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Every component plays a vital role in the aesthetic value of a house. A pillar would be a sizable, often cylindric or cubic, solid object that supports the roof or walls of a home or other structure either functionally or aesthetically and can also turn out to be an effective yet robust design element.

POP Designs
Source: Charlotte May / Pexels

Pillars help ensure that a property or home is architecturally solid, pillars can support the weight of ceilings, secondary floors, or roofs. These are created to blend in with the neighbouring architecture and furnishings and are typically made of marble, stone, brick, wood, and metal. For design and aesthetics, pillars can stand alone as an independent element.

Here are some innovative cement POP pillar design ideas for an absolutely royal look.

15 Cement – POP Pillar Design Ideas

1. Pillars With Beautiful Carvings

Adding carving designs to a plain pillar is probably the simplest way to make it stylish! Cement is a simple material to cut into. The top of such pillars is covered in bell motifs, lines, and curves! Any home with this kind of pillar will have a royally archaic feel to it.

2. Using Ceramic Pieces Or Tiles

You can use ceramic pieces or tiles to enhance the overall look.

Your pillars will instantly have personality if you choose colourful tiles! Small pieces of an object are used to create patterns or designs in the popular art form known as mosaics. The pillars have a very artistic appearance using geometric arrangements and proper colour balancing.

It is the most incredible method to show off your exquisite taste in art by having pillars incorporated with ceramic objects and tiles.

3. Stone Brick Base Pillars

Throughout the field of architectural spaces, fusing two materials is a fantastic method to add some originality to a very traditional design.

A brick base and a white pillar look great together! Such pillars feature a lovely combination of brown and off-white bricks that have been thoughtfully placed. This entrance seems cohesive because of the brick wall panels built around the door.

4. Granite Frames POP Cement Pillar Design

A unique way to stylise your pillars is by adding granite frames to the base. There are ample possibilities when it comes to granite. Patterns, textures, colours, there are infinite possibilities. With all the improvements in a modern building, it won’t put a lot of stress on your finances either.

The pillar’s gorgeous marble-textured granite enhances the room’s rich, polished appearance. It will surely make your home look more opulent!

5. Pillars With Cement Effect

It is a unique and recent idea.

The natural and raw appearance of buildings and architectural structures is what the current trends are pushing toward. The house appears vast and has an exquisite, professional appearance thanks to the raw cement impression. The area will seem very fresh and energetic with the addition of some plants surrounding pillars with a cement effect.

Such pillars have a regal, clean and professional atmosphere.

6. A Statement-Making POP Cement Pillar Design

Statement Making Pillar Design
Source: PabloKlik / Pexels

A statement feature is any design feature that dominates the room’s interior design. A distinctively different pillar, the centrepiece of your aesthetic, can be within the home. The pillars over here are the sweeping statement pillars, complementing the patterned tiles and exuding sophistication.

7. Divider Pillars POP Cement Pillar Design

A pillar can perform more than a single purpose, including support, in many different ways.

These substantial pillars beautifully separate the living space from the kitchen. Along with partitioning these spaces, it also offers compartments that may be used to store essential items for the kitchen or create an aesthetically beautiful showcase.

It perfectly illustrates how a minor modification to the conventional design may provide a highly effective strategy.

8. Adding Mirrors To Your Pillars

Mirrors on your pillar are a quick and straightforward way to achieve elegance and charm. It is another easy and less expensive way to improve the appearance of a plain, uninteresting pillar.

Mirrors may help a tiny space appear airier and more spacious by reflecting the surroundings. It will be an excellent addition to your mirror selfies in contrast to the benefit that it is an entire mirror itself!

9. A Showcase POP Cement Pillar Design

As we’ve already seen, pillars are helpful for additional purposes besides supporting structures. It can feature several sections that are used to display goods and frames. This pillar gives the area a contemporary and artistic appearance by adding a modest light source at the top. You may entirely change the motif with different colours and accessories and make this pillar uniquely personal.

10. Plywood POP Cement Pillar Design

Regular cement pillars are a go-to for many people, but why not make them stand out more when there are easy ways to stylise them?

One method to easily alter the game is to cover cement pillars in plywood. It is perfect for the interior game but easy on a budget! These pillars complement the camel-coloured furnishings and the white marble flooring quite well. The wood texture blends the entire space and undoubtedly makes a statement.

11. Flora And Fauna POP Cement Pillar Design

When people say that plants improve everything, they are not lying. Your cement pillar will rapidly become more exciting and alive if you attach climbers to it.

There is a massive range of plants available. Choose your favourite climber or that of your partner to achieve this appearance, and then watch as everyone’s faces light up! Try this if you want to designate a charming coffee shop near your home. All you need to do is add climbers with lovely flowers on the pillars! Your very own adorable royal garden coffee shop is ready!

12. Experiment With POP

Use Plaster of Paris to upgrade any design in your home. You can apply POP to the pillars’ corners and carve them intricately. Try some designs, and these cement POP pillar design ideas will enhance the overall decor of your space.

13. Cement Pillars Featuring False Ceiling

Pillars into Ceiling Design
Source: Pixabay / Pexels

Without mentioning freestanding pillars, the cement pillar design guide would be lacking, so there! We suggest that you consult a Vaastu specialist before constructing such pillars so that you can decide where they should be put. Additionally, cement pillars pair incredibly well with false ceilings!

14. Incorporate Them In The Theme Décor

Unless you possess a huge room to yourself, posts are not particularly soothing to the eyes as the only component in a home. The best idea is to include these pillars as much as possible in the remaining apartment’s décor.

15. Traditionally, Royal Pillars

Who wouldn’t want to experience a life of luxury? These pillars will guarantee you live out your dream every day. A well-made post with intricate designs and patterns has been observed to raise the aesthetic value of your home.