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If you are in the process of building a home, you might want to give some thought to the following creative arch design ideas.

Arches are not a recent addition to Indian architectural styles. Unusual is the ability to naturally incorporate them into the interior design of today’s houses, which is becoming increasingly common. 

A captivating idea that will infuse the home with elegant sophistication is to combine the ageless, traditional beauty of curving arches with the clean lines of a contemporary home. The beauty of a property may be improved by adding an arch from the front door to the interior courtyard. 

However, this must be accomplished with creativity and sophistication by employing seemingly straightforward ideas that can be incorporated into modern interior design. 

Take a look at these different arch design ideas to get some inspiration on bringing the classic beauty of arch designs into a modern home.

Ten Ideas For Reinstating Arch Shapes

Archways are magnificent architectural elements that can enhance the elegance and beauty of any construction. Archways can be found in a variety of different styles. If you plan on constructing your home on your own, you should consider incorporating arches, in addition to other architectural components, into your house’s design.

Check out these ten ideas for reintroducing the classic beauty of arch forms into the design of modern homes.

 1. The Magnificent Arch – Dining Area

Magnificent Arch
Source: allme3d / Shutterstock

The dining area exudes regal sophistication thanks to the exquisite arched entryway and the windows on the divider. These archways are made of bricks, which creates a beautiful visual appeal. The archway also serves as a functional partition between the kitchen and dining area. In addition to the archway, there is a chandelier that is very artistic and will look very beautiful in this dining area. Similarly, a Moroccan-inspired archway is beautiful and will take you to the country’s landscape.

2. Classic Arch – Portico

The arched porch gives the contemporary appearance of the property’s entryway a sophisticated air. The ageless allure of the arches is brought up to the top-level terrace, which is used to adorn the facade with a curved design. 

If you are considering building a new portico to add curb appeal to your home, you’ve probably wondered how you should go about choosing the right one. A classic arch-and-portico style is a great option for both small and large homes. It has four columns and a white roof, which complements the front door’s color. Brick steps add to the classic look of the portico. 

3. The Exquisitely Curved Window – Kitchen

When designing your new kitchen, the shape of the window is as important as its look. There are many types of windows, each with its benefits and disadvantages. If you want to save money while maintaining a stylish look in your new kitchen, you can install a window with a gently curved design. 

The classic allure of the arched windows produces a picture-perfect example of a decorative concept that works wonderfully with modern home design. The breakfast bar in the kitchen is a perfect match for the contemporary rustic motif, thanks to the stone cladding and wooden beams surrounding it. 

 4. Arches In The Traditional Style – Hallway

This living space is characterised by a preponderance of arches, from the doors and windows to the wall-mounted cupboards, which runs counter to the prevalent design philosophy that “less is more.” 

Decide whether they are functional or fantastic. The shape of the archway will determine what style of house it will complement. If you are thinking about adding archways to your hall, there are a few things to consider. 

  • Roman arches are typically semi-circular, and masonry and the Coliseum in Rome still has a couple of these standing.
  • The Italianate and Renaissance styles also have many arches, as do Spanish Eclectic and Colonial styles. 
  • Ancient Greeks didn’t use arches, but if you do, you can find Greek Revival houses with straight lines and few curves.

The arches do an excellent job of embellishing the space and giving it a beautiful look overall.

5. The Arched Framing – Lounge Area

Consider installing an arched doorway if you want to add a unique flair to your living space. An arched entranceway is fast, simple, and affordable. To create an intriguing decorative element, the large arch in the living room serves as a frame for the smaller arch located on the hallway wall. 

You can begin framing your arched entryway by measuring the width of the opening. Then, add the right number of arches to the space. Once you have measured the opening, the framing process will be much easier.

6. Contemporary Arched Window – Bedroom

Arched Window bedroom
Source: Laci_10 / Shutterstock

The modern bedroom features a window sitting that fits nicely in the arched area and complements the arched windows to produce a traditionally elegant atmosphere. 

If you’re looking for a bedroom with a contemporary flair, consider a room with a contemporary arched window. 

Dark-brown walls and wood furniture will create a traditional feel in the room, while antique lamps and photographs on the side table provide a personal touch. Wood shutters, too, are a stylish choice for this type of bedroom. 

This style features a high, arched window that softens the room’s corners while allowing additional light to enter.

7. Typical Alcoves And Arches – Balcony

Alcoves And Arches
Source: Luca Florio / unsplash

The little balcony is embellished with three symmetrical arches modelled after ancient jharokhas. The yellow accent adds glitz and energy to the design of the structure.

8. Divine Arch – Traditional Hindu Prayer Hall

The traditional pooja chamber has a lovely arch as the entrance. It is possible to pray and reflect in peace thanks to the tranquil atmosphere provided by the arched marble wall that separates the pooja chamber from the semi-circular marble temple.

