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Do you know that the colour and texture of a room play a significant role in living a better and more abundant lifestyle? For instance, using the right colour of kitchen according to Vastu can bring a warm and happy space for you and your family. A historical country like India believes in the ancient science of architecture known as “Vastu Shastra.”

Vastu Shastra is not a new principle to Indians, it’s one of the oldest sciences people believe in, and they adhere to it when it comes to building or housing affairs. Vastu Shastra originated from Sanskrit words; vaas means live, TU means you, and Shastra means ethology.

That’s to say, Vastu Shastra is a set of rules and concepts that recommend the best practice to observe while setting up your home. Have a look at some Ghar ka design ideas for your home.

This ancient science of architecture covers various aspects ranging from the direction a house should face to the type of Color to paint your kitchen for a healthy and nutritious life. Yes, the kitchen is the primary source of energy in every household. 

Food prepared in the kitchen can alleviate your mood. Hence food plays a significant role when it comes to happiness in the family. Therefore, if you also believe in the Vastu principle and want to change the design and colour of your kitchen for the sake of happiness. This article is for you, don’t skip it!  It’s a guide on kitchen colour as per Vastu.

What’s The Best Color of Kitchen As Per Vastu Shastra?

Don’t just go for any colour; colour does more than provide you with the perfect combination to create a beautiful interior decor. As discussed earlier, the kitchen is every household mitochondria; therefore, according to Vastu, you need to know the best kitchen colour that will bring positive energy your way. You can also plant bamboo plants Vastu for good luck.

The type of colour you choose has power over your mind, your mood, and your happiness. So we are going to explore the right colour for your kitchen one after the other;

  • Orange 
  • Pink
  • Yellow
  • White
  • Chocolate brown
  • Green

Orange Color

Orange Color
Source: Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Using orange in the kitchen encourages optimism and strengthens and influences relationships and power in the family. According to Vastu, the kitchen position must be towards the southeast if you want to choose orange as your kitchen colour. Note: there’s saffron orange and brick orange; one reflects power and courage while the other channels energy and stimulation.

Pink Color

pink Color
Source: Photo by Євгенія Височина on Unsplash

The best colour to use for the kitchen is no other than pink; It’s a colour that symbolises love.  Houses that use pink as their kitchen colour will be happy homes where people gather around food and eat together with love.

Using pink in the kitchen increases joy and helps spread it across the house. Red and white, if mixed, will turn pink, and these two colours are an excellent idea for the kitchen. One symbolises purity, and one represents fire.

Yellow Color

Yellow Color
Source: Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

If you are also looking for an excellent colour for your kitchen, yellow is advisable. Yellow Exude energy, freshness, and happiness, as stated by Vastu expert.

According to Vastu science, yellow can best be used in a kitchen that doesn’t receive direct sunlight as it mimics the sun’s warmth without reflecting it, leading to harsh illumination. Yellow also channels positive energy and stimulates happiness. Do you now see why you consider yellow for your kitchen?

White Color

white Color
Source: Photo by R ARCHITECTURE on Unsplash

White is a neutral colour, and it represents purity and positivity. It also symbolises cleanliness and light, critical factors of a complete and functional kitchen.

Vastu science recommends white as the best colour for the kitchen because it exudes positive energy and is the best colour for kitchen walls and floors. According to Vastu, White is most advisable for a kitchen that faces the northwest direction as it helps to increase beneficial vibes.

Chocolate Brown Color

Chocolate Brown Color
Source: Photo by Christian Mackie on Unsplash

It’s rare to see a house that uses chocolate brown as its kitchen colour, and this colour carries a lot more than how it’s underrated. However, as Vastu science explains, brown chocolate is a perfect kitchen colour that Exudes warmth, contentment, and positive feeling.

This colour will suit a modernised setup kitchen facing the southwest direction.

Green Color

green color
Source: Photo by Kam Idris on Unsplash

Why choose your Kitchen colour? Why don’t you go for the green? It’s a colour that symbolises hope and harmony. It’s beneficial if you want to channel a soothing vibe into your kitchen. Using green encourages proper digestion.

So, in summary, the kitchen colour as per Vastu ranges from red to orange. Others are yellow, evergreen white, and various combinations of brown. Each has its benefits; it depends on what you are looking for, so choose wisely.

Kitchen Color For Different Direction As Per Vastu

Although we’ve mentioned the suitable direction for some colours above as regards Vastu science, it will be good to put everything together for easy recognition for our readers. 

The direction of a kitchen is connected to its colour. Now, let’s look at the suitable colour for every kitchen direction as stated by Vastu;

East: it is considered to be a promising direction because this is where the sun rises. That’s why you’ll see many people rushing east-facing houses.

