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If you are considering creating a bookcase, there are several design ideas to consider. You can use a bookcase as a display cabinet. You can turn the book spines into wallpaper by placing them in gilded frames.

You can also hang art from shelves for a unique and unexpected form of decor. A few of these design ideas are listed below. Read on to learn more. We hope these ideas have inspired you to create a custom bookshelf in your home.

1. Book Shelf Ideas: Straight Pile of books

Straight retires are one of the easiest yet most exquisite and customary shelf plans for any room of the house. At times, the best arrangement is the least difficult one. Therefore most present-day book rack plans consolidate straight and designed racks.

If you have any desire to make an in-assembled shelf plan on the wall, piling up books in compartmentalized straight retires can make for a rich yet basic book rack plan. All you really want is a durable level surface for the books to be kept on.

Likewise, this sort of shelf configuration goes very well with any of your rooms in the house. Be it making an assertion with a variety of racks encompassing a TV unit in your parlor or making shut shelf plans.

This involves glass in your review/workroom or making a drifting tapestry plan simply over your bed. In the event that you have your aspect and space as a top priority, making a custom straight shelf won’t take a lot of time with the assistance of your neighborhood worker for hire.

book shelf ideas
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2. Book Shelf Ideas: Part of Your Bedroom Décor

A room library can assist with saying something about your character and goals, meanwhile being cozy. For individuals who like to twist up in their sweeping with a pleasant book, a comfortable room library can be a great thought.

Besides enjoying the benefit of basically contacting get your number one book absent a lot of exertion, you likewise get to keep your bed cleaned up.

In addition, considering that a shelf can be a portrayal of your life’s accomplishments, self-improvement objectives, goals, and so on, you can offer a genuine expression about who you are with a shelf plan for your room.

Building a bureau like the one in the image, for instance, is simple with the assistance of a neighborhood project worker and, surprisingly, conceivable with a few DIY choices on the lookout.

It is ideal to try not to stack more than one column of the shelf over the bed on the off chance that they fall right on top of you, and rather put them as an afterthought or along the walls of the room.


3. Book Shelf Ideas: Place it like a ladder going up!

For a pathway that makes the vast majority of us stir running all over, why not set your flight of stairs to work for a change?

From secluded, to racked, to covered designs, you make certain to discover a secret stockpiling to construct a scope of imaginative shelf plans for little rooms in your home. You store books under the means from the top to the base.

You can make straight retires at the time periods flight of stairs, you might actually store them along the walls of the railing! You make certain to never run out of special shelf plans.

Not exclusively are these sharp ways of utilizing underutilized space we can track down anyplace particularly along the steps, with such countless books effectively open, yet you could likewise wind up perusing one right on the steps!

4. Book Shelf Ideas: Geometric Pattern

You can make precise plans of shelves with startling turns and interesting style ideas
In the event that you favor the assertion of making something startling, attempt to keep your shelves at contemporary points, and see experience the distinction it makes.

As one of the most recent shelf plan ideas out there, you make certain to make shocking, out-of-the-case looks with rakish shelf plans for the lounge room. The most amazing aspect of such implicit precise plans is that they can fit any place in the house in all shapes and sizes.

Indeed, even in little spaces, a rakish-formed cabinet makes certain to be the feature of the wall or even the room. The sky is in a real sense the breaking point on how whacky or huge or little you would like your shelf to be!

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5. Book Shelf ideas: Customized Bookshelf

Impeccably themed for the review or parlor, this tree of information idea of the shelf is a moving plan. On the off chance that you are searching for a moving shelf idea, look no farther than this cutting-edge wall book rack plan, i.e., the ‘tree of information or the ‘intelligence tree’.

As the name proposes, you might both form a custom-tailored shelf at any point plan to concentrate on rooms, or even basically request a DIY one on the web.

The branch-like precise racks give you the opportunity to put both open, free, face down, or standing – however, you see fit!

Furthermore, don’t feel that the one in that frame of mind above is the main choice you have, as you can track down a few varieties of this idea, including shut racks, and straight retired ones on the lookout.

book shelf ideas

6. Modern Look

You get the two looks and capability while involving open racking for your shelf plan
Adjusting back to basic shelf plans briefly, you should consider an open rack plan for your books.

Accessible in both l molded shelf plans and rakish ones, open racks, rather than covered shelf plans, give you uncommon access as nothing is out of view.

Besides the fact that you show can your enhancing pieces, the shelf additionally utilizes less material while making a similarly strong space for your assortment.

In the event that you are feeling experimentative, you could in fact go for a shelf with a glass entryway plan for certain parts that you would need as drawers or cupboards. Once more, anything is possible. So go for it.

Factors to Consider Before selecting a bookshelf


It’s easy to think that styling a bookshelf is simple, but that’s not always the case. Home stylist and House Beautiful contributor Eddie Ross shares his tips for creating Instagram-worthy vignettes on bookshelves.

His tricks include alternating shelves with stacked books and standing books and focusing on symmetry. He also recommends placing larger books in the center of the room. A few other bookshelf design ideas to get your reading room looking its best include the following:

Using bookshelves in your home can add character to any room. For example, a DIY bookshelf can be inspired by ladder shelves. A DIY bookshelf is unique because it has a distinct style and character, and it can fit in a variety of spaces.

They are sturdy, yet appear lightweight and slender. In addition, these designs can be used as room dividers and are surprisingly functional.

