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The bedroom is one such space in your house where you tend to spend most of your time be it during the night when you are asleep or during the day when you need some cosy time for yourself. Bedroom light design plays an important role in giving the perfect finishing touch to the room. Although you spend the night with dim or no lighting in the room, the daytime and the rest of the hours that you spend in your bedroom require good lighting. 

The bedroom light design can set your mood if planned and set up the right way. Lighting plays a very important role in uplifting the aesthetic feel of the room and when it comes to your bedroom, it needs a blend of warm, cosy, as well as bright lighting ideas for your several needs. Spending the day in a brightly lit bedroom and having a cosy dimly-lit ambience before dozing off is something everyone desires. To achieve both you need to make the best bedroom light design choice and give your room the kind of mood you look up to.

Now that you know why and how lighting is important in the room, we are here to help you in setting up your bedroom with the best possible lighting concepts. Take a look at the list of 11 amazing bedroom light design. 

1. Lamp Your Bedside

bedside lamp
Source: M&W Studios / pexels

A bedside lamp has always been in rage and it is not going out of fashion anytime soon. You get a plethora of options when you head out to the market for getting the best bedside lamp for your bedroom. For this lamp, you should always make sure that the size and style of the lamp are in sync with your bedside table. This light also aids in reading and is the apt choice for people who are bookworms and love reading at night. It also enhances the beauty of your bedside tables and you should try to get identical pieces for either side of your bed.

2. Style Up The Floor

floor lamp
Source: Ekrulila / pexels

You can add a floor lamp anywhere in your house but setting up one in your bedroom adds a touch of style and the persona of your room is uplifted instantly. All you need to do is choose the one that goes well with the overall decor and set-up of your bedroom. The perfect floor lamp set up at the right spot will always fetch you compliments from guests who visit your house. It also works as a gorgeous accent and beautifies your space. Floor lamps also help in filling up that left-out corner in your room that you couldn’t otherwise design. 

3. Ace It With Accent 

bedroom light design accent
Source: Tima Miroshnichenko / pexels

Accent lights are the one that draws the attention of people toward a particular object or area. People always tend to decorate their bedroom with unique art pieces and throwing light upon them makes them look even better. Accent lights can come in several varieties and you have to pick the one that suits your taste and also blends well with the room fixtures and furniture. You can use accent lights to highlight a particular corner or section of your bedroom for a dramatic look. 

4. The Track Light Touch

bedroom light design track
Source: Denovo Agency / unsplash

Very much in vogue these days, track lights add a contemporary feel to your bedroom and you will love how beautifully it highlights the wall or area where the light falls. It is usually tilted towards the wall where you hang a beautiful art piece or painting and you want to flaunt the gorgeous piece with a beautiful flush of light. If your bedroom has a high ceiling, installing track lights is one of the best options for bedroom light design. If you have a walk-in wardrobe in your bedroom, track light is so your thing!

5. Industrial Lights

Industrial light
Source: Red Nguyen / pexels

If you are looking forward to adding a rustic appeal to your bedroom, hanging industrial lights is something you must try. Having a metal body, these lights look all the more quirky when you set them up with large filament bulbs. When using industrial lights in your room, you should leave your creative mind on a spree and think about ideas that can make the room look at par with the light. For that extra zing and jazz, add these lights to your bedroom and see the difference it brings to the overall appeal.

6. Pretty Pendant Lights

Pendant light
Source: Max Vakhtbovych / pexels

Just like a beautiful pendant when worn with a necklace takes your fashion sense to another level, adding pretty pendant lights is sure to take your bedroom’s beauty to another level altogether. You can hang pendant lights wherever you feel it fits well but the best place to hang one is above the side table. If you wish to highlight your side table or even in cases of showcasing art pieces on the table, having a pendant light hanging from above helps. It also looks great if you have a cosy little corner in your room and you want to add some warmth to the space for a nicer feel.

7. Score It With Scones

Source: Алексей Вечерин / pexels

To bring in back the magic of ancient times and add a little rustic flavour to your bedroom, scones are the apt lighting idea for you. Back in time people used scones to hold candles and light up their space but modern-day scones use light bulbs and still give you that perfect retro feel. The best place to set up scones is as close to your bedside as possible. For the ancient feel, try and keep scones within your reach so that you can push the button whenever desired. Available in varied styles and designs, scones can elevate your room decor if you pick up the right one.

8. Charming Chandeliers

Charming chandelier
Source: Pixabay / pexels

Chandeliers look pretty, charming, magnificent, and beautiful and give you the ‘straight out of a fairytale’ feeling. It enhances the ambience of your bedroom by adding a royal touch to your private space. Since bedrooms are comparatively smaller than living areas, you should opt for small-sized chandeliers but if you have a fancy for the larger ones, you can opt for those. Always make sure it matches the aesthetics of your bedroom. You can easily highlight any sitting area in your bedroom by accessorising it with a gorgeous chandelier.

9. Fun With Fairy  

bedroom light design fairy
Source: Dmitry Zvolskiy / pexels

Your mood will always be merry when you have the perfect fairy light setting in your bedroom. These lights are festive enough to uplift your mood anytime and when hung in your private space, they only become all the more special. Also referred to as rope light, this one looks very pretty when aligned with the headboard and the moment you switch it on, it sets a different vibe altogether. Rope light can also be used to decorate your bedroom for special occasions whenever you wish to. The perfect choice for a kid’s bedroom, fairy lights tend to make your little ones happy and excited so make sure to add one in their room.

10. Light Up With A Fan

Ceiling fan light
Source: Pixabay / pexels

Ever thought of decorating your bedroom with an elite-looking ceiling fan? Yes, dual-purpose ceiling fans are available these days and they do not just freshen up your room by making it airy but also light up your space for a nice feel. Usually, the ceiling fans that have a lighting concept are designed to look gorgeous and chic so they will also add to the wow factor of your room. These super gorgeous fans are sure to elevate the overall ambience of your bedroom. 

11. Ceiling Tray Lights

tray light
Source: Naim Benjelloun / pexels

It’s been years since the concept of tray lights came into being and even today it looks uber cool and ultra-stylish. You can add tray lights to your ceiling in layers and it surely looks more charismatic. Tray lights are the best ambient lighting option that any bedroom can have. Lighting up your space uniformly and adequately, the tray lights are available in varied colour tones and you can settle for the one that goes well with your personality and choice.

12. Light Up The Headboard

headboard lighting
Source: Max Vakhtbovych / pexels

If you have a headboard design wherein you can set up led light strips, it can instantly elevate the look of your headboard and bed. You will love the drama it adds to the headboard design. The wall above the headboard is filled with a warm effect and since it is smartly hidden behind the headboard, the light also looks kind of magical. The headboard light is a great choice for bedrooms that have art pieces hung on the wall above the headboard. Light from behind the headboard also adds a smart touch to the bedroom.

Having so many options in hand, you can easily experiment and go for the ones that you feel are apt for your bedroom. When we speak about lighting, do not ever forget that natural light has its importance. You can always set the right tempo with these bedroom light designs but have scope for ample natural light in your bedroom. 

Wear your creative hat on and try setting up the best lighting ideas in the best possible manner. It is time to upscale your bedroom and give it a makeover so go for it.