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The word “Bhu Naksha” literally means “land maps.” So it’s a web app released by the Uttar Pradesh government as the first step toward digitizing all important land records. To get more information on Bhu Naksha, here is a thorough guide. With Bhu Naksha, you can find further information on the land or plot in addition to a map. You can also find out who owns the land, the Khasra number, what the Khatauni is, and how the land is currently used.

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Undoubtedly, digitalizing land records through Bhu Naksha has remarkably increased transparency in real estate deals and reduced fraud/corruption rates. You may also use the Bhu Naksha UP smartphone app to view land records. The digitization of land records has helped reduce land disputes in the state, and most importantly, it has made it easier to keep track of land records. In addition, you can avail yourself of an online guide to your landed property or plot and download it at your convenience from the comfort of your home.

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Significance of the UP land map

The main goal of Bhu Naksha is to give the people of Uttar Pradesh more control over their land records digitally and reduce the corruption rate.

  • First, before UP Bhu Naksha online service came into action, individuals had to visit the Revenue Department or other government agencies to glean data about their property. However, today information is easily accessible at the ease of home.
  • Fetching a land map won’t cost individuals money or time.
  • You may view your land and your village’s maps on the Bhu Naksha Uttar Pradesh webpage.
  • The app protects the state’s citizens from illegal land sales.

How can I log into the UP Bhu Naksha website?

With an ID and password, anyone with an existing account can quickly access the Bhu Naksha UP site. Here’s how you can log into the Bhu Naksha UP portal:

  1. Browse the webpage for Bhu Naksha UP.
  2. Press the Login button, situated in the top-right corner.
  3. You will successfully land on the next window.
  4. Enter the required information, including the District, Username, and Password. 
  5. Tap the login button.

How do I use Bhu Naksha UP’s online UP land map?

Are you thinking about how to use the Bhu Naksha online application? You have got two options.

Visit the official website of Bhu Naksha Uttar Pradesh or click here.

Alternatively, you may download the application UP Bhulekh from the Play store

Once done, you can easily access the land maps and browse or even download detailed land maps online. To view Bhu Naksha on Bhu Naksha UP in Uttar Pradesh, take the actions listed below:

  1. Open, the authorized Bhu Naksha UP website.
  2. Give specifics like the District, Village, and Tehsil; the corresponding land map will appear.
  3. Click on the option “Show Land Details” on the left to open the land map in detail and other related information on the type of plot and land. In addition, from here, you can also learn more about government property, agricultural land, and other types of land.
  4. Click the corresponding number on the map to get further information on a particular land piece. For example, the screen will contain information about the plot size, the owner, etc. The data you can access will remain organized under headings like Khata Number, Name of the Khaatedar, Village, and Ownership Information.
  5. Tap on the screen with your right mouse button and select “Save Image” to get the map. The computer will store the image.

How can I Print/Download UP Bhu Naksha?

Visit the UP Bhu Naksha 2022 website to log in to the UP Bhu Naksha site. Once on the homepage, enter the information, including the district, tehsil, and village name. You will receive a map of that place after filling out these details. Next, input the Khasra number after seeing the map and click “OK.” The screen will show all of the information associated with the khasra number. Once the map has appeared, click the Map Report button. You can download or print the UP Bhu Naksha from this page.

Who Is Eligible to Use Bhu Naksha UP?

Anyone who owns property in Uttar Pradesh may learn more about Bhu Naksha by going to the Bhu Naksha UP webpage. All you may need is some simple information, like the state, district, village, and tehsil of your land. You can quickly verify your Bhu Naksha data after entering all the required information. The best part is that this is free and involves no hidden fees; anyone can use it without any cost.

People other than property owners can use Bhu Naksha UP to find information about the chosen land parcels. These people include home loan lenders, buyers, dealers, consultants, etc.

How to view the UP land map on a mobile device?

By visiting the UP Bhu Naksha official website, you can quickly access Bhu Naksha UP from your mobile device. If you have an Android smartphone instead, you can go to the Play Store and download the UP Bhulekh app. Once you install the application and log in, you can find the main page.

  • Next, you must select your credentials like State, District, Tehsil, and Village.
  • Once done, your land map will appear in front of you.
  • To access your map, enter the Khasra number and click on it on the map to view the map.

The Bhu Naksha UP app is available for download from the Google Play store. However, please bear in mind that your personal information might be in danger and could be destructive. Using the Bhu Naksha UP website to look at land maps online is recommended. You can contact support via email at or at 0522-2217145 in case of any issues.

