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Unlike its surroundings, the Mukesh Ambani House Antilia is a private residence. It has nine elevators and separate rooms for entertaining guests. A visit to Antilia is a stunning contrast to the slums surrounding it.

Let’s explore some interesting facts about this private residence. Firstly, Antilia doesn’t adhere to Vastu principles, as it does not have enough windows to allow ample natural light into the home.

Antilia is a private residence

The design of Mukesh Ambani’s Antilia is based on the sun and lotus and displays many features that emphasize these. The private residence has six floors, four of which are residential, and includes a private theater, ice-cream parlor, and mega-temple.

In addition to the rooms, the residence is home to many facilities and features that are reminiscent of the lifestyle of the Ambani family.

According to Rasiwasia, the Ambanis conducted a 10-day Vastu push to correct the doshas that affected Vastu. The Puja included a number of rituals to remove Vastu doshas.

For example, there are no openings on the eastern side of Antilia, which is essential for bringing light into the house in the morning.

The price tag for Antilia has soared to nearly $2 billion. This stunning private residence is home to 600 staff members who take care of the daily chores.

The Ambanis also have two children attending college, which adds to the opulence of their residence. It’s not clear how much money the Ambanis pay for their home. It’s believed that the Mukesh Ambani House Antilia is worth it.


Mukesh Ambani House Antilia: Nine Elevators

In an effort to meet the security requirements of high-profile residents, Mukesh Ambani has installed nine elevators in his luxury house. The house is secured by high-tech security systems and technological improvements, including high-speed elevators in the lobby.

The high-ceilinged rooms contribute to the house’s technically enhanced appearance. This building is among the most expensive addresses in the world, and Mukesh Ambani has taken many precautions to safeguard his home.

The Antilia building is designed to withstand a magnitude eight earthquake. The building has 27 floors. The ceilings are so high that an earthquake of this magnitude would not cause major damage to the building.

A normal-height building would have 40-60 floors. The Antilia building is designed to be suitable for a five-person family with six floors set aside for parking cars.

In addition, it has nine elevators to ensure that guests don’t miss any of the activities or services they need while staying in the building.

The Antilia mansion is the world’s most expensive private residential building. It is reportedly worth almost $2 billion and is home to Mukesh Ambani and his family. The house contains nine elevators and includes three swimming pools.

There are also a health spa and salon, yoga, and dance studios. The house is also equipped with extra-high ceilings and features a gymnasium.

Separate room for Entertainers

The Mukesh Ambani family lives in a multi-floor, palatial house with three children. Earlier, the Ambanis lived in an 18-story building called sea wind.

The family has said on record that Antilia is their only residence, despite the fact that they often host lavish house-warming parties with celebrities and prominent people. The hotel is a striking example of modern, yet traditional Indian architecture, with a separate room for entertainers.

The Antilia house has a breathtaking sea view, made even more picturesque by floor-to-ceiling windows. It also boasts a spacious balcony with unobstructed views. Mukesh Ambani himself has stayed at the house several times.

The home is awash with white marble flooring, which reflects natural light and flatters the visual aspect of the interior space. A beautiful silver-and-gold piece, designed by Subodh Gupta, also has its own room for entertainers.

The Ambanis use Antilia as a private party venue for special occasions, such as the 10th anniversary of the Mumbai Indians. The home was also the venue for Isha Ambani’s wedding in 2018 and has even appeared in several Vogue India shoots.

The house has several pools and a separate room for entertainers. Guests are welcome to spend the night in this luxurious home.

Mukesh Ambani House Antilia: Architectural Marvel

The Antilia mansion stands tall in the city of Mumbai, a stark contrast to the slums in its immediate surroundings. It has an entire level dedicated to a health center and spa, with several pools and massage rooms, ice cream parlors, and yoga and dance studios.

There are also three helipads, one of which does not have permission to fly.

While the building is an architectural marvel, it has received critical comments from some. Many critics have dubbed Antilia an “ugly” building. The construction appears to be separate blocks stacked on top of one another.