The East zone is ruled by an air element, also known as the wood element, and this element is responsible for supporting fire to keep it burning.  Also, the more wood you add to the fire, the brighter the flame. Thus, colours representing woods and trees are best for kitchens in the east direction.

The best colours are beige, orange, and green.

North(  is not considered best per Vastu): this direction is not ideal for kitchen placement, but in some situations based on astrological facts, it’s permissible in the northwest. However, you have to be a good Astro-Vastu expert.

The best colours are silver, grey, white, and golden.

South ( best kitchen colour as per Vastu): south is the universally accepted direction for the placement of the kitchen. According to Vastu, some of the most potent energy fields responsible for prosperity and growth reside in this direction. Hence there is no better kitchen placement than in the south order.

Best colours: yellow, beige, orange, green.


Best colours: silver, golden, grey, white.

Now you know the best kitchen colour for each direction, or you’ve used the wrong colour out of ignorance, you can align it with invoking positive vibes into your home. 

Here are some colours you should avoid using for each kitchen direction;


Colours to avoid: green, red, orange.


Colours to avoid: red, orange, yellow, pink.


Colours to avoid: blue, black, grey, silver.


Colours to avoid: golden, grey, yellow, silver, white.

Using the right colour for your kitchen is a Vastu-approved step towards increasing positive energy and vibes. Take a bold action now!

Kitchen Wall Color As Per Vastu

You can always refer to the above section to choose a suitable colour base on your kitchen direction. After knowing the recommended colour for your kitchen placement as per Vastu, you know the right colour for your kitchen wall. 

Using the right Vastu wall colour will help you balance out the energies of your cooking space, and new things will always be explored in your kitchen.

Kitchen Cabinet Color As Per Vastu

Choosing the right Vastu-compliant colour for a cabinet might be tedious. To give your kitchen a modern look, here are the best kitchen cabinet colour according to Vastu:

South (best direction for kitchen as per Vastu) 

Best colours for kitchen cabinets: orange, maroon, and shades of red.

North( not an optimal direction for kitchen as per Vastu)

Best colours for kitchen cabinets: blue, brown, silver, and green.


Best colours for kitchen cabinets: green, brown.


Best colours for kitchen cabinets: golden, white, grey.

Kitchen Tile Colors As Per Vastu

The direction of the kitchen will have an effect on every material in the kitchen. However, the same rule applies to kitchen tiles. However, the tip for selecting tile colours is to use natural rather than synthetic ones in the kitchen.

Therefore, ceramics, mosaics, and marble tiles are considered the best for kitchen tiles, and the best colour as per Vastu is; beige, pale light brown, light shades like white, etc.

Kitchen Slab Color As Per Vastu

According to Vastu science, the colour and materials of the kitchen Slabs also depend on the direction of kitchen placement. However, the principle mentions some salient details on using colours and materials in the kitchen. Here is what it says on the kitchen slab:

North (not optimal direction for kitchen placement)

Best kitchen slab colour: yellow, green

South (best approach for kitchen placement)

Best kitchen slab colour: maroon, green, brown.


Best kitchen slab colour: golden, grey


Best kitchen slab colour: orange, green, beige.

Kitchen Furniture Colour As Per Vastu

The optimum colour for house furniture is considered brown; however, kitchen Furniture colour also depends on the direction of kitchen placement.

Kitchen Trolley Color As Per Vastu

Vastu science extended its rules to kitchen trolleys, and the principle recommended natural materials like wood and a combination of different waterproof metals for kitchen trolleys. 

However, not much can be done to the colour of a trolley inside; they will generally have a steely appearance.

Effect of Using The Wrong Color Combination For The Kitchen

A kitchen is a place that symbolises fire or the Agni element. That’s why Vastu science recommends red and orange as the best colour for the kitchen because they both represent fire. Blue symbolises calmness or water; using blue for a kitchen in the southeast direction is like pouring water on a fire and extinguishing it, which can be problematic for the whole family.

Not adhering to Vastu on kitchen colour can result in element imbalance and can Exude negative energy.  It can be solved by reading this guide and choosing the right Vastu colour for your kitchen placement direction.

Vastu Shastra has detailed rules and guidelines for building and designing your house. The kitchen colour aspect is what this article is all about. Choosing The recommended kitchen colour by Vastu helps flow positive energy to your kitchen and improve your current situation.

Now that you know the right Vastu colour for the kitchen, just observe the direction of your kitchen placement and select the suitable Vastu colour as stated in this article. By doing this, you are taking a step toward marching toward fortune and good luck that awaits you.