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Asian paints have emerged as one of the top and trending choices at the moment in the Indian market. A worldwide paint manufacturer, they have been in this line of business for a long time now. This company is the largest paint company in India and the third largest in Asia. The company has had a very prolific run so far and they have managed to amass significant profits.

In the financial year 2019-20, the company clocked a total revenue of 17,194.1 crores and thereby managed to make a profit of 2654 crores. The company has its operations spread in as many as 15 different countries. The middle east and the Indian subcontinent are the areas where the hold seems to be strong.

So, if you too would like to have your home painted with the right colour combination, here is a list of the Asian paint colour codes. Feel free to peruse through the options and then choose what you deem fit.

The Popular Asian Paint Colour Codes

Here is a list of some of the popular colour codes that most people tend to pick from. Of course, there is a wide array of options available and so it is upon you to decide what seems to be the apt choice for you.

The Pink Shade

Let us start with the colour that most girls go ga-ga over.

baby pink
Source: Victoria Art /Pixabay

Outdoor Pink: Colour Code 9425

This isn’t the shade of girl pink. It cesses with a very light and subtle touch to it. It is meant for those who want a dab of vibrancy while sticking to minimal tones. This shade is perfect for the exteriors of the home or the living room. If you like the zing it adds, you can also choose to have it in the master bedroom.

The Sky Pink: Colour Code 9428

Ever looked at the sky and wondered if you could have the exact shade in your home? Well, Asian Paint brings that for you. The shade is dynamic and vivacious and lends a breath of fresh air into the space it is applied on. The living room is the perfect place for this shade as it will truly energize the people unwinding there and give a homely yet powerful vibe to the place.

The Twilight Pink: Colour Code 9416

This falls in between the above two shades of pink and is often believed to be the right artistic mix between too subtle and too loud. This colour brings a sense of calmness and peace to the surroundings. It is also well-suited for the kids’ room; you can also choose this colour in the temple room as it has a wave of serenity to it.

The Grey Shade

Here are three colour tones that are a part of this family. You can check out both the shade and then decide as to which one seems to be apt for your rooms and the overall interior tone.

grey shade
Source: Spacejoy / Unsplash

The Smoked Green Shade: Colour Code 8422

Don’t go by the name, there is a lot more to it than what it conveys. The colour has a grey depth attached to it and it will give you the same feeling as that of a moist rainy day that doesn’t seem to dry up anytime soon. The doors and windows are best suited for this colour tone as they will help you connect to the earthly tones and thereby stay rooted.

The Stone Steps: Colour Code 8426

If you want the grey tone with a slightly English touch to it, go for this one. It comes with a slightly golden hue to it and is apt for all the corners of the home. The colour isn’t loud and is therefore very soothing to the eyes. We won’t recommend it for the kids’ room as kids need to be surrounded by bright and vivacious colours to promote sensory development.

The Grey Cloud: Colour Code 8423

This is a very down-to-earth shade of grey that will add to the soothing vibes and help you truly focus. The colour evokes simplicity with class and has a simple undertone. This colour is best for those who don’t want any dual shades and are looking to stick to simple and classic grey. The study room is the right place for this colour as it will help you get the best focus.

The Shade Of Green

The green family consists of as many as three shades and all of them are equally beautiful. Feel free to go through the details to choose the one that seems to be the befitting choice for you.

The Jungle Trail: Colour Code 7565

This shade will take you to the depth of the forest and beyond. The image created is the one that is going to be profound and it breathes greenery into the space. You can use this colour in the hallways or even in the living room and it is sure to emit the right positive vibes all over.

The Country Green: Colour Code 7550

This is the colour of happiness and sunlight. You are sure to feel the positivity radiate into you when you paint your home with this colour. The living room, as well as the kitchen, are best suited for this vibrant hue that will give you the feeling of tropical paradise.

The Pine Lake: Colour Code 9755

This colour is special as it comes with an undertone reflection of blue inside it. This tranquil colour speaks of the calmness of mind. The balconies are the best choice for this as the colour when reflected with the tone of the sky will surely bring you a sense of rejuvenation and freshness.

So, all three shades of green are magical in their way. These tones are meant for the living room and kitchen and balcony. These will help you feel one with nature and will help you resonate with greenery.

The Purple Family

Once again, there is a set of three overlapping colours in this family. You can choose the right colour tone based on the overall theme of your home and the preferred design choice. It has a different set of vibes and not everyone will love this colour set, but it is sure to give a unique touch to your room.

