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In Bihar, the Nitish Kumar government (Nitish Kumar government) is involved in halting the Bihar bhumi question (Bihar land banter case) in Bihar. Land look at and agreement paintings are underway nearby to be able to be carried out towards the subsequent year’s end. 

The statistics have been given through Chief Minister Nitish Kumar himself has given these statistics within the Legislative Assembly (Bihar Assembly Budget Session). He stated that people could carry out the evaluation agreement paintings of land in all locales of the nation constantly until 2023. Through this step, they can know the entire statistics about the duty concerning location.

Understanding Bihar Bhumi

The chief minister said that the survey settlement fulfillment of the work of the requested settlement would help broadly. Over 60% of the killings in the state are in land questions. In such a circumstance, if the review of the land is finished, they will fundamentally reduce the instances of conversations related to it. 

Bihar Bhumi
Source: Bihar Bhumi

For example, get-togethers are being held dependably from locale value to police level regarding settlement of land question and its number to decrease. Bhulekh Bihar is a web information collection and review machine for dealing with and staying aware of land data in Bihar. 

The Bihar experts endeavored to digitize the state’s domain data as a piece of the leading experts’ National Land Record Modernization Program (NLRMP). The Bihar Bhulekh genuine website permits you to look for land data in Bihar through successive arrangements or birthday merriment names. Continue to investigate a basic and brief push toward finding Bihar land data or library information online. Check out the details on 1 bigha land.

How to Check Land Record Bihar or Bhulekh Bihar by Party Name?

The first-class method to Search Land Records in Bihar or Bhulekh Bihar thru Party Name. You furthermore can take a look at the land document Bihar or Bhulekh Bihar thru the birthday party name by following the manner cited under:

Stage 1: Log in to the Bhumijankari net web page and select Searching through Party Name on the right-hand sheet.

bihar bhumi land record
Source: Bhumijankari

Stage 2: You are probably composed to go with the web page. You will need to select amongst alternatives here.

  • Following Computerization (2006 to till date)
  • Pre-Computerization (1996 to 2006)

Stage 3: Fill withinside the statistics, which consolidate the Party name, in this step. Party Type (Executive/Claimant/Both) Changes Year to Year

Stage 4: When you click the ‘View’ button, the statistics will display on the screen.

How to Check Bihar Land Records on Bhumijankari? (Step-with the guide of utilizing Step)

Land record Bihar also called Bhulekh Bihar, is not set in stone at the Bihar government’s Bhumijankari entrance (Bihar Land Registry Details).

  1. Go to the Bhumijankari or or the Bhulekh Bihar site.
  2. On the Bhulekh Bihar site’s right-hand board, select “Looking with the guide of utilizing Serial No.”
  3. Choose the correct classification.
  4. If you select the Post Computerisation stage (2006 to the Present), you should enter the resulting records and snap on the ‘View’ button. Enrollment of chronic numbers and many years. First is – Following Computerization (2006 to until date). The second is – Pre-Computerization (1996 to 2006).
  5. If you choose the Pre-Computerisation stage (1996-2006), fill withinside the going with statistics and snap the ‘View’ button. 

Selection of chronic numbers and a good-sized range of years. 

How to Check Land MVR on Bhulekh Bihar Online?

The MVR in Bihar is open on the web; to stable MVR on the web, comply with the manner mentioned underneath.

bihar land MVR
Source: Bhumijankari
  1. Navigate to the Bhumijankari web website online at choose View MVR from the agencies tab.
  2. Fill inside the areas with facts like Registration Office, Circle Name, Thana Code, and Land Type.
  3. In the general evaluation tab, input facts, for instance, the land Transaction Type, Total land cost, and land locale.
  4. Select the ‘View Calculation’ decision. The display screen will display the bottom well worth of the land report in Bihar.
  • Changing the LPC Case Number
  • Case Number 2022-23 Changed Mutation

In Bhulekh, Bihar, what’s the Minimum Value Register (MVR)?

The Bihar authorities display the bottom really of belongings thinking about its vicinity. For example, the Bhulekh Bihar Minimum Value Register (MVR) is a machine that assists with selecting the fee of a plot and thinking about its area anywhere in Bihar.

How to Check Flat MVR in Bhulekh Bihar Online?

The Bhumijankari website, in like way, offers the selection to test degree MVR online, permitting homebuyers and sellers to pick the bottom well worth in their property.

