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Are you looking to renovate your bathroom? Want to do some major rework on your bathroom? You need to know the best bathroom Vastu tips that can surely be of use as they will allow you to have the arrangements done in the right way.

If you don’t have much clue about the right bathroom Vastu tips, you have come to the right place. Here, we will be shedding light on a wide array of bathroom Vastu tips right from where you should place the toilet to the direction of the faucet and a whole lot more. It is believed that following the right bathroom Vastu is the best way to align positive energy in your home. This will help you get rid of the unwanted vibration and thereby serve your purpose in a befitting manner.

The Need For Washrooms To Be Vastu Compliant

Several reasons cement the need to use the bathroom Vastu.

  • It aids in better energy flow
  • It helps in overall positive vibration in the home
  • Vastu-compliant homes are easy to sell in the market

Bathrooms And Toilets- Keeping An Eye

Whenever you are remodelling your home, you often choose to neglect the one space that needs the highest level of hygiene- the washrooms. The bathrooms deserve equal attention, if not more because they can get very dirty very quickly. It is important to plan the bathroom modelling in a befitting manner. This ensures that they will not be covered with negative vibrations and wrong vibe.

As per the Vastu guidelines, if the placement of the bathroom and toilet is not done right, they can get vested with negative energy very soon. The washrooms are often frequented as most people need to use them now and then. You cannot neglect these places as they will lead to a lot of chaos.

During the construction of your home, you should pay equal importance to the placement and location of the washrooms and toilet. Never make the mistake of having them at the centre of the home as these places should always be located at the corner as per bathroom Vastu.

It is believed that if your washroom isn’t aligned as per bathroom Vastu guidelines, it can lead to financial issues and even health issues because the negative energy created tantamount to stress.

So, let us share some important bathroom Vastu guidelines for you to follow.

The Direction

  • As per the Vastu norms, the bathroom and the toilet should always be located in the northwest direction of your home.
  • Never construct washrooms under a staircase even in the case of duplexes and bungalows.
  • The direction of the toilet seat should be south-east or the northwest side.
  • The windows in the washroom should open along the east, west, or north in the bathroom. Avoid south at all costs.
  • The toilet itself must be placed along the west or the northwest
  • The wash basin should be in the north, east, or the north east corner of the bathroom
  • All the bathroom pipes outlets should face towards either the north or the east
  • It should be constructed almost one to two feet above the ground level as it shouldn’t be at the same height.
  • Never have the bath area in the south, southeast, or even the southwest direction of your home. This will impact the health of the family members adversely.

The Direction Of The Toilet Seat

  • Just like the washroom, the toilet seat is also important by the Vastu standards. You need to know exactly where to place it.
  • As per the bathroom Vastu, the person using the toilet should either face the north or the south direction. This is the key principle they need to bear in mind.
  • Also, the presence of a window in the washroom is an absolute must to ensure seamless energy flow.

The Bathroom Vastu Remedy

Sometimes, your washroom and toilets are placed in the wrong direction and you do not want to put in a lot of repair effort. In such cases, you need to know what to do to fix the Vastu dosh without changing too many things at your home.

It is not advisable to stay in a home with Vastu dosh. The good thing about Vastu is that in most cases you will find alternate ways to fix the dosha rather than having to uproot the whole setup and do major construction again.

The Toilet In The South

As per the bathroom Vastu, the toilet should never be located in the south. However, if you have moved to a non-Vastu compliant home, and your toilet is located in the south direction, you need to fix it. It is likely to impact your fame and money.

  • You should change the direction of the toilet and it should be between the south and south-west.
  • If your bathroom is designed in a balanced way, choose pastel shades like pink or lighter tones of purple, red, and violet.
  • If it has an extended zone, go for more neutral tones of colour.
  • Also, try to keep the doors of the washroom closed at all times to avoid dissipating negative energy into the entire household
  • If your toilet is in the southwest direction, you can place a Vastu pyramid on the outer side of the southwest toilet. This will balance the dosha.
  • Make sure to keep the pot covered when not in use
  • You can also use a bowl of Vastu salt and keep it in the washroom. Change the salt every week

The Toilet In The South West

The southwest isn’t a favorable corner either and here are some bathroom Vastu remedies that you need to opt for to fix the energy mismatch.