How to get Land Description and Type on Bhu Naksha UP

The Bhu Naksha UP website provides information about the land and the landowner. Here are the steps that show how to use this application to get a lot of information about the land:

  1. After landing on the Bhu Naksha UP official website, fill in the State, District, Tehsil, and Village details on the left-hand side.
  2. In the next step, you will get an option to select a village map.
  3. Next, please select the desired land plot or parcel by clicking on it.
  4. Finally, click on “Show Land Types Details” under the “Land Types” heading on the left side of the screen.
  5. The screen will provide the specifics of the land type and a description of the land. You will find the following details on your screen:
  6. Total Owner, Plots, and Khate.
  7. Overall Area (in Hectare).
  8. Overall Land revenue.
  9. Khatedar Name and Khata Number.

The Bhu Naksha UP portal emphasizes that the land maps and land found there are “not admissible” in a court of law. You need to contact the Land Record Archive Division in the right area to get certified original copies.

How to use a Khasra number to search the UP Land Map online?

The Bhu Naksha UP website uses the land’s Khasra number to search for the land map.

  1. First, visit the Bhu Naksha UP website.
  2. Then, type the Khasra Number into the top search field.
  3. Finally, click the search button after entering the plot’s Khasra Number. The screen will show the land map or Bhu Naksha.

Benefits of using the Bhu Naksha UP

The significance of maintaining property records and other vital papers cannot be overlooked. Before putting money into real estate, it is important to double-check the plot and land map information on the Bhu Naksha UP portal. Here’s why you must start using the Bhu Naksha portal:

  • User Friendly: You can easily access land maps as soon as online plot records and land maps are updated. Furthermore, the app has successfully minimized the complicated paperwork more straightforward.
  • Plot Dimension Certification – The UP Bhu Naksha site clearly defines the borders and actual size of the plot.
  • Easily Accessible- On Bhu Naksha UP, you may get the ROR (Record of Rights) and the layout of the relevant land. One can access all information on the landowner, the renter, and any liabilities included in the ROR record.
  • Legitimacy– You can verify all the necessary credentials when using Bhu Naksha, as you can access legitimate information about properties here. For instance, if the government allocates a plot for the general welfare, you can track all information just as you log into the Bhu Naksha web application.
  • Verification of the landowner: The Bhu Naksha UP platform allows users to check the leaseholder’s name, khata number, and address.

The Hardships with Bhu Naksha UP

The Bhu Naksha web service has made it simple to view UP land maps digitally. However, the Bhu Naksha technique has several drawbacks and shortcomings, including:

  • Accuracy: The geo-referenced maps attempt to be as exact as possible, but they may exclude important information like trees, rivers, and aisles. On-the-ground issues may result from official maps that lack specific information. Additionally, it calls into doubt the objectivity of AI-generated maps.
  • Alteration of Data: The data from land records may be readily changed since independent contractors run the Common Service Centers. Untrustworthy individuals could utilize the center owners or coerce them to alter the data and benefit themselves.
  • Personal Information: The land maps given by the Bhu Naksha site also include the landowners’ personal information. Name, caste, date of birth, category, bank information, and family information are all included in this data. This exposes the personal information of millions of farmers and landowners to theft and unauthorized usage.
  • Consumer Monitoring: Since the information on thousands of farmers and landholders is publicly accessible, businesses may use it to create a profile of their target market. This amounts to data and privacy violations and violates people’s privacy rights.

UP Bhu Naksha 2022’s legitimacy

Even though there are a lot of detailed online land records, the land maps on UP Bhu Naksha are not always legally binding and cannot be used for official purposes. You must consult with your revenue office or tehsil office if you need a legal, stamped copy of a land map.


How can you acquire the UP land maps online?

You must visit the UP Bhu Naksha Portal and complete all the required fields before you view the UP Bhu Naksha Portal online and remove the map.

What is the address of the official Bhu Naksha Uttar Pradesh website?

UP Bhu Naksha, also known as Uttar Pradesh Bhu Naksha, has an official website at

How can you find out who the landowner is?

Select the land’s Khasra number on the map if you want more information, such as the owner’s name. This web application will display the owner’s name, the land owner’s name, and other land-related information.

Where should you go if you have questions about a land map?

Contact the tehsil office if you experience any land map issues.

What are the requirements for seeing the UP land map?

District, Tehsil, Village, and Khasra or Account Number are required to view the UP land map.

How can you check my Khasra Number in UP?

Select Khatauni Ki Nakal from Bhulekh UP’s main page. You may now enter the district, tehsil, and village. Additionally, input the captcha code. After selecting “search” by khasara number, click “submit.” It will display the land’s specifics.

The bottom line

The Bhu Naksha UP is a satellite-supported web application. The average person can access detailed property records and land maps online. UP Bhu Naksha is a positive step toward nationwide land record digitization. Thanks to this app, residents of Uttar Pradesh can now look at, download, and print land maps online in a jiffy. Did you try the web application yet?