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Compound walls provide protection and seclusion and improve the overall appearance of a home. A unique compound wall design can make your home look better and set it apart from those around it. If you’re tired of the typical concrete compound wall and want to build a unique one with new materials, you don’t need to look any further. Familiarize yourself with unique compound wall ideas!

compound wall ideas 2022
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5 Types of compound wall styles

Creating compound walls has become popular since the days of Shivaji, but the current trend includes keeping the latest trend in mind. However, it is essential to remember that compound wall and boundary wall designs evolve continually! So if you are moving into a new house or want to restore existing compound walls on your property, here’s everything you must know!

decorative compund wall
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Since the popularity of compound wall designs is on the rise, here are the various types of compound walls you may choose to create around your home:

  • Decorative compound wall- Modern boundary wall design has spruced itself up over the last decade with new fashionable patterns and cutouts. You can choose a decorative compound wall by combining concrete and stainless steel grills, adding a visual appeal to the property. The height of this wall may range from 3 to 5 feet, and it is usually made entirely with brickwork. Grills, or stainless-steel grills, are added for decoration and security.
  • Cladding exterior wall- What is the first thing a visitor notices in a newly built home? The design of the boundary wall at the front of the property. There’s no rule regarding compound walls; hence you can style it with vitreous tiles, marble, or shera panels. These are usually put on top of pre-existing brick walls to add aesthetic value. However, these walls work best in luxurious bungalows. Cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, and Kolkata all have this type of compound wall architecture.
  • Cast concrete wall– Most people agree that steel and concrete precast walls are the most aesthetically pleasing and functional options for residential boundary walls. Precast walls have become more prevalent in recent years due to their affordable price and quick installation. Suppose you want to elevate your wall at a specific height, but you are concerned about what your neighbors will say. You may consider this compound wall elevation technique. Since they are produced off-site and then transported to the building site, it’s hassle-free and pocket-friendly.
  • Masonry Compound wall- These types of front-yard boundary walls provide the fundamental function of a wall—protection—while also allowing some privacy, keeping intruders out. Laterite stones, red clay bricks or fly ash bricks, steel, and cement mortar are the standard building materials for such walls. Construction of such walls begins at a depth of 2 feet below the earth, guaranteeing that they will not topple over. The design of home boundary walls has evolved significantly over time, but this wall remains the most reliable and widely constructed option.
  • Security compound wall– When security is essential, these walls are a must! These compound walls are present at military sites, cantonments, government buildings, and police camps. When security is a priority, even you can choose such walls if you think they won’t cause a dent in your pocket. These front boundary wall designs keep everyone out until the owner lets them in. Gated communities often have boundary walls with gates. Large-windowed flats and residential complexes sometimes have compound walls with grills to keep kids, dogs, and intruders out.

Top 15 compound wall ideas in 2022

A residential zone’s boundaries need not be simple walls; after all, they are an extension of your house. So how about treating them as a canvas that offers an excellent first impression and a sight to see whenever you enter your home?

Here are some cool compound wall ideas that will liven up your boundary wall!

1. Japanese Garden Wall 

Most of the time, the walls of Japanese gardens are made of wood or stone and have intricate carvings. You can create many different looks with a Japanese garden, from a simple border to an elegant and helpful structure.

japanese garden wall
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2. Picket Fences 

Picket fences are a conventional kind of barrier. Most of the time, this wall is made out of wood, metal, or wire. The result is an open, square-shaped fence that separates two properties and keeps people safe on both sides.

picket fence
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3. Stucco Concrete Wall 

A stucco concrete wall is more robust than painted walls and looks more modern than brick walls. Stucco could be made from a mixture of cement, sand, and water that is spread so that it soaks into the surface and forms a thick coat.

stucco concrete wall
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4. Green wall 

A compound wall crafted with living green plants. How cool is that? The plants on the green wall help keep the wall clean and add a natural appearance to your exterior. The green wall is probably the most sustainable way to build a wall around your home! However, if you are opting for a green compound wall, consult a professional who can guide you in the best possible way.

