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It is often seen that people get their entire house designed with utmost love, care and affection but even then the bathroom stand neglected most of the time. While getting the bathroom designed you must pay heed to bathroom ventilation ideas and think of a concept that would be apt for your space. 

It is very important to have a nice ventilation idea in your bathroom as this ensures hygiene and cleanliness and also keeps the space fresh. We have come up with several bathroom ventilation ideas that are sure to keep your washroom pleasant smelling. Take a look and see which one is apt for your bathroom.

1. Exhaust Fan

exhaust fan
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What’s easier and more convenient than having an exhaust fan installed in your bathroom? The most common Indian solution for bathroom ventilation ideas, an exhaust fan can easily suck out all the bad odour from your bathroom and keep it fresh for hours.

2. Glass Windows

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Having panel windows made out of glass and at a height in your washroom will not only provide proper ventilation but also fill your bathroom with the required light. You can also have fresh air when required.

3. Open Top

Want to enjoy a natural feel while using the bathroom in your house? Go for open-top bathrooms and you will love the beautiful experience. This is feasible when you have a little private bungalow and the space allows you to get one open top toilet designed. You need not worry about the ventilation here as the process will be all natural.

4. Air Vents

air vent
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Extremely small bathrooms can turn claustrophobic and sometimes it is not possible to have a tiny window, small fan or anything else for ventilation. In this case, one must opt for tiny air vents. These vents work fairly well and prevent your washrooms from becoming very stuffy. 

5. Ventilation Ducts

bathroom ventilation ideas ducts
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Most commonly found in larger spaces, ventilation ducts can be installed in smaller bathrooms as well but you will need an expert opinion before taking the decision. You can also use it for other purposes like air conditioning during the summer and also for heating during the winter.

6. Air Freshening Ventilators

This is not a typical ventilation idea but helps in keeping the bathroom fresh by removing the bad odour. The scent released by the freshened will make your bathroom smell great and feel awesome. 

7. Ceiling Fans

Having a ceiling fan in a bathroom is one of the most Indian things to do. It keeps you cool in humid weather conditions and also helps in ventilation. 

8. Airy windows

airy window
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If your bathroom design and set-up allow you to have big sized airy windows, nothing is better than this. A big window ensures plenty of sunlight and fresh air and your bathroom will always feel great and pleasant.

9. Fan Vents

When your bathroom space is really small and cosy and you cannot possibly use any other bathroom ventilation ideas, getting small fan vents installed is a smart move. Although these vents are not an excellent ventilation technique for really small bathrooms these work fine.

10. Door Ventilation

bathroom ventilation ideas door ducts
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You must have noticed narrow ridges in the doors of several public washrooms. Well, this concept is very useful and can be easily used at home too. Here the openings in the door allow air from the room to pass through the bathroom thus keeping it fresh.

11. Air Conditioner 

For a super luxurious ambience, an air conditioned bathroom is a great idea. You can either have centralised air conditioning in your house which includes your bathroom or gets one installed in your bathroom separately. It adds to your comfort and you will not mind spending hours in your bathroom. 

12. The Outdoor Magic

This is next level planning but if executed nicely it is one of the best feelings ever. Having an outdoor bathroom is a great idea and you will love it when you are out vacationing and in a merry mood. Perfect for holiday homes, outdoor bathrooms are always self ventilated.

13. Tiny Window

tiny window
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Like it’s often said ‘something is better than nothing; a tiny window in the washroom proves that the saying has value. Although a tiny window will not work as quickly and as great as other bathroom ventilation ideas it will provide some relief by pushing bad odour out and bringing in some fresh air. 

Useful Tips for Bathroom Ventilation 

Although you now know about several different bathroom ventilation ideas there are other factors too that should be considered while planning the perfect ventilation technique. Here are a few tips that will help you a lot:

  • Think and choose the bathroom fan smartly as well as wisely. 
  • Whatever ventilation idea you opt for make sure that you choose the right spot in the bathroom for the installation of the window, fan, vent or anything else. 
  • When you are done showering or using the washroom for any other purpose, make sure to leave the shower cubicle door wide open. 
  • Also, leaving the bathroom door open for some time post use is an amazing idea to keep excess moisture and humidity in check. 
  • Take suggestions from an expert regarding what would be best for your bathroom. 
  • Clean up or wipe off any puddles from the bathroom floor. Wet floors are any sort of water collection in the bathroom is a complete no-no. 
  • The fan in your bathroom should be left turned in for a longer period even after you are done using the bathroom. 
  • Make sure that fans and vents are free of any dust. Regular cleaning is recommended. 
  • You can use dehumidifiers or dehumidifying crystals to control the excess humidity in the bathroom. 
  • Keeping the windows open at all times is a great idea for freshness to prevail in the bathroom. It also lets sunlight in and brightens up the ambience. 
  • Do not leave any mould untreated or ignored. As soon as you see the onset of mould in the bathroom, treat it at the earliest. 

Just like these ventilation ideas and tips are seeming good, you will also notice that your bathroom would become a better place once you opt for the perfect ventilation concept for your home. Make sure to consult an expert if you have doubts regarding the same. 

A pleasant bathroom not only feels good but is also impressive when you have guests coming over. If you think about it from another angle, a well ventilated bathroom is also more hygienic and cleaner. Go for the best concept and see how wonderfully it changes the ambience of your washroom in no time.


Is it a good idea to have an outdoor or an open top bathroom?

Yes, an outdoor bathroom is a unique concept and it gives an amazing experience to the user. People need not worry about ventilation when they have outdoor bathrooms. Similarly, open top bathrooms are a great idea too.

Is bathroom ventilation important?

Yes, proper ventilation in the bathroom is very important and should be given due importance because it prevents bad odour and the growth of moulds, and bacteria. It also helps in keeping the bathroom fresh and pleasant.

Which is the most common bathroom ventilation idea in India?

An exhaust fan is the most common bathroom ventilation concept found in India. The power of ventilation depends upon the size and speed of the fan installed. It is one of the cheapest ventilation ideas one can opt for.