 9. Historical Arches – Research Area

Combine modern elements of the home’s design with more traditional pieces, such as a grandfather clock that features an ornate arch. The arch of the clock will become the focal point of the modern and minimalistic interior design, with its towering height and graceful presentation of the traditional architectural style.

 10. Modern Furniture –  Arched Living Room 

Arched Living Room
Source: Sidekix Media / unsplash

Arch patterns should not be applied to the doors and windows but should instead be applied to the furnishings. To do this, use your imagination and think in non-traditional ways. Take a cue from this chic set of chairs, the backrests of which feature an arched shape that adds a touch of enchantment while also contributing to the chair’s overall sense of style.

Several Distinct Arch Designs

The use of arches can create the impression of more room. The creation of arches and the production of a stunning appearance in your decor can be accomplished with only a few materials.

  • A Repeating Pattern Of Arches In Tiled Form

The appearance of your home will be elevated to that of a luxurious establishment if you tile an archway. Choose hues with many characters if you want the room’s features to stand out.

  • Arched Framework Made Of Wood

An uninviting environment could be transformed into a warm and welcoming space by adding a wooden arch design. Wood is a versatile material that can be incorporated into various design schemes and can give the impression of wealth when used inside a home. A living room designed with a plywood arch will exude refined elegance and create an excellent first impression.

  • Arch Design Using Glass

Glass is currently utilised in many of today’s newly constructed buildings. Adding glass arches that have been artistically designed with a combination of wood can be the ideal complement to any dining area.

Plaster of Paris (POP) patterns are gaining more and more popularity for use on arches. You can make your home look more elegant by constructing an arched column in the centre of the room and installing a POP ceiling. Furthermore, arches in residential buildings fall into one of several categories, including the following:

  • Arches In A Half Circle

These structures have been popular for centuries and are known as rounded arches and the Roman arch. In the past, the arch, which has the shape of a half circle, was utilised to provide structural support.

  • Arches With A Gothic Or Pointed Profile

A pointed arch does not have a proper semi-circular curve because its sides meet at a point instead of forming the curve. During the Middle Ages, the pattern was used extensively in Islamic and Gothic architecture. The design of this arch, which features a sharp top angle, makes it possible to create both taller and narrower openings.

  • Semi-Elliptical Arches

The structure of a semi-elliptical arch can have three or five centres, depending on the design. Generally speaking, a single arch that is centred is what makes up a semi-circular arch. An arch centre is a temporary structure that supports a concrete or masonry arch while the building is being constructed.

  • Segmental Arches

This style of the arch, also known as the Syrian arch, is characterised by a circular arc smaller than 180 degrees. The Romans are credited with developing the segmental arch design, which was utilised extensively in constructing residential windows and doors in the 20th century.

  • Arches In The Shape Of A Cartouche

Compared to the semi-circular arch, this one is more curved and has the shape of a cartouche. They find widespread application in the field of construction.

Guidelines For Deciding Which Colours To Use When Designing Arches

When arches connect two rooms, deciding what colour to paint the arch that connects the two rooms can be challenging. 

As a result, it is necessary to consider the room’s décor style to select the appropriate colour for the house arch design.

  • Large archways that connect different rooms should be painted in neutral colours, such as off-white, grey, or beige so that the design of both rooms is unified and flows seamlessly together.
  • Archways, like the colour scheme of blue and white, can lend a reviving vibe to a room’s aesthetic, which is also true for archways.
  • When designing a hall with a plywood arch, you have more freedom to choose the colours you want to use because the natural tone of the wood goes well with many different colours. Choose a shade that works well with the other components of the design.
  • In the case of arches that lead from the kitchen to the living room, you might use a colour that is more dominant in the living room and the archway while using a complementary colour in the kitchen. This idea works particularly well for the arches of dining halls.
  • Think about using a colour scheme of three colours for the multiple rooms connected by the arch. However, you should make sure that it brings the appearance of the different rooms together visually.
  • If you have a large archway, you may want to consider using a colour that is not dominant for the underside of the arch design. You could also paint it an entirely different colour for a more dramatic effect and to create a clear distinction between the various living areas in the house.
  • Paint the room’s walls in a single neutral hue, and then paint the wall that contains the archway in a darker and brighter hue that draws attention to the architectural details. This will allow you to create an accent or focal point in your living space.


If you are looking for additional ideas on how to design a modern house, keep these ten possibilities and the information associated with them handy to bring the classic elegance of arch shapes back into your home’s decor. You might pick up some new ideas here!


Q: What does it mean when a building has arches?

The term “arch” refers to a curving support structure created to hold up a structure. It features curved edges on the outside and straight sides in the centre. It is used as a decorative accent element in interior design, which is one of its roles.

Q: What kinds of building materials are available for the construction of arches?

A diverse assortment of building supplies can be utilised in the construction of arches, including POPs, tiles, wood, and crystal.