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CIDCO – City and Industrial Development Corporation of Maharashtra Limited were begun by the public authority of Maharashtra on 17 March 1970. They see themselves as the nation’s chief town arranging office

They expect to “offer physical and social types of assistance which increase living expectations and decrease variations in the conveniences accessible to various areas of the populace.”


As such, they mean to give reasonable lodging and business property to individuals of lower-pay gatherings and those in the Economically Weaker Sections.

As they are town organizers, these structures are all around arranged, manageable, and harmless to the ecosystem. They utilize their mastery

“To give a climate which allows the residents of the New City to carry on with more full and more extravagant lives – free, to the extent that this is conceivable, of the physical and social strains which are generally connected with metropolitan living.

To give preparing and all potential offices to the current neighborhood populace in the Project Area, to empower them to adjust to the new metropolitan setting and to partake completely and effectively in the monetary and public activity of the New City.”

Subsequently, CIDCO lodging is dependably popular, they don’t simply make reasonable homes, however homes that energize a superior life for the individuals who need it the most.

At present, CIDCO is taking web-based enrollments for 5730 houses for the monetarily more fragile area (EWS) and general class in the Taloja hub of Navi Mumbai.

The lodging plan comprises of 1524 houses for EWS and 4206 houses for the overall classification. CIDCO reported this new plan on January 26, 2022, to check the 73rd Republic Day of India.

Taloja Node is the quickest developing hub in Navi Mumbai and it offers a consistent network with the Mumbai-Pune freeway, Railways, and CIDCO’s Metro Project. The hub will likewise get associated with CBD Belapur after the activity of the Metro rail project.

The Taloja hub additionally houses schools, degree universities, spots of love, emergency clinics, public venues, and lodgings among other new to-the-scene public spots and conveniences.

What is the CIDCO Lottery Scheme?

The Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) plot, is begun by the public authority to give reasonable lodging to the metropolitan poor. Their objective is to assemble 20 million reasonable houses by 31 March 2022.

In accordance with this, CIDCO is building thousands, now and again even lakhs of homes in Navi Mumbai and spots like Panvel, Taloja, Kharghar, and Kalamboli alongside different regions like Bamandongri, Kharkopar, and Juinagar.

Consistently, CIDCO picks a region to create, they build a large number of very much arranged houses and afterward offer these homes at financed rates to those in need in light of a lottery framework.

Who Will Benefit from the Scheme?

Thus, the CIDCO Housing Scheme follows the yearly timetable from 2021-to 2022. Not every person and anybody can apply for a home in the CIDCO lottery plot 2021-22, this is available to just those individuals who truly need assistance.

The fundamental objective for CIDCO lottery lodging is the LIG (lower pay bunch) classification and the EWS (Economically Weaker Sections) class.

LIG is characterized as families having a yearly pay between Rs. 3,00,001 (Rupees Three Lakh One) up to Rs. 6,00,000 (Rupees Six Lakhs). EWS is characterized as individuals who have a place with the General Category (for example have a place with no held classification like SC/ST/OBC) and have a yearly family pay of fewer than ₹8 lakhs.

As referenced, the lodging plan is intended to give reasonable lodging, so every one of the houses will be apportioned to the 2021-22 draw.

The complete number is then partitioned in very nearly a 60:40 proportion for the Economically Weaker Section and Lower Income Group (LIG) classifications.

For the CIDO lottery 2020, they meant to give 53,000 units to the LIG (lower pay bunch) class while another 41,000 for purchasers in the EWS (Economically Weaker Sections) class. In 2021-22, the number of homes, and the area of these homes are not yet uncovered.

You can visit this page for additional updates as and when they occur.

In 2020, the floor covering the region of the pads was 25.81 sq.m and 29.82 sq.m for EWS and LIG recipients, separately. The house costs were Rs.18 lakh for EWS and for LIG class it was Rs.26 lakh.

Qualification Criteria to Apply

If you have any desire to apply for the CIDCO lottery 2021-22, you should have a habitation declaration to show that you as the candidate have lived in Maharashtra for something like 15 years.

You really want not to be an occupant of Navi Mumbai or where the lodging is coming up, however, you should be an occupant anyplace in Maharashtra and have to have confirmation of the equivalent.

