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There are many different types of balcony designs. There are both open and closed designs. Glass balconies allow you to enjoy the view of all seasons. Closed balconies provide a more enclosed space for you to enjoy the view.

The types of materials for a balcony vary from traditional to contemporary. You can repurpose household items to create a unique style that is unique to your home. You can also choose between glass and metal materials.

1. Glass balcony designs

A glass balcony offers the benefit of an immersive experience with a great view. Glass balconies are extremely versatile and can be used for entertaining guests, arts and crafts, or for just relaxing on a sunny day.

A glass balcony also helps you control the amount of heat entering your home, which will reduce your electricity bills. This is great news if you’re looking to lower your heating costs. Glass balconies allow you to enjoy the magnificent view and sunny days in all seasons.

If you want to sell your property soon, adding a balcony is a great way to increase its value. This extra living space can increase your home’s value by up to twelve to twenty percent. A glass balcony will provide more living space and enhance your view of the landscape.

This balcony will also add to the value of your home by improving its marketability and increasing its square footage, which will result in a higher price tag.

It is balcony is easy to clean, especially if the installation is close to the ground. You can clean the glass on your balcony once a month with a window washer tool and a bucket of water.

Make sure to use a soft spongy head on the tool for maximum effectiveness. You should also use a squeegee to remove any debris and grime that is stuck to the glass.


A glass balcony also helps to prevent sound from entering your home. You can choose to install a glass balcony with a Upvc frame if you’re looking to reduce noise. You can use a smart glass balcony to take a phone call, or simply to enjoy the view while you work.

There are also options to control the opacity, depending on your requirements.

If you’re planning to have a balcony, make sure it’s equipped with proper lighting. Even if it’s sunny, you’ll want to make sure the lighting and plants on your balcony match with the rest of your home.

The same goes for plants. If your balcony is exposed to wind, you’ll need windbreaks. If your balcony is in a shaded area, use shade-loving plants. Otherwise, you may find the plants you have selected are scorched by the sun. Silver foliage plants reflect the sun better.

glass balcony design
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2. Closed balcony designs

While the spectacular view from your closed balcony is not as spectacular as that of an open balcony, you can still enjoy it from the comfort of your home. You can install a fireplace insert for colder weather.

Never leave these devices unattended, and always ensure they are off when not in use. Patio heaters and fans are also useful additions. These appliances provide heat and circulation to the area, and they are easy to maintain.

Moreover, you can also install patio covers for your outdoor furniture. Closed balconies allow you to enjoy the magnificent view and sunny days in all seasons

If you have a pet, you should keep him or her on a leash so they don’t wander over the edge. A sturdy pet gate would be a good solution. Alternatively, you can hang a dog-proof harness or a woven jute area rug. Finally, you can add curtains or blinds for added privacy and comfort.

If you’re concerned about the cold, you can opt for closed balconies. This will allow you to enjoy the view and sunny days year-round. But be sure to consider winterization. Winterizing your balcony will help keep heat inside and prevent ice from forming.

It will also keep the cold out while protecting your plants. However, you may have to sacrifice the magnificent view of your city, which makes it important to invest in the right kind of balcony cover.

closed balcony design
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3. Traditional and contemporary balcony designs

There are many beautiful ways to decorate our balconies. Wooden posts and beams can add beauty to your balcony. Alternatively, you can use colorful planters and place them on the floor of your balcony.

Traditional window boxes and planters can also be used to decorate your balcony. These ideas are both beautiful and affordable and will make any balcony the talk of your neighborhood. Depending on the style of your home, you may even want to combine both types of decoration.

Whether your balcony is big or small, it’s important to add seating. If your balcony is small, consider building a built-in bench seat. It will blend seamlessly into the design and won’t take up valuable space.

Choose contrasting colors for your furniture, and consider placing flower pots and herbs on the bench. Green plants can be soothing and add visual interest to your balcony. They also provide additional seating for guests.

A modern house may have more traditional elements than you’d like. It may have a garage door or a gleaming iron driveway, but its balcony is typically made of glass. A glass balcony with iron surrounds will tie in the industrial design.

Contemporary Balcony

A contemporary balcony design could include wood paneling instead of a traditional balcony railing. It compliments the color of the roof and adds privacy to the outdoor living space.

Decorative items on a balcony may vary depending on the size of your outdoor area. Using an elegant hammock and a hanging chair can help set a relaxing mood, while a love seat or l-shaped sofa can make the area more social.

You may also want to include an outside depository. These are only a few ideas for decorating your balcony. If you can’t decide on a specific style, you can always use a combination of contemporary and traditional balcony designs to create a unique and stylish space.

There are many types of balcony decorations available today. Whether you’re planning on decorating your balcony for the summer or having a peaceful moment alone, you can easily create a unique look that will be the talk of your neighborhood.

You can find many photos of stunning balconies on sites like Houzz. Just remember to be practical. You can always use a portable table or a small garden if your balcony has limited space.

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4. Repurposed Balconies

There are many projects you can complete from broken objects. You can use items to repurpose your balcony designs into the stunning decor. Repurposed household items can add a personalized touch to your space.

Use repurposed household items to personalize your balcony. For instance, repurpose glass bottles into glass fixtures. You can also repurpose wooden crates into furniture, and corbels into beautiful shelves.

The possibilities are endless! It is surprising how much you can reuse for your balcony. And don’t forget to take photos and document the process!

repurposed balcony design
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These are the different types of balcony designs. There are both open and closed designs. Glass balconies allow you to enjoy the view of all seasons. Closed balconies provide a more enclosed space for you to enjoy the view. So do traditional and repurposed balconies will do!