Borrowed Light for Brown kitchen cabinets | concrete | gold | cherry | light grey | off white

You can make a bold fashion statement with the right combination of colors, and brown cabinets are no exception. In this article, we’ll discuss how to pair reddish overtones with light brown cabinets.

For example, a concrete floor complements this color perfectly. And gold hardware adds a refined sheen. And while you’re at it, you can also incorporate other elements such as strategically placed shelves.

1. Borrowed Light for Brown Kitchen cabinets

This cool pale blue color looks great with brown cabinets and gray trim. It pairs nicely with gray and warm neutrals. Borrowed Light is also great paired with brown granite countertops.

The color is popular among interior designers and is also versatile enough to work with a wide range of other colors. To learn more about this cool blue color, read on. It will be a fun way to spice up your kitchen without using too much color.

Pale blues have many benefits, including being soothing to the eyes. The color evokes blue skies, ocean waters, and a happy day. It also makes small rooms appear larger, especially if you have limited natural light.

It also makes a room feel more open and airy. Borrowed Light can help you avoid a dingy, dreary look in a small room.

Borrowed Light for Brown Kitchen cabinets
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2. Brown Kitchen cabinets: Concrete color

If you have light brown cabinets in your kitchen, a concrete color floor will go well with them. There are different types of wood with brown tones. Cherry cabinets have red overtones but a smooth, close-grained look that complements the warm color.

Cherry cabinets can also be finished easily with a variety of finishes. In addition to brown and white, you can also go with green or yellowish shades.

The most important thing to consider when selecting flooring is that it should be complementary to the rest of the room and stand out in color.

A hardwood floor with a light brown finish will pick up the warm tone of cherry cabinets while a darker wood will compete with the richness of the dark cabinetry. Ideally, the flooring should be made of a durable material that will withstand the demands of a kitchen.

A wooden floor in a yellow tone would compliment dark brown cabinets and add warmth to the room. Natural wood with a yellow tone would be a good choice, but you could also use pale or white maple woods.

You can also choose to paint your existing floors to create the desired effect. You can opt for marine quality paint and polyurethane to protect the surface from moisture. Alternatively, if you prefer a cheaper option, you can go for bamboo flooring.

The only downside of bamboo flooring is that it will absorb moisture. So, you’ll need to make sure you protect the flooring from water, but that’s probably not a problem.

3. Gold hardware color

While gold cabinet hardware is a hot trend right now, it’s not something you should immediately ditch. The trend has a short lifespan, so you can easily switch out the hardware whenever you feel like it. Gold hardware looks glitzy and rich, and contrasts perfectly with brown cabinets.

For traditional or transitional kitchens, tall, slender bar pulls and flat pulls look great. Curved wire handles are another great option.

If you prefer a more rustic vibe, choose brown handles and knobs. These will add refinement to your kitchen. Choose brushed gold hardware if you want your kitchen to look elegant and sophisticated.

Bronze and nickel hardware goes well with brown cabinets and can be used with either dark or light shades. You can also try using brushed gold finishes, which are more subtle. However, you should make sure that the hardware matches the color of your cabinets.

Chrome and nickel finishes are the most common finishes for kitchen hardware. Chrome has a bright, shiny finish. Both chrome and nickel have their benefits. Chrome has the advantage of being corrosion-resistant and is a great choice for rustic or contemporary settings.

Nickel hardware can also be mixed with chrome and nickel to create a cohesive look. Copper is an interesting finish because it has a living nature, so when exposed to oxygen and oil during use, it will naturally form a dark brown layer. Using lacquer on copper will keep the copper tone.

4. Brown Kitchen cabinets: Cherry color

You can make cherry cabinets look more neutral by pairing them with shades of dark brown. Tones of red can be overpowered by dark cabinets, so using a pale green or black backsplash will do wonders for the space.

Dark cherry cabinets will pop even more when paired with gold, copper, or ceramic dishware. The dark colors of cherry and black also tend to make your kitchen look cramped and busy, so use them in moderation.

To make your kitchen seem lighter, try using a warm color such as beige. Beige matches woods with red undertones well. Similarly, a light color like beige can balance the red of cherry cabinets. If you’d like a softer tone, you could use a wood stain such as Abalone.

It will complement the wood and add a touch of subtle color without looking too overwhelming.

If you’re not sure what color to choose, consider adding a neutral gray to your kitchen. A neutral gray, such as Audubon Russet, can bring out the underlying warmth of cherry cabinets without overpowering them.

Another neutral gray tone, like B-208, has a low LRV and is a good choice for a kitchen with cherry cabinets. However, the darker shade of brown will soften the contrasting red overtones.

cherry color for brown kitchen cabinets

5. Brown Kitchen cabinets: Light grey

A warm, light grey cabinet can complement dark red accented walls. While red can evoke powerful emotions, you must be careful not to overuse the color. Alternatively, you can add red decor to achieve the same effect.

Light shades of yellow can also be used to accent a light gray cabinet. Not only is it calming, but it also helps make a small kitchen appear larger. Listed below are some tips to use this color in your kitchen.

To complement grey walls, select a neutral color for your kitchen cabinets. Neutral colors like white, black, and grey are the safest bets. Warm colors, such as beige, can add a pop of color and create a focal point.

However, if you do not have a neutral color scheme in your kitchen, you can go for a warm or cool hue for accents. Similarly, a cool shade of grey will add some visual interest to your kitchen.

Using dark grey cabinets is also an option if you want to create a more elegant look for your kitchen. Dark grey cabinets feature superior construction, including a vertically striped hardwood veneer, drawer front, and full overlay.

Moreover, they are a great choice for bright rooms, where all-white kitchens can look too stark. However, if you want a contemporary look, you can go with a marble countertop and black leather kitchen chairs.

light grey
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6. Off-White

For an off-white kitchen, you can try the brushed metal elements in a grey tone. These materials are available in many kitchen products and are much better than polished metal. This way, you can create a more subtle luxury look without having the metal overpower the rest of the space.

Also, brushed metal is not as shiny as polished metal, which will result in a softer, more casual look. But if you’re not sure about using brushed metal, you can consider pairing the cabinets with some black accessories.

When pairing off-white cabinets with dark wood countertops, you can get away with neutral flooring. A medium-toned hardwood floor will not disturb the clean look of your white kitchen, and it will look great with your cabinets.

You can also pair your cabinets with a black countertop and hardware to create a warm visual. And if you’re unsure, you can always use other pieces of your kitchen, including your wall color, to create a more stylish look.

While brown cabinets may look too plain on their own, you can make them pop with the addition of bright upper cabinets. Teal cabinets command attention and are a fantastic option, as well marble slab backsplashes.

To keep the look clean, you can also opt for peel-and-stick backsplashes or marble slabs. You can also try the sculptural pendant lighting, which will blend the traditional and modern look perfectly.