Aside from this, you will likewise require confirmation of payment, assuming you are taking a gander at an EWS level under the CIDCO lottery plot you ought to procure not more than Rs 25,000.

On the off chance that you need a level under the LIG CIDCO lottery plot, you really want to have confirmation of payment to show that you make between Rs 25,000 and Rs 50,000 per month.

The CIDCO authority has launched a website that allows applicants to register their grievances related to the housing schemes, payments, and CIDCO lottery. To register your grievances, go to the official website of the lottery and follow the steps outlined below.

For new users, click ‘New Registration’. Existing users must enter their credentials to log in. After logging in, click ‘Submit’.

Documents Required

The beneficial thing about the CIDCO lottery plot 2021-22 is that the entire interaction is basic and direct. You don’t require such a large number of reports and there is insignificant desk work required when you are joining. You will require just these significant records:

  • Income Proof Certificate
  • Domicile Certificate
  • Aadhar Card
  • Container Card
  • Elector ID
  • Bank Details

CIDCO Lottery 2022

If you have won the House Registration through the CIDCO lottery in 2022, you can now avail the opportunity to buy a dream home. The lottery will allocate 5730 affordable houses all across the state. You can either apply as an individual or a couple.

In either case, you will need to provide basic details, PAN card information, and other pertinent details. Once you have completed the application form, you will have to pay the registration fees and stamp duty.

In order to claim your house, you must upload the relevant receipts as proof of payments.

In order to apply for the lottery, you should visit the official website of CIDCO and follow the steps mentioned in this post. Once the results are announced, CIDCO will publish a list of waiting applicants.

The list will help the authorities in selecting the beneficiaries fairly. You will then be the next eligible citizen. You can download the first information sheet from the website of CIDCO. To know your eligibility, you must follow the instructions mentioned on the waiting list.

Criteria for Registration

To register for the lottery, you must first be a resident of Navi Mumbai. This is because the city is planning to build 94000 new houses. The amount of money allocated for the construction of these homes is Rs 19,000 crores.

But, you must not worry if you are not eligible for one. The CIDCO lottery will help you get a house you can call your own. The process is simple, and the lottery will be over soon. And it can be done online!

In Navi Mumbai, a CIDCO lottery will draw 5000 new houses. Those houses will be located in nodes such as Kharghar kalamboli, Taloja, and Dronagiri. The scheme is a great opportunity for those who fall into the EWS and LIG categories.

The houses will be located within two km of essential services and will be accessible to those with a monthly income of Rs25,000 or less.

The CIDCO lottery will provide housing facilities to low-income families. The government is also giving special attention to covid-warriors and will allocate 4488 flats to them. In addition, the lottery will provide special housing facilities to the people who survived the Covid-19 pandemic.

The CIDCO lottery will be open in January 2022. You can apply for a CIDCO lottery in 2022 to get a house of your own. You need to be a resident of Maharashtra before you can apply for a house.

CIDCO is the official housing scheme provider in Maharashtra. The government plans to provide approximately 94,000 affordable houses to eligible families. The CIDCO lottery is designed to be a lottery, and the winner will receive a house based on their income.

2022 application form

You can apply for CIDCO Lottery 2022 individually or jointly. The application form asks you to fill out your basic details and PAN card information, which must be verified by CIDCO officers.

You should confirm your choice of allotment preference and read the terms and conditions before filling up the application form.

Once you have filled in all the details, you must pay the fee via credit card or net banking. You can also upload your acknowledgment slip to complete your registration.

After that, you must visit the official web page of the city and register Development Corporation of Maharashtra. Click on the ‘Register for Lottery’ link and fill in your personal details. Next, you should fill in your email id and mobile number.

Once you have submitted the information, you will be directed to a new page. After submitting the information, you must wait for the approval of the documents.

CIDCO Lottery 2022 application process will be conducted online. This is the perfect opportunity to purchase a low-cost plot or house. CIDCO will allocate houses for people who have a low income. It offers affordable 1 BHK houses.

You can even win a plot. If you qualify, you can live in your own house or build a house on your plot. The CIDCO Lottery 2022 application form is now available!

What to do after you have received your application number?

