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If you want to keep things in an orderly and organised manner, one of the smart things to do is to get the best almirahs. They help in improving the aesthetics of your place and at the same time, they also allow you to keep your stuff in an organised and neat fashion.

There is a need to have beautiful showcases and different designs of almirah and you can have them not just in the bedroom but in the living room as well. With the right almirah, you won’t have to keep things scattered here and there.

The world of almirah has endless designs. You will find open shelves almirah. They look beautiful and are great for decoration purposes but they tend to attract a lot of dirt and dust. Cleaning can be quite a hassle for such open shelves. At the same time, you have fully concealed wardrobes wherein you can keep things under closed doors. Sometimes retrieving stuff can be hard but in the end, it helps in keeping them clean and away from clutter.

Cemented Almirah Designs

Now let us see some of the different cemented almirah designs. Feel free to peruse through the list and then you can choose the type of shelves and wardrobe you will wish to have.

1. Big Wardrobe On Cemented Wall

big wardrobe on cemented wall
Source: Scott Lee / Shutterstock

You can choose to have a big wardrobe on one of the cemented walls. The wardrobe comes with proper doors and so the stuff you keep inside will not be visible to anyone who sits in the room. Most of the basic almirahs are made like this. Make sure to have ample shelves in between so that you can keep the stuff organised rather than dumping them inside the almirah.

As you can see in this design, you can have an open shelf in between for solely decoration purposes.

2. Cemented Wall Shelf

cemented wall shelf
Source: M Stasy /Shutterstock

These are simple wall shelf designs that you can incorporate wherever you want. They can be done in the hall and can be used for keeping stuff in a decorative way. The shelf can be aligned in a random manner. Mostly, the shelves are placed right and left as the haphazard placement adds to the overall appeal and style. You can choose to keep planters and even books on this shelf. Any decorative element is likely to look good.

However, make sure to do the right cleaning as these open shelves will attract a lot of dirt and dust every now and then. Regular dusting will keep the shelf and the stuff clean.

3. The Decorative Shelf

decorative shelf
Source: Follow the flow / Shutterstock

Geometrical wooden almirah can be made on cemented walls to stock a wide array of stuff. The idea is to have racks wherein you can keep your day-to-day stuff. Some people also choose to showcase their medals and awards when such shelves are made in the living room. It is a great way of showcasing the best and most valued things in your home. You can make a coffee table sort for arrangement near such shelves as it also turns out to be a great reading spot too.

4. Decorative Wall Almirah

decorative wall almirah
Source: Archidea Photo/Shutterstock

Rather than having mere racks for keeping stuff, you can also choose to have a proper decorative wall almirah as well. Some of them come in readymade designs and you can also choose to have them custom-made and done by carpenters as well. The central idea is to have modern designs. Such designs jazz up the place and add to the aesthetics. At the same time, it gives you plenty of room to keep a wide array of different products.

A great interior tip that we will like to share is that don’t keep such almirah extra stacked. Do keep stuff in it but make sure that there are empty spaces. The key aim of such racks is to add to the decor rather than offer you space for storage. So, use it the way it is intended.

5. Designer Open Almirah

designer open almirah
Source: Max Vakhtbovych / Pexels

If your home has a modern-day design look and appeal, you can choose to have an almirah done in this stylish manner in the living room. While this design suits the living room the best, you can also have it in your bedroom especially if you have a big room with a lot of space and a free wall.

It is absolutely must to have a free wall for these shelves or else the beauty will not come out. If the wall already has other elements, the almirah may end up looking like a misfit. This is the reason, one wall in the living room should be empty. It will allow you to churn your creative juice. You can either have an almirah there or even choose to hang big paintings that can end up being the real talking point of your home.

6. Low Lying Shelf

low lying shelf
Source: Vanit Jan / Shutterstock

The opinion is divided on this one. While some people prefer to have low lying shelf as it ends up leaving the top rack empty, there are others who don’t quite believe in having shelves at such ridiculously low heights.

This makes for an excellent coffee table arrangement as it allows you to have cosy chairs and a table with a good deal of storage options. If you are a bookworm, you can either incorporate bookshelves for a display of your book collection or you can choose to keep it in the drawers. There are several ways you can improvise this design and make the most out of it.

7. Open Shelf Style Cemented Almirah Designs

open shelf style almirah
Source: Max Vakhtbovych / Pexels

If you want to have a stylish almirah in your bedroom, you can choose to include this design. This is a mix and match design of open and closed shelves and therefore it allows you to keep both items in open and closed spaces. The open spaces usually are for cosmetics, fragrances, and other fancy items that can be decorated.

The closed spaces could stock all your other items. These wardrobes aren’t the regular ones and they tend to be the trending choice at the moment. You can also paste laminates on these wardrobes to make them look amazing. As you can see, there are a lot of shelves in this design. The shelves allow you to segregate your stuff with ease. You can also choose to have glass doors for the open shelves to prevent dust from settling in.

8. The Showcase In Living Room

showcase in liivng room
Source: Max Vakhtbovych / Pexels

On any cemented wall that doesn’t have any other element, you can choose to have a wooden showcase fitted there. The wooden showcase will have several items and it will allow you to project the right image. You can choose the width and the number of sections based on how big the hall is and the amount of stuff that you want to keep.

These designs are really great for the living room and come in handy near the TV. You can keep related stuff there that makes it easy to retrieve the different items and even add to the aesthetics as well. There are several ways of making such shelves super designer too. Have two recliner sofas close to it and you have your entertainment sorted.

9. Small Cemented Almirah Designs In Kids’ Room

small almirah in kids room
Source: Max Vakhtbovych / Pexels

There will be several stuff to keep in the kids’ room. Kids tend to buy tons of stuff ranging from pencil boxes to colours, copies, and whatnot. With this wardrobe design, you will be able to make sure that this stuff won’t lie around everywhere and you can keep it locked inside your wardrobe.

Try to have some artistic wallpaper close to the wardrobe. This will jazz the overall appeal of the wardrobe. For the kids’ room, you should have several colourful elements and this is going to improve the overall feel of the whole room. Kids are attracted to colours and it also helps in improved cognitive skills.

10. Tall Long Rack

tall long rack
Source: Max Vakhtbovych / Pexels

If you are looking for something minimal and amazingly efficient at the same time, you can choose such tall long racks. They don’t take up a lot of space and they can be placed against the cemented wall. Arrange the racks in such a way that it adds to the decor and serves utility at the same time. You can choose to have a colour pop element if you want to add to the jazz.

11. TV Cabinet Style Almirah

TV cabinet style almirah
Source: Max Vakhtbovych / Pexels

Right below the TV cabinet, you have ample space for an almirah style of design. You can choose to have different square and rectangular-shaped wardrobes as this will allow you to keep stuff and also decorate your home in a befitting manner. Make it a point to choose designer elements here because the living room is the place where most people tend to sit together. The best thing to do is to ensure that you have drawers that are in tandem with the rest of the room.

12. Under Stair Cemented Almirah Designs

under stair almirah
Source: Ilija Erceg / Shutterstock

This is inspired by Harry Potter. He had a room under the stairs and you can choose to have a wardrobe under the stairs. This is a great way to maintain a bookshelf. Always ensure that you keep proper cleaning or else the books and the shelves both can get dirty easily. We will recommend you to opt for these styles of almirah if you are a massive bookworm. You can also check out plyboard cupboard designs here.

So, which of these designs did you like best? Make sure to let us know.