Bhunaksha Uttar Pradesh | Need | Importance | Process | Bhunaksha Application | Features | FAQs

The following article discusses the Bhunaksha UP that helps the residents of Uttar Pradesh to find minute details about the lands or plots in Uttar Pradesh. 

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Understanding Bhunaksha Uttar Pradesh 

The Indian government has always believed that a single accurate national record of land ownership is a critical foundation for growth and development. Bhunaksha software is the tool to make this happen in rural areas.

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Source: UP Bhunaksha

It is software used to create digital records of land ownership in India. The National Informatics Center (NIC), Government of India, has become organized enough to digitize their land records using the Bhunaksha software. 

The land records department in UP, serving the state of Uttar Pradesh, provides its facilities online so people can easily see their land-related records. This service aims to provide property details and a base for land information management in Uttar Pradesh.

Need for Bhunaksha

Uttar Pradesh is primarily a rural nation. A significant population resides in villages, yet there are so many instances of villagers being duped on the pretext of selling them agricultural and non-agricultural land at attractive rates. 

Unscrupulous elements then perpetuate property fraud by offering them lands that are found to be either disputed or encroached. Sometimes, even forged papers with forged signatures are used to make such transactions.

With technological advancements, this has become easy, and several ways of purchasing the property. For example, the Bhunaksha portal provides easy access to land-related records. It has a user-friendly interface and simple registration, login, and search instructions. In addition, the portal uses inconsistent language, so people from any region or vernacular understand it.

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How will Bhunaksha be helpful for the people? 

Cadastral data is an essential document that records the boundaries of a land. This is vital for making a proper record of property ownership. Digitizing cadastral maps will enable citizens to access their documents quickly and conveniently and help the government manage its resources efficiently. 

To help people purchase properties securely and without hassles, the Uttar Pradesh government has launched the Bhunaksha portal. 

  • With this initiative, digitized land records across the State will become more accessible and convenient. 
  • You can check all the information related to land-related records online by generating a unique login id and password. 
  • Details like records of dispute, if any, concerning construction work can be checked.
  • First, it is essential to ensure the security of the documents you will use, like electricity bills, water connection bills, pan cards, ration cards, etc., to confirm your identity, income, and residence proof. 
  • Some documents can be easily verified on your mobile phone, while others require more research.
  • Bhunaksha UP is an excellent service by the state government of Uttar Pradesh to make the people aware of their land records. It is also known as UP Bhunaksha search. 

Looking at the simplicity and ease of use, one can easily see why they have kept such a revolutionary product free of cost. The digitization of land records has improved transparency, governance, and the overall real estate business in Uttar Pradesh. 

Using Bhunaksha

The Uttar Pradesh government has started uploading data into the Bhunaksha from the online database, thus making the information more accessible to citizens. This will significantly benefit farmers who wish to know about available forest land for use and sale near their village.

  • The residents of Uttar Pradesh can visit to know how to download and use the website for their benefit. 
  • After visiting the Bhunaksha website, try logging in to the website through
  • After logging in to your account, enter the required details about your village, state, and other things. 
  • Now, it is essential to understand the land type. Knowing the various land types and their classification is fundamental to learning the land’s working, advantages, and disadvantages. For example, the option “Show Land Type Details” will help you gain more knowledge about it.  
  • The website will open a new section in front of the user, and the user can learn more about it by clicking on the available units. 

The UP bhunaksha website offers individuals and businesses an innovative option for checking land ownership records. In addition, it provides several convenient, secure, and user-friendly services online for paying property taxes and conducting searches of bhunaksha records. 

Who can use the bhunaksha app? 

Bhunaksha Uttar Pradesh is a web-based system that provides details about land in Uttar Pradesh. Anyone willing to take land in Uttar Pradesh can access it. 

