The unit of measurement used to determine the value of the land is called the land rate. The land rate is a fee that the farmer must pay in exchange for using his or her land for farming.

The state government of Andhra Pradesh sets the unit rates for land on a monthly basis. The land unit rates set by the government of Andhra Pradesh are used to calculate property registration fees and stamp duty.

According to market and fair value, the government will regularly update the property values under its management. A district’s fair market value of land in a particular area is to be shown on the Agricultural Land Value Certificate.

The state administration has granted the go-ahead for the state’s land value adjustment. The decision to revise the land rate was made after the new districts were officially launched on Wednesday. Because the district administrations have already finished the procedure, the new rates are likely to go into effect on April 6.

Rajat Bhargava, special chief secretary, revenue (excise, CT, and registrations and stamp duties), has approved the suggestions for adjustment of land market values submitted by IG (stamps and registrations).

In light of the COVID-19 epidemic, the state administration has not altered the prices in the last two years. The state government instructed district collectors to revise land market prices based on reports provided by joint collectors-led committees. On Tuesday, the district collectors will issue official orders modifying the land market prices.

The majority of places, including rural and urban districts, are expected to increase their rates by 20–50 percent. In locations where there has been a high number of registrations in the last month, the values might rise by 80-100 percent.

In AP, how are land rates calculated?

Andhra Pradesh’s Land Rates and Tenure System

The Andhra Pradesh Land Rates are based on the rate per acre for each type of land and its usage. The Government of Andhra Pradesh established this rate by Department of Revenue & Taxation (DOR&T) Notification No. 15/2015-EDC issued June 16, 2015.

The land rate for agricultural lands, irrigated agricultural lands, irrigated non-agricultural lands, unirrigated agricultural lands, commercial agricultural lands, agricultural outfalls, mineral lands, and so on has been defined in this announcement. The following is the notification’s definition of certain sorts of land: –

  • Agricultural land is defined as land whose primary purpose is the cultivation of crops, trees, bushes, or other vegetations.
  • Irrigated agricultural land is land that is used for irrigation but does not necessarily have a water supply system.
  • Unirrigated agricultural land is defined as land that has not been farmed or irrigated.
  • Commercial agricultural land is defined as land used for crop cultivation, tree or shrub cultivation, or other vegetative plant cultivation for the production of lumber, fodder, firewood, fuelwood, fibre, fruit, vegetables, flowers, nursery stock, grazing grass, or any other agricultural use.

NOTE: All information given on the Andhra Pradesh Property and AP Land Registration website, which can be accessed at, about stamps and registration AP, including AP registration market value, is up to current, and residents are not necessary to visit the office.

How can I look up my land prices on the internet?

  • How can I look up my land rate on the internet?
    You may simply verify your land prices by going to You must input your information, such as your name, phone number, and email address, and then choose the ‘find me’ option from the menu at the upper right corner of the page.
    Land Rates and Application Fees are the two alternatives. Choose the option that best meets your needs, and then select the region. Click on the link ‘All Locations’ to learn about land prices in other regions.
  • What should I look for when comparing land prices?
    A) Enter your name and press the search button. This will show all of the people who have applied for land under that name.
    B) Phone Number: To obtain your phone number, go to Settings on your smartphone and select the Network tab. Then, press the SIM card icon. Simply press the search button after inputting your Phone number.
    C) Email Id: Just as with phone numbers, you must provide your email address in this area.

In Andhra Pradesh, how can I transfer agricultural land from father to son?

Agricultural holdings can be transmitted from dads to sons in a variety of ways. Some are listed below:-

  • Land purchase: This entails purchasing agricultural land from its owner and then selling it to his child at a set price.
  • Rent: In this arrangement, the father rents out his land to his child for a set length of time in exchange for a monetary payment. If the rent is not paid on time, the father may be able to reclaim the property.
  • Transfer deed: In this scenario, someone else owns the land and passes it to their kid. This type of land transfer is subject to the norms and regulations of the state government.
  • Inheritance: This occurs if the mother dies before her spouse. The land is traditionally given to the husband.
  • Gift deed: This sort of land gift would work if the father wishes to transfer the land to his child but does not want any monetary transaction to take place.