The Tint Of Lilac: Colour Code 9609

This is a watercolour shade and comes in a very light hue. If you want your home to stand out and look uniquely pleasing, you can also choose it for the exteriors. Else, the living room seems to be a decent choice. It evokes the sense of everlasting promise and laidback cosy days.

The Mauve Spring: Colour Code 9587

If you want a royal touch to your room, go for this shade. You can also choose this colour tone for the kids’ room and they would love this splash as it is exciting and fun-loving. The colour is also associated with grandeur and nobility. It will allow you to feel special and marvellous.

The Purple Margarita: Colour Code 9600

If you are looking for an enchanting shade of purple that will truly take you on an adventure to remember, this is the shade you need to opt for. This captivating colour tone will bring your wall to life and it will breathe a sense of well-being in your place. The study rooms are a great option to paint this colour and it is sure to bring the right sense of peace to your place.

The Off-White Family

Three overlapping off-white shades make up this team it is mostly a minimalistic design and something that is bound to make your home look very appealing and perfect. Let us see the three different shades that will bring your home to life.

off white shade
Source: Emre Can Acer / Pexels

The Cream Tone: Colour Code 7996

This is a light cream tone that will breathe a wave of magic wherever it is applied. It is the colour that will appeal to the soul and is something that will truly bring out the best of aesthetics. The colour tone is light enough to soothe your sense and allow you to experience an inner richness. The best part is that the light and neutral colour tone makes it suited for almost all rooms.

The White Fog: Colour Code – L173

Want to sit in a room and feel like you are floating amidst the clouds? Well, this is the shade you need to pick. The foggy shade is elusive and elegant and it will take you to its dreamland and make you feel like you own the world. Paint it in whichever room you want. You can also choose to add a colourful element to the room and jazz it up, like a storyboard waiting to happen.

The Pearl Star: Colour Code- L103

If you want a starry sort of colour that is somewhat white and yet not do, this is the shade to pick. This colour tone screams delicacy and it oozes the right positivity and the perfect feel-good vibes that can elevate anyone’s mood within a jiffy. Paint this shade in your living room and you are likely to de-stress sooner than you imagined.

The Family Of Orange

Orange is a very bright and bubbly shade and if you want to draw your home in this shade, here are some of the colour tones and options that you have.

orange room
Source: Loving Images / Pixabay

The Pumpkin Harvest: Colour Code 7958

Pumpkins can be pretty, isn’t it? This is the perfect pumpkin colour and is surely unique in its own right. The place is sure to evoke passion and when painted on the walls, it will look every kind of amazing and perfect. The blend of different orangish undertones in it makes it one of the rich shades of orange to pick from. You can paint your balcony in this shade and when the sunlight will fall on the walls, it will surely come to life.

The Martian Sky: Colour Code 7952

This is a pastel shade of orange and something that will surely evoke the right sense of calm in your place. It is also known to be the colour that will brim you with hope and is sure to help you feel rejuvenated. You can choose this shade for your kids’ room as it is likely to keep them energetic and happy.

Orange Tan: Colour Code 9921

Want to strike the artistic blend of rich and old? Want to reach the perfect middle between old and modern? This is the right shade to opt for. It has a darker tone and therefore if you want to have the right highlight walls, you can choose to opt for this tone of orange. It is new age in taste and resembles the best of modern artistic design.

The White Pack

Here are three variants of white that you can pick from if you like to have an all-white-coloured theme in your home.

white shade
Source:  Spacejoy / Unsplash

The Powder Puff: Colour Code 7972

Colour all rooms of your house with this brilliant shade. It isn’t all empowering in its look but it surely exudes the right aura and style. The colour has an aesthetic of its own and is the perfect choice for those who want to keep it simple and safe. The colour will allow you to incorporate several colourful design elements into your home.

The White Butter: Colour Code- L164

This shade is like a welcome breath of fresh air. It will make you feel rejuvenated and it is sure to charge you up as well. The colour palette is perfect and this shade of white will make you feel content and satiated in your own space. You can choose to have it painted in whichever room you like as it will blend everywhere.

Chalk Powder: Colour Tone – L183

True to its name, the paint has a chalk white colour and it is the best shade to have. This tone of white will also keep you on the ground. The colour is mainly known for adding a touch of serenity to your place and you can once again choose any of the rooms you wish as it will bring out the best of all rooms.