  • Before bhunaksha UP, people used to go from village to village and settlement to settlement to collect details about land. 
  • But this manual process was costly and time-consuming, taking several weeks, sometimes just to get one sheet of paper about details of one plot of land. 
  • With time, some kind of inaccuracy crept in. By the time it got printed, these discrepancies had become severe changes in details, so the result sometimes had nothing to do with what existed on the field.

The concept has been made entirely user-friendly by using simple local language and operating with commonly used symbols.

Features of Bhunaksha Uttar Pradesh App

The Uttar Pradesh government is taking numerous steps to transform the state into a digitally advanced state. UP Bhunaksha is one of the most recent and revolutionary steps taken by the Uttar Pradesh government. 

The most crucial aim of this project is to ensure that farmers get every inch of their land documented and mapped through a citizen-centric and paperless system. The overall process of this project is simple and easy, making it convenient for government employees and ordinary people.

To know the Legality of the land.

While exploring a land, it is essential to know whether the land allotted is legal or not. This is where bhunaksha comes into the work, as it helps the people know about the plot’s history or the land. Learning about the history of the land is essential to deciding whether to buy the ground or not. 

Size of the land

It is a fact that technology has the potential to transform differently. And thus, the bhunaksha app helps the residents to know about the boundaries and proper size of the land or the plot. Moreover, getting the exact size of the land will be helpful as it will help them identify the cost of the land. 

Saves time for the residents

The Bhunaksha app will save the residents time looking to know the records of the land. Online forms will help them see the ground better; thus, it is a valuable app feature. Moreover, they can visit there after deciding if the user has to purchase the land. 

No Property frauds

The UP government has taken an unprecedented step by giving access to an ordinary person to check land details on the official website of the UP Bhu Naksha. This will help reduce the property frauds that have been happening for a long time. 

Loan assistance from the Banks

The UP Bhu Naksha can provide financial institutions with information for their lending activities. People who want to buy farmland or get a loan from a bank also wouldn’t have to deal with all the problems. Easy Loans are available from the banks and at minimal interest rates. 

Direct interaction with the actual owner of the land

The UP Bhunaksha of the UP Government provides the land details. It is helpful for the residents. They can make use of this facility as soon as possible.

Exact details of the land

The purpose of a ROR provided by bhunaksha is to efficiently keep track of all the things associated with the land. The details contained in a ROR facilitate the parties involved to keep up with everything that has to be done throughout the life of an agreement, whether it is in the form of rent, expenses, or tax dues on a house or any other land property.

The Uttar Pradesh government has made UP Bhu Naksha part and parcel of their schemes to make the farmers self-reliant. It lets you locate yourself within maps and display existing information about the land. The farmer can even lodge complaints with the district administration if he feels any error in measuring his farmland or other suspicious activity.

FAQs on Bhunaksha Uttar Pradesh

What if someone is not able to view a particular plot or land? 

Ans.  In the Bhu Naksha UP, most land records are available there. However, if a person cannot find a particular land or a plot, then it would be just a matter of time as the records are still in the updating mode. So, the department recommends you access the website after a few days to learn about the land.

Can people access the Bhu Naksha UP App on mobile phones? 

Ans. Currently, mobile apps allow you to view the bhunaksha. However, relying on these apps is not in your best interest because not all updates and information will be available, and the Uttar Pradesh Government does not even launch them. The official website of UP bhunaksha is the only point where they record and update all updates and information.

Can people print out the Bhu Naksha App for their convenience? 

Ans. People can take out the printout of the map from the Bhu Naksha website and use it. Moreover, you can download the map and use it for future purposes. But, the quality of print out from the initial map and the Bhu Naksha app might vary slightly because of the software used. 

Will Bhu Naksha provide the exact details of the land properly? 

Ans. When you buy a nearby plot of land, it is essential to have a bird’s eye view of the land. You will find much beneficial information on the UP Bhunaksha portal. The information provided by the Bhunaksha UP portal includes all the minute details and even other schemes developed previously on the land.