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A three-bedroom house can be ideal for small to medium families with four to five people. You can give your children a room, have one for yourself, and keep the third room for your guests.

While selecting an ideal 3-bedroom house for your family, make sure you choose an apartment that complies with Vastu principles for your family’s well-being and will help you achieve the best benefits. Add your favorite furnishings to make a simple apartment your dream home, but here are a few things to remember before finding an apartment.

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Why should you choose an east-facing house?

The East is the keeper of light, energy, and life. According to the Vastu Shastra, you are most likely to welcome success, good health, and wealth to your home if you own an east-facing house. If you are planning to purchase an apartment or a house, an east-facing home must be ideal for you, according to Vastu.

Furthermore, all east-facing places encourage family members’ creativity, concentration, and growth. When purchasing an apartment or a house, you can use a compass to determine which corner is to the east. 

The ideal plan for a three-bedroom house

Vastu combines five natural elements: air, water, earth, fire, and sky. If you follow all the Vastu tips while buying a house, you can build perfect harmony. If you follow all of the Vastu tips when building your dream home, you can make it a place of luck and prosperity. 

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What should be the shape of a 3BHK house according to Vastu’s plans?

You must ensure the flat is rectangular or square when buying a house. It is considered a Vastu dosha if there is a cut or change in shape at the corner of the house. Perfect shapes like squares and rectangles are considered beneficial. It will allow Vastu energies to flow throughout your home.

What should be the right ceiling height for a 3 BHK flat?

While purchasing a house, ensure that the house has a ceiling height of around 10 to 12 feet to allow the Vastu energies to flow inside the house. You must select something other than sloped and asymmetrical roofs for your home.

If you have slopes inside your house, you welcome stress, sleeplessness, and more obstacles for yourself and your housemates. 

Vastu Temple plan in a 3BHK house

Most people in India prefer a separate temple room to perform their daily puja. There’s no doubt that the temple in your house is the holiest place because it brings in good energy. The temple should be in the northeast corner of your home, according to the principles of Vastu.

However, if the northeast corner of your house is blocked, the best alternative positions would be the north and east corners. According to Vastu principles, you must not place your pooja room under a cupboard or a beam.

temple room plan
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Vastu Bathroom plan in a 3BHK house

You must also position your bathroom, not just your worship room or bedroom. According to Vastu, you should put your bathroom in the northwest or southeast. However, you must ensure that the entrance of your bathroom is in the east or north direction.

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Vastu Bedroom location in your 3BHK house

If you want to buy a 3BHK apartment facing east, you should ensure that the master bedroom faces southwest, which brings good luck. While sleeping in your room, try to place your head in the west or the south direction. Prevent putting a bed opposite to a mirror or any door.

Last but not least, never place the bed directly across from the bathroom, and always remember to close the bathroom door after using it. 

Vastu kitchen plan inside an east-facing 3BHK house

As per Vastu rules for placing a kitchen inside an east-facing 3BHK flat, you must not put it in any other direction apart from the southeast.

If the southeast guide is unavailable for the kitchen, build it in the northwest corner of your house instead of planning your kitchen in the west, north, and northeast directions, which invites ill health. 

Also, it is advisable to cook food while facing east if your kitchen is in the southeast corner and west if your kitchen is in the northwest corner.

Point the gas stove toward the southeast if you don’t want bad energy to get into your food. Try placing your storage area and the refrigerator in the southwest corner of the house. 

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The Main door position, according to Vastu

Understanding the Vastu Pada while planning to structure the main entrance of a 3BHK east-facing house is essential. Divide your house’s east length into nine equal parts. Each division of the eastern side is called a “pada” or “step.”

The division of the northeast corner must be the first step, while the southeast corner will be the last pada. The fifth step in the entire length is the best position for placing the entrance of the east-facing 3BHK house.

The fifth pada is the location of the sun, and it brings reputation and success to the occupants of the house. If the fifth step is too small for placing the house’s entrance, you can prefer the third, fourth, sixth, and seventh Pada.

Ensure that the main door isn’t in the northeast or southeast corners. You can use religious symbols like Trishul and Swastik on both sides of your main door to attract positive auras and eliminate negative energies.

Make sure you have enough room to open the door right into the open space if you want to bring in good energy. Plan your main entrance, so there are no walls right after you walk in. Having walls right after the front door is bad luck because it blocks energy flow.

main entrance plan
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Vastu Balcony and living room position

According to the Vastu tips for an east-facing 3-bedroom house, open areas like balconies must be in the east corner of the house. Balconies or any other available regions facing the east direction bring health and good luck to the people inside the house. 

Also, the living room for a 3BHK east-facing house should be in the northeast corner, according to Vastu. The ceiling and floor of the living area must slope toward the north and east corners of the house. For best results, you must place the heavy furniture in the living room on the west and southwest sides of the room.

balcony and living room plan
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Study room as per Vastu guidelines

In an east-facing 3BHK flat, the study room must face west or East, according to Vastu. Furthermore, the north direction is the second-best corner for positioning the house’s study room.

Avoid having the study room door just behind the chair. Also, the study table inside the room must have an open portion in front of it. Allow a small gap between the table and the wall to allow proper energy circulation within the room. 

study room plan
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Do’s and Don’ts

  • It would help if you did not place large objects like statues and trees in front of the house’s main gate.
  • Avoid building a house that has its sloping from north to south.
  • If you plan to add a nameplate to your house, a wooden nameplate is best for an east-facing 3-bedroom home.
  • The northern and eastern walls must not be thicker and higher than the western and southern walls.
  • Avoid placing a staircase in the northeast direction.
  • Keep trees out of the east direction as it will block the sunlight with the highest amount of positive energy.
  • Ensure that you only place a shoe rack in the southeast and east direction.
  • You can use mountain salt to purify your house at least twice weekly to boost positive energy.


Now that you know the best placement ideas for all your rooms inside an east-facing 3-BHK house, start planning your Vastu room colors accordingly to attract good vibes, luck, wealth, and prosperity into the house. If you believe in Vastu rules, you must follow them all.

If you don’t, you might invite negativity and bad luck into your home by not following these rules. Therefore, to get the best results, you should check out the Vastu placement tips for the rooms inside your house before structuring it.