The Yellow Trio

Let us see the pack of three that makes this yellow card

yellow shade
Source: Spacejoy / Unsplash

The Muddy Mustard: Colour Code 9850

This is the most sensuous of all colour tones in the yellow family. It is a great option for balconies and veranda and even for those highlight walls that you truly wish to stand out. This colour tone imbibes the goodness of woody undertones with the stark ray of bright light and therefore emanates the best of earthy feels.  

The Summer Juice: Colour Code K287

Love gardens and wonderlands? This is the colour tone to opt for which will paint a vivid picture in the confines of your home. This is a magical shade that is likely to lift both your mood and your spirits. It is a tangy and vibrant shade that you can choose to have in your kids’ room as well.

The Nimboo Splash: Colour Code 9848

Want to light up your kitchen in a tangy shade of yellow? This is the right shade to pick and it will also help you bring some positivity to the space too. This is a balanced colour tone and can be used for the kids’ room as well.

The Lemon-Yellow Family

Another offshoot of the yellow family, this one comes with two unique shades that are going to work its charm.

lime yellow
Source: Michelle Raponi / Pixabay

The Yellow Marigold: Colour Code 7862

The actual colour of the marigold, this one paints the place bright. It is sure to breathe a wave of fresh air in the place and has a tangy vibe to it. You can choose this shade for your kitchen and even the kids’ room as the vivacious touch will make it a lot more appealing

The Sporty Yellow: Colour Code x104

If you want a bright and peppy shade that is likely to keep you jumping with joy and bless you with extra verve all the time, this is the right colour to pick. You can also use it to highlight your walls if you don’t want to colour the whole wall with something so outrageously bright. It is good for kids’ rooms as the brightness helps in kicking their energy levels.

The Pista Green Colour Family

This is a very artistic and sophisticated colour code. Three shades are a part of it.

pista green
Source: Spacejoy / Unsplash

The Pista Tinge: Colour Code 9825

Want to opt for a leafy touch to your place so that you can feel the scent of pine and enjoy the bliss of perfection? This is the shade that can teleport you to such a place and it will allow you to enjoy the bliss of being in such safe heaven. This shade will suit several rooms including a bedroom, study room, and more.

The Pista Lime: Colour Code 9810

This is one of the finest shades of pista and it reeks of elegance and finesse. If you are looking to give an artistic touch to the walls of your room, this is surely the shade to opt for. The colour is perfect and striking and it calls for the best elements to be incorporated into it. You can have it done in the master bedroom as well.

The Pleasant Pistachio: Colour Code 9883

Ever seen a sunlit lawn and fancied the blend of majestic colours in it? This shade gives you exactly that. You will be amazed at the brilliance and yet the subtleness of the colour palette that it evokes. It is one of the best shades for kids’ bedrooms when they don’t want it to be strikingly bright.

The Cream Colour Family

Let us see the shades that make this up.

cream shade
Source: Spacejoy / Unsplash

Walnut Cream: Colour Code 8778

This is the shade to choose when you want to have something spiritual or borderline tranquil. The shade comes with a beautiful mystery of its own which will lend an air of charismatic beauty to the place. It is best suited for hallways. When the lights from the chandelier will reflect on the wall, it will look all kinds of perfect.

The Cream Pie: Colour Code L152

This shade makes you feel relaxed and at ease. It has a mintiness to it and you are likely to de-stress with this colour tone. This colour is light on the eyes and therefore has the right aesthetics and a pleasing tone. It is likely to go well with all corners of your house.

The Mild Cream: Colour code 0358

This is a demure shade which comes in a pastel baby colour. The delicate tones help in adding to the tint of your room. It is also going to add to the right luxe element as well. You can glam your home with this colour tone and it is also going to have a great soothing feeling to it as well.

Blue Colour Family

The blue family is one of the best and safest choices when it comes to colours.

Picture Perfect: Colour Code 7295

One of the perfect choices for master bedrooms, this is known to be a safe colour. The good thing about this shade of paint is that it will give you the right blend of energetic and laidback vibes. This is the kind of shade that will allow you to dive into your soul and connect with it.

Istanbul Blue: Colour Code 9640

If you want the blue that has a strikingly deep intensity to it and helps you think of the deep-sea water, this is the shade to pick. You can also choose to do accents and highlights as well. The colour has a deep blue feel and it is also likely to be a good fit for your kids’ room as well.

