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Whenever you are designing a home, there are a lot of different aspects you need to take into account. Here, we are going to focus on the bathroom Vastu tips for the toilet as this will guide you in the right way regarding the best construction ideas to bring good results.

We all aspire to enjoy good health and wealth and when you follow the key Vastu tips and concepts, it is likely to trigger good growth. It will usher good fortune and bless you with the right job opportunities that, in turn, will bring in wealth as well. Whenever you are redesigning a space, you will be able to think of a lot of improvisations that you can make. There are a lot of different areas of your room that you need to work on and the bathroom and toilet remain the core areas.

Often it is seen that bathrooms and toilets are the places that are usually neglected. However, this is an extremely wrong thing to do because these are the areas that tend to clutter the highest amount of negative energy. Vastu believes that washrooms tend to gather the highest amount of negative energy and therefore you need to design them in the right manner.

Here, we are going to shed light on the multiple aspects that you have to follow as far as bathroom Vastu is concerned. You will need to clearly understand the Vastu guidelines as these will guide you in making the right construction accordingly. Make sure that you pay heed to all the tips duly as they will help you design your home in the best way.

It is believed that a bathroom space, when designed to be not Vastu compliant, will lead to financial issues as it can drain away your wealth. So, let us see some of the top things you need to bear in mind.

Why Do You Need To Follow Bathroom Vastu?

A lot of people wonder about the need to stick to the right Vastu tips. There are endless Vastu tips that are present, but is it really important to ensure that even the bathrooms are designed accordingly?

Let us share the facts with you.

Vastu is the science of cosmic architecture and allows you to have a positive energy circulation inside your home. This is why you need to analyse the best ways by which you can design bathroom Vastu because it will allow you to have a funnel of positivity in your home. The washrooms are otherwise big storehouses of negativity and harbour negative energy. When you choose to design your bathroom keeping the Vastu norms in mind, it will allow you to create a positive flow to them.

When your washroom is Vastu compliant, you will also be able to sell your home in the market in a much easier way. Whenever you are looking to sell homes, most buyers are willing to buy the ones that are Vastu compliant. So, if your washrooms are not Vastu compliant, it will end up being a major setback in the real estate industry.

Sometimes, it has been seen that Vastu flaws are known to have a direct impact on the health and wealth of the people living there. You have to be sure that you follow the norms or else you may end up facing the wrath of it.

These are some of the reasons that cement the need to stick to the bathroom Vastu ideals. This will allow you to be sure that your home will have the right energy balance.

The Top Direction Aspects

  • The best-suited direction for the bathroom and toilet area is either the north or the northwest side. This is the ideal direction that is likely to bring you the best positive results.
  • At the same time, you should ensure that the bathroom should not made at the same level as the ground. This will lead to obstruction in the flow of energy. Use a little elevation; no matter how slight that may be.
  • Also, if it is possible, try to be sure that the bathroom area is designed to be slightly secluded from all the other aspects of the house.
  • Under no circumstance should you build the washroom in the southeast, southwest or even the southern end of the house as this will lead to health adversity for people and is, therefore, best avoided.
  • The toilet seat needs to be so placed that the person who is using it needs to face either the north or the south direction. This will trigger good health for the members.
  • It is also advised to always have a window in the design of the washroom. Having a window ensures proper channelling of energy and the right flow.
  • If you have a bathtub or even a jacuzzi in your washroom, make sure that it is either square or round in shape. These are the preferred shapes. Also, try to steer clear of having sharp edges or deep angles. This is not advisable at all.
  • The recommended direction for the bathtub is north, west, east or northeast.
  • If you are using bathtub pillows, you have to make sure that they should be placed on the southern side of the tub.
  • If you are using fragrant candles, you should place them in the northeast zone in the washroom. This is a great means to ensure you have a positive flow of energy in your washroom.
  • If you have chosen to include the exhaust in the bathroom, make it a point to align it in the southwest or northwest direction.

