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On the Jaipur bhunaksha website, you can easily view, download, and print the bhunaksha of any land parcel and check the ownership details. Anyone can make an informed decision, thanks to the digitised record. This article will show you how to get the most out of Bhu Naksha Jaipur.

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What is Bhunaksha
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What is Bhunaksha?

The maps that specify the precise borders of the plot are checked, edited, and digitised using Bhu Naksha. This makes it easier for the buyer to double plot information before buying a property. In addition, the gateway can retrieve more details about the plot, such as the owner’s identity, the khasra and Khatami, and the land use type. Fraud and corruption have decreased due to the digitisation of land records.

A mobile app can be used to access these records as well. You may also view land records using the Bhu Naksha UP smartphone app. Land conflicts in the state have decreased, and efficiency has increased because of the digitisation of land records. The online map for your landed property or plot is now available for you to see and download at your convenience from the comfort of your home.

Bhunaksha Jaipur: Plot report

You are using the Bhunaksha Jaipur website at bhunaksha.raj.nic. You can obtain official information on a plot report regarding an agricultural plot or another type of land parcel you may own in Jaipur from the comfort of home. The National Informatics Centre (NIC) created Bhunaksha Jaipur, the land map of Rajasthan, and it has since gained popularity among landowners and potential plot buyers who wish to verify the ownership information of the property before buying it.

Bhunaksha Jaipur: how to check 

Step 1:  Visit the official Bhunaksha Jaipur website at to learn more about internet plot naksha of plot report. While you can access the Jaipur bhunaksha by logging in, there is a benefit to doing so because all the information, such as the Rajasthan plot report, is stored in the database. Please click the “Login” icon in the top right corner of the bhunaksha Jaipur page to sign in.

what you need to know about Rajasthan bhu naksha
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Step 2: Fill in the District, Village, and Tehsil details. 

Bhu naksha rajasthan
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Step 3: Click Show Land Details on the left to view the land map in more detail. It will provide information on the type of plot and the land. Information about government land, agricultural land, desolate land, etc.

How to check Bhu naksha in different states
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Step 4: The Nakal report is available on the Bhunaksha Rajasthan page. You will be sent to another window if you choose to view it.

How to check bhu naksha
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Step 5: After selecting the Show Report PDF option, your computer will open the BhuNaksha Rajasthan option, which may be downloaded.

Bhunaksha Jaipur: Benefits

The benefits of having accessibility to Bhunaksha Jaipur are numerous. You can accurately determine the plot’s size because it is specified in the Jaipur bhunaksha plot report. You will also get accessibility to the owner’s name and other information.

Therefore, one may check all the legality of the land with Bhunaksha Jaipur for free from the convenience of one’s home before engaging in any deal. Additionally, Bhunaksha Jaipur gives a land map showing the ROR (Record of Rights) and plot borders. Cross-checking plot and land map information on the Bhu Naksha Jaipur portal is crucial. The user receives the following advantages via the portal:

  • Plot Size Verification – The Jaipur Bhu Naksha portal clearly defines the borders and actual size of the plot.
  • Legality – Information like the type of land parcel can be determined. Online cross-checking is possible, for instance, if the government allocates a plot for public welfare.
  • Verification of the landowner: The Bhu Naksha Jaipur portal allows you to check the landowner’s name, that number, and address.
  • Simple accessibility: On Bhu Naksha UP, you can get the ROR (Register of Right) and the maps of the relevant land. Information on the landowner, the tenant, and any liabilities is included in the ROR record.

Plot report Jaipur: How to print?

Many individuals have inquired whether it can download and print the plot report or the Bhunaksha Jaipur report. You can, is the response. Simply follow the instructions which are written below:

  • To print the information, click its name.
  • Choose Grid, Graph, or Grid & Graph view from the Home menu.
  • Select Print from the Main menu to print. See the steps below for further information on the printing options.
  • You can print the document from your browser or the PDF preview.


How do I get up bhu naksha pdf?

Access the portal at Follow the steps to find land maps by providing relevant information. When the map appears on the screen, click the ‘Map Report’ button on the right. You will be able to download the bhu naksha in PDF format.

How can I find out who owns the land?

Follow the steps to locate the land map via the UP bhu naksha portal. Choose a plot of land or land from the map. On the right side, you’ll find all the information about the land, including the account owner and Khasra or account number.