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What is a bedroom without a cupboard? The ultimate storage solution for people, cupboards play a very important role when it comes to households. In a bedroom, a cupboard is as important as other elements in the room. 

Imagine not having a wardrobe in your bedroom! Where would you keep all your stuff? An integral part of your life, cupboards are nowadays designed in several ways and you can revamp your room by going for a modern one. There was a time when houses had basic wooden cupboards but with changing times there has been a lot of advancement and changes in bedroom cupboard designs. Take a look:

1. The Full-Height Cupboard

Having a floor-to-ceiling height, this cupboard design is perfect for people who look for spacious wardrobes that can provide them with maximum space utilisation. It will also make your room look visually bigger and the height of the room looks impressive. The interior of the cupboard can be experimented with and you can opt for drawers, suspending rods etc. 

2. Cupboard With Mirror Panels

Mirror panels when added to the cupboard shutters not only look chic but is an amazing idea if you have a smaller bedroom. The mirror effect makes the room appear bigger than its original size. Also, with mirrors on the cupboard, you can skip having a dressing table thus saving space in the room.

3. The Sliding Cupboard

Source: Max Vakhtbovych / pexels

Sliding door cupboards are gaining popularity day by day and people are opting for them even more. There is a false perception that sliding doors don’t last long but it isn’t true. With the best kind of hardware used, sliding doors last for years and they are so easy to use. These wardrobes don’t even require space to open as you can just slide them open and close. It is perfect for bedrooms that have space issues.

Sliding cupboards look grand even when the room size is bigger. You can opt for any exterior finish that you love. It should however blend well with your bedroom interiors.

4. Add A Dressing Unit

A cupboard with a dressing unit is something women will love! It helps in saving space in the room as you do not need a dressing table separately. Also, it saves time as you do not have to loiter around the room from your wardrobe to the dresser. 

It is suggested that you should have the same colour scheme for the cupboard as well as the incorporated dresser in it. Adding an ottoman for convenience is a great idea.

5. More Storage With Lofts

bedroom cupboard designs lofts
Source: Max Vakhtbovych / pexels

Having lofts separately designed in cupboards helps you in keeping your stuff organised. You can easily store stuff that is not required often in the lofts and whenever you open your wardrobe it looks cleaner and more organised. Having lofts in the cupboard also give you additional storage space which is always a brilliant idea as who doesn’t love more storage options!

6. The Walnut Cupboard

Source: Jean van der Meulen / pexels

Wooden cupboards in walnut finishes look so good that you will fall in love with the beauty. It has been in a rage for ages and will never go out of fashion. You can think about any attractive cupboard design that would look good in a wooden walnut finish and let your room speak a vibe of its own.

7. L-shaped Cupboard

Source: Slavun / shutterstock

If there is a corner in your room and you are unable to use it for any purpose, get an l-shaped cupboard done. It makes the best use of the corner in your room and gives you enough space to arrange your stuff inside. These cupboards also tend to take lesser space but provide you with a nice storage option. Get the insides of the cupboard designed smartly and enjoy the space utilisation done.

8. Cupboard With Slatted Panel

Source: Max Vakhtbovych / pexels

Designing cupboard shutters with wooden slatted panels is sure to make your cupboard look chic. It also has benefits like proper ventilation inside the wardrobe. The gaps in the panels allow air and light to reach inside thus keeping your stuff fresh. The panels also let you peep in and quickly take a glance at the things kept inside. However, if you are concerned about the safety of your stuff, you can easily get a glass sheet installed just behind the wooden panels.

9. Using The Bedsides

If you wish to make the best use of the space on both sides of your bed, design a cupboard there. Yes, it is a great idea to use the wasted space and you also get ample space to swing open the doors whenever required. Make sure to keep the design as in the outer finish as classy and chic as possible.

10. Include A Workstation

When you have a lot of space for wardrobes in your bedroom, you can revamp your wardrobe and add a workstation to it. If there is a natural light source like a window adjacent to or just behind the workstation, it would make the work unit look better and you will have a beautiful working ambience. 

