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Biryani is a true combination of a lot of spices and gives an ultimate taste. If you have ever tasted biryani, you can feel this emotion of spices rolling in your mouth and making you want for some more biryani. Biryani is one of the most flavourful and delicious dishes with an aromatic fragrance that will attract you to it. Delhi is a place of flavors and you can find different places in Delhi where you can enjoy delicious biryani. But, the question is where to find those places. Need not worry! This blog will help you come across some of the most amazing places to taste biryani in Delhi and satisfy your taste buds.

Best Biryani in South Delhi

1. Biryani Blues (Irresistible Combo)

  • Location: Shop 29, Ground Floor, Vasant Square Mall, Vasant Kunj
  • Cost for two: INR 700 (approx.)

Biryani Blues is an amazing place to explore if you want to try out the best biryani in the town. You can’t resist your cravings after having the fragrance of amazing biryani prepared at this place. It uses old-age techniques to prepare the biryani and serve you the best flavors. You will get a sensation of fulfillment with every spoon of biryani going inside you. Moreover, you won’t be able to resist your taste buds after trying the popular combo of biryani with Dahi ki chutney and Mirchi ka salan. So, what are you waiting for? Order your biryani today and have a fulfilling experience.

2. Biryani by Kilo (Biryani Sold on Weight-basis)

  • Location: 250, First Floor, Shahpur Jat, Siri Fort
  • Cost for two: INR 700 (approx.)

Biryani by Kilo is a prominent name among all biryani lovers. It has various outlets throughout Delhi and people are huge fans of this biryani. Biryani by Kilo serves biryani in rustic-looking earthen pots that can easily attract the eye of anyone. Besides that, its traditional taste always remains to drool for the customers. Moreover, Biryani by Kilo is also known for serving biryani on a weight basis and offers biryani from different parts of the country.

3. Alkakori Alkauser (Affordable Options)

  • Location: 30, Sector 6, Vasant Place Market, Near Malai Mandir, RK Puram
  • Cost for two: INR 400 (approx.)

If you want to enjoy the original taste of dum biryani, Alkakori Alkauser is the best place for your needs. It is the best place to cherish biryani if you want to enjoy the ultimate taste of biryani at an affordable price range. You can find mutton, chicken, as well as veg options at this place. Alkakori Alkauser has various outlets in Delhi and all of them don’t offer seating arrangements, therefore, you need to have a takeaway for the biryani.

Best Biryani in East Delhi

1. Sassy Begum- Biryani, Kebabs & Curries (Fresh and Certified Ingredients)

  • Location: Select City Walk Mall, Saket
  • Cost for two: INR 800 (approx.)

Sassy Begum serves the lip-smacking biryani that will make you a huge fan of it. If you want to enjoy the flavor of every single ingredient of biryani, don’t miss out on trying Sassy Begum’s biryani. It uses fresh and certified ingredients to prepare biryani which makes it special. It also uses a high-temperature cooking method to prepare the best version of biryani for you. Moreover, you need not worry about hygiene while eating at this place as it has a properly sanitized kitchen.

2. Behrouz Biryani (Increasing Food Chain)

  • Location: Veer Savarkar Block, Block A, Shakarpur Khas
  • Cost for two: INR 700 (approx.)

If you want to order premium and drooling biryani to suffice your cravings, Behrouz Biryani is the apt place for your needs. Behrouz Biryani is opening various food chains in the city making it more accessible to a larger group of people. It is increasing because of the high demand and relishing taste that it offers to its customers. In addition to normal biryani, you have various other options like Murg makhani biryani, keema gosht biryani, subz-e-falafel, and much more. It maintains high standards and quality of food to suffice the needs of customers.

3. Yamin Biryani Wala (Anytime Serving)

  • Location: M7GC+WJH, Police Station Road, Jaffarbad
  • Cost for two: INR 160-200 (approx.)

If you want to enjoy the flavors of biryani at any time of the day, Yamin Biryani Wala is just the apt place for you. You will find that this place is always crowded with a lot of people. Yamin Biryani Wala prepares the most delicious biryani with the help of a ghost. This is something unique that most of the biryani points don’t offer. So, why not visit it for yourself and see the buzz of this biryani among people? If you want an even enhanced taste, try visiting this place in the afternoon to have a phenomenal experience.

Best Chicken Biryani in West Delhi

1. Faasos (Ghost Kitchen Network)

  • Location: Plot-4, 3rd Floor, Near HDFC Bank & Antriksh Apartments, Sector 4, Dwarka
  • Cost for two: INR 550 (approx.)

Faasos is a famous place to try the true taste of biryani if you have been longing to have one. It has come a long way in operating at various places. One of the most unique aspects of Faasos is that it hosts various ghost kitchen network that makes it more accessible to people. You can order your favorite biryani from this spot without any hassle and have a delicious and mouth-watering experience.

2. Bikkgane Biryani (Impeccable Delivery Services)

  • Location: 305 & 306, 3rd Floor, Mefcons Plaza, Central Market, Sector 6, Dwarka
  • Cost for two: INR 800 (approx.)

Bikkgane Biryani is a prominent biryani joint in West Delhi that is known for serving tasty biryani to customers. If you want an impeccable delivery service for the biryani at your place, you can always rely on Bikkgane Biryani. It is best known for its Hyderabadi biryani. Therefore, if you ever want to enjoy the authentic Andhra style or Hyderabadi style biryani, you should never miss out on this amazing spot.

3. The Biryani Junction (Centrally located)

  • Location: B 7/58, Opposite Astha Kunj, Rohini
  • Cost for two: INR 450 (approx.)

The Biryani Junction is the best place to have biryani if you are searching for something new and exciting and that too in a centrally located part of the city. You will fall in love with the taste of biryani and its aromatic fragrance. It has a huge customer base that keeps on revisiting the place for a phenomenal biryani experience. This is something you can’t miss out on if you are looking for a centrally located place in West Delhi.

Best Biryani in North Delhi

1. Umdaah (Prolific Preparations)

  • Location: D-175, Saraswati Vihar, Kamla Nagar
  • Cost for two: INR 600 (approx.)

Umdaah offers an amazing experience to biryani lovers. If you want to have a feel of the true taste of the Indian flavors of biryani, this is just the spot for you. It has a diverse menu of not only serving biryanis but also other mouth-watery items to make your day. You can either order biryani from this place or you can even visit this spot to have a flawless experience of biryani. So, why not try it for yourself and see what it has in store for you?

2. Matka Peer Biryani (Authentic-style Biryani)

  • Location: Matka Peer Mughlai Foods- 5 Dargah Matka Peer, Mathura Road, Pragati Maidan
  • Cost for two: INR 450-550 (approx.)

If you are interested in taking biryani at your place and enjoying it with your family, Matka Peer Biryani is just the place for you. This place offers more takeaway joint vibes rather than a sitting arrangement. You will get biryani in the old-fashioned style handi at this place which will revive your memories of the authentic style of biryani. But, always keep in mind that you order your biryani at least 3 hours before the designated time to have a mouth-watering experience.

3. Dil Pasand Biryani Point (Loyal Customers)

  • Location: 735, Haveli Azam Khan, Chitli Qabar Chowk, Jama Masjid
  • Cost for two: INR 300 (approx.)

Dil Pasand Biryani Point has come a long way since the time it started. It was established with the name of Bade ki Biryani by Mohd Taufiq but soon it started ruling the hearts of the people. All credit goes to its commendable taste with huge boneless beef pieces, pickled rice, and raita with onion garnishing. This spot will show you the true colors of Delhi. It has a huge fan base due to its authentic taste and they have remained with this food joint since the time it started as a small shop.