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Vastu is an ancient Indian architecture science that helps create a harmonious and meaningful environment to set up one’s life for wealth, health, and happiness. Moreover, Vastu significantly impacts your mental state more than you may realize. Check out what’s the ideal bed position in the bedroom as per Vastu.

Under Vastu Shastra, we’ve Vastu direction for sleeping which is considered best in the south zone. I.e., the head should be towards the south and feet towards the north when you sleep. Check out some bed back designs and bed headboard designs.

In India, you will have come across many people who observe the Vastu Shastra principle in whatever they place in their household. They say Vastu can help you optimize your living space and life and help you remain positive. Even those who disbelieve the principle tend to follow it once they understand the kind of positive vibes Vastu offers.

bed position in bedroom as per vastu
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Moreover, Vastu is crucial in improving relationships, especially among couples. One can invite positive energy around by ensuring the correct bed position and sleeping direction per Vastu. Thus, checking the room’s bed position and color theme is essential, and adhering to the Vastu principle for sleeping advice when designing a bedroom.

The bedroom is one of the most significant personal spaces in your house. Applying the rules of Vastu can turn it into a place of rejuvenation, leisure, and rest. Here’s a complete guide for your bed position and sleeping direction:

Why is Sound Sleep Important?

Sound and adequate sleep Keep you in a positive mood throughout the day. It keeps you in a healthy mental state, keeps your mind alert, and gives room for effective decisions. Best of all, it makes you more productive and happier at work.

Ideal Bed Position In Bedroom As Per Vastu

The position and direction of your bed will influence your overall quality of sleep, your health as well as the health of your family. Therefore, the ideal part of your bed should be so that the head is pointed in the south or east direction. Ensure your bed has a headboard of square or rectangular shape.

ideal position
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In most Indian households, you will often see that the bed is placed with the headboard against the bedroom’s main wall. Nevertheless, it isn’t put in the corner or directly under a beam as it limits the free flow of energy and cosmic vibration inside the bedroom. 

Instead, you can use the bed position in the bedroom as per Vastu in the central part of the wall so that you can easily roll from one side to the other, leaving a four-inch distance between the bed and the wall. The position of the bed in the main bedroom should be different. The head should be pointed towards the west or south, while the leg should be in the east or north direction.

Is Bed Position in Bedroom As per Vastu influential? 

Honestly, Vastu Shastra’s sleeping direction’s benefits need clinical proof. However, some researchers note the benefits of spatial principles on human health overall. 

Vastu Shastra practitioners believe in pointing your head towards the south. At the same time, sleeping reduces the risk of high blood pressure and heart diseases, while sleeping in a westward direction can cause nightmares, according to anecdotal evidence.

Direction You Should Keep Your Head While Sleeping

The direction you keep your head while sleeping affects various aspects of your life, such as your; carrier, job, health, etc.  Therefore, you must choose the correct bed position according to Vastu science. 

Each Vastu practice is based on the interaction between the “Pancha bhutas” ( the five major elements of nature; fire, water, earth, air, and space) and the four significant cardinals (north, south, west, and east) to determine your total health. The same practice holds even in your sleeping direction. Each direction has its advantage except for the north.

Head towards the south: 

This is the recommended and the most advisable direction, as stated by Vastu. This direction is suitable for people in professional or business fields as it comes with good health, prosperity, luxury, and sound sleep; it reduces the risk of heart diseases and gives room for productivity and practical decision.

Head toward the east: 

This is the second-ranked direction asides from the south. It’s the best direction for students, teachers, and employees as it also gives good health, increases concentration and the power of assimilation, brings more growth, and paves the way for career opportunities. It’s also recommended for kids’ bedrooms, those starting with their careers, and people of high spirituality.

Head towards the west: 

This is the third-ranked, and the next alternative if heading towards the south or east is not feasible. It’s a neutral direction that may lead to not having a sound sleep, delaying appointments for the next day, and reaching your broadest potential while at work. It also comes with advantages; it brings you more fame, glory, and wealth in all undertakings.

Head in the diagonal or corneal axis: 

If you are willing to follow the diagonal bedroom direction, then southeast or southwest is worthy and recommended advice. North West can also be considered if the above two are not feasible.

Positioning your head towards the north or northeast is taboo: 

It’s the least preferred, and I’ll advise you to place your head for some reason. The earth’s magnetic solid field repels that of the body and widely affects its blood circulation. This randomness in blood circulation can lead to Immense stress, disturb your mind and make you feel more exhausted without doing much. It’s an inauspicious direction, causes weird nightmares, and causes serious illness.

Other things you should know

  • Ensure using large mattresses and beds instead of joining two small mattresses as it encourages togetherness and nurtures a more harmonious relationship if you are a couple.
  • Use wood instead of metal, as wood promotes positive energies and repels energies in space. 
  • Do not place the bed in the opposite bathroom doors, as it unwillingly invites negative energies from the bathroom into your bedroom. Also, avoid setting your leg in the direction of the toilet, as it causes nightmares.
  • Avoid placing a mirror in the bedroom at all costs. If it’s unavoidable, ensure it doesn’t reflect your body when lying down, as that reflection can increase the risk of serious illness for occupants.
  • Make sure there’s no window behind your headboard. It’s considered auspicious, according to a Vastu expert.  It’s said to affect the quality of your sleep. Also, ensure you use black or dark Cotton in your bedroom to avoid the appearance of natural light from outside and balance it with light-colored paint on your bedroom wall.
  • Avoid using electronic gadgets while sleeping on the bed, as they generate lousy energy and vibes. Instead, try and place them far away from your bed.
  • Do not create clutters or stuff the bed from underneath, as it will help correctly circulate good vibes. To ensure positive energy circulation, you can also use a wind chime, dreamcatcher, or other Vastu items.
  • The shot door of the connected bathroom, when not in use, fix the door that squeaks in the bedroom as soon as possible.