What is the price of a one-acre plot of land in Andhra Pradesh?

Andhra Pradesh is one of India’s top ten states in terms of GDP (Gross Domestic Product) and Industrialisation. Andhra Pradesh has the third-largest number of IT firms in India, with the state capital city of Hyderabad considered among the safest cities in India. Aside from these qualities, this state is well-known for its lush and fertile agricultural grounds, which can produce high-quality crops year after year. Indeed, the overall area under cultivation in AP is around 30 million hectares, accounting for roughly 25% of India’s total farming area.

The government of Andhra Pradesh has set the price of land in the new capital city area at Rs 1 crore per acre. The government has asked all agencies to submit suggestions on how much money will be needed to build their offices in the capital, taking into account the Rs 1 core-per-acre cost of land.

You may also check the market Rates here:

As a result, proposals will be referred to the Centre for funding allocation. According to the Andhra Pradesh department’s plan, 500 acres are required to construct the Andhra Pradesh police academy building and other office structures. The administration, on the other hand, has said unequivocally that allotting 500 acres in the capital would be impossible.

How much does one acre of land cost in India?

In 2015-16, the average price per hectare of agricultural land in India was Rs. 5,813.00 ($101.50). This is approximately 0.18 percent more than the land price per hectare in 2014-15. (Rs. 5,735.00). In other words, land prices climbed at a 2.9 percent annual pace.

Is it worthwhile to purchase agricultural land?

Land is constantly in short supply. When it comes to acquiring agricultural land, there are several variables to consider. Most individuals are driven to land simply because they want to own their own piece of property; yet, owning your own plot of farmland can require a significant amount of effort and care. Certain factors should be considered before making any form of transaction.

Here are some helpful hints for anyone looking to acquire land:

  • Land Location The location of the land has a significant impact on its value. If you reside in a city, you may have difficulty finding a home large enough to accommodate your family. In this instance, you would have to migrate somewhere. However, if you reside in a remote region, you may have difficulty obtaining anything of comparable size. This might present issues when starting a business, particularly if it entails renting out space to others.
  • Property Dimensions If you’re seeking to buy land for farming, be sure it’s large enough to meet whatever demands you may have. You want to be able to grow crops year after year without fear of running out of room. Your farm should have enough of land, at least 5 acres each person. The greater the size of the property, the better off you will be.

How can I verify the status of my EC for land in Andhra Pradesh?

If you wish to look for your encumbrance certificate, just follow the easy procedures below or go to

  1. To begin, go to the official website of the State Registration and Stamps Department.
  2. Navigate to the Services section.
  3. Select the Encumbrance Search option (EC)
  4. A new page will appear on your screen.
  5. Read the instructions thoroughly.
  6. Click the submit button.
  7. You will be sent to the “Search for Encumbrance” page.
  8. The applicant must now choose the search criteria.
  9. The candidate will have three alternatives for the search-
  10. Registration Year No. of the Field Document or Memo
  11. Fill in the Captcha Code.

Please click on Download IGRS AP Submit Encumbrance Certificate

To obtain your encumbrance certificate, simply follow the easy steps outlined below:

  1. First, visit the official website of the State Registration and Stamps Department.
  2. Navigate to the section New Initiatives.
  3. Select the option CC Online
  4. Select ‘District,’ ‘SRO,’ ‘Reg Doc No,’ ‘Reg Year,’ and ‘Captcha’.
  5. Download the original Encumbrance Certificate.
  6. Make a physical copy of the same.

Can we purchase government land in Andhra Pradesh?

Land seized through expropriation procedures under section 40 of the Fifth Schedule of the Transfer of Property Act, 1894, can be purchased straight from the government. In this instance, the purchaser would not be required to compensate the original owners.

A person who wants to buy a house built on public land must first acquire authorization from the state housing authority that oversees the region in question. If the property on which the building stands is not owned by the state government, the building’s owner may seek compensation from the local municipal council.

More information may be found at:

How to check property details in AP?

To look for your property records in AP and view your plot data, go to the official website at