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In most Indian households,  there is a principle known as Vastu Shastra. It’s a principle that has to do with buying furniture and positioning them in the right way. Despite having various furniture, we use Vastu Shastra For, and understanding the best direction for the study table is essential.

Positioning a study table correctly concerning ancient Indian science of architecture can boost the flow of positive energy and enhance its use. A study table is an essential piece of furniture because it improves comfortable sitting posture while studying.

Are you ready to get high grades? Do you want to improve your memory? This article will teach you the best direction for the study table according to Vastu and other Vastu tips that have to do with the study table.

When you finish reading this piece of content, you’ll get a clear fact about the many benefits of using the proper Vastu direction for the study table. Let’s get started;

Have a look at some best color ideas for study room and color combinations for the study room.

Vastu Shastra
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What Does Vastu Shastra Mean?

Vastu Shastra,” also known as India’s ancient science of architecture are text on the traditional Indian architecture system. It helps make a congenial setting or a living or working place in a scientific environment by taking advantage of natural benefits.

Applying the Vastu principle will surely make a better living and prevent things from going wrong. This popular terminology, Vastu Shastra,” unifies nature, including science, art, astrology, and astronomy. This ancient mystical science of building and designing is what all should adhere to.

Also, there is another term known aVastustu vidya”. It’s a collection of ideas and concepts, with or without the help of layout diagrams that are not rigid. These concepts are helpful for the organization of space and form within a building.

Significance of Choosing The Right Vastu For Study Table

Before we proceed to the next phase, where we are going to explore the best direction for the study table, it’ll be pretty cool to know the benefit attached to placing the study table in the right direction, as suggested by Vastu Shastra;

  • The overall performance of a student/learner will soar high.
  • Students/learners feel more confident and fully prepared for tests and exams.
  • Another significant benefit of placing a table in the right direction is that it creates positive vibes and energy in the environment, encourages one to focus while studying, and helps form intellectual memory.
  •  It reduces anxiety, stress, and phobia before entering the examination hall.
  • Moreso, if you adhere correctly to the Vastu Shastra principle, there is a probability of gaining high grades.

Moreover, you may be intelligent and possess the required skills, resources, and potential for success. Still, you need Vastu principles to avoid defects that may keep you as an average student for the rest of your life.

What Are The Benefits Study Table For Students?

Every student wants a study table dedicated to themselves to study, assignments, and other assignments projects.  A study table helps to arrange books orderly to pick the one needed urgently.

Therefore, students love to use the study table for every school, and it’s the parents’ responsibility to ensure the study table is dedicated to each child; it’s crucial as it enhances learning with ease. Let’s see some importance of a study table for children;

  1. Comfort is provided: one of the main benefits of a study table is that it offers comfort while reading, writing, and learning. The sitting posture will be perfect; students can learn their back on something without being distracted by other things.
  2. The perfect habit of studying: if you want a kid to assimilate faster, they must sit straight and in the correct position. The students will not feel sleepy. Hence assimilation is faster.
  3. Clean and tidy: the kid’s books will not be scattered. Instead, they will be appropriately arranged on the study table neatly.
  4. Writing is improvised: a study table provides a smooth surface for writing flawlessly without any scratch. Moreso, the handwriting of a kid will get improvised without cluttering.
  5. No disturbance when learning: even if many students are learning in a room, with the help of a study table, they will be able to learn silently without disturbing each other.

Best Direction For Study Table According to Vastu

According to the Vastu principle, the best Vastu direction for a study table is in the north or east direction of your home. The study table must be positioned so that the students/learners e should face the east or north direction while sitting and using the table. South-west is also a good and recommended Vastu direction.

A Vastu expert issued this advice, believing it can change how a student focuses. Also, the genres of studies should be considered while choosing a direction. Here is it;

  • South of the south-east direction is the best direction to position a study table for a student active in sports, yoga, and physical education.
  • For students in the classroom, the proper direction to position their study table is towards the southwest.
  • For students in accounting, your study direction as per Vastu is to the west.
  • For students interested in political science/ politics, the right direction to position your study table is to the east zone.
  • For students of home science and retail investors, your study table should be placed in the northwest direction, as stated by Vastu.
  • And for Any student preparing for a competitive/international exam, positioning the table to the north will be beneficial.
  • South-east direction is considered a fortune for students who are into law or criminology.

