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It’s every man’s dream to possess a tremendous, pleasant, and well-furnished house, Ranging from mansions, duplexes, bungalows, and others. However, the bedroom is arguably the essential room in your home. It’s where you kick off and wind down every night, making it necessary to approach its best bed headboard design with thoughtfulness and care.

Surroundings influence our thoughts… your mood when you wake up in the morning and sleep at night can affect your headboard. According to Collins dictionary, a headboard is an upright board at the end of a bed where you lay your head. It’s a valuable piece of furniture that can influence your bedroom decor.

Have a look at these bed-back designs and ceiling designs for the bedroom.

Bed headboard
Source: Photo by Kenny Eliason on Unsplash

Do you want to be guided by professionals? If yes, various headboard ideas suit your style; just keep scrolling to browse headboard designs and ideas from top interior designers in India to make your space look as insta-worthy as possible.

Things to Consider When Buying A Bed Headboard design?

Picking out a headboard depends on how you use your bed and your sense of fashion. There are no limited options for headboards, either you are a minimalist or maximalist, there are headboards that suit your style. Here are some things  to consider before buying a Headboard;

  • Since you are spending a considerable amount of money, you need to check the durability of the headboard and check all the details correctly.
  • A headboard is what you will find helpful if you love reading and watching movies in bed, so ensure the headboard is either padded or it’s high enough to prop up your pillow.
  • Is it of dual purpose? If it’s, you can also consider it.

Here Is Some List of Bed Headboard Design You Should Consider

1. Natural Headboard

As per the name “natural headboard,” it looks so natural and delicate, yet vital. The ideas include bamboo headboards, rattan headboards, and wicker cane headboards. Although these headboards are challenging to clean and maintain, they give a relaxing vibe that any other type of headrests may not provide. It requires proper maintenance to be kept clean!

2. Wooden Headboard

Wooden headboards are the most common type of modern headboard in the market today. It comes with ample space and storage. The designs are durable, stylish, and affordable, providing a warm and first-class appeal to any bedroom. Unlike the natural headboard, wooden headboards are easy to clean.

3. Upholstered Headboard

Yes! This is the perfect design if you desire a cosy bedroom design; the fabrics mainly used for upholstered headboard design are linen and materials, which makes it a backrest that offers maximum comfort.  The designs are tightly woven, available in various colours, and durable. However, cleaning upholstered headboards is not easy as they quickly accumulate dust.  Is there any way to make the cleaning easier? Yes, ensure you vacuum your headboard (both wet and dry) weekly to avoid dust and stain.

4. Metal Headboard

Here is another modern headboard design! The metal headrest design will be perfect if you want simple yet impressive bedroom decor. Moreso, it’s an affordable and easy-to-maintain headboard available on the market. Metal headboards generally incorporate metal artwork; the headrests are typically attached to a metal bed with a high-quality finish, which gives your bed a super classy and vintage look.

5. Leather Headboard

Although leather headboards are expensive, they also give your bed and bedroom an expensive and elite look. The idea is perfect for a big bedroom with modern interior decor. The headrest is easy to clean but wears off quickly if not properly maintained.

6. Tufted Bed Headboard 

Don’t be surprised that all tufted headboards are upholstered, but not all upholstered headboards are tufted headboards. Are you looking for a headboard to make your bedroom look fresh, charming, and elegant? Why don’t you go for a tufted headboard? The designs are usually covered in padded or layered fabrics, stitched and held together by a button or knot to form an outstanding, indented pattern. The headrest is extremely popular due to its soft padding, and it’s enjoyed by people who love to read and watch movies in bed.

7. Wicker Headrest For Bed

Wicker headrests are currently trending in the market. It can quickly transform the look of your bedroom irrespective of the shape and size of your bed. Wicker headrests are charming, natural, and the perfect design to finish off your showpiece bedding collection.  Wicker does not only have a calming look; its style and color preferences are available in any theme you could ever dream of. This classy headboard design is all you need to make you feel like you are in paradise.

8. Carved Wood Headboard Design

No doubt, a carved wooden bed in your bedroom will easily be noticed once a person enters your bedroom. This gorgeous, dark wood headboard gives a traditional feel to the space; it’s the perfect piece of furniture to Spruce up your bedroom aesthetic.  

9. Rustic Headboard Design

Are you looking for a headrest that adds texture, sound, and positive vibes to your bedroom? Why don’t you go for a rustic Headboard? This headboard design is not just for log cabins or mountain homes. Rustic headboards are mostly made from reclaimed or distressed wood…hence they give some much-needed texture to a bedroom.  It’s indeed needed for a perfect home!

10. Lattice Headboard Design

Using this design will bring a stunning effect and improve the look of your bedroom. The lattice design combined with the lighting in the room gives the bare wall a splash of exciting color and makes the room appear bigger.  To change the whole thing, add some pillows with a matching colour palette that comes with their design… and it’ll seem like you’ve performed magic in your bedroom.

11. Geometric Headboard Design

A bed is incomplete without a headboard. Not just any headboard, a perfect one. Geometric headboards are highly versatile, making bedtime more comfortable and peaceful and enhancing sweeter dreams. This design will make your bedroom a perfect and complete one!

12. Fanciful Headboard

This upholstered headboard falls in the category of fancy headboard for bedrooms. The cover is removable, which makes it easy to wash and maintain. It’s made of a cushion with high-quality fabrics; there are a lot of advantages attached to this headrest; it’s comfortable, maintainable, and durable. Using this will keep you away from the hospital.. because you won’t have to complain of back pain.

Final Words

These headboard designs add a charming and vintage look to your bedroom while giving you maximum comfort. So for those ready to make the most of their bed, these are great pieces of furniture to consider. Remember! Good and sound sleep can keep you away from doctors.