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When the weather warms up, many house owners would prefer a spot like a balcony as their favourite place to relax with a hot cup of tea or coffee, to read novels, and to gist with their families. A balcony is a place designed for relaxation, a place to spend quality time with families and Friends, a hideaway for lounging, and a romantic place for supper.

Therefore, when choosing a design for your balcony, you must consider safety and elegance. This section of the house is visible to everyone. Hence, you should be cautious of the design to adopt. We’ve compiled a collection of balcony grill designs that can serve various functions and get inspired by these ideas and clues.

Before we explore various balcony ideas, we won’t do without giving you some clues and factors to consider before setting up a balcony. Each design and structure have its merits and demerits, here is what we have for you;

Structure your budget

The beauty of your balcony depends on the type of materials you use. The balcony can be constructed according to homeowner requirements, but the desired materials will affect the general pricing, including wood, WPC, artificial grass, tiles, etc. Therefore, once you make the quotation of your budget, then you can decide the type of materials your budget can cover.

Open or Closed Balcony Grill Design?

Although most residences have open balconies, you can decide to close them or leave them open. Here’s how it works; both open and closed balconies have advantages and disadvantages. A closed Balcony helps to protect one’s privacy when it’s needed.

Also, they are easy to maintain as weather and dust do not contribute to the space’s upkeep. The disadvantage of closed balconies is that they restrict sunlight and ventilation, and you know those things are very crucial. Closed balconies serve better during cold winters and sweltering summers. However, the merits of closed balconies seem to be the demerits of open balconies and vice versa.

Put Into Consideration The Sun And The Wind Before Constructing Your Balcony

Shade is essential; after all, you can’t relax under a very hot sun. In India, the Vastu principle is highly respected; hence, according to Vastu science experts, the north, east, and northeast direction are the best for balcony design because they receive the most daylight during the day. South and west balconies are disregarded by Vastu. 

Also, avoid the construction of balconies in the wind direction to avoid running Helter and the skelter when a heavy wind blows.

Go For Furniture That’s Durable (Waterproof And Weatherproof)

Ensure the set of furniture you’ll consider should be weatherproof and waterproof, especially if you constructed an open balcony. The following are your ideal choices;

  • Benches that are made from cast iron and metal rods.
  • Cushions made of acrylics.
  • Exterior glazed cedar, eucalyptus, and teak furniture.
  • Sets made of wicker.

Selecting a Floor

Low-maintenance floorings like tiles and artificial grass are highly recommended as They are budget-friendly. While the turf is easy to maintain with the hose, porcelain and ceramic tiles may be wiped clean. Such tiles are manufactured to withstand heavy foot traffic and are cost-effective. Other last longing flooring options to consider include concrete and brick flooring.

Decorate The Room According To Its Size

Balcony should not be too spacious; those are the factors causing scarcity of space in urban metro cities, as stated by real estate experts. A normal balcony shouldn’t have more than a width of 4 to 5 feet, while an independent residence balcony should be 5 feet.

Most Beautiful Balcony Grill Designs You Should Consider

1. Balcony Grill Designs Using Artificial Grass

Balcony Grill Designs Using Artificial Grass
Source: Ratchanee Sawasdijira / Shutterstock

Artificial Grass is an ideal material for compact and less spacious Indian balconies. Artificial grass adds elegance to your balcony by giving it a lush look. The material is made of polyamide, nylon, and polypropylene. Also, it has some other features that make it considerable; it’s nonflammable, resists bacteria, and is easy to maintain.

2. Privacy Screen Balcony Idea is not Bad.

privacy screen balcony grill designs
Source: klikkipetra / Shuttertstock

This idea is viable if you want a simple front balcony design. Other reasonable materials can protect your privacy asides from the privacy screen. Which are; bamboo curtains and carpet. They provide flair and seclusion and also let you enjoy vitamin sunlight. Using climbers and vines to create a drape of vines or climbers can help you disguise an unattractive view naturally. As they create an outstanding feature of flora seclusion for your balcony design.

