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Gone are those days when we used humdrum and dull wallpapers on our walls. The era is when we need to be more creative with our home interiors and photo wall ideas. There are many reasons to embellish your wall; aside from just painting it, you can use beautiful simple wall paintings to decorate your home.

Aren’t you tired of waking up every morning to see bland, dull colours in your home? Are you willing to change it? Then you can bring some vibrant-looking and beautifully simple wall paintings to your home. You can read Colour Combination For Hall and Hall WashBasin Tiles Design for perfect home design.

beautiful simple wall paintings
Source: Image by Brigitte Werner from Pixabay

There’s no need to go for the expensive stuff in the market. You can do wall paint on a budget. Here are some significant collections of simple wall paintings that can transform your wall from nothing to something. Check them out;

Solid Color Block Make Your Wall Distinct

Solid Color Block
Source: Image by John R Perry from Pixabay

Applying a distinct shade on one part of the wall is a good wall painting design you should consider. For example, the painting of a bold block of shades in the wall centre makes it stand out. The design is like showcasing a cheeky chunk of one colour in the centre of a shaded wall. Then, utilise the tape to make a four-sided figure with the stripes, and then paint the interior of the video to make a bold block of shades.

Soaked Mountain Attractive Shades

Soaked Mountain Attractive Shades
Source: Image by BUMIPUTRA from Pixabay

The design is playful and impressive. It looks like a doused mountain. It’s indeed lustrous and slight. Apply pastel acrylic colours and attenuate paint with water to get the accurate drenched volume. Load big needles and modify your wall into a mountain series. 

Ombre – Beautiful Simple Wall Paintings 

Source: Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

This is a great finishing idea that’s also trending now. The design achieved fame because of its sunrays, animal fur, and water appearance. Ombre can be classified under the category of wall paints suitable for all kinds of walls, from draping to finishing and all sorts of creative work of genius. 

Ensure you define the colour quantity after cleaning, primer, and wall preparation. The leading vendor website will provide you with the other tips you need to know on ombre Wall Paint design.

Decorative Pastel Wall Paint Design

Decorative Pastel Wall Paint Design
Source: Image by Lucie Líbalová from Pixabay

This design can bring excellent, vivid, and fascinating paint design Ideas to your entire home. The layout theme for this design is limitless. You’ll just need to apply creativity. The multi-colour mixture of imperfections, forms, and samples can create an exciting wall.

WaterColor Wall Paint Design

WaterColour wall paint design
Source: Image by fajarbudi86 from Pixabay

Watercolour is a vivid and energetic design that reflects the creativity and showcases the art and feel of the owner and family members. It can transform the look of a wall into a classic creation. It’s stylish and creative, which leaves a restful delicate impression. 

This design is pretty versatile as it can take a grunge look and bright and colour pop effect regarding your choice of paint. Ensure that the rest of your room and decor is balanced with this effect.

Rainbow Splash Wall Paint Design

Rainbow splash
Source: Photo by Robert Katzki on Unsplash

Rainbow Splash is another amusing wall paint design that helps to amplify wall beauty into something exciting and stimulating. You can select any colour you like or rainbow splatter and pick different shades of a single colour. This design requires a creative expert.

Polka Dot Wall Paint Design

Polka dot wall paint design
Source: Image by CALNI Saule from Pixabay

If you want something creative, you can go for polka dots. This design builds a positive and lighthearted aura in the room. Select a tiny dost in one colour or bold with big polka marks in a blend of colours.

Gingham – Beautiful Simple Wall Paintings

Source: Image by Oberholster Venita from Pixabay

This is one of the most sought-after simple wall paint designs you can use for your room. Gingham is not only for fashion but also adds a simple and elegant touch to the wall. This design needs subtle Colour schemes to appear simple and elegant, blending into the room.

