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When it comes to the ceilings and even pillars, you have plenty of different options you can choose from. It is important to explore the different options at hand and choose the ones that appeal to the overall style and theme of your place.

One common mistake that a lot of people make is to incorporate different designs together and that often ends up looking like a misfit. In such cases, the smarter thing to do is to find out the overall theme and décor of your home and then decide on the right cemented POP designs that are sure to spell wonders.

What Is Cemented PoP?

PoP stands for Plaster of Paris and is an excellent material, especially for false ceilings. The plaster of Paris when mixed with water hardens to a cement-like substance. This can be moulded into different shapes and sizes and can therefore be used for making different kinds of structures. It is commonly used for making pillar strictures and even false ceilings. The amount of variety you will find in the cemented pop designs is endless and therefore it will give you a lot to explore.

Here, we are going to talk about some of the trending cemented pop designs so that you will have ample room to explore and decide what seems to be the best option for your home. The bottom line remains the fact that you want your home to be supremely beautiful and perfect.

Cemented Pop Design Ideas

Several designs can be used for both pillars and ceilings. It is upon you to explore the ones that seem to appeal the most to you. Peruse through the different ideas and then feel free to pick your inspiration.

1. Cemented Swirl

cement flower
Source: Kavita Ranawat / Shutterstock

If you are a fan of the swirl kind of design for your false ceiling, you can choose this cemented pop layout. The good thing about this design is that it has plenty of scope to be improvised. You can add lights wherever you want or also choose to have wooden panelling done too. The scope is massive.

Along with this, the overall design is pretty minimal in its approach and it is likely to complement all styles of décor in the room. Try to keep the colour white because this goes well with the classic style.

2. The Medallion

If you are looking to have a striking element in your home, you can choose cemented pop medallion style of design. This will be quite an eyepiece in your home and is sure to catch the attention of the guests. You can add it to the ceilings or even the decorative wall of your home. It is a standalone design and is going to look good when complemented well.

Don’t make anything around it too loud because the 3D design will speak for itself. Make sure to choose subtle colours like white and grey for it as you don’t want it to get too loud.

3. Ornate Design

cemented ornate design
Source: Pixabay / Pexels

This one is meant for big halls and reception areas of large opulent hotels. As you can see the ceiling is pretty ornate and very nicely done. It exudes a very royal look and vibe and is sure to get you the best of compliments. This design can be very hard to make, but once done, it will be worth the time, effort, and money as well. So, if you like to keep things extra fancy, you can choose the ornate style.

The catch here is the fine detailing. The detailing shouldn’t be missed and it will add to the magical appeal and touch. When you are going for such a detailed design, make sure to choose nothing but the best professionals for the neatness in your work.

4. Wall Creepers

Many times, people choose to have an excellent creeper style of plants on the wall. They are also known as wall reliefs as their only purpose is to beautify the walls and add to the glory.

Once again, you will need very skilled craftsmen for the job as they will ensure that they won’t harm the wall and the design will come out beautifully. The creepers will climb up on the wall and add to the aesthetics. You can also choose to have a simple curved vine. A lot of times people hang pictures around it to make it resemble a family tree.

5. Yin and Yang

The eternal contrasting combination of black and white is always going to weave its magic. You can choose to opt for this striking combination by having the white POP ceiling and the whole room could be done in black undertones. The contrast will bring the best out of the room and give your place the right vibe.

An important point we will like to add is that don’t paint the walls black. This will make the room appear darker and it can also get very warm as black tends to absorb both light and heat. Choose different black elements in the room like the chair, the padding colour, the hues in the curtain, maybe a painting and so on. The incorporation of black is always done by using such black-coloured elements rather than imposing too much of the colour.

Don’t end up with an awkward balance of the yin and yang.

6. The Floral POP

Source: Prasong Takham /Shutterstock

Floral designs are always known to be a favourite for everyone. If you too seem to have a thing for flowers, you can choose this perennial favourite design. The good thing is that you can have it on the ceiling or the walls and pillars as well. The etching is pretty fine and detailed.

You can choose a different floral layout or have denser and even lighter patterns. The idea simply is to have a floral motif enclosed in a geometrical shape and it is likely to serve your need well. Once again, we don’t recommend choosing a colour palate as white, beige, or grey seem to work best for such designs.

7. Symmetrical Pattern

Symmetry in your home is always preferred. Even if you go by the rule book of Vastu, you will find that when you choose to have symmetrical geometry in your home, it is likely to keep things linear and organized. So, you can opt for a symmetrical pop design and pattern and this will allow you to be at ease.

Even when you are choosing symmetrical designs, you can opt for ornate carvings or have it pretty simple. The decision should be based on the overall theme and design of the room where you will get the pop installed.

8. Vintage Art

vintage art-min
Source: Brett Sayles / Pexels

If you want your home to have a rustic or a vintage vibe, you can choose these kinds of art. The washed-out tone is great to ensure that you will be able to serve your need well. You can choose any other design as well. The number of options that you will get when it comes to vintage design selection is tremendous.

You should not overdo the vintage design as one doesn’t want too much of a rustic look. You can have a section emitting this vibe. But overall; the tone of your home shouldn’t be the same.

So, these are some of the different cemented POP design ideas that you can choose. Always remember that these designs are not changed often. So, take your time to decide which one will look best. There is no rush but once you have made your mind, go ahead with the decision.

We are sure that you must have found something that would have appealed to your taste. Feel free to implement that in your home. The ceiling and walls of a home have a lot to tell and express. You have to be sure that you are choosing the designs that speak to your personality. You can also check out gypsum ceilings.