, different designs and styles of wall hanging can be made with colorful and glittering papers. The wall hangings made of paper add a pop-up beauty to a plain room. It enhances the simple look of the room with vibrancy. The colorful decoration with the handmade wall hangings can also complement a room’s study and workspace. 

Attractive and Easy Wall Hanging Ideas with Colorful Papers

Installing these handmade wall hangings is easy, and they can be changed often whenever one feels to, which can be a seasonal change or a weekly change. The wall hangings are made with different types of colorful papers, so they do not involve expensive artifacts or materials. So these handmade wall hangings are highly cost-effective and even reduce the need to invest in costly furnishings.   

The wall hangings can be made quickly using colored glazed papers like red, green, blue, yellow, pink, black, etc. With these colorful papers, different shapes and designs can be made like the moon, stars, cones, circles, ovals, various floral arrangements, etc., with the help of scissors. After completing these charming designs with the craft papers, it is tied to a strong string with numerous knots and thus can be hung to the ceiling or on the wall.

Wall Hanging with Black and White Paper Cuttings

Different kinds of designs can be made with black and white paper by folding them into three or four folds and cutting them with scissors. These kinds of paper designs with the touch of a black and white theme give the room a retro look and antique feel. The gray and white color combination would also be compatible for producing a retro feel in the room.

Wall Hanging with Colorful Paper Cuttings

The different designs made with colorful papers like green, red, blue, pink, yellow, orange, purple, etc., give the room a vibrant and charming look, thus creating a feeling of joy and happiness. The designs like leaf-cut outs and different flower shapes also looked beautiful and creative when tied to colorful strings and hung on the wall or ceiling. 

Making Paper Chain Wall Hangings

It is exciting to make paper chain designs for wall hangings. Papers of different colors are cut in the shape of rings, and they are attached either by interlocking one round with the other or connecting them with glue. These strips of paper chains are tied to a colorful thread and hung on the wall. The design of chain-like paper wall hangings looks beautiful and stylish. 

Fan Crafted Wall Hangings with Paper

Different colors of flashy and glazed designer papers are used for making the Japanese fan-like design with paper. This design looks stunning when they are organized and attached to the wall creatively and stylishly. It gives a vibrant look to the wide-stretched wall of the living room and even enhances the ecstasy of the room. 

Butterfly-shaped Wall Hangings with Paper

With different colors and designer papers, the butterfly shape of wall hangings can be made by cutting those papers with the help of scissors and attaching those beautifully shaped paper butterflies to the wall, thus creating a picturesque wall.

Wall Hanging of Paper Hearts

With the help of different colorful glazed papers, the paper hearts can be made by cutting the glazed paper into a heart shape with the help of a scissor. More than five to seven seats are attached to a string vertically with glue, one after the other. This way, four to five lines of hearts are prepared, which are then attached to a broad wooden or solid plastic base and thus hung on the wall. 

Wall Hanging of Punched Paper

For this kind of wall hanging design, the circular-shaped cutouts are punched on paper with the help of a punching machine and then attached to a thread. This way, after preparing numerous strung laurels, they are balanced on a thick and solid string in a series, thus giving a shade-like look. This wall-hanging design produces an eye-catchy look to the viewers as a focal point.     

Wall Hanging of Moon Phases

The wall hanging of the different phases of the moon is quite a popular craft activity. For making the different phases of the Moon, usually, yellow color-glazed paper is used. It is then cut in the shapes of various moon stages and is stuck on the thick string in the correct order, like the full moon, half-moon, quarter moon, etc. To make it more pretty and, attractive tassel can be added. 

This arrangement can be made in one string, or several strands of the string of moon phases can be made, which are then attached to a broad wooden base and hung over a hook on the wall. The same style of wall hanging can be created with the design of different patterns of stars in the night sky scattered across the galaxy.      

Wall Hangings with Paintings on Paper

For making the paper painting wall hangings, a cord or a string of twine is painted and stuck around the room wall in the form of a spider’s web. Then on small square-shaped art papers, different sceneries are painted and stuck within the string web’s blank spaces. This wall-hanging craft gives a gorgeous and iconic look to the entire wall of the room.

Wall Hanging of Words and Quotes

This kind of wall hanging of paper can be pretty attractive to those who love quotes and are inspired by quotes. This can be prepared by attaching the painted thick strings to the wall in different beautiful shapes and then sticking the small square-shaped paper of quotations and famous words of wisdom between the blank spaces of the series. It looks more attractive if the article written with quotes is designed and decorated with beautiful vibrant colors.