Some of the best shades for gingham are; gentle doe(2807) and sweet memories (4499), glacier blue (2387) and bond white (2659), meringue (2011) and precious memories (4499), hazy shades (2968) and worn white (2953).

Colour Blocking Wall Paint Design

Color Blocking
Source: Photo by Janita Sumeiko on Unsplash

The colour-blocking idea is for you if you want your room to appear simple yet trendy. For example, you can ditch heavy furniture, decor, or wall art for this distinct and straightforward wall painting design. However, it can be done perfectly with subtle pastel shades if you want it simple.

Another simple style of colour blocking you can implement is by pairing your choice of bright colour with the bare white colour of your wall, dividing it into two sections. Colour blocking can be done. Diff, differentlyding separates, distressed, rectangular, and geometrical stripes.

Stencils And Paints Wall Design

Stencils and Paint wall design
Source: Image by fsHH from Pixabay

This is a simple, personalised, and aesthetic design, ranging from beautiful flowers to butterflies to abstract wall art. Stencils can transform a bare wall into a modern painting. It gives your room the most superficial look with better results and design.

Stencils and paint design will be best if you want to accentuate the design of your room. They act like small accents and decor on your wall by adding a slight tinge of design and sophistication. For example, many Indian households have ornate golden wall paint designs using stencils in their living rooms and bedrooms.

Unfinished Paint Wall Design

Unfinished wall paint design
Source: Photo by Theme Photos on Unsplash

This is a funky, unique, and edge painting design, one of the latest trends in most Indian homes. Unfinished wall paint design is when half of your wall is painted with a rugged, distressed finish leaving the other half untouched. 

This is quite simple and easy to execute, right? How you want your unpainted wall to appear depends on the paint you choose. Your wall design can go from raw and rustic to bright and vivid. 

Grunge In Shades Wall Paint Design

Grunge In Shades Wall Paint Design
Source: Image by Georgiana Romanovna from Pixabay

This contemporary, rustic, and muted wall design draws inspiration from the grunge era of music and art, signifying dusty, rugged, raw looks. Grunge colour that suits modern homes includes dull colours, grey, and Pastels like blue.

Grunge is a simple wall paint idea to create something unique from a bare wall. Its texture is also excellent for hiding notches and flaws on your wall since the abstract design concealed it all.

Chevron Or Herringbone Pattern Wall Paint Design

Chevron and herringbone pattern
Source: Image by Lindsay_Jayne from Pixabay

Chevron and herringbone are designs commonly used for wall painting. Chevron patterns usually look like v shapes and are inverted, placed closely together to give an abstract yet organised look, while the bone of herring fish inspires herringbone patterns. They resemble Chevron but are rearranged rectangles. Both designs are minimal, classy, sophisticated textures and wall painting ideas for halls and bedrooms. 

Wall Murals – One of the Beautiful-Simple Wall Paintings

Wall Murals
Source: Image by Paul Brennan from Pixabay

Wall Murals remain one of the most common and popular wall painting ideas to express art in your living room. The design has continued to dominate In this landscape. However, homeowners now opt for painted murals to give a wall canvas-like finish instead of having paintings hung. Murals can be modernised in the following ways;

  • Free hands murals painted by yourself on a bare wall.
  • People are also doing chalkboard design, i.e., giving a chalk design to your wall.
  • The sponge effect is also not a bad idea.

Texture And Color Combination

Texture And Color Combination
Source: Image by Alfons Schüler from Pixabay

Textured walls are also a trend in the wall painting idea field. Textured walls paired with the perfect colour scheme add to the beauty of your living room.  With texture and colour combination design, homeowners can move beyond just a single wall and see the space as a cohesive masterwork.

Imagine one texture finished in matte as the focal wall, while the other walls are in the shades of the texture, distinguishing the character of your room. This design is perfect for halls, spacious living room dining areas, and living rooms with hallways.