The Gentle Blue: Colour Code 1276

This shade comes between the above two-colour tone. It has a mild tone and is subtle and calm. It can go well with all corners of your room and it is sure to allow you to ooze the right vibes. This is one of the trending shades at the moment as blue has a great role in colour therapy.

The Peach Tree

Here are three of the perfect shades that are a part of the peach family

Bonny Peach: Colour Code 8061

This is a very artistic shade of peach that has hues and undertones of several colours. You will find the room to appear a whole lot magical and the hues are going to reflect on the walls. The colour will bring out the best of the rooms and it is going to gel well with almost all themes. It is a great choice for hallways and passages.

The Tropical Peach: Colour Code 8022

If you want a darker and more intense peach, this is the shade you need to keep an eye on. It will add glitter to the wall and will lend a rich and royal tone to your room and make it look amazingly special and glorious. It is a great choice for those who have a dedicated AV room as it will add to the charm of the TV screens and give you the right ambience to enjoy.

The Peach Macaron: Colour Code K225

This is almost the shade of the ocean combined with undertones of green to give rise to the dreamy peach. It comes with a full blended tone that is sure to lend an aura of magnificence and will also add to the depth of the colour feels. It is great to be used even in hallways. If you like the overall vibrancy of the tone, it will be good for your bedrooms as well.

The Light Pink Colour Family

Here are some of the shades that make the light pink colour family

light pink shade
Source: Spacejoy / Unsplash

The Sky Pink: Colour Code 9428

This is a very light colour that will go well with all the rooms in your house. It goes well with all themes of decoration and has a very subtle and light colour to it. The aura that the room emits is going to be pleasant and smooth.

The Candy Floss: Colour Code 9426

This colour is known for the softness that it evokes. It is like a dreamy lullaby that takes you to beautiful places, almost reaching there and not quite still. The appeal is evergreen and charming and it is sure to look wonderful in a baby girl’s room.

The Delicate Pink: Colour Code 9427

This is a colour that transpires a hundred emotions and brings all of them to life. It is neither too light nor intense, but somewhere floating right in the middle of them both. So, this colour is suited to a larger group audience and is likely to bring the walls to life. You can choose this dreamy colour tone for the exteriors of your home as well.

The Dark Purple Colour

Here are the three strikingly bold yet charming colour choices that you can pick from.

The Purple Lore: Colour Code 9606

This is one of the royal shades that will draw you in. If you are a fan of bold and loud colours, this one is for you. If it matches your personality and the overall theme, you can choose to have it even in your bedroom.

Royal Satin: Colour Code 8165

This is the perfect shade that will light up your walls and bring them to life. It has a lush and deep touch to it and imbibes a very reflective state. Owing to the rich colour tone, it is also often chosen for the sake of highlighting the walls. It comes with a great texture as well.

The Blue Grape: Colour code 9625

This is the colour that is exclusively meant for home exteriors. The kind of colour play it shows when sunlight falls on it is inexplicable. It has a divine touch and looks every bit as sophisticated and elegant as you can ask for. It truly jazzes up the overall design by several notches.

The Magenta Colour Codes

Here are two of the exciting shades of magenta that make up this colour family

Magenta Rush: Colour Code K007

This is a really powerful colour and has a terrific aura that truly brings the wall to life. It also helps in highlighting the niches and helps in making the walls glow with beauty. The colour has the power to instantly lift your mood and make you feel good and brimming with positivity.

The Marwar Magenta: Colour Code K040

This shade of magenta is mingled with several hues and undertones of overlapping shades. It makes this colour a true visual delight and allows it to exude a blazing purity that is sure to draw you in. The colour is complex and sensuous at the same time.

The Dark Pink Colour Family

Here are some of the colours that make up this family.

The Fervent Fuchsia: Colour Code 9584

This is an excellent bright colour which packs the right personality. It is ferocious and knows how to stand in its way. This colour is a great choice for several areas of your home and is going to exude the raw touch and perfection in the best manner.

The Pink Panther: Colour Code 9583

This colour packs in a very mysterious aura and it is known to evoke awe and amazement. It is regal and royal and is also a great choice for kids’ rooms. The colour speaks its language and is likely to leave the room looking a whole lot artistic and richer.

The Pink Flower: Colour Code 9414

This is the colour that is known to evoke the right sense of mood upliftment. Simply having it on the walls is enough to make you feel good. The kids’ room is perfect and the best choice for this beautiful colour palette. It will revamp the room like a magic wand.