green compund wall
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5. Metal Fence Boundary Wall

A metal fence boundary is one of the best kinds of walls for a compound, which will give the outside of your home a subtle, modern look. The metal fence keeps your home safe and gives it a nice look that goes well with the rest of your house. Since metal fences are sturdy, they become a perfect option for areas with plenty of pedestrian traffic.

metal compund wall
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6. Exposed Brick Wall

Brick walls are a good home choice because they make you think of the past. Even though it has a traditional look, it is an excellent background for trendy things like diode lighting. If you are looking for a simplistic contemporary approach, exposed brick walls can be the right option!

exposed brick compound wall
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7. Stone Cladded Boundary Wall

Stone, an excellent insulator, is often used to cover boundary walls, both because it looks good and helpful. In most cases, these walls are made of various stones that provide the formation and structure of the wall, along with brick, granite, and rock. You may also style up in several methods, such as dry stacking, mortar setting, or interlocking.

stone cladded compound wall
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8. Gabion walls 

Gabion walls are standard cage-like structures made of galvanized steel. The cages are welded or wired to create a robust and sturdy wall, but you can also choose to build gabion compound walls out of metal or plastic. 

gabion compund wall
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9. Wooden panels on Boundary Wall

Want to give a posh and stylish look to your bungalow? Go for wooden panel boundary walls! These wooden panels give your home a modern look and make the boundary strong, durable, and easy to understand. For wooden boards, you can choose materials like bamboo, cedar, cypress, eucalyptus, oak, teak, etc. 

wooden panel compound wall
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10. Polyvinyl Chloride Wall

The most popular material for compound walls is PVC because it is easy to set up on the ground and maintain.

pvc compound wall
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11. Compound Wall with Timber Infills

A fence made of wood posts and a wooden railing could be a natural-materials-based boundary wall with wood infills. The rods hold equal spaces apart, and the bar prevents people from rising over the fence. The fence serves the purpose of circling an enclosed yard, garden, or property line.

compound wall with timber infills
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12. Compound wall with stone tiles

Stone tile is the best option for the outer walls of a property since it is both natural and durable. Cement plaster or other binding agents can be put on the surface of compound walls. This makes it possible to attach thin stone slabs to the wall. Tactile and rustic stones are available in various colors and patterns. You can cut them into interesting geometric shapes or mosaic patterns and put them on your compound walls to make them look contemporary. Hardy tiles made of porcelain or other composite materials may imitate natural stone’s appearance.

compound wall with stone tiles
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13. Cement plaster

Even without regular maintenance, a cement plaster wall that has been stabilized well will look the same for generations. Wet cement plaster is another type of compound wall you can use to create motifs, graphic patterns, sculptures, and murals because of its physical qualities. Additionally, you may engage an artist to produce original, personalized designs directly on your compound wall. Alternatively, if you desire to save the effort of creating them on-site, you may purchase any artwork from the market that might catch the attention of your guests.

cement plaster compound wall
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14. Wrought iron fencing

A wrought iron fence is a popular way to mark a boundary because it has a unique look and can keep people safe. Being extremely sturdy, it is an excellent choice for places with a lot of foot traffic. There’s no doubt that wrought iron fences can be your best choice, as they look immaculate and beautiful, are sturdy, and meet your requirements.

wrought iron compound fence
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15. Sustainable compound wall

The time has come that we must embrace an eco-friendly lifestyle, and to start with, you may go for a sustainable compound wall. Do you want to know if a long-lasting compound wall can keep you safe and secure? Yes, it can! An eco-friendly fence is a popular option for residential boundaries where you can choose environment-friendly materials like bamboo, recycled wood, trash, etc., to make fences.

sustainable compound wall
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Therefore, you can clearly choose from many types of boundary walls. Stone, brick, and concrete walls are beautiful and robust ways to protect and decorate your home. When you’ve decided on this type of wall for your home, think about the colors you want to see when it’s finished.