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India has the fastest growing economy in the world, and it’s a host country of several big pharmaceutical and technology companies, as well as the Best Building in Mumbai. Moreso, India hosts the wealthiest man in Asia and many other prosperous business and technology moguls worldwide. 

With all these things they have… imagine the number of luxurious residential and commercial buildings,  hundreds of skyscrapers, and super tall buildings; imagine the massive construction boom that the country will be undergoing…it’ll be countless!

Mumbai, the country’s financial and commercial capital, is the host city of India’s tallest buildings and the sixth city with the highest number of skyscrapers worldwide. They are almost touching the skyline; over 4000 high-rise buildings are located in a single city of  Mumbai.

Have a look at India’s big buildings and India’s safest city.

Below is the list of Mumbai tallest buildings, including those that are under construction;

List of Completed Tallest Building In Mumbai

 #1 World One

World One
Source: Wikipedia

World One is a (919ft) 76 floors skyscraper located at lower Parel in Mumbai. It’s currently the tallest building in Mumbai, built on the 7.1 hectares site of Shrinivas mill, and the Lodha group developed it. 

The site consists of three towers along with a world crest and world view tower, and the estimated project cost is about US$321 million. It was designed by Pei Cobb, freed and partners, and Leslie E Robertson Associates as a structural engineer.

Address: Shankar Rao Naram path, lower Parel.

Construction started: in 2011

Completed: 2019

Floor count: 76 above ground, two below ground.

Main contractor: Arabian construction co. n Simplex and muscovite group.

#2 World View

World View
Source: Photo by Sorasak on Unsplash

Worldview is a (292m) 73 floors residential tower. It shares the same site with World One and World crest. The world-famous building forms a stunning sculpture of glass and steel…ohhh! Imagine the beauty! The tower soars and redefines the city skylines.

It’s the 301 tallest building in the world, 181 most elevated in Asia, 2nd in India, and 2nd In Mumbai. Since the project is the Same as the world One and world crest, they share similar features.

Address: Shankar Rao Naram path, lower panel.

Floor count: 73 above ground.

#3 The Park 

Source: Wikipedia

This is another excellent project developed by the Lodha group; in case you are wondering what Lodha group is, it’s a real estate development company into residential and commercial projects in Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Pune. The park is a luxury residential tower that WOHA designed, and it’s made up of five buildings that stand at 268 meters and 76 floors each.

Address:  The park, opp. Hard rock cafe, Worli, Mumbai.

Construction started: in 2013

Construction completed: 2020

Floor count: 76

Developers: Lodha group

#4 Nathani Heights

Nathani Heights
Source: Wikipedia

Nathani Heights tower is indeed a luxurious residential tower built in central Mumbai.  The (262m) 72 floors skyscraper was designed by architect Thornton Tomasetti and was developed by multiplex. 

The building can be viewed as the center of Mumbai, the Arabian Sea, and the Mahalaxmi racecourse.

Moreso, the multi-million skyscraper features many amenities, including a  first-class gym, swimming pool, tennis court, yoga space, and many other beautiful things available in the space.

Address: Maharashtra, Mumbai.

Construction started: in 2012

Completed: 2020

Floor count: 72

Developers: multiplex

#5 Imperial 1 & 2

Imperial 1 & 2
Source: Wikipedia

The imperial is a modernist-style twin-tower residential skyscraper located in the billionaire row of Mumbai. It is a signature of novelty embellishing the commercial queen and was the tallest building in India from 2010 to 2019 before being overtaken by the towers mentioned above.

The tower, designed by a Hafeez contractor, is a house to many successful individuals in India.  It’s considered one of Mumbai’s best buildings, having 60 floors and a height of 254 meters.

Address: Balkrishna Nakashe Marg, Tardeo, Mumbai.

Construction started: in 2005

Construction completed: 2010

Floor count: 60

Owner: S.D corporation PVT LTD

Developer: Shapouri pallonji & co Ltd

#6 Ahuja Towers

Ahuja Towes
Source: Wikipedia

The well-planned project is strategically located in Worli in Mumbai. The 53-story majestic residence is among the most acceptable property available around. Moreover, it’s located in a perfect place (Worli) where you can live a wonderful and luxurious life with your family. 

The tranquil surroundings of this spectacular skyscraper, such as the presence of malls, restaurants, and penthouses, make it an architectural brilliance and an ideal place to live.

Address: F.P. No: 1088/1087, Rajabhai Desai marg

Construction started: in 2010

Construction completed: 2015

Floor count: 54

Developer: Ahuja constructions

#7 One Avighna Park

One Avighna Park
Source: Wikipedia

One Avighna Park is a luxurious twin residential skyscraper in  Parel, Mumbai. This 247 meters high with 64 floors building was built by the Avighna group.

The property has won 7 international awards, including the world’s best residential high-rise development…it’s indeed luxurious!

Address: Currey Road, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

Floor count: 64

Developer: Avighna India Ltd

Now, let’s also look at some tallest buildings still under construction, which will be counted among the tallest buildings in Mumbai.

List of Tallest Building In Mumbai Under Construction

#1 Palais Royale

Palais Royale is a residential skyscraper project situated in Worli, Mumbai, on land previously owned by Shree ram mill limited. The project is still under construction due to multiple public interest litigation lawsuits filed by NGOs Jan hit Manch and UHRF, Delhi. 

Architect Talathi Panthaki’s associates designed the 88 floors skyscraper, which was said to have cost a whopping sum of US$390 million. It’s the tallest building in Mumbai.

Address: Worli, Mumbai, India.

Construction started: in 2008

Topped-out: 2018

Floor count: 88

Main contractor: Raghuveer urban constructions.

#2 Lokhandwala Minerva

Lokhandwala Minerva is a super tall skyscraper under construction in Mumbai, India. This project, when completed, will have two towers of 79 floors each. Each will encompass world-class amenities, including penthouses, parking spaces, open to sky podium, a landscape garden, etc.

It was designed by architect Hafeez contractor and is being developed by Lokhandwala Kataria construction private limited.

Address: Mahalaxmi, Mumbai, India.

Construction started: in 2011

Estimated completion: 2023

Floor count: 79

Developer: Lokhandwala Kataria construction private limited.

#3 Omkar 1973

Omkar 1973 is also one of Mumbai’s tallest buildings, still under construction. The project consists of two towers…A&B with 73 floors each. This residential skyscraper is a grand and colossal residential development built to provide a getaway.

The architectural style is excellent; kudos to foster and partners; it’s a residence where luxury is experienced at its best.

Address: Worli, Mumbai, India.

Estimated completion: 2022

Floor count: 73

Developer: Omkar realtors and developers

Main contractor: Larsen and Toubro.

#4 Crescent Bay Tower

Crescent Bay Tower is another building that makes a list; it’s Mumbai’s finest landmark, comprising six majestic residential towers aligned to form a moon-like crescent shape when viewed from a distance. L&T Realty, in collaboration with Omkar, is developing the project. 

It encompasses world-class amenities such as a well-equipped gym, tennis court, garden, recreational facilities, swimming pool, and many more.

Address: Bhiwadi, Parel Mumbai.

Floor count: 63

Developer: L&T Realty.

Final Words

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