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On the bhunaksha, Bihar website, those interested in buying land in Bihar may review the specific property information. Citizens may learn the facts about their property without physically visiting the revenue office, thanks to the state’s computerized land records or the online Bhulekh Map in Bihar. This article describes how to make something accessible on the official portal.

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What is Bihar ka Naksha or Bhunaksha?

Bhu Naksha is used to review, modify, and digitize the maps that define the exact boundaries of the plot. This makes it simpler for the buyer to confirm plot details before purchasing a home. Additional information on the plot may be retrieved via the gateway, including the owner’s identity, the khasra and Khatami, and the kind of land use. 

Because of the digitalization of land records, corruption and fraudulent acts have diminished. These records can also be accessed using a mobile app. Additionally, you can view land titles using the Bhunaksha Bihar mobile app. The state has seen fewer property disputes and is more efficient due to the digitalization of land records.

You may now view and download the online map for your plot or landed property at your convenience from the comfort of your home. The National Informatics Center created the Bhu Naksha web application (NIC). The Bhu Naksha app is primarily used to examine, edit, download, and digitize land maps. The precise boundary lines of the plot in question are defined by choosing whatever by the Bihar ka naksha.

Before investing in Bhu Naksha Bihar, homeowners can easily confirm the area, dimensions, and size of the relevant plot online. The Bhu Naksha Bihar portal assists homebuyers in online verifying the validity of land records.

State of Bihar

Bihar is a state in India’s east. In terms of size, it is the twelfth largest state in the country. On the other hand, Bihar is the third most populous state in India. Rural areas are home to approximately 75% of the people in this area. Fifty-seven percent of Biharis are under the age of 25.

This is the highest rate in India. Bihar is sandwiched between the humid climate of West Bengal in the east and the semi-humid climate of Uttar Pradesh in the west. As a result, Bihar’s environment, economy, and even cultural characteristics are sandwiched between the two states.

It is bordered on the north by the Nepalese state and on the south by the state of Jharkhand. Bihar’s plains are divided by the Ganges, which flow from west to east through the state. Bihar has a stated forest of 8,64.14 square kilometers, accounting for 7.8 percent of the state’s geographical area. 

The state’s official languages are Hindi and Urdu. However, most people in the state speak Angika, Bhojpuri, Magadhi, Maithili, Bajjika, and other regional languages. Bihar is currently a back Indian state regarding human and economic development. According to economists and social activists, the reason for this backwardness is the central government’s complex product equality policy. 

This is contrary to this policy in Bihar, as well as a lack of Bihari sub-nationalism and the permanent settlement of the East India Company in 1893. However, there have been numerous advancements. As part of the digitalisation process, it has launched online Bhunaksha.

state of bihar
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Bihar ka Naksha – Plot report

A print-ready map showing the area around a plot is referred to as a plot document. The Bihar land record map document will be printed on A4 paper, with the best fit scale by default. The Bihar bhumi map overview of the Bihar bhu map may be made for every plot owned by a particular owner and at any scale. The second scenario would have resulted in each action printed on different pages.

How to Check Bihar Ka Naksha 

The Bhu Naksha Bihar portal allows residents to view land maps or the Bhu Naksha web. There are two internet sites where you can look up the records online. The first step is to consult the Bihar Bhu Naksha webpage to determine Bhu Naksha. To verify Bhu Naksha Bihar online, follow the steps below.

  • On the left-hand side of the home page, you will find data such as District, Subdivision, Circle, Mauza, Type, and Sheet.
  • The map below will appear on the screen after entering the information above.
  • The website will display information about a specific plot, such as plot number, plot owner’s name, Address, plot dimensions, land classification, and so on, on the screen.
  • On the left side, click the ‘LPM’ report tab to install a verified plot report in PDF format. A new window will open with a pdf study of the relevant land parcel.

Bhunaksha Bihar – Benefits

The web portal of Bhu Naksha Bihar has enabled online confirmation of the complex land records. Obtaining land records was a time-consuming process. While purchasing a plot, one must check the details online. This is to ensure the accuracy of the information. The Bhu Naksha Bihar portal is helpful for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Landowner Verification: The portal updates a Bhunaksha Bihar gateway regularly. When a buyer wants to check the legitimacy of a plot, he can visit the portal and check the information online.
  • Plot Area Verification: Bhunaksha Bihar provides updated information about the plot, including exact dimensions and area. The vendor cannot make false claims about the property in question.
  • Land legality: A plot buyer can always check a plot’s legality and land use details online. The Bhunaksha portal provides land as either residential, commercial, or public. Any false claim about the land parcel can be verified online. It prevents fraud and legal disputes from occurring in the first place.
  • Integrated Land Records: The Bhu Naksha Bihar not only streamlined a complex process, but it also provides vital land records details such as the Record of Rights (RoR), land maps & Khasra, Khatauni, owner name, revenue rate, plot dimensions, and so on all in one place.
  • Saving time and resources: Because the Bhu Naksha Bihar facility is available online, it saves both the government and the citizens time and resources. Land details can be verified online, and there is no need to visit government offices to obtain land records.

