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In Andhra Pradesh, stamp duty is necessary for all real estate buyers. This is while purchasing a property like a house, apartment, or commercial structure. Stamp duty collection and property document registration are the responsibilities of the Andhra Pradesh Property and Land Registration Department. The sellers and buyers of a property should travel to the local sub-office registrars with two witnesses to document the transaction.

AP Stamps and Registration Deed Details – Where to Find Information?

The buyer and seller must visit the property when registering. This is to complete the land registration in Andhra Pradesh. You can do this online by submitting the registration paperwork or the AP land registry documents. 

ap land registration
Source: IGRS AP

The AP land registrar’s office now provides several online services. It includes AP land registration papers, information on AP stamps, and registration deed specifications. Contact these services to learn more about the IGRS AP deed specifics below.

Stamp Duty and Registration Charges

You must enrol all transactions in the Andhra Pradesh Registrar’s Office, including the purchase and sale of immovable property. You should do this within six months of the property’s deed execution. This will be according to Section 17 of the Indian Registration Act. You require registration to protect the ownership title and stop future uncalled deceptions. 

The buyer must pay stamp duty & registration fees to IGRS AP for the property for registration. The cost varies according to the property’s location, age, and value. IGRS AP bases its calculations for stamp duty & registration fees on the higher of the property’s market value or circle rate. 

All Andhra Pradesh residents must pay a 5 per cent stamp duty on sale deeds, 1 per cent registration fees, and 1.5 per cent transfer duties.

AP Land Registration Charges

There was a registration cost of Rs 10,000 for gifts, AP stamps, & registration deed information. An attorney for sale in Andhra Pradesh requires a registration cost of Rs 2,000. In AP, an attorney must pay a registration fee of 0.5 per cent, up to a maximum of Rs 20,000.

In Andhra Pradesh, registration costs for conveyance deeds are 0.5 per cent. It differs from 0.1 per cent for other IGRS deed information, including license and leases deeds. The registration charge for loans is 0.1 per cent in Andhra Pradesh. The deed details area of has this information and data on the AP land registration process.

If you are a real estate buyer, you may search the most recent deed information AP or the property you want to buy to see whether the seller’s paperwork is legitimate. Follow these steps to verify IGRS AP act of kindness details for AP land registration:

  • Go to the AP stamps & registration page and click “Document Details” under services to get online information regarding land registration papers.
  • The Registration Specifics website will send you to the page where you can look for information on the AP land registration deed. You can see the document number and details about layout plots and flats.
  • Visit the District Sub-registrar’s office and provide all the necessary information. 


How can you register your land in Andhra Pradesh?

Suppose you are acquiring any immovable property in Andhra Pradesh, including a building, land, or apartment. You must pay stamp duty & register the file with the property department.

What is the Andhra Pradesh mortgage registration fee?

The registration charge for mortgages is 0.1 per cent in Andhra Pradesh. The deed details part of provides this information along with the land registration process.

What does Andhra Pradesh charge for land registration?

Depending on the particulars of the deed, the stamps, or the registration, the AP department’s land registration cost may change.

What steps are involved in Andhra Pradesh’s Stamps and Registration department’s land registration process?

Keep the property card and the previous papers on hand for land registration with the Stamps & Registration AP department.