The Mirrors

You have to understand that mirrors have a strong role to play as far as Vastu is concerned. Mirrors are known to be reflectors of energy and therefore when you are using the bathroom Vastu tips, you need to pay special emphasis on the mirrors.

bathroom mirrors
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The best position for mirrors as per Vastu is the northern or the eastern wall. These directions are known to be great as they help in reflecting the positive energy from the eastern side all over the place. Always take into account that under no circumstance should the mirror reflect the toilet seat as this will create a huge funnel of negativity.

The shape of the mirrors should be either square or rectangular and they should be placed at an elevation of at least four to five feet from the floor.

The Utilities

Let us see some of the top Vastu tips for utilities as this too will guide you in the right manner for creating the right energy flow.

  • The furniture in the washroom should be preferably wooden and make sure that you clean it at periodic intervals. Try to take extra care to ensure they don’t get soaked often as wood tends to swell up when it comes in contact with moisture.
  • The shower panel in the washroom should be present either on the east or the north side. The northeast is another option wherein the shower panel can be accommodated
  • All electrical fittings that are present in the washroom such as the water heater, geysers, and hair dryers should be placed on the south-eastern side. Any other side can impact the Vastu rules and end up being categorized as Vastu dosha.
  • Any washbasin present inside the washroom should be preferably in the north, the east or the northeast corner of the home.
  • Avoid all kinds of statues of gods and goddesses inside the washroom

So, keep these points in mind for the utilities as this will guide you in a befitting way regarding how to handle the different aspects of bathroom Vastu.

Let us now shift focus to other elements of the washroom.

The Bathroom Flooring

batroom vastu flooring
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The floor is another important point you have to keep an eye on. Make sure that the bathroom floor is not at the same height as the rest of the bedrooms. The bathroom floor needs to be at least a foot above the ground.

We will recommend you use tiles as they are the better choice as compared to marble. Make sure to refrain from very dark colours like black or jet red as these tend to absorb negativity and make your bathroom a strong funnel of negativity.

White and other pastel shades are the recommended colour palettes as per Vastu norms.

The Water Flow Direction

All the different water outlets and the drainage system that is present in the washroom should always be located in the northeast or the north direction. The slope of the bathroom needs to be in the same direction as well. This means that water flow in your washroom needs to be either from the south to the north or from the west to the east.

water flow
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It is always advised to stick to these basic norms. The wrong flow of water is known to lead to a massive financial drain. It can bring in bad repercussions that can be hard to deal with.

Further, if you have a bathroom overhead water tank, the best place to put it will always be the southwest corner. If it is not always possible to place it so, you can choose to have the tank in the south or the west of the southwest and some cases even the west as well.

The northeast and the southeast corner are an absolute no-no for the overhead tank. It is believed that with the right placement of such tanks, you will be able to create a good financial inflow in your house. This is why most people make sure to stick to the bathroom Vastu tips as it is known to have a direct impact on the net wealth gain.

The Key Vastu Rules

Now let us take a look at some of the top Vastu rules that you need to follow. These are some of the basic rules that are likely to help you maintain the right energy vibration.

The Water Closet And The Commode

When you are working in the bathroom, every single element is going to assume a great deal of importance. You need to wonder about the right direction of the commode and even the water closet as well.

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First of all, make sure that it should not be either above or under a puja room. This creates a wrong vibe in your place. You should also avoid any sort of fire element or even a bedroom above or underneath the washroom. Most complexes tend to be so designed that all washrooms are placed one under the other in different flats.

The right direction for the commode is the south of the western side of the northwest side. Also, make sure that there is nothing but above the commode. At the same time, if the provision doesn’t allow for anywhere else, you can have the water tank above the commode or else the area needs to be kept free completely.

North And The Toilet Conflict

You have to make sure that the toilet should never be made in the north area of the house. The north direction is the ruling area of Lord Kubera. So, a toilet in the north will impact health and wealth. This can have some serious and dangerous repercussions.

Even when it comes to the northeast, you should not place the toilet there either. The northeast is a zone that mainly commands for worship and you will find puja rooms located in this direction. So, if you choose to have your bathroom in this corner, it will create an awkward balance. You have to learn how to strike a harmonious and rich chord. For this to happen, you should avoid the northeast area for the toilet too.