Districts in Bihar Where Bhunaksha Details Are Yet to be Available Online

East ChamparanSamastipur
KhagariaWest Champaran

Download the Bhunaksha Map in Bihar

  • Yes, in districts where the bhu naksha has been made available online, you can install the bhu naksha map in Bihar.
  • If you want to print, use CTRL+P. You may save this by choosing the “Save as” option.
  • District names & digital bhu naksha information for Bihar
  • In Nalanda, Madhepura, Supaul, and Lakhisarai, the bhunaksha has been updated online. The remaining locations’ data is continually being updated and digitized.

What should you do if you can’t find a land map of Bihar online?

If you cannot find the Bihar land map online, the authorities will update it. You can always make inquiries about the progress and status of Bihar land maps by visiting the office in Bihar.

Bihar Bhumi Provides Services

Landowners can oversee and conduct property allied formalities through this altruistic Bihar Bhumi portal, beginning with a consistent eye on Bihar bulk. The Bihar Bhumi provides the following services on its portal –

  • Bihar landowners can pay Lagaan online.
  • Landowners can view the encumbrance certificates online.
  • Landowners can register their property online.
  • Landowners can complete Dakhil kharij online.
  • Landowners can apply for LPCs online.
  • Landowners can check the status of their LPC applications online.
bihar ka naksha portal services
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How to Find Bhu Naksha in Bihar Using a Plot Number?

The Bhu Naksha Bihar app allows users to search for a map or Bhu Naksha by plot number. Follow the steps below to use the infrastructure to search the bhu naksha using one’s plot number.

  • Navigate to the Bhu Naksha Bihar official website at
  • On the home page, data such as District, Subdivision, Circle, Mauza, Type, and Sheet are present.
  • After entering the information above, the map of the specific range will appear on the screen.
  • A search bar appears at the screen’s top right. You can enter the plot amount and select the search option.
  • When you click on the search button, a line map of the plot will appear on the screen.

Bhunaksha Bihar’s Latest Updates

Bihar will measure land using total computerised stations. By September 4, 2021, the Bihar government hopes to have total electronic station (ETS) equipment available for land and survey operations in 20 districts. The Bihar Revenue Department’s initiative to digitise land records includes this action. The government anticipated ETS machine distribution to start in October 2021.

There will be a specific identifying number provided to each plot in Bihar. Each plot in Bihar will receive a unique identification number comparable to the Aadhaar number. The first district to test this innovation is Sheikhpura. The government is interested in creating a real-time map with artificial intelligence.

Aerial Map

DM Kaushal Kumar instructed the organisation in Bihar to perform an aerial survey. The DM promised that the Extra Collection would work with the service to prevent delays in the survey work based on the aerial map at the Continue to process Auditorium meeting. The outcome will be publicly disseminated through various channels, including billboards. He wanted them to be visible and constantly checked at locations like camps, panchayats, Mouzas, blocks, and zonal offices.

Madhepura Digital Survey

Recently, Amit Kumar served as the camp’s leader at Madhepura. For the first time since 1965, they are launching a new survey. The survey will be digital, according to ASO Safi Akhtar’s address to the center. Panchayat Sarkar Bhavan Giddha’s survey office is located in Shankarpur Block. All eight revenue villages—Maura, Bari, Champanagar, Jirwa, Rayabhir, Basantpur, and Giddha—will undergo land-related survey work.

Bihar’s land disputes may be on the decline.

Authorities predict that the number of land dispute lawsuits will drop by up to 80% after the study. The survey will start after general meetings on September 16, 2020, in Bellary, Kumarkhand, & September 17, 2020, in Gudiya & Laxmipur Bhagwati.

Delivery of Survey maps in Bihar.

The Bihar government planned to provide speed post-delivery for survey & convergence maps in August 2021. The state assembly had approved the postal service & banks. The paksha will be sent to people’s homes, and they will be required to pay postal rates.

The website is eliminating the need to visit government offices. Once the officials notify you, you can submit the application and pay the fees online. In addition, the NIC is working on software that will allow anyone in Patna, the capital city, to obtain a chart of any village in Nalanda. Previously, the ability to get maps was restricted to the district’s boundaries.


Is it possible to create a Bihar BHU map?

In Bihar, the government can produce a bhunaksha map report of any size and for all of a particular owner’s plots. However, the next time, they will write the words for each report on different sheets. For example, you can download the maps for the districts in Bihar, where the bhunaksha is posted online.

How do I get an online map of Bhunaksha Bihar?

The maps for the districts in Bihar were posted where the bhunaksha online is available for download. Print by using CTRL+P. By choosing the “Save as” option, as seen in the image of a bhu map in Bihar below, you may save it.

How to verify property ownership data from Bhunaksha Bihar?

The bhunaksha Bihar website provides property ownership information for anyone considering buying land in Bihar. This article describes how to obtain the data via the official portal. Precisely what is Bhunaksha? The Hindi word “bhunaksha” is used to describe the cadastral land map in India.