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Bringing a Buddha statue into your home is an excellent way to bring harmony and peace into your life. There are several different types of Buddha statues to choose from, including the Medicine, Laughing, Protection, and Teaching Buddhas.

Which one to choose depends on your personal preference.

These are listed below.

Let’s look at what each one has to offer. Listed below are the characteristics of each type of Buddha statue.

Buddha Statues: Laughing Buddha

If you’re looking for a decorative piece that can bring good luck and prosperity to your home, you can’t go wrong with a Laughing Buddha statue. The smiling Buddha is considered an auspicious symbol for the Chinese, and he carries a bag of wealth in his hands.

Placing a smiling laughing Buddha on the main door of your home will attract good chi and keep negative energies at bay. It also protects children, so you’ll probably want to put a small statue in your children’s room, facing the door.

Laughing Buddhas are also a great choice for a home office. The Buddha represents inner peace and harmony. It helps enhance the energy of a room or corner and can help people gain focus and knowledge.

Placed near the front door, the laughing Buddha welcomes and purifies negative energy. Place it diagonally across from the front door, facing the interior of the room, and in the direction of the Sheng Chi to achieve overall well-being.

Another option is to purchase a laughing buddha statue with a bag. This type of statue collects misery and replaces it with happiness. Another option is to place a smiling buddha statue as a meditating monk.

This style is a great choice for home offices because it radiates good luck and abundance. You may also place it in the office or the corner that represents wealth.


Laughing Buddha statues for home are most suitable for placing in the southeast corner of your home. They bring good luck and prosperity to the household. They are also considered lucky if you rub the Laughing Buddha’s belly.

While they may be decorative, they will also enhance your feng shui and attract people with similar energy. You can also place one in the garden. You’ll be pleased with the results.

Choosing a Laughing Buddha statue for your home should be based on your specific needs. You might be seeking a statue that can bring you good luck or help you avoid conflicts in your work.

If you’re looking for a statue to bring positive energy and prosperity to your home, a metallic version may be right for you.

However, if you’re looking for a statue to bring good fortune and creativity to your home, then a wooden version might be better for you.

buddha statues: laughing buddha

Buddha Statues: Medicine Buddha

If you’re looking to make a spiritual impact in your home, consider buying a Medicine Buddha statue. A Medicine Buddha statue is a representation of the Buddha’s ability to heal all human suffering. You’ll feel this healing energy as you sit with your statue while practicing meditation.

You can identify a Medicine Buddha by his bowl of healing nectar in his left hand and the myrobalan plant in his right hand. The statue’s elegant cream finish creates a soothing depiction of the Buddha. Statues are 11.5 inches tall and 7.5 inches wide.

Some of them may have slight artistic variations.

The Medicine Buddha is an important deity in Buddhism. He is the ultimate healer or bhaisajyaguru. His ability to cure physical and emotional ailments is one of his most important qualities.

Many people place a statue of Medicine Buddha in a room dedicated to meditation, as this energy field affects every area of life. Place a Medicine Buddha statue in a room dedicated to meditation to increase your healing power.

There are many styles of Medicine Buddha statues to choose from. Some statues are in the sitting position, while others are in the standing position. Many statues also feature two companions. The statues of Medicine Buddha are often made of bonded stone or have a warm antique finish.

Some More Features

One type of Medicine Buddha statue is a white medicine, Buddha. This is a graceful option and is believed to propagate a therapeutic atmosphere.

Whether you choose a sitting or standing Buddha statue, you can find the right statue for your home by consulting a Vastu expert. In addition to their spiritual significance, they also promote harmony and psychological well-being.

If placed in a good location, a Medicine Buddha statue will help you feel happier and less afraid. By removing negative energy from your life, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of a more peaceful and prosperous life.

medicine buddha statues

Buddha Statues: Protection Buddha

Several types of Buddha statues can provide good luck and peace. The Happy Buddha statue is the most common choice because it brings good luck. Buddha statues can be purchased individually or in sets of three.

Ideally, they should be placed in a sanitary area, away from electrical appliances, and clean. However, if you want to add a little extra protection to your home, you can also place them outside in your garden.

Whether you’re placing Buddha statues for home protection or attracting good fortune, they’re a great addition to any home.

Another type is called Protection Buddha, which is a seated statue with the right hand raised and the left hand in the lap. This hand position symbolizes protection from delusion, anger, and fear. This particular type uses the Varada hand Mudra to provide protection.


A statue with this hand pose should be placed in the southeast corner of your home, where there is little danger of burglars.

