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Having a small sitting room is a general issue regarding the interior plan putting modern luxurious furniture and decor and can be visible in the majority of cases. However, if you have a spacious living room, your problem is entirely different.

Space matters a lot; if you have a small space, you need to adjust your living room furniture. Also, the decoration items should be put up in a way that is never overboard. Simultaneously, a spacious sitting room needs a good layout to use the entire space properly; thus, it never looks tasteless. 

Apart from decor and furniture, another important thing is the ceiling layout. Only focusing on the room interior without concentrating on the ceiling can damage the overall look. 

Here is the 9 best ceiling design for a hall with 2 fans.

Top interior design for ceiling with two fans

Talking about the ceiling interior, now the most popular interior design is the POP layout (Plaster of Paris), which is generally known as the ‘False Ceiling.’

In this article, the topmost POP ceiling layout has been enlightened precisely.

Let’s find out the ceiling designs with 2 fans:

1. Ceiling designs with 2 fans with a statement light

Even though a spacious sitting room naturally demands having two ceiling fans, when it comes to comfort, a not-so-large living room can also be designed with two fans without hampering the aesthetics.

If you’re wondering how you could adjust two fans with the ceiling light, this popular ceiling design for a hall with 2 fans is the solution for you. Nowadays, modern designer fans come with incorporated statement lights.

Therefore, if you plan to have the two-fans layout in a small ceiling space, these types of fans are one of the best options for you.

ceiling with statement light
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2. Ceiling designs with 2 fans and POP frames

False ceiling design never goes wrong; along with this, you can easily customize it according to your requirement. For example, if you wish to install fans from the wooden frames, but have a budget issue.

Then the POP frame is best because it will cater to your demands as well as it’s pretty budget-friendly. You can check the various layout of the POP frames, and as per your requirement, you can select one. Apart from this, the POP frames go excellent with a double-fan ceiling design.

It won’t hamper the ceiling aesthetic; rather, it enhances the looks that complement the rest of the room’s decor.

3. Ceiling designs with 2 fans and LED

A simple yet elegant and sophisticated ceiling layout with incorporated LED light is another classic design for the two-fans ceiling. A false ceiling made up of Plaster of Paris with in-built LED light hidden with two ceiling fans is classy and elegant.

This layout is for those who don’t want any heavy ceiling decor, yet they wish to install two fans with a fancy light system. In this case, you can even use different color LED lights to create a unique, comforting ambiance to spend a perfect family evening.

LED ceiling
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4. Ceiling designs with 2 fans & POP Customization

If you don’t wish to go with a traditional ceiling layout, you can customize it with a unique design and color by using the POP ceiling. You can add frames, color, geometric design, and much more to the ceiling part.

However, you need to install the fan by measuring the equal distance, not focusing on the placement. With this customization option, you have the freedom to make the sitting hall look entirely different from other rooms. This is one of the most popular among the 9 best ceiling designs.

5. Thai design payout for ceiling

Craving to try something new? Then Thai popular ceiling design for hall with 2 fans is perfect for you. Sometimes people wonder about something different than the regular frames or geometric POP ceiling design, and if you belong to them- then this detailed designer layout will satisfy you.

The Thai ceiling is crafted with so much detailed work of traditional patterns. The design itself is so heavy and elegant that you don’t need to add any color or other work. Moreover, this beautiful ceiling style holds two fans and adds a modest look.

thai ceiling
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6. Modern POP ceiling design

Are you out of designs and layouts? Well, the blog isn’t finished yet. Contemporary Plaster of Paris ceiling layout can be carried out hassle-free using more than a single.

This is another favorite among the 9 best ceiling designs for a hall with 2 fans that can comprise panels, and each fan can be installed between the decorative panel.

In that way, the entire ceiling will get two mini decorative panels with a contrasting color. It holds the fans within it, giving a pleasant yet stylish look.

Furthermore, you can play with the paints. You can paint the entire ceiling with bright color and the POP panels with a dark color to give an excellent depth to it.

7. Carving POP design

Do you have a spacious hall with a minimalist decor design? If you have and if you don’t want to add extra decoration, then decorating the ceiling is a good idea for you.

Detailed carving ceiling always gives a royal vibe as well, as it doesn’t demand any extra features to enhance the aesthetic.

This heavily traditional Plaster of Paris carving has royal elegance and great aesthetics. Furthermore, it will not give you hassle when you install more than one ceiling fan on it.

Along with this, the work is ornamented and heavy; thus, it doesn’t need any panel, frame, or similar extra work. It provides you with sophisticated, luxurious looks and boosts the entire area’s aesthetics.

ABHISHEK121 / shutterstock.com

8. Single color layout design for two fans

Single color Popular ceiling design for a hall with 2 fans is always a classic option. It optimizes the entire room’s aesthetic regardless of anything.

For instance, let’s say you have a POP ceiling design all in white color, which holds to modern fans perfectly. This can bring an ultimately chic look to your room.

In addition, you can use it in the living room, where generally more than a single fan is needed for comfort. Besides white, you can choose any bright color, like beige, ass, cream, etc. It helps to give a light hint of color, which you can’t get if you use white.

ceiling designs with 2 fans
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9. Running POP design

This is the last in our list of the 9 best ceiling designs for a hall with 2 fans. A floral design with geometric patterns in the ceiling using a POP can best install two fans. It can be done without much worrying about looks.

This kind of pattern goes well with the large hall as it needs some space to create a beautiful aesthetic.


The above-specified design is the Popular ceiling design for a hall with 2 fans, which is always in trend in the market. You can obtain one of these layouts to design your living room ceiling beautifully.

But remember, all the designs can be customized; therefore, you don’t need to stick with the regular one. Instead, you can design panels or patterns you want to see in the ceiling to hold more than a single fan perfectly.