Accidental Row Wall Paint Design

Accidental Row
Source: Photo by George Pagan III on Unsplash

Get rid of empty outdated walls quickly with some originality. The accidental Row design may include an exciting two-shade paint wall accent with a distinct and modern touch. The simple lines and shades blocking perspective efficiently achieve excitement and personality in the room.

Honeycomb Wall Paint Design

Honeycomb Wall Design
Source: Image by Anna Elise Altenrath from Pixabay

Upgrade your bare wall with different colours of honeycomb. The casually designed art piece makes an exciting and holistic room. Apply paint shades that harmonise the room’s interior. If you are using it for kids’ rooms, apply light colours and use a more subtle and funky design for dining and living rooms.

Stripes Wall Design

Stripes Wall Design
Source: Image by No-longer-here from Pixabay

Stripe designs are classic and timeless patterns that will never go out of date.  To transform your room into a majestic one and create a feeling of perspective, you can place them vertically and horizontally. With these stripes, you can match your home furniture and other elements.

Canyon Palette For Eccentric Touch Design

Canyon Palette
Source: Image by Manoj Mahadik from Pixabay

Design your living room walls in the searing warm tones of the grand canyon as it adds a gargantuan eccentric touch to your room, giving it a lively and positive vibe. You can also use imagination to apply a plaque in the most attractive way possible.

Brushed Bristle Effect

Brushed Bristle Effect
Source: Photo by Jen Theodore on Unsplash

Do you want to give your living room wall a visual texture even though you want to use a single colour to prevent a crazy design? If that’s the case, there are countless ways you can make inventive little marks in the paint to give it a little more appeal than just a regular solid paint job.

One of our favourite texturing techniques is the idea of using a wicker broom to create fragile brushed lines! It is as simple as brushing the bristle of a broom down the wall from the ceiling to the floor before your paint fully dries. After we’ve listed the type of wall paint design you can use for your home, it’ll be good to share some factors to consider before choosing an interior colour.

5 Tips For Picking A Beautiful Simple Wall Paintings

When decorating with colours, there are a lot of factors that go into interior design colour schemes. There is no limit to paint that you can use when it comes to wall painting design, ranging from secondary colours, accent colours, and warm neutral colours. So before you break out the brushes and roller for your room’s wall, here are a few tips to help you select the perfect colour;

  • Look in your closet: look at what you have for colour inspiration. Do you have a clear favourite colour?  Do you have primarily warm colours or accent colours? If you have a closet of various colours, take a few of the articles of clothing and put them in the room. Try adorning clothes over a chair and see how the colour fits in.
  • How do you want to change the space: the type of wall paint you use is potent to the extent that it can change the space size and shape of the room. For instance, the room will feel narrower and more intimate if you use a richer one on two opposite walls. But if the opposite-facing walls are lighter and you use a dark colour or darker shade at the far end as an accent wall, it will make a smaller room even wider. Observe your home and see what lighter and darker colours on different walls will impact the space.

Other Tips

  • Keep it simple: you shouldn’t go too far with your wall decor by making things worse. Avoid clashing of colours. A single colour throughout gives the entire project a cohesive feel from room to room to make it feel like one unified whole. You can then choose beautiful simple wall paintings accordingly. 
  • Consider the finish: paint doesn’t just come in different colours, it also comes in various finishes, and it’s good to know which finish is the best for your project before you decide on the paint to use.  Finishes are classified under five categories i.e., eggshell, semi-gloss, satin, and high gloss. Each finish will affect how the colour looks in the specific colour you are considering.
  • Experiment: before you purchase any specific colour, it’ll be advisable to try out a shade or two in the space to figure out what you’ll like best.  Hold paint swatches or paint chips up to the wall to see how they react with different lighting in your room, either natural or artificial, at a specific period of the day. Try a few bold and light colours…experiment with everything you can to see what’s best for you.

Choose the beautiful simple wall paintings and designs that best compliment your house’s personality, ensure to hire an expert that can do it better, and see how attractive your home is.