Other Facts on Bed Position in Bedroom as per Vastu

  • Place the dressing table beside the bed since the mirror should not reflect the body while one is sleeping, according to Vastu. The dressing table can be placed toward a west-facing bedroom’s south, east, or north wall. If the room faces the north, the dressing table can be set in the north/north-west, don’t keep it towards the southeast or South-west wall.
  • Use light-colored bed sheets such as pink, light purple, beige, brown, white, and pale green, this color might offer you perfect relaxation. Couples should choose calming pink, peach, or mid-red designs for bed covers. Avoid using too many geometrical motifs in blue or black on bedsheets.
  • Mop your bedroom floor with sea salt mixed water at least once a week to kill negative energy. This idea is also considered one of the essential Vastu bedroom ideas for establishing a pleasant ambiance in your home.
  • Avoid placing scary or nude pictures in the bedroom.
  • Place some fresh plants and flowers to Exude good fortune. Placing plants in the north and keeping red roses in the southwest creates a soothing atmosphere and helps to strengthen family relationships.
  • Ensure soft lighting sources such as candles, lamps, and familiar light sources to create a relaxing ambiance.
  • A dirty and messed-up room always exudes negative energy. Keep your room clean and tidy to fill the space with positive energy.
  • After painting your room with a Vastu-approved color, you can as well use wallpaper, obviously not a dull one. Instead, use the one that will bring your house happy vibes and positive energy.
  • And for the wardrobe, iron and wood are the suitable materials you should choose. The cabinet should be square or rectangular with a single door. Arrange your clothes regularly and avoid keeping ripped garments.

Aside from all this, the color of your bedroom will also determine the quality of your sleep. Do you want to know about the best bedroom color? 

Choose the right color for the bedroom.

In the bedroom, light colors like off-white, cream, and pink are recommended by Vastu. Dark colors are a no-go area. Every color you use has its benefits. The type you choose will influence your mood. Here are the ideal Vastu recommended colors you should go for to sleep better.

The Ideal Colour for the Bed Position in Bedroom as per Vastu

As stated earlier, the bedroom is the essential room of the house where you wind up and unwind. Therefore, you must put into consideration Vastu science when designing your bedroom. Adhering to this principle provides prosperity, peace, and healthy life.

Choosing The perfect colors might be tedious, but the Vastu science principle has made it simple. Consider one of these color schemes for your bedroom since they promote love, prosperity, and happiness;

Green: Green is a Vastu-approved color that symbolizes relief and healing. It gives the space a sense of relief. Although not everyone is comfortable with green color in their bedroom, green indoor plants might be an alternative to promote happiness in the space. It will help you create lovely personal periods.

ideal color for bed position in bedroom as per vastu
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Pink: Pink is regarded as the color of love in the whole wide world and also one of the most popular bedroom hues. It also symbolizes happiness, creativity, and intimacy. Couples who want to deepen their Marital life can go for pastel pink. Nevertheless, teams who do not like pink color can include the shade with a few tiny decor components. Rose gold metallic accents such as knobs, vases, and side tables are an incredible way to have a touch of pink in your room.

Blue: Blue releases pleasant energy. If this color is used in the bedroom, it will help you to unwind by bringing happiness in and eliminating your sadness. Light blue helps establish a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere.

White: White is widely recognized for purity and tranquillity. According to Vastu experts, white gives innocence to married life, and it alleviates all sorts of unnecessary quarrels.

Brown: Brown is a combo of elegance and relaxation. It adds warmth to the space and might contribute largely to your sexual life.

Vastu for Bedroom Ceiling

To ensure proper air circulation in the bedroom, the ceiling should not be too low; the standard height should ideally be 10ft. Avoid using a false ceiling design that is asymmetrical or has pointed triangles hanging from the false ceiling, as this can lead to mental stress and restlessness.

bedroom ceiling
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Also, you can adopt the ceiling method with a higher center and lower corners. According to Vastu science, the color of the ceiling should be white or any light shade as it attracts positive vibes and serenity. Avoid using mirrors in the ceiling design, as they can reflect the bed.

Vastu’s Best Bedroom Plants

Here are the suggested plant that is suitable for the bedroom as per Vastu;

  1. Lily plant: Lily plant symbolizes happiness, stability, and conformity. They also exude positive energy, and they keep nightmares at bay.
  2. Lavender plant: the scent produced by lavender is so relaxing, bringing peace to the family. The best place to keep it is beside your bedside table to enjoy the fragrance.
  3. Money plant: this creeper is one of the best air purifying house plants, which requires indirect sunlight for maximum growth. The best place to keep it is in one corner of the bedroom.
  4. Bamboo plant: it’s regarded as one of the luckiest plants, as per Vastu. It doesn’t require special care and can be placed anywhere in the room.

Even though many do not recognize the relevance of Vastu, it has been and will continue to be Indian culture. Therefore, following a principle that will change your life for the better shouldn’t be difficult, should it? Absolutely No. 

Go back now and read this article from the beginning to grab the correct bed position, sleeping direction, and other tips that will assist you in aligning the right energies in your room.