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While many people may be familiar with the blue and green color schemes, they may not realize that brown is also an excellent color combination for the bedroom. The earth element rules this region, and this color symbolizes stability, permanence, groundedness, and reliability.

You may want to opt for plywood instead of brown paint, and plywood is becoming increasingly popular. If your bedroom is located in the southwest, you will reap the most benefits from this color combination.

1. Colors for Bedroom: Indigo

The best way to complement an indigo wall is by adding contrast. You can use a contrasting headboard or headboards covered in rich cream. The indigo color is a Vaastu color that represents growth, fertility, and prosperity.

It can help you achieve a harmonious and calming effect, but be careful not to overdo it! Also, you can use a rich cream padded headboard and white sheer curtains to balance the indigo on the wall.

Light blue walls and curtains can create a warm and cozy ambiance. Blue represents contentment, truth, and beauty. Green is soothing and calming. White is a timeless color for a bedroom. White represents purity, freedom, and peace.

Pink symbolizes love, romance, and creativity. And last but not least, indigo represents power and dignity. It also promotes peaceful sleep.

If you’re looking for a Vastu-compliant bedroom, consider blue. This is one of the most relaxing colors and works wonders as a wall color.

It’s also associated with power, dignity, and integrity, so it makes sense to use it in your bedroom. And if you’re not sure about the best color scheme, blue is an excellent choice!

If you’re looking for a bedroom color that works for you, consider the direction your head will be facing. Traditionally, your head will be facing the south, but you can experiment with other directions.

The south and west are also good directions for sleeping. In general, however, you should avoid a bedroom located in the northeast. While this may sound enticing, it can cause problems with conception. Using dark colors can also invite negative energy.

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2. Colors for Bedroom: Green

The best colors for your home are the ones that match your personality, and Vastu Shastra recommends certain color combinations for bedrooms. This ancient Indian wisdom also suggests how to place furniture and other items in your home.

Colour is an important part of Vastu because it sends out certain energies, which can affect your mood. Your bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your home, and the colors you choose for it should balance your emotions.

Blue is a very aesthetic and soothing color, and it represents truth, beauty, and contentment. When used on walls or as accents, blue can create a peaceful and restful atmosphere in a bedroom.

It is best used in combination with other color schemes to create a harmonious and calming atmosphere.

The color can also be used on wooden furniture or paired with yellow, red, or white. You can even use a striped or printed cushion in blue to accentuate the color.

Yellow is another energetic and positive color. This color can enhance your creativity. It is also a great choice for an accent wall or all of your bedroom walls. Yellow will also reflect light, making it appear larger. It is also a good choice for a small bedroom.

It will make it seem larger than it is. And it is one of the most cheerful colors. If you’re looking for a color to bring happiness to your home, yellow is the best choice.

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3. Colors for Bedroom: Yellow

If you’re looking for the best color combination for your bedroom, then blue may be the right shade for you. This positive and uplifting color will lift your mood and make you feel happy. The soothing and calming properties of blue will make your bedroom feel like heaven.

Yellow is also known to improve your spiritual abilities and evoke feelings of peace and tranquility. It is also a wonderful color for children’s bedrooms, as it is thought to enhance brain activity.

While it is not advisable to use the same colors in your bedroom, it is best to use different shades. For example, a bedroom that faces the south is best suited to blue or purple, while a bedroom facing the northeast is best served by white.

However, there are other color combinations that are better suited to these directions. You can also consider red, yellow, or orange shades for your bedroom.

The best color combination for your bedroom walls should be chosen by the person sleeping in the room. Red is considered to be an intimidating color, so you may want to try a lighter shade. For those who don’t mind being bold, you can try purple.

This color blends the qualities of red and pink. This combination makes it an excellent choice for bedroom walls. Just make sure you choose your paint color accordingly!

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4. Colors for Bedroom: Purple

As per Vasu Shastra, the bedroom should be painted in shades that promote health and wellbeing. Purple is a wonderful choice for the walls of a bedroom as it gives off an uber-rich vibe.

This color is also perfect for a child’s room as it can serve as the base for a chalkboard. This hue helps to improve cognition and inculcates values of respect and dignity.

Green is considered a beneficial color in Vastu. Green gives off a soothing feeling and helps to calm flaring tempers. If your bedroom faces the south, green should be a perfect fit. It is also good for bedrooms in southeastern directions.

A study from China suggests that green is associated with positive emotions. Alternatively, blue is believed to improve mental and spiritual abilities.

While pink is the most popular color for bedrooms, it should not be used for a living room. Instead, choose a bedroom color that will complement the room’s color scheme. This color can be used as a potted plant, cushion, or wall art.

Adding some pink accents to a room can make it appear a little unappealing, which is why we recommend that you use neutral colors like white and grey.

The southeast and northwest directions are ideal for orange and green, respectively. For this zone, you can place paintings of the sun rising in the east. For the south, try to use a green painting of trees or a picture of greenery.

These colors represent the earth and soil and are conducive to health and happiness. If you have a bedroom facing northwest, try to keep the colors light and neutral. The opposite is true for the southwest direction.

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5. Grey

According to Vastu, the most ideal color combination for the bedroom is grey. The following are the reasons why grey is the best color combination for a bedroom:

Green: The Vastu community considers green to be a positive color, and it’s ideal for the bedroom. The green in this color scheme soothes moods and calms down flaring tempers.

Green is also considered to be a relaxing color, so it’s a good choice for the bedroom. Green also has many health benefits, including anti-aging properties.

Red: Red represents fire energy and can trigger temperament problems. White: Avoid excessive white as it increases egocentrism. Dark garages and car parking areas aren’t Vastu-friendly colors.

For a bedroom, the northwest location is the best. Light blue, white, or light brown are also suitable colors. Dark red and purple are considered bad colors for bedrooms.

Brown: If you are looking for a neutral and practical color for your bedroom, then brown is the answer. It represents earthy things and brings a sense of stability and permanence. It’s also a good choice for bedrooms in the southwest, which is ruled by the earth element.

It’s also a trending color in 2022. You can get away with using brown paint on walls or plywood instead of a dark one.

6. White

While it may seem like white is the best color to go for a bedroom, many experts recommend a color scheme with green as the primary component. Green is the best color for the bedroom as it symbolizes growth and abundance.

It also brings a serene, calm atmosphere. It’s the perfect choice for a child’s room. This is especially true if it’s going to be used for studying purposes.

Dark colors such as black, blue, and red should be avoided in bedrooms unless you’re allergic to them. Red and orange can sometimes cause harm, and should only be used sparingly in a bedroom.

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Red, on the other hand, can affect your mood and balance. Choosing the wrong colors can cause health problems in your life. If you’re not sure about which colors to choose, start by consulting your doctor.

The colors you choose for your bedroom will depend on the direction and size of your room. For instance, a south-facing bedroom should be painted in a shade of blue or light green.

If your bedroom is located in the northeast or northwest, then white is the best choice. In addition to blue, white is also the best color combination for bedrooms in these directions.