  • Go to the Bhumijankari passage or the Bihar Bhulekh web website online and signal in.
  • In the Services tab, select ‘MVR for Flat.’
  • Enter information, for instance – Town Circle Name Local Body Property Location Thana Code Plot Area of Apartment-Flat Area of Apartment Structure Type Parking Space Cost Super Built-Up Area. Also, sometime later, press the Submit Button. The MVR of the extent of Bhulekh Bihar could be open on the web.

How to Obtain the Encumbrance Certificate (EC)?

The term “encumbrance certificate” refers to the legal document that records the encumbrances or pending loans attached to a piece of property. This certificate also includes a complete listing of all active residential mortgages. The following is a rundown of the steps required to acquire an Encumbrance certificate from the Bhumijankari portal in Bihar.

  1. Sign in to the Bhumijankari website provided by the government of Bihar.
  1. To view the encumbrance certificate, select the appropriate tab.
  1. Please fill in all of the following information
  • Circle name
  • Registration office
  • Mauza/Thana No
  • Type
  • Rural/Urban
  1. Select the Transaction to Show option. The information on the encumbrances placed on Bhulekh Bihar will be presented on the screen.
  1. Alternative Procedure to Check Land Record Bihar

You can approach a different approach to acquire the land record of Bihar, also known as the Bihar Bhulekh. Follow the steps listed below to receive the land record for the state of Bihar.

land record bihar
Source: Land Bihar
  • Register for an account on the department of revenue and land reforms’ official website, which you can find at 
  • Simply select the “Bhu-manchitra” link.
  • The website will take you to the next page, which has a map of the state of Bihar.
  • To view the land records for a particular district in Bihar, simply select that district from the list and click it.
  • Choose the appropriate mouza district, zone, and name from the drop-down menus.
  • After clicking the “Account search” button, the website will bring up the land record on the screen.

How to Get a Web Copy of Land Records on Bhulekh Bihar Portal?

Find below a list of the actions you should take to obtain a web copy of your land records through the Bhulekh Bihar portal.

  1. Go to the internet portal Bhulekh Bihar, also known as the Bihar Land Records.
  1. Please provide specific information about your property, including the serial number of the deed, the office where it was registered, the year it was written, and so on.
web copy bihar
Source: Bhumijankari

How to Check Khasra-Khatauni in Land Record Bihar Online?

Please follow the steps listed below to receive khasra-khatauni details online in the state of Bihar:

  1. Bihar Bhumi, also known as Land record Bihar or Bihar Bhulekh, has its official website, which you may access by logging in.
  1. On the site, you should look for the tab labeled “Jamabandi Panji.”
khasra khatauni bihar
Source: Bihar Bhumi
  1. The portal will take you to the page that you have requested.
  1. Fill in the pertinent information, such as
  • District
  • Halka
  • Mauja
  • Anchal
  1. Also, make sure to click the Search button. The portal will then present the Jamabandi particulars in an online format.

How to Apply for Daakhil Kharij on Land Record Bihar (Bihar Bhulekh) Portal?

The process of transferring ownership of land you have purchased into your name in the Land Register of Bihar is known as Daakhil Kharij. You will not be legally considered the owner of that land or property until the Daakhil Kharij process has been completed in the Land Record office in Bihar. 

On the Biharbhumi portal, citizens can submit their applications for Daaakhil Kharij online. To submit your application for Daakhil Kharij online, follow the steps below.

daakhil kharij online bihar
Source: Bihar Bhumi
  1. Create an account on the Bihar Bhumi portal or the Bhulekh Bihar website.
  1. To submit your application for Daakhil Kharij online, click here.
  1. It will now take you to the next page in a moment.
  1. If this is your first time using our site, you must register for an account by selecting the “Registration” tab. If you already have an account, you must click the Sign In button after entering your email address, password, and captcha code.
  1. After successfully logging in, the portal will take you to the next page.
  1. In this stage, you are required to provide information, including your name, mobile phone number, email address, password, address, town/city/village, district, state, and pin code, before clicking the Register Now button.

You can apply for Daakhil Kharij once you fill out the form online.

How to Pay Bhu lagaan Online on Bihar Bhumi?