Direction to Avoid When Positioning Your Study Table

Since we’ve discussed the best place to position your study table, it’s time we also learn the law to avoid when it comes to positioning tables. Using this zone can hinder a child’s life by making them static in academics.

These directions that are about to be listed should be strictly avoided because they’re not suitable for studying per the Vastu Shastra principle. Instead, it will impact the academics of a student negatively.

  •  As was stated by a Vastu expert, the study table should not be placed around the bathroom.
  • Ensure to avoid the following directions when positioning your studying table; west of north-west, south of South-west, and east of south-east.
  • Also, the following directions should be avoided, east or northeast, north of North West, and South zone, why positioning study table.

You can also seek more knowledge on this if you wish to know more by consulting Vastu experts or by searching deeply on Vastu.

Essential Vastu Tips For Study Table

Now that we’ve known the importance of study table direction student performance at least, up to a great extent,  this article has proven that a child’s version has something to do with the direction they face while studying. 

The direction, color, shape, and materials of the study table Play a vital role in students’ academic success. Hence, proper care should be taken while choosing them.

Study table color as per the Vastu principle

First, the black table should not be used as a study table and should be avoided as it does not Exude positive energy. In case you already have black color for the study table, just get a white table cloth to drape it to avoid “Vastu dosh.” Avoid it! It darkens energy, lowers productivity, and increases the cause of stress.

According to Vastu experts, the best colors for studying tables are light/neutral as they help improve students/learners’ concentration. Moreover, colors like green, pastel blue, light green, white, and cream are good to use in a study room.  All the listed colors, according to Vastu, should have a soothing impact on students’ minds, making them focus.

Vastu is studying Table Shape.

There are a lot of designers and fashion studying tables out there, don’t be tempted to buy one, they might look unique, but they’ll do you no good because they do not Exude the positive energy you need for studying. But, according to Vastu experts, the recommended shape for learning tables is rectangular and square.

Materials For Study Table According to Vastu

The best material to make a studying table is no other than wood. As per Vastu, ensure good quality wood to have a study table that’s rigid and durable. Aside from that, Vastu principles strictly oppose the usage of low-quality timber while making a study table.

Vastu Tips for Placement And Arrangement of Study Table

Here, we have some tips for you regarding the placement and arrangement of the study table. Let’s look at it;

  • Once you position your study table in the best direction according to Vastu based on your genre of studies, make sure the table is placed a few inches away from the wall to ensure circulation of energies and improve focus and creativity.
  • A plain wall in front of a study table is ill-advised. However, if your study room is in such a manner, it’s advisable to fill the blank wall with motivational quotes or hang a small board where you stick your activities schedule and other essential items.
  • The reading lamp should always be placed on the left side of the studying table.
  • The study table should always be in excellent and clean condition. There should be no litter on the study table as it will Exude negative energy and distraction. Moreover, it’s essential to wipe the dust on the study table every day before you use it.

Other Vastu Tips For Study Table

  1. Although a rectangle and square table can be used as a study table, a square shape is the best.
  2. Avoid keeping the table under the beam.
  3. Do not face a blank wall while studying, as discussed above.
  4. Do not choose an irregular-shaped study table.
  5. Utilize daylights to bring in solar energy.
  6. Place the photograph of Goddess Saraswati, Lord Ganesha, Garuda Garuda, Garuda Nandi bull, and Gayatri mantra around your study table. Because they all have helped to render.
  7. Place Vastu-related items on your table for better concentration.
  8. Avoid mirrors around your study table as the mirror reflection will double your workload, anxiety, and stress.
  9. Avoid using too big or too small study tables; it affects a child’s working capacity.
  10. Do not keep broken pencils or pens on the study table.
  11. Sitting with your back to the door is not a good idea. Avoid it!
  12. Distracting pictures or posters should be avoided around the study table.

After all that has been said, we’ve concluded that the best direction for the study table is said to be east or north. However, depending on your genres of studies or the type of exam you want, it’s recommended to check the Vastu study table direction that suits your field.
Ensure to adhere to other things in this article, from study table color to materials, shape, and others. It pays attention to the Vastu principle regarding the best direction for the study table. Good luck!