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Every interior designer will vouch for having a killer balcony design. The balcony is the place where one likes to unwind and de-stress and therefore the balcony design has to be on fleek. 

Gone are the days when wooden balcony design was the only option most homeowners chose to pick. Variety is the true spice of life and several modern balcony designs have come up.

Here, we will take you through some of the most modernistic balcony design that will give your home the true ‘WOW’ factor and make it stand out for drawing the right creative inspiration.

1. The Balcony Design With The View 

The Balcony Design With The View 

If your bungalow is located in a scenic locality, this is the design you need to have. The balcony needs to open to the view that will enrich and rejuvenate the soul. Have a sprawling sliding door connecting your living room and the balcony so you can sip your morning cup of coffee and drink the views of majestic nature. This is the perfect balcony design for those who are bit by wanderlust. 

2. The Coffee Table Setting

The Coffee Table Setting

Another winning design for balconies at home is the one wherein you have your cosy corner. Have a small coffee table set up and decorate it with planters and candles to give it a magical vibe. The entrance door should be small to be in tandem with the cosy and small design of the place. This is a great design for small homes as well.

3. The White Delight 

The White Delight  Balcony Design

Who doesn’t fancy all things white? There is something so royal about the white colour that makes it ever so appealing. This is the perfect balcony design for those who love white. It is minimal yet intricate and intimate. You can choose to have recliner chairs or sofa seats based on your space and budget constraints. The fencing adds to the real charm of the design. 

4. The Garden Calls 

The Garden Calls

If you have a lawn or a little garden alongside your balcony, this is the design you need to vouch for. Balconies are the soul of the home and having a little porch swing can add a dreamy touch to it. Have fairy lights fitted at the rim of the walls so that you can have your reading paradise wherever you need some alone time to yourself. 

5. The Door And Window Design

The Door And Window Design

If you do have a lot of space on your balcony, you can choose to integrate both the door and the window. Make sure to have a minimal door so that the living room doesn’t feel congested. The blinds should be roman to allow for easy filtering of light as and when needed. Try to keep the feel of the balcony minimal.

Low-rise grills are advisable for added aesthetics. 

6. The Colour Pops 

The Colour Pops 

If you want to have your home speak the artist’s language, you can choose this incredibly creative trending balcony design. The bright pop of blue gives the artistic look to your balcony and it will attract a new-age vibe. Keep the touch wooden and don’t miss out on the hanging light as it will blend well with the theme. This will be the rustic corner of the home that will truly jazz up the overall feel of the place 

7. The Green Hue Balcony Design

The Green Hue Balcony Design

If you love nature and plants and you have both the space and the budget to splurge, this is one balcony design you can never go wrong with. You will never have to pack your bags to head to the beach anymore as this balcony design will help you escape the city blues and get the beach feel right away. The choice of plants and their placement is very crucial in this design. The door should be minimal and you should have glass detailing to allow maximum light to filter through.

Don’t have too big chairs or tables as the concept here is to have a very intimate and cosy setting. 


8. The Roof Setting

The Roof Setting

If your balcony doesn’t have any floors above and opens into the sky, this is a stunning design for your balcony. You can also choose to have wooden flooring. Make sure to match the flooring and the grills to get the accents right. 

Have a relatively small table and lay the sofas to help you cherish the view and bask in the glory of nature. The door should be big and the design needs to be sliding glass to allow light from the adjacent room to filter in even during nighttime. 

9. The Perfect Panelling 

The Perfect Panelling 

This balcony too opens in the air and the glass panel with the metal accents is the true highlight of this design. Don’t miss out on wooden flooring and the panelling at the sides. The intertwining of the wooden design with the glasses and the metal accents is on point for this one. 

You should also have a relaxed sitting with hanging lights to get the full feel of the extended balcony. Make sure to also integrate bamboo planters for modern aesthetics. 

10. The Tiny Classic Balcony Design

The Tiny Classic Balcony Design

Some people just can’t do without a balcony, even when their home doesn’t have a lot of space for it. So, if your home too seems to have major space constraints concerning a balcony, then you can choose this classic and evergreen design. The choice of the grills is the catch here. Make it as artistic as you can and the window needs to have this exact cascaded square design to give it a royal look.