The land registry or portal is known as Bihar Bhumi. On the Bihar Bhumi portal, an applicant can make a payment for the Bhu Lagaan using their computer. If you want to pay your Bhu Lagaan on Bihar Bhumi online, follow the below instructions.

bhu lagaan payment
Source: Bihar Bhumi
  1. First, sign into the Bihar Bhumi portal using your credentials.
  1. Navigate to the site’s homepage and select the “Bhu Lagaan” tab.
  1. After this page has loaded, it will show the next one.
  1. Click on the “Pay Online Lagaan” link in the fourth step.
  1. After this page has loaded, it will show the next page.
  1. Indicate the relevant information, including the District, the Name of the Anchal, the Name of the Halka, the name of the Mauja, the present portion, the Page number, and the Security code.
  1. Select the desired result by clicking the “Search” button.

Advantages of Bihar Land Records

  • The Bihar Bhoomi online informational index degree saves humans money and time via way of means of letting them locate Bihar land records quick and quickly.
  • The records in this phase are correct. Nobody is authorized to meddle with anyone. This is a remarkable introductory enhancement towards safeguarding the occupants of the general public authority from faker coercion.
  • This web page offers statistics on the landowner, Khasra number, land request, tehsil, town, occupant character, and along with the Bihar Land Record.
  • The Bihar Bhoomi online informational index degree saves humans money and time by letting them locate land statistics quickly and easily.
  • This web page is extraordinarily straightforward. Nobody will stumble upon problems investigating this web page. This is a perfect strategy planning stage in protecting the general public power’s occupants in Bihar from farce stunts.

What exactly is Parimarjan?

The Hindi phrase for replacement is parimarjan. Landowners within the country can cope with botches of their antique factories by using the parimarjan workplace at the Bihar Bhumijankari passage. You can introduce a utility for correcting your private home facts in Bihar and observe your utility using the utility ID made at the door after it’s submitted. Staff from the land pay workplace may contact you to provide assistance documentation.


This article depicts the Bihar Apna Khata Land Record Bihar Bhulekh Khasra Digital Authentication Procedure and Method of Downloading. To test Bihar Land statistics quickly, comply with the way confirmed in this text. The public authority is attempting to open all informational indexes on the web. The Bihar Apna Khata Land Record Bihar Bhulekh Khasra Digital Authentication force is a great new force. Expecting you’re unsure how to continue and cross the complete circle, this text will discover knowledge into extensive data and the documentation you may require.


Q:1 How to Check Khasra Number in Bihar Land Record?

Ans: The advances towards taking a look at your Khasra range are in step with the accompanying: 1. Access Bihar Bhumi 2. Select View Jamabandi. 3. Choose the Khaitan and jamabandi decisions. 4. Click sign-in and input each essential fact to look at the document.

Q:2 How do I need to take a look at my assets library online in Land Record Bihar?

The land vault may be checked online in Bihar by logging in to the Bhumijankari internet site. Search through selecting birthday celebration call or numeric numbers for seeking through birthday range: input the nuances like birthday call, 12 months, and birthday celebration type. It might show you the land document. For seeking continual content: select Post Computerization or Pre-Computerization. Enter the nuances like continual range, enlistment office, and 12 months.

Q:3 In Bihar, in which is Khata’s No. of Land?

  • Stage 1: Access the Bihar government’s Bhumijankari passage. 
  • Stage 2: Select the Encumbrance assertion decision. 
  • Stage 3: Show Transaction. You can see the nuances of the encumbrance on Bhulekh Bihar.

Q:4 How can I recognize my Jamabandi variety in Bihar?

Go to the Department of Revenue and Land Reforms’ accurate internet site to recognize the Jamabandi, Khasra variety of land statistics on the web. Click on the “surely take a gander at your record” on the presentation page.

Q:5 How would I possibly extrude my call in Bihar land information?

To extrude your call in land information or Bhulekh, you have to introduce a pledge. After that, you need to deliver the difference in call inside the paper, get a periodical warning, and eventually go to the land library workplace to have your call revived.

Q:6 In Bihar, what’s the khasra range?

Khasra Number – A Khasra Number is a stand-aside range given to a heap of land in you. s. a . districts. In metropolitan districts, Khasra Numbers resemble audit numbers or plot numbers.

Q:7 What unequivocally is a land rate?

Owners have to pay responsibility to our bodies to assure property to the metropolitan. However, using kingdom guidelines, the proprietor has to provide a semiannual community rate. This rate is on all of his territory property, along with region, plots, and any enhancements made on those plots of land, much like designs, shops, and homes.

Q:8 What is the electricity Bhulekh Bihar web website online?

Bhulekh Bihar’s actual web website online is bhumi jankari Bihar,