Styling a bookshelf can be sentimental, too. After all, each book you display has a story to tell. By incorporating personal touch into the design, you’ll be able to weave a tale about yourself and your life.

Think about your current mood and tap into your personal life situation to get inspiration for your bookshelf design. Regardless of your style, it’s important to create something that reflects your personal style and taste.


Regardless of how big your book collection is, there are many different materials for bookshelves to choose from. Wood, plywood, and composite materials all have different benefits. Wood supports a lot of weight.

Moreover, wood shelves are generally heavier. For those who don’t have a large collection, steel book rack designs offer strength and reliability. You can also choose a particleboard or Medium Density Fiberboard bookcase, which is made from wood fibers and small chips.

Particleboard is a cheaper and easier option, as it resembles natural wood.

If your library is small and you want to save space, you can opt for a glass bookshelf. These are heavier but look uber-stylish. You can also use decorative bookends like guitars, vintage cameras, or metal arts.

Choose one that matches your interior decor and displays your books in a stylish way. Bookcases also make perfect pedestals for small objects and artwork. The design options are almost endless.

Another good option for DIY bookshelves is to turn an old TV into a bookshelf. While this may not be the best space-saving design, it looks nice and adds more space to your home. You can also use shadow boxes to store more than books. They can even double as record cabinets!

And don’t forget to use your imagination when it comes to bookshelf design ideas! Once you know how to make a shadow box, you can easily build a stunning bookcase with the help of inexpensive materials.


The perfect book shelf ideas are large enough to store your collection, yet not so large that it overwhelms your space. Choose an oversize letter “A” bookshelf with sturdy shelves and plenty of storage space.

Use the middle of the letter for displaying your favorite collectible or book. The design’s distinct sections create a striking geometric shape, and you can also organize your bookshelf collection by author or subject.

Lime green is a bright and bold color, but a classic color scheme would also be striking.

When designing your bookshelf, remember to consider the placement of windows and other fixtures. It may not be practical to place a tall, narrow bookcase directly under a window, but a smaller one next to a fireplace may be the perfect solution.

Also, don’t forget to consider floating shelves, these types of book shelf ideas are perfect for displaying decorative items. This design idea is especially attractive if your bookshelves are on the floor.

Sizes of bookshelf design ideas depend on the number and type of books you plan to store. You can opt for a built-in bookshelf that takes up a full wall, or you can opt for a freestanding model that can be reconfigured to fit your needs.

These bookshelves may even have wheels to help them move around the room for a different look. A good bookshelf design will make your home office look stylish.


Using chalk and clay paint for bookshelf design is one way to add a unique and sophisticated look to your bookshelves. To add an even more unique and sophisticated touch to your shelves, consider applying fabric to the back of them.

This way, you can customize the look of your shelves to complement the rest of your home decor. Here are some more creative color ideas for bookshelves. Listed below are some ideas to get you started.

To make your shelves look neat and organized, organize them first. Place heavier items on the lower shelves and lighter items on the top. Keeping the spines of books away from one another creates a more uniform look.

You can also use found objects as chic bookends. Geometric and geode trends are both popular this year. To add an artistic touch, place objects that have special meaning to you on your bookshelves.

When choosing colors for your bookshelves, try to coordinate the color scheme between the outer and inner parts of the shelf. For instance, a dark color on the outside of a bookcase should contrast with a lighter shade of gray on the inside.

Then, you can use a complementary color for the books inside. The result will be a more elegant and interesting bookcase. When choosing colors for your bookshelves, keep in mind the theme of the room you want to match the books with.


A well-designed bookshelf can heal the soul. Bookworms enjoy arranging their collections by author, genre, or title. They need space to set them up, and a bookshelf design that reflects their personality is essential.

A well-designed bookshelf will enhance the aesthetic appeal of a room while also maximizing the functionality of the space. Here are some ideas to consider when selecting a bookshelf for your home.

Floating shelves are also a popular option, and these are easy to install with their separate brackets. These can be made of wood, metal, or plastic. They come in a variety of sizes and styles and are installed with fixtures to hold them securely to a wall.

Floating shelves are often confused with fixed bracket systems, however, since floating bookshelves have no visible suspension points. You may want to choose a floaty bookshelf instead if you have a limited budget.

In addition to floating shelves, floating bookshelves can be made to look like a tree, which is also known as a wisdom tree. They can be custom-built or purchased online. They feature branch-like angular shelves that can stand up, be open, or face down.

There are also straight-shelved shelves available for your home. Choosing an appropriate design depends on the purpose of the bookshelves, and how you plan to use them.


While putting together a bookshelf, you should also consider how it will fit in with your entire home decor. Think of the shelves as an overall room design, and blend high and low brow elements to create a harmonious space.

Mix elements of pop culture, nature, and decorative art to create a unique and interesting bookshelf. There are countless ways to personalize a bookshelf. Here are some ideas:

One of the easiest ways to give a bookshelf a personal touch is by displaying small pieces of art or personal memorabilia. A few beautiful small paintings or photos can make a statement on a bookshelf.

You can even display family photos and favorite decorations on them. Incorporating these pieces of art and decor into your bookshelf will add personality to your room. There are so many ways to personalize a bookshelf, that it is hard to choose just one.

Another way to personalize a bookshelf is to paint the structure of it a color that matches your decor. A neutral color or a metallic shade will look best with your books. If you live in a rental, however, you might not have access to paint the built-in shelves.

Fortunately, there are ways to add personality to bookshelves that don’t need any painting. Try a temporary wallpaper to add some color and personality.