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A bamboo house has many advantages. First, it’s environmentally friendly. Using sustainable materials like bamboo means less maintenance, making it an excellent choice for the environment. Bamboo is also strong and durable.

In addition, it can be insulated against the heat of the sun, which helps keep the inside temperature more stable. Lastly, a bamboo house can be built quickly and inexpensively. These benefits make a bamboo house a good choice for many people, especially those on a budget.

Currently, there are no strict construction codes that prevent the use of bamboo in residential buildings. In fact, most South Indian states like Andhra Pradesh, Kerela, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, etc., have already approved the use of bamboo in residential construction.

However, there are still several restrictions on the material, like its weight limit. In some of the North-Eastern states of India, bamboo is allowed in limited quantity, as traders have illegally exploited the natural resource. Although engineers hope to change these restrictions in the future.

But there’s a lot of buzz about building a bamboo house and constructing it in an urban setting.

First of all, bamboo is relatively flexible, unlike wood, so it can be worked and bent without breaking. Another advantage of bamboo is that it can be used in many ways, from scaffolding to furniture.

When built correctly, it can last for many years. However, it is important to maintain it well, otherwise, it might rot. Therefore, choosing a good architectural team to help you build your dream home is important.

Let’s look at some of the bamboo house construction ideas.

Bamboo house Construction ideas -Exterior

It can be used on the outside for insulation

Since bamboo is heat-resistant it can be used to build the outer base which will keep the interiors cooler by absorbing most of the sun’s rays. It’s a great way to beat the heat since India is a typically hotter nation.

It can be used to create sustainable structures

Bamboo has high tensile strength naturally. When mixed with fly ash, clay tiles, and other building materials, it can form strong and concrete sustainable structures.

Bamboo Cottage

An entire house can be created using bamboo. But it requires excellent architectural skills to construct and design the bamboo cottage. Since it has to be strong, durable, and aesthetically pleasing it requires great expertise in the bamboo craft.

Bamboo house Construction ideas- Interior

If you’ve been thinking about a bamboo house construction idea for the interior, there are several factors to consider to make it more aesthetic and durable. Bamboo can be incorporated massively in the interiors of the bedroom, drawing room, and kitchen. Even the bathroom flooring can be made up of water-resistant bamboo.

Elegant lighting fixtures and furniture can be crafted with bamboo.

Bamboo house interior
Source: Maria Orlova / Pexels.com

Your kitchen can be made entirely with bamboo since it’s more fire-resistant as compared to normal wood. It can be widely included in the flooring and cabinets.

A bamboo staircase can be both indoor and outdoor, while a bamboo bench can add a touch of art to any space. Bamboo absorbs a greater percentage of carbon dioxide than other plants and is 30% more oxygen-producing than traditional wood.

bamboo house interior design
Source: Nutraveller / pixabay.com

While the natural material is remarkably strong, it does need to be treated to keep termites and rot at bay. Some bamboo suppliers treat their bamboo products both before and after they’re sold, using a compound called borax to penetrate the material.

While this may seem expensive, it’s well worth the investment because it will give you a completely sustainable interior space.

Bamboo house construction cost in India

With regards to bamboo construction costs in India, we have two supposed limits. We, most importantly, have an architect that figured out how to construct a bamboo house that costs just 5000 rupees and requires one day to fabricate. This basically is a bamboo hut.

bamboo hut
Source: Honey Kochphon Onshawee / Pixabay.com

Clearly, the space is exceptionally restricted and the actual house can’t really be viewed as a home. In any case, it has been referenced that you can add various modules close to one another and associate them, making for additional rooms and space.

On the higher end, a genuine bamboo house will accompany an alternate expense contingent upon what materials and building methods you use. For instance, with a low financial plan, a two-floor house can be worked for just INR 7 lacs, yet there are bamboo houses that go as high as INR 15 lacs, on the grounds that they are generally made of prime-quality bamboo.

Bamboo house benefits

There are several benefits of a bamboo house.

  • Firstly, it’s lightweight and requires no massive base.
  • Secondly, bamboo’s elasticity makes it ideal for non-standard construction. It can sway without damaging poles or posts.
  • Thirdly, bamboo can be shaped into various shapes and forms. Its elasticity also allows it to be used for scaffolding, lighting fixtures, and more.
  • From aesthetic benefits, a bamboo house construction idea can last a very long time with proper maintenance.
  • It can be used for almost anything. Modern construction ideas incorporate nearly everything you need to build a home. The axial fibers of the bamboo sticks give it incredible strength.
  • Another great reason to build it is that it’s an eco-friendly material. Bamboo is a plant that can be recycled for building materials. Bamboo is a renewable resource and is highly sustainable.
  • Lastly, the eco-friendly aspect of bamboo makes it a great choice for both the interior and exterior of your home. Also, bamboo is incredibly versatile and can fit into any design scheme you may have in mind. If you’re planning a green home, you’ll want to consider a bamboo house that’s unique to you.
bamboo house on a lake
Source: Anwic / Pixabay.com

Be sure to purchase quality bamboo from a trusted supplier to ensure that your home is built to last. You can even build a deck with bamboo shingles! It’s truly incredible how much it can add to the beauty of your home. It’s also a cost-effective construction idea!