Applicants will receive their CIDCO Lottery 2022 application number and waitlist status on November 9, 2021. If you are waiting for it, you can still keep your EMD with the agency for future lottery schemes.

You must enter basic details, including your name and mobile number, and then click the ‘new registration’ button. After entering this information, you must choose a category and click the ‘new registration’ button.

To find out if you have been selected, you must apply online. You can register online. If you have already registered, you must pay the lottery fee. Otherwise, you can wait until next year and apply again.

You should pay as soon as you can, as the registration process is close. You must hurry up though, as this lottery process will close soon! If you have already registered, the online application process is closing soon.

Don’t miss out! If you haven’t yet, you must pay your fee to secure your slot. You may always register for the lottery again next year.

After you fill up the form, you must wait for the results of the lottery to be announced. Once you have your results, you can move on to the next phase of your application.

The City and Industrial Development Corporation has announced special housing schemes for police and coronavirus warriors. The houses will be handed over to the beneficiaries in phases until 2025.

To check if you’re eligible, you can log onto CIDCO’s website and fill out the form. There are also categories and scheme codes that will narrow down your search. If you need help, you can contact the helpline on their website.

2022 results online

You can easily check the CIDCO Lottery 2022 results on the official website of the lottery company. The website has a link under the section “Citizen/Business Services” that displays the list of current tenders.

If you have won a prize in the lottery, you will have to attend the Redressal Center to collect your winning prize money. Moreover, you can also get your results by downloading the lottery’s first information sheet.

If you want to apply for this scheme, you can visit the official website of the authority. You can find the application form there. If you are interested, you can check the eligibility criteria and prices of the flats. You can check the results online to see if you have been selected.

The official website will also include the application form for the lottery. After filling out the application form, you can view the results and check the status of your application.

To apply, you must have a monthly income of Rs 25000 and above. After filling up the application form, you must wait for a few days before you get the results. You can narrow down the results by category or scheme code to view the list of the winners.

There is also a helpline number to call if you have any questions. The application form is available on the official website.

The 2022 results will also provide you with details of the allotment process. The allotment of the houses will be based on the criteria for Economically Weaker and Lower Income Groups. Soon after the lottery draws, the Urban Development Minister will announce the results.


The winners will receive their houses from the government. Earlier, CIDCO provided awas to several citizen groups through various schemes such as the PM Awas Yojana and the Mahagrihanirman Scheme.

The CIDCO Lottery 2021 results online are available on the official website of the organization. This lottery is a part of the Pradhan Mantri Aawas Yojana (PMAY). It has been the most beneficial asset for the economically backward and below poverty line people.

It is an extension of this scheme and a wonderful opportunity for those in need of a home.

The City and Industrial Development Corporation (CIDCO) is the authority that is responsible for developing Mumbai’s satellite towns. Through this, it gives away affordable houses to low-income residents. The lottery is conducted on 26th January 2022.

The houses will be built in five different locations in the city – Khinagar, Juinagar, Panvel, Mansarovar, and Surat.

Navi Mumbai Dates- Valley Shilp Vastu Vihar NRI scheme

CIDCO Lottery 2022 detailsImportant dates
CIDCO lottery 2022 registration date startsApril 2, 2022
CIDCO lottery 2022 registration date endsApril 30,2022
CIDCO lottery 2022 application form online (starts on)April 4, 2022
CIDCO lottery 2022 application form online (ends on)April 30, 2022
CIDCO lottery 2022 online payment of EMDApril 4, 2022
CIDCO lottery 2022 online payment of EMD (last date)April 30, 2022
CIDCO lottery 2022 RTGS NEFT Payment and Challan GenerationApril 4, 2022
CIDCO lottery 2022 RTGS NEFT Payment and Challan Generation (ends on)April 30, 2022
CIDCO lottery 2022 publication of the draft list of accepted applicantsMay 5, 2022
CIDCO lottery 2022 publication of a final list of the accepted applicant listMay 10, 2022
CIDCO Lottery 2022 Lucky drawMay 17, 2022
CIDCO Lottery 2022 Navi Mumbai dates

Under this scheme, the MIG and the HIG housing units will be provided.

The RERA-registered units: Exclusive to the SC, ST, and Physically handicapped and general categories. It is based on the schemes at Seawoods and Kharghar. 