Make sure to add elements like lofts, drawers, shelves, hanging rods etc. You can also add a few plants and flowers near the workstation for a refreshing feel. 

11. The Glass Cupboard

bedroom cupboard designs glass
Source: Max Vakhtbovych / pexels

A cupboard door made out of glass looks extra chic and elegant. It adds a lovely feel to the room. Because of the glass door, you will have a habit of keeping your cupboard organised always. You can also get translucent doors done wherein you get a sneak peek of the stuff inside but not a clear view. This cupboard design looks ultra stylish and has gained popularity.

12. The Conventional Two-Door Cupboard

two door
Source: Max Vakhtbovych / pexels

The most readily available cupboard in the market, the two-door design for wardrobes will never go out of fashion. It is also easy to set up in any bedroom a sit does not require much space. You can get it attached to a tv unit or any dressing table already present in your room. Make sure that the tone of the wardrobe matches well with the unit you will attach it to. Also, it should blend well with the existing interior design of your room.

13. An All White Beauty

bedroom cupboard designs white
Source: Max Vakhtbovych / pexels

Are you a lover of all things white? Well, if yes, you should opt for an all-white cupboard. It is difficult to maintain but the kind of beauty white cupboards behold is unimaginable. Even if you are not a crazy white lover, you will enjoy having it in your room. White looks classy anyway and when it comes to cupboard designs, white adds magic to it.

14. The Showcase Cupboard

Source: Max Vakhtbovych / pexels

If you do not have ample space in the bedroom but wish to showcase art pieces or any other decor items you can opt for this cupboard design. Have display shelves on one side of the cupboard and display your favourite art pieces that will add to the beauty of the room. This design is best for people who cannot find any other place in the room to display decor items.

Factors To Consider While Designing A Wardrobe

Before finalising a cupboard design, you should think about certain factors and then come to a decision. Cupboards need proper planning and only then you can get what you desire to have. 


The structure of the wardrobe without the shutters most commonly referred to as the carcass is supposed to be made of durable material. You can opt for wood, plywood, particle board, MDF etc. Here, you have to decide whether you need a stronger material or something light would work as well.

Shutter Design

Once you are done with the carcass, you can come to the shutter designing. There are 2 options to choose from and you can either go for swing shutters or sliding ones. Deciding the material of the shutter is also an important factor.

The Interior

Be it shelves, drawers, rods or anything else, the interior of the cupboard is something personal and it depends upon the user as to what is preferred. Deciding it prehand is a good idea.


This is the prime factor that should be settled before you finalise all other aspects. Once you are done selecting all the above, you can roughly chalk out the budget for the same and see if it suits you. Also, you can weigh whether getting the cupboard designed by professionals or buying it ready-made from the market, what comes at a lesser price?

Tips To Make Your Cupboard Smarter

If you already have a cupboard designed in your bedroom but you want to revamp it and make it interesting, we have a few tips for you.

  • Incorporate a dressing unit in your cupboard and also add mirrors. This will make your cupboard look different and interesting. Additionally, you can also get rid of the standalone dresser in your room and make more space in the room.
  • Adding a workstation is a great idea for a smart look. It not only adds more utility to the cupboard design but also makes it convenient for you to work in your bedroom.
  • If you are thinking about sliding door cupboards, try tinted glasses on the shutters. They are sure to look appealing.
  • Add open shelves on one side of the cupboard wherein you can showcase a few decor pieces.
  • Use acrylic, lacquered glass or coloured laminates on cupboard shutters for an improved and interesting look.

Swing Shutters Vs Sliding Shutters

Swing shutters have been ruling the cupboard design industry for years and some people prefer sticking to them even today. There has always been an argument as to which one out of the two is better so we are here to throw some light upon the advantages and disadvantages of both shutter styles.