Paper Wall Hangings of Festive Festoon 

On the occasion of different festivals, this wall hanging can be made based on the theme of that festival. With the help of flashy or origami paper, different types of festive festoons are made for Christmas; the festoon of Santa’s hat can be made, whereas, for Diwali, the festive festoon of ‘days’ or lighted lamps are made, for Durga Puja small faces of Goddess Durga can be made, etc. These festive festoons are attached to a thick string and hung onto a wall by attaching those strings to a solid divider base. 

The Touch of Nature on Wall Hanging

By implementing creativity on the paper wall hanging ideas, it is possible to bring nature into the wall. With the help of different colored papers, shapes of flowers, leaves, and twigs of plants are cut, and these cut-outs are arranged in the form of flowering and non-flowering plants. These arrangements are then stuck to the wall creating a small piece of nature on the room’s wall.

3D Paper Wall Hanging

3D Paper Wall Hanging
Source: Photo by Alexandra Gorn on Unsplash

With the help of paper cuttings in the shape of clouds, rainbows, sun, and raindrops, a wall hanging of a 3D picture of a cloudy sky can be created through which creativity is boosted. With different colored papers, 3D paper wall hanging craft can be made where the 3D clouds are hung with the 3D sun peeking out from behind.

Several 3D themes can be designed with paper which can be a theme of a sunny sky where birds are flying, a piece of a rainy day, or a snowy mountain theme. The 3D effect in the wall hanging is created through the style of paper cutting and placing the paper cutting on the wall in a 3D manner. 

Wall Hanging Craft of Snapshots

Wall Hanging Craft of Snapshots
Source: Photo by Jonny Caspari on Unsplash

This wall-hanging craft involves hanging colorful snapshots of different moments of life, thus creating an album on the thick string stuck to the wall of a room. To make it more vibrant and attractive, rope tassels of different colors can be added. The arrangement of the paper snapshots can be in an up-and-down form, in a line, or random. 

Fish-shaped Wall Hangings with Paper

With different colors and designer papers, the fish-shaped wall hangings can be made by cutting those papers with the help of scissors, and then those beautifully shaped paper fishes are glued on a thick string. Numerous strands of these lines are prepared, then hung on the wall while creating a picturesque wall.

The Owl Paper Wall Hanging

The owl symbol is prevalent among youngsters, so the paper wall hanging with the owl symbol in a teenager’s room can be pretty standard. Different colors of glazed paper can be cut in the shape of an owl, and the other features can be painted on the form. Then the owl-shaped cuttings are attached to a string in a series, which is then hung on the wall. 

Requirements for Crafting a Paper Wall Hanging

Most importantly, different types of paper are required for making a paper wall hanging, including glazed paper, origami paper, flashy and glittery paper, art paper, etc. Along with the paper, various decorative articles like glitters, stones, mirror glass, beads, paints, strings, colorful threads, scissors, glue, colorful tassels, metal hooks or plastic hooks, etc.

Few Necessary Things to Know Before Deploying the Paper Wall Hanging

After preparing the wall hanging, people would like to turn it on the wall of the rooms. Before doing so, some important things are required to know for all. First, the information on essential things is related to ‘Vastu. The colors and directions of a room and articles that are kept in the rooms greatly emphasize the ‘Vastu. 

As per the color, there is an excellent emphasis on blue color for the north-facing wall of the room and green color for the eastern border of the room. According to the Feng-shui belief, some specific writings on the paper wall hangings bring happiness, zen, success, and good luck. 

While designing the paper wall hangings, auspicious designs can also be made for the wall hanging, such as the design of the lotus, which is an auspicious symbol for both the Chinese and Indian cultures, and it can be put up on the wall as a paper wall hanging for bringing divine blessings.    


The handmade wall hangings made of paper are pretty lucrative and eye-catchy as a decorative item. The making process is straightforward; it is a less expensive home décor that can be affordable to almost every income class. The simple but beautiful designs of the handmade wall hangings make them highly attractive.

However, apart from the designs mentioned above and handmade wall hanging styles, several other wall hanging methods are also quite innovative and attractive as home décor. These designs of the wall hangings can add an aesthetic value to the entire decoration of the interior of both the house and office.