3. Consider Balcony Design Using Wicker Furniture

Wicker is a short grass like a bush from which furniture is built. This design will help you add an extra curb appeal to your home exterior. Individual wicker blades are weaved or tied together to make a mesh fastened around a frame to form furniture, such as chairs and tables. Furniture made of wicker can withstand even the harshest conditions, such as rain. Wicker furniture is a perfect possession for your balcony, no matter what the season.

4. Concrete Balcony Grill Design

Concrete Balcony Grill Design
Source: StevanZZ / Shutterstock

Concrete is a strong, durable, and weatherproof material suitable for various applications. This design is ideal for balconies that are in danger of being destroyed by elements. Using a concrete block will allow you to enjoy your terrace with perfect solitude. Several advantages are attached to this design; they are long-lasting and can withstand enormous wear and tear; thus, it’s an excellent choice.

5. Pet-Friendly Balcony Grill Designs

Are you a pet owner? Then this design is for you. If you truly care for your pet, you should be aware that you shouldn’t leave them alone on a balcony. If you are relaxing on your closed Balcony, your pet will probably want to join you.

Adding a few items like climbing paths, treasure hunters, or hammocks can add more vibes to your staying together. To have a pet-friendly balcony, you have to construct it in a way that the pet can play and roam around without any danger of getting hurt.

6. Home Balcony With An Extended Living Room Shouldn’t Be Bad

Home Balcony With An Extended Living Room Shouldn't Be Bad
Source: Jason Finn / Shutterstock

A balcony is meant to be relaxed; it serves as a reading corner, a place to catch fresh air, and a space to lounge. For this reason, try and apply some living room design to your balcony to make it a place where you can genuinely spend most of your time.

Some materials you can apply to make it more elegant and relaxing include; a comfortable sofa and cushions, candlelight, a coffee table, and others. To maximize the balcony experience, you can install a glass barrier between the living room and terrace decor.

7. Balcony Designs With Reading Corner

It’s almost impossible to see a terrace design that is more beautiful than one with books. You can try this idea out; stack some books on top of a small stand in one part of your balcony where it won’t be affected by rain.

To perfect this idea, you can add a comfortable Seating sofa and a portable side table, and your balcony will become your favorite home spot. This idea is mostly executed in the modern urban landscape. Relaxing with hot coffee while reading and meditating on this balcony is not bad.

8. Lighting Balcony Grill Designs Idea

 Lighting Balcony Grill Designs Idea
Source: Violeta Beigiene / Shutterstock

Using candles, stone walls, water features, and ambient lighting change the looking of a balcony at night. It should be designed and constructed meticulously so that the terrace is not overcrowded. It improves the aeration and the positive vibes within the area. Also, applying some balcony decorations items will change things overnight.

9. Balcony Design Idea With Small Railing Planters

OMG! Railing Planters are a viable option for a small modern balcony design for an elegant facelift. Railing Planters is an excellent place for a potted plant. Moreover, it’s an assembly for a wide variety of decorative plants. Although placing a large planter on a small balcony is difficult, the balcony railing provides an immediate solution to this problem. The planter row is clasped in place by the small balcony design railing.

10. Balcony Grill Front Design Idea With Glass Rails

Balcony Grill Front Design Idea With Glass Rails
Source: / Shutterstock

Using glass railing as your first-floor front balcony design ensures that your balcony and ambient are seamlessly integrated. This design gives the feeling that your front terrace is just a place up in the sky. In India, balconies are highly valued; there’s an edgier, slimmer appearance, so if your house is contemporary, they will fit right in. As it’s, glass rail will always be viable and durable for the front balcony.

11. Barbecue/Grill Balcony

This design is the ideal design to look out for; it’s perfect for every season to enjoy a savory grill and barbecue time with families and friends. It can also serve the role of a mini lounge where you can serve family and friends delicious barbecue. It’s comfortable to invest in this design to have your beloved barbecue dishes anytime.

12. Built-in Bar Area Balcony

This balcony design is just like having a mini club in the house.  This balcony is the best for those late evenings to enjoy and talk about things with friends. This style enables you to experience a mini club home in your comfort with pals. Why not try out this? And it will surely become your favorite spot with families and friends.