Swing Shutter: Advantages

  • The hinges used to attach swing shutters are budget friendly and if there is any maintenance required at some point, it does not cost much.
  • These shutters are also easy to operate and they are so lightweight that you can open or shut them in a fraction of a second.
  • With swing shutters in cupboards, you can swing open both doors at a time and have a better view of the stuff stored inside. 
  • The design of swing shutters is not complex. It is very simple and thus these shutters last for a long time.

Swing Shutter: Disadvantages

  • You will need enough space in front of the cupboard to swing open the door and thus this shutter design is not feasible for smaller bedrooms. 
  • The hinges cannot support full height shutter length thus you have to have a separate shutter for the lofts. The ones looking for full-height cupboards cannot opt for swing shutters. 
  • The breadth of the door can also not be more than 20 inches in most cases. This implies you cannot have a broad cupboard design with swing shutters. 
  • Not a disadvantage but since these shutters have been in fashion for a very long time, people tend to call them boring. People mostly wish to opt for the latest trends and designs.

Sliding Shutters: Advantages

  • You don’t need to have mandatory free space in front of the cupboard for the shutter to swing open. Sliding wardrobes are perfect for the tiniest of rooms.
  • If you are the one who loves a cleaner look and want to opt for a full-height seamless design cupboard, sliding shutters are meant for you. The sliding door system can hold the weight of a full-height cupboard door.
  • The kind of premium and luxurious look you get in sliding shutters are not commonly found in swing ones. You also get a variety in the exterior design of the shutter.
  • You can have sliding shutters with a wide breadth and there is no restriction to the maximum width of the cupboard.

Sliding Shutters: Disadvantages

  • Sliding shutters have a heavy mechanical system that requires effort to use. It is not preferred to have this design in rooms for children and elderlies.
  • The sliding system hardware is quite expensive compared to the hinges used in the swing shutters. It is not a budget-friendly system at all.
  • The mechanism used in sliding shutters is a bit complex and it also demands maintenance which is again a costly affair.
  • The sliding shutters cannot be opened together and you will never get the entire view of the cupboard with these shutters. One-half of the cupboard is exposed at a time.
  • This mechanism also tends to attract a lot of dust which if not cleaned regularly will lead to the system getting blocked.

After getting to know so much about bedroom cupboard designs, it is time for you to settle for the one that has impressed you the most. Always remember that cupboards are not just a piece of furniture but the utility factor should also be considered. Anything that looks great but is of no use is something you will eventually feel is a waste of money.

Add some utility to your cupboard but revamp it with a new design and let your room feel new. Storage has always been an issue for Indian households and when it comes to bedroom cupboard designs, everyone wishes to have more and more space.


Which is the most Vastu complaint direction for a cupboard in a bedroom?

To have a cupboard in your bedroom, the southwest direction in the room is the best direction as per Vastu. If that is not feasible, you can also opt for the northwest wall. The main cupboard in your room should however be either designed on the south or the west wall.

What is the most preferred material for a cupboard?

If you are looking for wooden cupboard designs, plywood is the best thing to consider. Due to its 5 layers, plywood is one of the toughest and strongest wood. It does not easily bend or sag! Having nice strength, a plywood cupboard is sure to last for years.

Should you invest in sliding doors cupboard design?

Yes, it is worth it! Sliding door cupboards look ultra-modern and add a chic vibe to the room. They are also a great option when you have space constraints as the doors don’t need additional space to swing open. 

What is the most preferred laminate for cupboards?

Acrylic sheets are in rage and they look so good that you are sure to receive compliments for the same. They are also budget-friendly options. 

Is there a difference between cupboards for men and women?

Although the exterior look doesn’t differ based on gender the interior section is supposed to be designed tactfully keeping in mind the gender for which the cupboard is being designed. 

Females need more space to hang and also a few hooks for hanging scarves etc. Few drawers for little items like jewellery, accessories etc are needed. However, the men require more shelves and 1-2 drawers for stuff like belts, ties, watches etc.