 For complete information on the CIDCO lottery 2022 and to fill up the CIDCO lottery 2022 application form visit

Navi Mumbai: Valley Shilp Vastu Vihar NRI scheme details

CIDCO lottery 2022 Scheme CodeCIDCO lottery 2022Scheme NameBuilt up areaTotal UnitsIncome groupBase Cost (approx)
104VALLEY SHILP HIG14260, 15010 sq ft136MIG/HIGRs 22825208
103VALLEY SHILP MIG11680, 12180 sq ft118MIG/HIG₨11826825 (approx)
1052 BHK SEAWOODS NRI936.15, 1230.61 sq ft7MIG/HIG₨ 39311699 (approx)
1063 BHK SEAWOODS NRI1266.17, 1651.05 sq ft1MIG/HIGRs 44448896 (approx)
KH-IVKH-IV CELEBRATION11855.95,12394.85 sq ft16MIG/HIG₨ 12781000 (approx)
Valley Shilp NRI Scheme Details

To check please click on the ‘Schemes at CIDCO’ tab on the homepage of CIDCO Lottery 2022- 2022.

You can gain access to all insights regarding these plans that are accessible under the CIDCO lottery. Referenced above are subtleties of the Valley Shilp Vastu Vihar NRI Lottery Scheme accessible in the declared CIDCO lottery 2022.

On tapping on the CIDCO lottery 2022 Navi Mumbai conspire, you will see all insights concerning it on the right side.

These incorporate plan code, conspire name, plot address, pay bunch, permitted classes, all out apartments, developed region, base expense, and RERA enrollment number are a portion of the subtleties that are remembered for the page

One can likewise see the pictures of the property having a place with the CIDCO 20222 lottery, the floor plan, the area, google Maps and conveniences, and the property reckoner.  Also made accessible is a virtual visit through the property with a CIDCO stroll through film.

CIDCO Lottery 2022 registration- Valley Shilp Vastu Vihar NRI

On, click on the ‘Register Now button seen in red color.

You will reach now fill out the application form provided online.

Once you have completed the CIDCO lottery 2022 Valley Shilp Vastu Vihar NRI registration and applied for the in the lottery, it will take 24 hours for verification of documents.

CIDCO Lottery 2022 Mass Housing plan declared

After the phenomenal result of the CIDCO dwelling plan 2021, the CIDCO lottery 2022-mass housing lottery 2022 was accounted for on January 26, 2022, in which 6,508 houses under the ‘Mahagriha Nirman’ plot are to be given.

While at first, CIDCO was to allocate 5,730 units, having procured a fantastic response CIDCO has now added 778 units more to the CIDCO lottery 2022.

Considering positive people responses, CIDCO has widened the enlistment date for the CIDCO lottery 2022 by one month and it ends on March 24, 2022.

The last date for the portion of EMD is changed to March 25, 2022, and the electronic CIDCO lottery 20022 lucky draw will be by and by holding tight on April 8, 2022.

CIDCO Lottery 2022 Navi Mumbai: Scheme details

CIDCO lottery 2022 Navi Mumbai Scheme CodeCIDCO lottery 2022 Navi Mumbai Scheme NameTotal UnitsIncome groupBase Cost (approx)
CIDCO Lottery Scheme Details

Recent Developments

You can check the CIDCO Lottery 2022 Scheme subtleties by tapping on the ‘Plans at CIDCO’ tab on the landing page of 2022. 

Here you can know every one of the insights concerning the plans that are accessible under the CIDCO lottery. Referenced above are subtleties of the plan accessible in the reported CIDCO lottery 2022.

To get to all insights about plans CIDCO lottery 2022, you can look down the rundown on the landing page.

When you click on the plan, you can see the relating CIDCO lottery 2022 plan subtleties on the right-hand side.

Conspire code, plot name, conspire address, pay bunch, permitted classes, complete apartments, cover region, base expense, and RERA enlistment number are a portion of the subtleties that are remembered for the page.

You can likewise see the pictures of the property having a place with the CIDCO 20222 lottery, the floor plan, the area, google Maps and conveniences, and the property reckoner.  You can likewise see a virtual visit through the property with a CIDCO stroll through film.