  • Place either three or nine lead helices on the other wall of your bathroom
  • Keep a Vastu pyramid on the outer wall of the toilet in the southwest direction
  • Keep Vastu salt in a bronze bowl inside the washroom for absorbing the negative vibe
  • The exhaust fan in the bathroom should be placed in the east or the northeast direction
  • Use lighter tones of colour to paint your bathroom

The Toilet In The South East

Having a toilet in this direction is likely to have negative repercussions on your home. The remedy is as simple as placing a Vastu pyramid on both the south and the east side of the walls on the outer surface.

The Toilet In The North Direction

As per bathroom Vastu, when toilets are placed in the north, they impact the health of the family members. Some common Vastu remedies to fix this problem are as follows

  • Shift the pot to the northwest direction
  • Paint the walls black
  • Take a metal vase and keep white coloured flowers in it. Place it in the north direction
  • You can keep a pyramid shift arrow on the outer wall. This helps in pseudo shifting of the toilet
  • You can also place a zinc helix on the outer wall of your toilet to counteract the negative vibration

These are the basic Vastu remedies that can be used for the sake of counteracting the negative energy. If things still seem to go downhill, you may have to alter the complete alignment of your toilet as well.

The Toilet In The North East

As per bathroom Vastu, having a bathroom in the northeast tends to have negative energy flow. So, if your washroom is located in this direction, one simple remedy would be to place a Vastu yantra on the northeast side.

  • You can also choose to have fragrant candles inside the washroom to get rid of negative vibration
  • Money plants or spider plants absorb the negativity and they can be kept inside
  • You can choose to keep a bowl of sea salt in the washroom as it tends to suck on the negative energy
  • Keep the toilet neat and clean to prevent the negative energy from becoming strong

Bathroom Vastu For Offices

When you are looking to integrate Vastu into the bathroom at your office, you have to be even more particular or else your business may witness a direct impact.

The general guidelines for bathroom Vastu are the same and the direction alignment is almost identical. Here, you will learn some more important tips and points to ensure that no Vastu defect will interfere with your smooth working of the business.

  • Never have a toilet right in the middle of the office
  • The northeast and southwest corners should also be avoided
  • The pot should always be on the west or the northwest side of the room. This ensures that when someone sits on it, he should face the north or the south direction
  • Always wipe the office floor with water mixed with salt to counteract any negative energy emanating from the toilet
  • Never allow office toilets to have a bad odour or dark stains.

The Bathroom Vastu Tips For Doors

The doors are very important as they help in the entry and exit of energy and vibrations. Here are some key bathroom Vastu tips you should follow for the doors.

  • As per the Vastu norms, the doors of the washroom should always be wooden. Metal doors are likely to bring in negativity and it can impact your life adversely.
  • Always make it a point to keep the door closed at all times. This will have a direct impact on the relationships that you have.
  • Don’t put religious idols and statues or even posters on the bathroom door

The Bathroom Vastu Tips For Windows

While the Vastu concepts necessitate the presence of windows in the bathroom, it is also otherwise important for the sake of proper ventilation. The absence of a window is likely to make the washroom suffocated and smelly at most times of the day.

From the Vastu point of view, the presence of a window indicates the power to dissipate and move out negative energy and to also filter bright and positive light in the room.

The position of the window is very important. As per bathroom Vastu, the window in the washroom should open towards the east, north, or west.

It is also important to mind that the windows should never open inwards as it restricts energy flow.

The Bathroom Vastu Rules For Fixtures

Every single element that is present in your washroom needs to abide by the Vastu guidelines. If you are very particular about the Vastu norms, you need to understand the strategic placement of each of the items as this will help you move them in the desired way.

  • All electric fixtures like a geyser, heater, switchboard, and washing machine should be in the southeastern direction
  • The shower panel should be located on the north, east, or north eastern side to facilitate the right water flow
  • The washing machine should be kept in the southeast or the northwest direction of the bathroom
  • The wash basin should be on the east, north, or the north east side, close to the mirror. 
  • The mirrors that are kept in the washroom should always be put on either the northern or the eastern side of the washroom.
  • Try to avoid oval and circular mirrors in the washroom. Square is the preferred choice.
  • The mirrors should be placed at least four to five feet above the floor level
  • The toilet seat should never be reflected in the mirror
  • The exhaust fans should face the east or the northeast direction. The same applies to windows as well. 
  • All the bathroom outlets should be towards the east or the north of the room.