Choosing the right type of Buddha statue for home protection is essential if you want to enjoy the benefits of their spiritual energy. If you want to attract positive energy into your home, you should choose a statue that represents your home’s horoscope.

A standing Buddha is a good choice if you want to attract positive energy to your home. Standing Buddhas are also excellent choices. Some people place them at their home’s entrance for good luck.

A Buddha statue with a horoscope or a natal omen is another good choice. Using a Happy Home Buddha statue can protect your relationships and marriage from bad energy. However, if you’re looking for protection in your other home sectors, you may prefer the Earth Buddha statue.

He sits on the ground with his right hand stretched out. The fingers of the Earth Buddha point to the earth underneath him, which represents the resistance of the Buddha against Mara.

The most popular type is a standing Buddha. There are many varieties of seated Buddha statues, from those in meditation to those in teaching situations. A standing Buddha is a popular choice for home protection.

It’s a great choice if you want to bring some peace and harmony into your life. It’s a wonderful gift for your home. They can also serve as a meditation spot. So, it’s worth considering getting one today!

protection buddha
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Buddha Statues: Teaching Buddha

Choosing Teaching Buddha statues for home decor is a good idea if you’re looking to bring the philosophy of Buddhism into your home. This statue depicts the Buddha giving his first sermon after enlightenment, to a group of disciples.

They were then given to the people, who subsequently revered him as a wise teacher. The statue is also a good choice for students and those who want to deepen their spiritual understanding.

Decorative Buddha figurines can be placed anywhere in your home. For example, you can place a Blessing Buddha in the living room or in a meditation garden.

These statues help to cure weak or afflicted chi, and they are especially useful in curing negative flying star placement. You can also place a Protection Buddha in any sector of your home.

While not strictly Buddhist, you can also find Laughing Buddha statues, which depict Budai, a Chinese Monk from the 10th century ACE. They are said to bring prosperity and happiness to whoever sits next to them.


But if you’re not a Buddhist, a statue of the Laughing Buddha is a great choice, as they are widely recognized. If you’re not a Buddhist but are interested in bringing spirituality into your home, a Laughing Buddha statue is a wonderful choice.

While Buddhism has many followers around the world, you can’t always get to a temple to experience its powerful calming powers. This is where statues of the Buddha come in handy. Buddha statues can inspire a meditative state and attract different energies into your home.

They can help to balance the chi in your home, which is the flow of energy through a space. And as you’ll find out when you have a statue in your home, you’ll be more likely to use it in a positive way.

You can also buy a statue of a Meditation Buddha for home decor. These are especially useful if you want to improve your meditation skills. They depict the Buddha in a double lotus position, with his right hand raised, palm facing outward, representing peace.

In addition to being great decor, these statues are also functional and can help you establish a quiet meditation space. You can place them on an altar, pedestal, or stone for the ultimate in meditation.

Teaching Buddha Statues
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Sleeping Buddha

Sleeping/leaning back or nirvana Buddha sculpture denotes the last snapshots of the Shakyamuni Buddha and shows him with his right hand supporting his head. The sculpture shows the altruism that accompanies illumination and the conceivable freedom from the pattern of the resurrection.

The leaning back Buddha is a portrayal of concordance that individuals ought to look for in their lives. Dozing Buddha ought to point toward the west for harmony at home.

sleeping Buddha statues

Significance of Buddha sculpture in a house

Gautam Buddha is an image of edification, balance, and internal harmony. As indicated by Vastu Shastra, as well as Feng Shui, sculptures of Gautam Buddha are favorable and harbingers of favorable luck.

As per Buddha sculpture for home Vastu, setting these sculptures at better places in the home can affect your mental wellbeing and agreement. The Buddha sculpture welcomes a positive life force when put in the right situation at home.

Placement Of Buddha statues

Buddha’s position in gardens is acquiring ubiquity as the nursery is a spot for comfort and unwinding. Putting Buddha sculpture in the nursery or overhang brings tranquility.

Make a beautiful green corner in the nursery and spot a Buddha sculpture to add a relieving feeling to the area. Keep it other than blooming plants.

Keeping the Buddha sculptures next to the wellspring or as a component of a wellspring sprinkler soothingly affects the environmental factors.

Tea light candles and lotus blossoms represent harmony and immaculateness and can add to the serenity of the climate.

Place a leaning back or contemplating Buddha for inward harmony. Pick climate cordial material for the resolution. Buddha sculptures in the nursery can be put on a drinking fountain. Continuously raise the sculpture from the beginning and face it towards the east.

Or on the other hand, place it in the northeast to animate the energy of the corner. Water energy leads the northeast zone. Thus, keeping the Buddha sculpture joined with the water component is suggested by Vastu.