The Black Colour Family

Here is the list of the colour palette that is a part of the black family

black shade
Source:  Spacejoy / Unsplash

The Black Sea: Colour Code 9469

It is an uncommon choice of colour and yet something that will make your home truly stand out in the crowd. This is a minimal shade and it will reflect the kind of shine that is sure to make people take a double look, at least once. It is one of the perfect options out there.

The Black Currant: Colour Code K058

This is a dark shade of black and it is going to look good with the best wooden furniture and style too. You can choose to highlight the wall with this colour or even accentuate another colour of walls with the mingling of black.

The Dark Brown Colour Code

Here are some of the colours that are a part of the dark brown family.

Source: Niken Anjarwangi / Pixabay

The Brown Mustard: Colour Code K176

This is a dark rich colour that exudes a different kind of sensuous calm. It will instil the right colour and look in your home and make it exude the perfect vibe that is sure to bring you tons of compliments. This colour is an apt choice for striking doors and windows that will appeal to everyone.

The Brown Deer: Colour Code K201

This shade of brown comes with an undertone of mauve and it is great for highlighting walls. If you prefer a somewhat darker tone for the exteriors of your home, you can choose to have the outer walls painted with this colour too.

The Earthy Brown: Colour Code 8005

This is the shade of brown that seems to be somewhere between the above two. It seems to be draped in undertones of chilli pepper and chocolate and has a very creamy and rich vibe to it. The colour has a very royal look to it and is best suited for entertainment rooms. The shade is going to look classy and elegant.

The Violet Colour Code

If you are a fan of the purple family, this set will have decent colour options for you.

The Violet Paradise: Colour Code X140

If you want to highlight your wall and make it look gorgeously royal, this is the shade to pick. It is the perfect option for those who love this shade and want the walls to gleam and radiate the right shine that will bring the home to life.

The Burnt Violet: Colour Code X134

This is the perfect shade of violet that screams perfection and excellence. You can choose to paint the doors and windows with this colour and it is also going to gleam your home and make it appear like an enchanting abode. The texture of this colour is very smooth.

The Sassy Violet: Colour Code 8203

This colour has a gentle vibe to it and it lends an air of tranquillity and dignity along with peace to the place. The colour is bright and still has a serenity vibe to it. It is a great option for the living room and bedroom as well.

The Maroon Colour Codes

This is the perfect colour palette to pick for those who want to have a different taste in colours in their home.

The Moody Maroon: Colour Code 4181

This is one of the terrific shades in the maroon family and it helps in imparting a rich glow to your walls. It has a chocolate undertone along with a hint of raspberry. It helps you be sure that the walls will look perfect and emit the gleam and shine that will make the place a happy abode.

The Maroon Mood: Colour Code 9997

If you want your walls to scream poetry, this is the shade you need to keep an eye on. There are undertones of gold in this colour and you can choose to paint the doors and windows in this colour. This is good for the bedroom walls as well and it will reflect a rich shade.

The Marooned Brown: Colour Code 8669 

This colour comes with a personality of its own and it is amazingly deep and mesmerizing. Simply looking at this wall will absorb you in its reach and help you enjoy the overall theme and design it will evoke. It is one of the best shades to cherish the shine and gleam.

The Sky-Blue Colour Codes

This family of sky-blue colours is well appreciated and much loved by a lot of people.

sky blue shade
Source: Spacejoy / Unsplash

The Summer Sky: Colour Code 7274

This is a great shade to create a relaxing and summer feel in your room. The sky-blue shade almost paints a sky in your room. It is great for the living room. If you want a light summery tone on your bedroom, you can paint the bedroom walls in this colour too.

The Morning Sky: Colour Code 7249

This is the shade that lends a carefree charm to your home. It helps in having the right pastel hue in your rooms. It has a warm undertone and is something that will help your de-stress from your daily schedule. So, feel free to have your bedrooms done in this shade too.

The Blue Cloud: Colour Code 9646

Want a colour palette that will evoke a calming sense and allow you to truly unwind and relax? This is the perfect choice for you. It will truly jazz up your room and at the same time, help you feel serenity and peace. The walls are silent and simply exist to help you be at ease when done in this shade.

The Sea Green Colour Code

Let us see all the three colours that are a part of this group

sea green shade
Source: Sidekix Media / Unsplash

The Putting Green: Colour Code 9736

This is an excellent colour that helps in renewing and rejuvenating life. The colour feels like an infusion of several fruits and a colour pop canvas that is sure to brighten up the area like nothing else. It is great for the hallways and even if you want to accentuate a certain wall.

