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The balcony in an apartment is a cozy corner of a house where one can spend a lot of leisure time with oneself with total relaxation and pleasure. Many people are leading an urban life who are incredibly fond of gardens and have a passion for gardening and planting different plants in their homes. This article will give you apartment balconies and small balcony garden ideas.

Despite all these hurdles as a city dweller, there is a creative and exotic idea for developing a small garden on the balcony of an apartment. This turns the small balcony of an apartment into a stunning and most fascinating corner of the place. A small and beautiful garden makes the apartment’s balcony aesthetically a wonderful space to lounge. 

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Aesthetically Apartment Balcony Small Balcony Garden Ideas

Different human minds can develop and innovate different kinds of exclusive ideas for designing and creating a beautiful garden on the small balcony of an apartment, thus turning it to be the most loved and attractive corner of the dwelling space that is embellished with greenery all around. 

Beautifying the Balcony with Greenery

The balcony can be decorated with small and beautiful green plants, which can be both flowering and non-flowering plants. The non-flowering plants can be chosen based on the’ Vaastu’ suitability and high environmental and medicinal value.

The outspread greenery on the balcony soothes the eye and makes the first-morning view pleasurable. Along with the non-flowering plants, the flowering plants make the garden view colorful with a pleasant smell besides the lush green scenery.

Beautifying the Balcony with Greenery
Source: Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash

Planting Flowering Plants in the Hanging Baskets 

Beautiful and colorful flowering plants can be planted in the hanging baskets deployed in a string above the balcony railings, thus saving the space in a small balcony for a sitting area and enhancing the place’s beauty.

Planting Flowering Plants in the Hanging Baskets 
Source: Photo by Artur Aleksanian on Unsplash

Creating a Jungle-Like Balcony

Having a preference for dense greenery, one can plant green herbs and non-flowering aesthetic plants in the beautiful designer pots on their balcony with the feel of the wildest greenery all around, along with carpeting the floor with green grass carpets. This balcony garden design gives a jungle-like sense with a cozy sitting arrangement within the foliage for enjoying the jungle theme.

Creating a Jungle-Like Balcony
Source: Photo by Ivy Aralia Nizar on Unsplash

Developing a Vegetable Garden in a Small Balcony Space

Within the small balcony space, different kinds of vegetable plants like green peas, green chili, capsicum, tomato, brinjal, lemon, etc., can be planted in the pots, and those can be placed in the different corners of the balcony.

The banks can even be hung on the balcony’s walls, and the provision for arranging them along the railing of an open terrace. However, the arrangement of a small sitting bench and a coffee table can enhance the attraction of the space. 

Developing a Vegetable Garden in a Small Balcony Space
Source: Image by Jenny Johansson from Pixabay

Vertical Gardening at Balcony 

One can create a vertical arrangement for placing the plant pots over the balcony railings and walls, thus maintaining a vast space in the balcony garden to relax on an armchair. This vertical arrangement for placing the plants can be made by constructing a concrete structure to support those plant pots. This is a whole idea for a balcony garden, thus providing a picturesque space in the house. 

Featuring Small Fountains in a Balcony Garden

Alongside placing different plant pots on the balcony, the look of the balcony garden can also be enhanced by deploying beautiful. In addition, small water fountains in that space while making a small path of pebbles aligning to the fountain and the tumblers of different plants.

This kind of balcony garden’s aesthetic can be improved by covering the floor with a wooden structure and green grass carpet. Even small decorative lights can also be installed around the fountain to enhance the night view of the garden. 

Installing Ladder Planter in Balcony

Placing a ladder planter with the exotic green herbs at the corner of a balcony provides a picture cube view of the balcony with the innovative thinking of deploying a garden within a small and cozy balcony. This arrangement makes a simple wooden sitting structure such as a sofa or bench highly compatible. This provides an urban picturesque garden area. 

Japanese Balcony Garden

This kind of arrangement of a small garden on a balcony involves the inclusion of the bushy herb plants and a pebble structure attached to a beautiful small fountain installed at one corner of the balcony. This kind of small balcony garden design is called a Japanese Balcony Garden. The arrangement of a Japanese Balcony garden provides an idea of setting up a beautiful garden in a limited space.

Creating a Squirrel Proof Balcony Garden

Among the smallest and cutest creatures, the squirrel turns out to damage the plants in the household garden area. To prevent them from doing so, the herb pots can be clipped onto the balcony railings and placed in a bed of lettuce at the bottom.

Along with planting the lettuce seedlings, a smaller planter with more herbs can be placed on the patio table. Alongside the herbs, a small wooden folding chair and a folding table can be kept for enjoying the pleasure of the squirrel-proof balcony garden.

Arranging a Swing in the Balcony Garden

Amidst the lush green of the balcony garden, it would be very comfortable if one installed a beautiful and cozy swing. One can enjoy the cosiness of the swing by looking at the greenery planted all around. Sitting on the soft couch of the swing with some soft pillows at the back and having a cup of coffee in the evening enhances the relaxation of the mind to the ultimate level. 

Arranging a Swing in the Balcony Garden
Source: Photo by riyas khan on Unsplash

Innovating a Balcony Garden into a Living Room

The small balcony garden of an apartment can be designed innovatively to turn it into a cozy and pleasurable living room. This can be done by placing a soft and cozy sofa set in the balcony space and carpeting the floor with a soft micro-grass carpet.

The look enhances with the planting of beautiful flowering plants around and the installation of colorful lights at the base of the plant pots. 

Innovating a Balcony Garden into a Living Room
Source: Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

Stylish Small Balcony Garden

The stylish small balcony garden offers an urban style of the garden view by placing different colours of plant pots on the wall of the balcony. The solid structure of wooden or iron racks would support the plant pots.

The cactus plants can also be placed in this stylish balcony garden, which would implant a modern and bold look to the small garden. However, A sitting arrangement of wrought iron material would be highly compatible with this garden design.

A Mixed Charming Balcony Garden

A fish aquarium can also be installed in this balcony garden style, along with the flowering and non-flowering plants. This gives you a touch on the marine ecosystem throughout the small balcony garden.

People, who are fond of aquatic themes, can adapt to this kind of small balcony garden design to enjoy both the charm of a beautiful garden and the marine ecosystem. Within this arrangement of the balcony garden, a wooden seating arrangement with cosy pillows would be ideal.

Hanging Fence Balcony Garden

This kind of balcony garden provides the idea of mounting the fence racks on the balcony walls and over the balcony railings. Where beautiful and scented small herbs can be planted on small plots. This arrangement gives a decent, modern, and urban view of the balcony garden. In this kind of design of the balcony garden, an armchair of wrought iron with a small side reading table would be suitable.

Vibrant Balcony Garden with Jazzy Lights

The small balcony garden can also be well decorated with the installation of vibrant lights along with stylish light holders. In between the plant pots and also on the railings on the balcony railings.

The vibrant-coloured lights give a jazzy look to the entire balcony garden, enhancing the lustrous look of the potted plants. The presence of ornate decorative pieces in the park showcases the luxurious living style.