The Bathroom Vastu Tips For Bathtub

If you are going to have a bathtub in your washroom, you have to make sure that too is Vastu compliant. Here are some key Vastu tips you need to bear in mind.

bathtub bathroom vastu
Source: piro4D / Pixabay
  • The bathtub should be either square or round in shape
  • The direction for the bathtub should be northeast, north, east, or west
  • If you are using bathtub pillows for enhanced comfort and aesthetics, they should be on the south side of the tub
  • Any candles or fragrance bottles should be kept on the northeast side of the washroom
  • Try to avoid the use of darker tones in the bathtub

The Colours Of The Washroom

Vastu is very particular about the colour combination you choose in your bathroom. When you want your bathroom to be Vastu compliant, you will have to pay heed to the colour combination you are choosing. There are several zones wherein your bathroom may be placed. Based on which zone your bathroom is in, you can choose the right colour palette.

washroom colours
Source: 5460160 / Pixabay

Let us guide you through.


  • If your washroom in the north is balanced, you can choose to opt for a lighter shade of blue.
  • If the bathroom zone in the north is low, you should opt for silver or other metallic shades
  • If the bathroom zone in the north is extended, opt for a neutral shade like cream or lighter tones of green and brown


  • If the bathroom in the south is balanced, choose shades like red, lilac, pink, violet, and orange.
  • If the bathroom zone in the south is low, opt for lighter tones of brown and green
  • If the bathroom zone in the south is extended, choose neutral tones like pale yellow or beige.


  • If your bathroom zone in the east is balanced, go for lighter tones like brown or green
  • If the bathroom zone in the east is low, use lighter shades of blue
  • If the bathroom zone in the east is extended, choose shades like pink, red, orange, lilac, purple, and more.


  • If the bathroom zone in the west is balanced, go for metallic shades or tones of silver and white
  • If the bathroom zone in the west is low, choose lighter tones of yellow and beige
  • If the bathroom zone in the east is extended, choose lighter tones of blue.

Overall, the consensus is such that you should try to steer away from the use of dark colours as it tends to disrupt the calmness you get to experience.

Apart from this, dark colour also tends to make a space look smaller and thereby for washrooms, darker tones are not advisable at all.

The Lights In The Washroom

  • You should keep the washroom illuminated most of the time. While we are not asking you to keep the lights very flashy, don’t let the space be dark as this will foster negativity even more.
  • Ideally, you should have windows fixed in the bathroom, but if it isn’t there, have overhead lighting to facilitate a clear view.
  • Always have light around the mirror but be sure that no glares fall on the mirror because of it.
  • The energy vibrations can be increased by installing a night light or a wall scone. This is known to enhance the overall tone of the washroom.
  • Avoid flashy red and strong colours of lights in the washroom.

The Planters In The Bathroom

Source: ihotsky / Pixabay

A lot of people love to keep planters in their bathrooms. Not only do they add to the aesthetic value, but at the same time, they have a lot of significance in the world of bathroom Vastu as well.

You can always choose to add a touch of green to the décor of your bathroom. This is because plants and greenery tend to have a refreshing and rejuvenating vibe which is exactly what you need to do while bathing.

The best option for plants is the money plant followed by the spider plant as both of these aim at absorbing negative energy. Some other options include

  • Snake plant
  • Aloe vera plant
  • ZZ plant and so on.

Ideally, don’t let your plant die in the washroom so you have to pick the type of plants that can thrive even in high humidity and can grow even with minimal exposure to sunlight. Despite that, make sure the light from the window sometimes falls on the plant because you don’t want it to die and jinx your good luck.

Décor And More

If you are looking to add a décor touch to your bathroom, here are the best bathroom Vastu tips you have to bear in mind.

  • Never have any portraits or pictures of family members in the bathroom
  • Don’t have pictures of gods and spiritual gurus
  • Don’t keep pictures of Fengshui elements like turtles or elephants in the bathroom
  • If you want to hang pictures, have those of trees or meadows. Mostly, pictures are best avoided in bathrooms.
  • Try to steer away from colours like red and orange.
  • The best decor element in the washroom is the sea shells. The washroom has the water element and sea shells seem to complement it well
  • Green is the colour of choice as far as décor in the bathroom is concerned.
  • Don’t have too many candles as the fire element tends to counteract the water element of the washroom

Of course, there’s a lot of room for a different kind of décor. You can always choose an interior designer who is Vastu compliant and they will be more than happy to help.

Never disregard the importance of your bathroom. This is the place where you head to unwind and rejuvenate your body and mind. So, you should maintain the bathroom and give it a clean and sophisticated look.

Attached Washroom – Bathroom Vastu

As per the norms of Vastu, attached washrooms shouldn’t be feasible because Vastu doesn’t believe in washrooms sharing a wall with the main bedroom.