13. Balcony Grill Designs Ideas With An Open Concept Room

An open concept room is a great choice if you want a balcony that will make the most of your space. You can shape out various places, as in the case of a sizable open concept room. You just have to design an area suitable for relaxing, a comfortable place to eat and read, and before you know it, you will have built a terrace where you can carry out most of your activities.

14. Hammock Balcony Design

The hammock is one of the best designs that offer maximum comfort and does not consume space. Many believe that a hammock is only suitable for backyard usage. Meanwhile, it’s suitable for a modest balcony. The hammock comes in various styles and sizes; it’s now left to you to choose the one that fits your small modern terrace well.

15. Balcony Grill Designs With A Secure Mirror

A balcony shouldn’t just be full of classic wall art. Instead, you can acquire a mosaic of mirrors to beautify your terrace. This design helps to further accentuate a nice view and create more dimension. Moreso, it prevents arguments over seating arrangements since you’ll be able to see the view from all angles.

16. Minimalist Balcony Grill Designs

When it comes to balcony design, less can be made. If your house has a small terrace space, you don’t have to overwhelm it with furniture; just go for a square table and chair set. In this style, you just have to add a few cushions and a few potted plants to get started. Also, you can add some other items to make the balcony simple and elegant, like; a vast carpet, a little footstool, and a well-selected brass chandelier.

17. Balcony Grill Design With Hanging Plants

Balcony Grill Design With Hanging Plants
Source: Leigh Trail / Shutterstock

Why not fill your balcony with pots packed with lush plants so that you can have a feeling of relaxing on a dreamy terrace? Using plants on a balcony helps to improve the fragrance in the ambient. Also, you can utilize your spacious terrace with every possible coziest object you can uncover without overwhelming it.

18. Balcony Grill Designs Using Floor Tiles

Tiling the floor of your balcony will help to improve the visual appearance. However, there are various tiles available in the market. Hence, you must ensure you select the one that can withstand heavy foot traffic and rigors of outside weather and must be easy to maintain. Porcelain tiles are not a bad idea as it’s commonly used and readily accessible.

19. Balcony Design Idea With Swing Benches

Balcony Design Idea With Swing Benches
Source: Vladys Creator / Shutterstock

Swings are timeless, and having the right tools can help you to do many things with them: decorate your terrace with them, or include them in your outdoor furniture collection. This style is one of the perfect balcony designs for a cozy getaway.

20. Balcony Design Beautify With Contrasting Color

Color is the bedrock of beauty. It plays an important role when choosing the right balcony design. Selecting a color depends on the choice of the house owner. You might choose a simple color scheme transmitting a sense of timelessness, improvement, and contrast with vegetation. Also, bright and flashy colors may be used to create an attractive accent wall for your balcony.

21. Balcony Design With Herb Garden

This idea is perfect if you want a creative and natural balcony. You don’t need ample space to grow a garden herb; it’s possible to grow them in a confined space. Herbs are very essential, especially in countries like India. Their fragrance can improve one’s health, and they can as well be used for cooking. Bonus: it’s possible to face pests’ challenges if you live in a lower apartment.

22. Modern Balcony Grill Designs With A Vertical Garden

Modern Balcony  With A Vertical Garden
Source: Ashley-Belle Burns / Shutterstock

This design is for you if you have a less spacious terrace yet, you want greenery on it. Planting a vertical garden and placing a low sofa on the balcony make it look more attractive. You should also consider a Low glass ceiling with good views and plants suitable for the climate. This idea is viable for a small balcony as it makes the house more inviting and transforms it into a new environment.

23. Ultimate Black And White Balcony Design

These two colors are inseparable and classic. Anywhere black and White are used as decoration will easily be noticed. Unfortunately, this classic duo is infamous for numerous house decor designs. It promotes a simplistic yet elegant look best for those who aim to deliver a simple look. This design won’t just accentuate the look of your balcony but the whole house.


Finally, balcony design can be a fun and rewarding experience if you choose to. But what matters most is keeping the basics of what makes a balcony safe and active. By adhering to the guidelines in this article, you should be able to create a gorgeous and long-lasting balcony in your home.