The Aquamarine Pop: Colour Code 9737

If you want a wall to emit the tropical island vibes, choose this shade. It is brilliant, young, and resplendent and something that will coat magic to your home. You can use this energizing shade even in your kitchen and the right effects will be there for you to see.

The Emerald Sea: Colour Code 9739

This is a smooth colour that has a nocturnal touch and vibe to it. It emits grace and poses that will help you enjoy a good night’s sleep. It is also a good choice for balconies and veranda and has a deep and rich vibe that brings the best colour touch to the room.

The Brick Red Colour Code

The brick colours are known to have the perfect tone that is sure to have the right aura and make the place enchanting.

brick red shade
Source: Spacejoy / Unsplash                                     

The Brick Tone: Colour Code 8639

This brick shade has a slight undertone of blue and adds an air of mystery. It has a dark blackberry intensity to it and exudes the right sensuous feel as well. You can choose to highlight this wall along with having a tone of red with it. This will help you get the modern touch and look to the rooms.

The Old Brick: Colour Code 8613

This is a richer and darker tone of red and it is going to draw you in with its full embrace. You can paint your room with this shade if you are a fan of dark and deep colours. The texture is rich and smooth and it will allow you to have the right shine as well.

The Brick Dust: Colour Code 9983

If you want a brick colour that is youthful and can reenergize and vitalize your home, look no further than this shade. It is sure to bring an extra ray of festivity to your place and it is going to breathe a wave of fresh air even on your balcony. So, choose this perfect colour palette.

The Rose Gold Colour Code

Rose gold is one of the trending colours options to pick. Look at the shades that make this family.

The Mecca Gold: Colour Code 7982

This shade of rose gold is seductive and has a purplish undertone to it. You can use it in the kitchen, the bedroom, or even the living room. The colour tone is such that it will entice your mind and draw you in. It looks very rich even in texture.

The Gold Gleam: Colour Code 7834

If you want the kind of shade that will revamp your room and make it stand out, this is the perfect choice to pick. It is also going to make your room appear bigger and much more spacious. Feel free to use it in different rooms.

The Parrot Green Colour Code

Parrot green is a rich and vivacious shade and here are the tones that make up this family

parrot green
Source: Marta Dzedyshko / Unsplash

The Happy Parrot: Colour Code 9768

If you want to opt for a soulful colour of green, you should choose this shade. It is going to help you make a direct connection with nature. You can paint the wall with this colour to add depth and character to your room. The colour is pretty bright.

The Parrot Green: Colour Code 7661

If you want a shade of green that can add a romantic touch and glow, choose this perfect shade. It is the right way to make things attractive and it can beautify your home. Make sure to choose the décor elements accordingly to beautify the place in the right way.

The Jolly Holly: Colour Code 7653

This is the colour which comes with a slight tint of wheat fields in it. You will be able to get the right inner glow to this shade and it also allows you to fill the walls with a sense of calm and tranquillity. At the same time, you can use this shade for balconies and veranda as well.

So, these are some of the Asian paint colour codes that are sure to rejuvenate your room and it will add to the perfect glow of your house. The key is to make sure that you choose the right colour as per the overall theme of your home and the colour palette.

Each of these Asian paint colour codes has its unique colour tone and you have to keep an observant eye and then decide as to which shade seems to be the befitting choice to opt for. We believe that the best way to make things work is by being sure that your chosen shade is something that matches well with your personality too.

Along with the walls, if you want more ideas on the room door designs to make the house truly stand out, click here. We are sure you will be amazed and inspired with the ideas.


Do Asian Paints also offer painting services?

Yes, Asian paints offer one of the reliable and good quality painting services

What is the price of the colours by Asian Paint?

The price list varies on a lot of factors like texture, area, and more. One needs to get in touch with the company to procure the pricing details.

Do all colours suit all rooms?

No, every colour is specific and you should gauge your personality and the texture of the room before deciding the shade you would like to opt for

Are the Asian paint colour codes of good quality?

Yes, Asian paint is of the best quality as far as colour and design are concerned. They boast of the best artistic quality and the rich and right texture.

Does Asian paint offer both light and dark shades?

Yes, Asian Paint has a rich selection of both light, dark, and pastel colours as well.