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If you are the one who is on the lookout for a luxurious bathing experience at home, getting a bathtub installed is something you must immediately do. A bathtub is a bathroom fixture that elevates your bathing experience and adds a touch of luxury to your daily life. 

Be it mornings or a relaxed evening, immersed bathing makes you feel relaxed. It also helps you in unwinding and gives your body and mind a different kind of calm ambience. Talking about bathtubs, there are several bathtub design ideas on the market and each one of them has a purpose. Also, there are several factors that you have to keep in mind before going for a particular bathtub design. 

Before choosing one for your house, make sure you have complete knowledge of bathtubs and their designs. Take a look:

Bathtub Design Ideas: Different Types

When you plan to add a bathtub to your bathroom, you should first try to understand which one would suit your space and fulfil your requirements. There are several bathtub design ideas and you need to understand which one is perfect for you and your family. Here are the different types:

Freestanding Bathtubs

freestanding tubs
Source: Elina Volkova / pexels

The most common bathtub design, free-standing tubs can be easily found anywhere. These tubs have nothing very fancy looking but they require space and you need a large bathroom size to get this one. Here the tub sits on a base that is capable of holding the entire tub weight. This one can be easily installed anywhere but you can keep the large space factor in mind. Available in varied shapes, free-standing tubs are one of the best choices for bathtub lovers.

Alcove Bathtubs

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Perfect for people who have a small bathroom but fancy having a bathtub, alcove bathtubs are very convenient. Requiring a three-side enclosed space, this tub fits perfectly in the created space and allows you to get a shower head installed for dual-purpose use. Whenever you need to have the best use of your bathroom that’s small in size, alcove tubs are your go-to option. 

Drop-In Bathtubs

bathtub design ideas
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When you have a deck for installing a tub, a drop-in tub is the thing you need. It can be easily mounted inside the deck and it comes with a tiled rim. The rim helps the user as one can easily place soaps and other stuff when required. This bathtub design is meant for people who look for a luxurious spa-like feel in their home. The rim is spacious enough for candles and similar items that add to the feel.

Therapy Tubs

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The best bathtub design ideas for a relaxing session, therapy tubs is a broader term that merely explains the core purpose of these tub designs. Whirlpool tubs, jacuzzis and air tubs are the ones that fall into this category. With jets of water and air, these bathtubs help in muscle relaxation.

Walk-In Bathtubs

The most convenient bathtub design for people having even slight disabilities, walk-in tubs are also a great option for aged people. It features a swing door that opens for the user to climb in easily. This bathtub style also features rails that come in handy while getting up and outside the bathtub. 

Corner Bathtubs

bathtub design ideas corner
Source: Skylar Kang / pexels

When you have a small corner in your bathroom and the overall size of the area is small you should opt for corner bathtubs. This style needs just 2 surfaces to get installed in your shower area. You can customise the corner bathtubs with all kinds of additional attachments that you require. It comes with a pre-installed shower and is a very convenient design to use.

These are the most well-known bathtub design ideas and it is time for you to revamp your shower area and get one for your bathroom.

Factors To Consider Before Choosing A Bathtub

Before getting a bathtub for your shower space, you need to look for a few factors and depending upon these factors, you can make the best possible choice.


The purpose for which you need a bathtub is the prime factor to consider before buying one. If it is just for kids to have fun or for occasional showers by adults, a simple bathtub would do. When you are looking for a luxurious spa-like experience, you should think about investing more.

Floor Space

Bathtub designs all take up different floor areas. A few bathtub types can be installed in a smaller space while others require a bigger area. You should understand your bathroom area before going for any particular design.

Floor Type

Many bathtub types are too heavy and they cannot be held by all floor types. You should understand what kind of floor type is suitable for the bathtub you are selecting and then take a decision.

Water Capacity

Many bathtubs require a large volume of water to provide you with the best bathing experience. You should know your geyser’s water capacity before going for a bathtub type. If your geyser cannot fulfil the volume of water that a bathtub demands, you should plan accordingly.

Bathtub Or Shower Cubicle: Which One To Prefer?

The two most widely seen concepts in bathrooms these days are bathtubs and shower cubicles. You should always weigh the factors to consider before planning to get either of the 2 for your washroom. Both the concepts have their pros and cons and it depends upon your requirement and uses which one you should opt for.

Shower Cubicle: Advantages & Disadvantages

A shower cubicle is a comparatively cheaper and easy-to-use concept for shower areas. It can be installed in the tiniest of bathrooms as you can get one for your space even if you need it for a 30 inches * 30 inches area. The ease of use is better when it comes to cubicles and even elderlies find it convenient for daily use. You tend to consume lesser water in a cubicle and it is thus eco-friendly when compared to bathtubs.

The doors of shower cubicles tend to have accumulated mineral deposits that are not only tough to clean but require daily maintenance. It is quite difficult to thoroughly clean the cubicle glass every day. If you have sliding doors, they require heavy maintenance and special care. When you have kids in the house, they always prefer bathtubs over cubicles.

Bathtubs: Advantages & Disadvantages

Available in a variety of designs and concepts, bathtubs are meant to revamp your shower area and experience. You can also have a two-in-one experience with a bathtub by installing a shower head above the bathtub. This gives you both the options and better convenience. Certain bathtub design ideas allow you to have additional fixtures and features thus making your bath time extra luxurious. 

Although it has these many advantages, one cannot deny the fact that bathtubs eat up a lot of space in the bathrooms. A large volume of water is used or rather wasted when you shower in a bathtub. It is also not a very convenient option for elderlies and people with disabilities. 

With so much info about bathtubs, you can easily decide which one to add to your shower routine. These tubs can easily make your shower experience extra special and luxurious but always make sure to go for the right one that suits your requirement.