But, owing to the need and the modern lifestyle, most homes have an attached washroom for increased convenience and comfort. So, you need to know the bathroom Vastu for such attached washrooms to minimize the Vastu dosha.

  • Ideally, it is the northwest direction that is most suited for having an attached washroom.
  • Also, always have a window inside the washroom on the east, west, or north wall to counteract the effect.
  • It is critically important to ensure that the toilet and the overall bathroom should be at a slightly higher level to prevent the same energy vibration.
  • In your bedroom, the bed should not be placed on the shared wall with the washroom.
  • The flooring present in the toilet should always slope towards the north or the east direction. This will also make it easier for the water to flush in the right direction
  • The door of an attached washroom should never be in the southwest direction. Keep it on the eastern wall
  • Never have leaky taps or faucets in the attached bathroom as this could lead to loss of finance and bad health as well

These are some of the key details that you must bear in mind with regards to bathroom Vastu when you have an attached washroom.

Impact Of Wrong Placement Of Things As Per Vastu

The north side

If things are placed wrongly on the north side, it can lead to disruption in the business growth and also impair the overall wealth. It can also hinder new promising opportunities as well

The north east

The thing placed wrongly in the bathroom on the northeast side can have a direct impact on the health of the family members

The north-west

The family will suffer from a lack of internal and external support. Selling property can get downright difficult.

The south

Wrong placement in the south side will lead to loss of reputation and even legal strife

The south-east

Wrong placement on the southeastern side will trigger financial issues. It can interfere with pending marriage and children too. It can lead to fertility issues as well.

The south-west

Southwest corner governs the career and relationship aspect and these will be impacted.

The east

Incorrect placement on the east side is likely to trigger health problems especially digestive and liver. The family members may also get cut off from society and stay aloof.

The west

If there is wrong placement on the west side, the aspirations and dreams may not be fulfilled and it will also lead to property strife in the family.

This is why every element should be set as per the desired directives and there shouldn’t be any flaws to avoid such losses.

Removal Of Negative Energy

You must be wondering about the right ways to get rid of negative energy from your washroom. We will share the best bathroom Vastu tips for you that you can implement and get rid of the wrong vibration and thereby improve your life.

  • Always keep the bathroom clean. Such places are very easy to get dirty and it can quickly amplify the negative vibes.
  • Always remove any broken items from the bathroom immediately. Don’t keep empty toilet roll holders or broken soap dispensers
  • Always keep fresh and clean towels
  • Glass and salt are both believed to be Rahu factors. You can keep a glass bowl filled with Vastu salt. This is likely to eliminate several Vastu defects on its own.
  • Always have the best aromatic fragrances in the washroom to keep the ambience pleasant
  • Get rid of extra toiletries and brushes, if they are not used. Don’t let your bathroom become the hoarding unit
  • Don’t have too loud bathroom fittings. Always avoid the use of gold colour in bathrooms.
  • A mirror on the outer side of the bathroom door is a great way to counteract Vastu defects. However, be extra cautious that it shouldn’t reflect the bedroom or even the entrance door.
  • Try and have glass panelling to divide the bathing area and the pot. If it is not feasible, keep the lid cover down at all times.

So, use these tips and you are likely to see a lot of improvements. Bathroom Vastu holds immense power to regulate your life in the right manner.


What should be the location of the bathroom as per Vastu?

The bathroom should always be in the northwest part of your home

Can the bathroom be located in the middle of the house?

This is ideally the worst position for the bathroom and should be avoided at all costs.

Can I hang pictures in my bathroom?

Never hang pictures of family members or even god and spiritual deities in the washroom.

Are attached washrooms preferred?

Ideally, Vastu doesn’t believe in the concept of attached washrooms, however, it has become a necessity and, in such cases, you should opt for Vastu dosha balancing remedies.

Can I paint the washroom all black?

Most of the time, washrooms should be done in lighter tones and dark colours are not preferred. However, check your specific scenario to confirm.

What is the preferred overall tone in the bathroom?

Green or earthly tones is the Vastu preferred choice.

Can an unclean bathroom trigger Vastu defect?

Yes, Vastu strongly emphasises the need to keep these spaces clean as negative energy can quickly increase manifold here.

So, now that you are well versed with the details of bathroom Vastu, we believe that you will be able to deal with the negative vibration. Even if your current bathroom isn’t Vastu compliant, choose the different remedy tips and be sure to fix the dosh. The change will surely be there for you to see and witness.

Let us know if you followed any other bathroom Vastu tip that worked for you.