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Securing your house compound is one of the crucial that you need to handle with strong hands and not carelessly. Whether you’re restructuring your existing house or planning to build a new one, the wall design is an essential factor you need to keep in mind because your compound wall plays many roles in your home that you don’t know.

A compound wall’s primary purpose is to ensure tight privacy and protection because many house owners do not have it in mind to do their home compound wall. Which is very dangerous and all entry of unknown people, dust, and noise pollution into your personal space. The compound wall is a type of wall built around or within the boundaries of a property to enhance a beautiful look between your home and others.

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Importance of compound wall design pattern.

Compound wall designs save many advantages if you can afford to do them. So here are some important of getting them for your home:

  • The compound was used to separate an area of independent plots and avoid land encroachment.
  • Compound wall design guarantees the safety and security of the building.
  • Compound wall design makes sake the building or houses have a good structure.
  • The compound was used to avoid unwanted entrance.
  • A compound wall is used to separate the boundary between the countries. 

Top 4 types of house compound wall design

Various types of compound walls are based on structure and construction materials used. Here are some of the best pick options that show an excellent modern appearance.

Ornamental Compound wall design 

Ornamental Compound wall design 
Source: Photo by Nguyen Minh on Unsplash

Day by day the world is getting more advanced, don’t you think everything has gotten fancier? The modern wall design has also changed with new techniques and trendy patterns. This wall design lays equal importance on the appearance and security of buildings. Decorative walls are a combination of masonry walls and mild steel grills. This compound wall is a perfect option for people to give their place a modern touch.

Cladding compound wall

The cladding compound wall is one of the best that attracts visitors and people passing by. It is a good option for newly built houses or freshly renovated buildings. The compound wall design uses cladding materials such as marble panels and vitreous tiles. This type of wall is quite valuable for high-end bungalows.

Masonry compound wall 

The masonry compound wall is the most common wall. People can afford it easily because it is built using bricks, laterite stones, fly ash bricks, and cement mortar. Masonry walls start from 2 ft below ground level to ensure that the wall gets appropriate anchorage. Once the basic structure is built, you can apply cement plaster on both sides of the border and paint it to give the best look.

Security compound wall 

Security compound wall 
Source: Photo by Ian Deneumostier on Unsplash

The security compound wall is number one among the barriers that require many materials to build and a lot of capital. In such cases, These types of wall designs are a common feature of all government buildings. Such as police camps and military bases, especially buildings that need tight privacy and protection. In addition, the security compound wall has become the type of wall that most rich people are running after in society any encroaches.

Top 5 compound wall design ideas for creating a beautiful boundary wall

Compound wall design can be enhanced by wall treatment, material, and design elements that appreciate the building appearance outside face and surroundings of the building. However, the following are materials that are commonly utilised in the structure of buildings:

  • Plaster of Paris
  • Cement plaster
  • PVC boards
  • Wood planks
  • Tiles made of stone

To make your building more stylish and attractive looking from the outside. The best option is to design your compound wall with one of this article’s stated compound wall designs.