However, some critics of Antilia say it is a powerful statement of power and prosperity. And while it is undeniably a contrast, the Antilia still turns heads with its dark wood gates and flowers bursting with seasonal and religious significance.

The Antilia building also features suspended gardens to reduce the heat and provide fresh air. Although Mumbai is known for its hot summers, the temperature in the Antilia building rarely rises above zero.

The Ambani family did not even move into the building, for fear of bad luck. Vaastu, the ancient knowledge that guides the construction of temples and houses, emphasizes the importance of facing the rising sun.

However, the Ambanis did eventually move into the upper floors. The naming ceremony, which lasted for three days, was a ritual that was meant to drive away bad luck.


Size and Area

The Mukesh Ambani House in Mumbai was designed by Perkins & Will, and Hirsch Bedner Associates. Both companies declined to comment on the project due to confidentiality agreements.

The building’s design has also been a source of controversy even before construction began. Nita Ambani, a staunch Vastu Shastra follower, said she waited until Antilia was completed before moving in.

Vastu is an ancient Indian architectural doctrine that involves the establishment of directional alignments and spiritual harmony.

The Mukesh Ambani family purchased the plot in 2002 for a charity that operated an orphanage in Mumbai. In return for the land, the trust sold it to Ambani for USD 4.4 million. The money was intended to fund the education of Khoja children from underprivileged communities in Mumbai.

They belong to the Nizari Isma’ili Shia community. Several critics argued that Ambani purchased the plot at auction. The foundation’s spokesman denied the claims and said the building was acquired in a legal auction.

The design of the building is based on the lotus and the sun. The top six floors are reserved for private residential space. The entire building is 27 stories tall, with the architecture based on the sun and lotus. It is visible from all directions.

The Antilia home also includes a private movie theater and ice cream parlor. While it does not have all the bells and whistles of a royal palace, the Ambani family’s lifestyle is lavish and extravagant.

Mukesh Ambani House Antilia: Second most expensive home in the world

The first billionaire to buy a million-dollar home in the world was Bill Gates. The billionaire then bought an even more expensive property in Hong Kong – the $1.45 billion Antilia mansion.

The Antilia mansion was the second most expensive home in the world, right behind Buckingham Palace. Property surveyors estimated the value of the property at over $2 billion in 2020, and the cost of maintaining the house is said to be 2.5 crores per month.

The construction of Antilia was started in 2002 and is the second most expensive home in the world, according to a Forbes magazine report. The construction took four years and cost an estimated $1 billion.

The house is named after the mythical island Antilia in the Atlantic Ocean. The Ambanis wanted the home to be as luxurious as possible. The interiors of the house resemble those of a seven-star hotel.

The Antilia is India’s second most expensive home after Buckingham Palace. The 27-story Mumbai mansion was built for Mukesh Ambani, the Chairman, and Managing Director of Reliance Industries Limited.

The design of the Antilia was created by Chicago-based architecture firm Perkins & Will, and it features a sky-high observatory, nine elevators, three helipads, a salon, a gym, a multi-floor car parking area, and a massive swimming pool.

 Mukesh Ambani and family

Mukesh Ambani House Antilia: Visitors Prohibited

It is hard to believe that an opulent mansion with 27 stories can be so unreachable and unusable. While Mukesh Ambani’s lavish residence has attracted criticism, he is not actually living in it.

The property includes a movie theater, a car service station, a health spa, a ballroom, mother-of-pearl floors, and lotus pools.

Although this is a private residence, visitors can still admire the lavish furnishings and extravagant interiors. The building has a large temple, a private cinema theater, and a long list of guest suites. The house can host up to 50 people and has more than 600 staff members.

The architect firm Perkins and Will designed Antilia and Leighton Holdings built the home. Though it has no direct access to the beach, it is safe from earthquakes up to 8 on the Richter scale.

Police have stepped up security around the Mukesh Ambani residence after a tip-off from a local taxi driver. The driver had seen two suspicious men outside Ambani’s house. One of them was carrying a bag.

The police have not found anything suspicious at the property yet, but they intend to question the driver and the tourist. If any more details emerge, the driver and the tourist will face additional charges.