Attached Washroom

Ideally, the base principal of Vastu believes that attached washrooms should not be made. As we have told, washrooms are filled with negative energy. When they share the wall with the bedroom, the chances of negativity seeping into the bedroom are very high.

However, owing to the current lifestyle and the needs, the concept of an attached washroom has become more of a necessity. So, even if you do have an attached washroom, you should make sure that the attached toilet is not located on the southeast or the southwest side. These are the bad direction choices that can lead to Vastu dosha that could hamper.

It is also advised to keep the doors of the washroom closed at all times. Doing so will lock the negative energy inside and prevent it from spreading into your room.

Vastu Remedies

Now that we have spoken of the different Vastu directions, we also want to talk about Vastu remedies. Sometimes, despite the best of measures, you may not be able to bring in some changes. There may be some architectural flaws as per Vastu and these are categorized as Vastu Dosha.

It is not always feasible to outright break down a structure and reconstruct it. The simpler method is to choose Vastu dosha remedies. There are a lot of different Vastu remedies that are available to rectify bathroom Vastu defects that may be present.

Here, we are going to now shift our focus to the top Vastu remedies that you can use.

Vastu Pyramids

The Vastu pyramid is a very strong element that finds a great deal of use. You can use the Vastu pyramid and understand the right direction in it can be placed to negate the dosha. Say if your toilet is aligned in the southwest, you can keep the pyramid on the other side. This will fix the dosha.

If you have a washroom in the northeast part of the house, you can choose to place the Vastu pyramid. You can also choose any other strong Vastu yantra on the other side of the northeast wall. This will fix the dosha and cut down the effect of the negative energy.

  • Always try to keep a bowl of sea salt in your washroom. Make sure to change the salt every week. This is because salt is known to be a very good absorber of negative energy. It will soak the wrong vibrations and thereby cleanse the air.
  • You can also choose to burn scented candles and use the best essential oils. This will help you maintain a good sense of smell in the washroom. This is also known to be a great means to cleanse the aura and energy.
  • You can choose to keep white coloured flowers in a metal vase. This vase should face north. This will help in rectifying direction-related dosha.
  • You can choose to keep three wooden pyramid partitions on the outside of the door of the washroom. This is a great Vastu Dosha remedy.
  • A lot of people choose to place either three or nine lead helices on the other bathroom wall. This too helps in eliminating the wrong power arising because of Vastu Dosha.
  • You can also work on the colour scheme of the washroom. It is believed that lighter tones like earthen brown and even pastel green can help eliminate some Vastu dosha.
  • Always ensure that you choose the colour palette as per what is advised in Vastu.
  • You can choose to have a mirror on the other side of your washroom door. This is a great remedy but make sure that it reflects the entrance door or the bedroom.

So, there are some different fixes that you can use. A lot of these remedies offer quick and easy fixes when a major structural overhaul is not feasible. You have to be sure that you are doing whatever is possible to fix the Vastu Dosha.


What is the best colour for bathroom Vastu?

Lighter tones like beige and cream are always advised as per Vastu. They tend to block the negativity away.

What is the best direction for the washroom?

If you have an attached washroom, the northwest direction is the right choice. It is believed that it helps in eliminating negativity from your house

Can Vastu doshas be fixed without a major structural overhaul?

Yes, you can fix Vastu dosha by making use of Vastu yantras and the different Vastu remedies. These help in ensuring that you keep negative vibrations at bay.

Can you keep pictures and portraits in the washroom?

It is not advised to have pictures inside a washroom. Pictures of gods and goddesses are especially forbidden.

Is sea salt a good Vastu element?

Sea salt is a great absorber of negativity and glass is a powerful element too. This is why you can choose to keep a glass bowl filled with sea salt in your washroom. However, make sure that you change it every week to get the right results. Some people keep the sea salt in a bronze bowl as well. Either of the things works as long as they are constantly absorbing the negative energy in the washroom.