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Having ample space to get a lavish wardrobe designed is something everybody wishes for. Bedrooms having a beautifully designed wardrobe look elegant but sometimes it so happens that you get only a corner to squeeze in a wardrobe. Also, there might be additional storage space available in your room that you could create by using up an ignored corner and setting up a wardrobe there. 

To help your fancy imaginations come true, we have got a few corner wardrobe designs. These designs will make sure that any corner in your room shouldn’t go waste.

1. L-Shaped

L shaped
Credits: Anastasia Shuraeva / pexels

The most common corner wardrobe design, having an L-shaped wardrobe is the best possible way to make the aptest use of any corner in your room. It further depends upon you as to what kind of design you want to opt for. L-shaped wardrobes can be designed in several ways depending upon your requirements.

2. Sliding Door

Credits: Gaf_Lila / Shutterstock

Get a cosy but smart wardrobe in your room corner and have sliding doors to add to the style. It also makes the wardrobe more convenient to use and takes up very little space. 

3. Mirrored 

When you have a small bedroom, corner wardrobes with mirrored shutters are of great help. They make your room look bigger and fancier. Add the perfect touch of elegance to the corner and let the mirror do the magic.

4. Full Height

full height corner wardrobe designs
Credits: Snorkulencija / shutterstock

Another wardrobe design that is meant to make your room bigger and better, full-height wardrobes when designed in room corners look sophisticated. 

5. Color Pop

For that pop of colour in your room, go for a bright and smartly designed wardrobe so that the corner of your room brightens up. It adds life to the room and is sure to look pretty.

6. Shelves

Credits: Anastasia Shuraeva / pexels

A shelved wardrobe looks pretty and cute when designed and set in the corner of any room. It also gives you plenty of storage space and you can also leave the wardrobe open for displaying art pieces.

7. White Wardrobe

white corner wardrobe designs
Credits: Max Vakhtbovych / pexels

An all-white corner wardrobe is sure to make your room look sophisticated. Make sure to pick the right handles that compliment not just the wardrobe but also the existing interior design of the room.

8. I-Shaped

A single narrow wardrobe to occupy the wasted corner in your room, this one gives you ample storage space even when it is not wide. 

9. Minimalistic

Credits: Rumman Amin / unsplash

Sometimes the corner demands a simple minimalist design and you cannot go overboard in those cases. A minimalist corner wardrobe looks on point and fills up the space just as required. You still get enough storage space and the corner thus gets utilised.

10. T-Shaped

When you don’t want to use up too much floor area, t-shaped wardrobes are a great idea. Here, you can use the loft space to store items like quilts, sweaters, suitcases etc. This wardrobe design features a narrow wardrobe and wide lofts extending on either side of the wardrobe, thus the name t-shaped.

11. Floating Wardrobes

If your corner permits, you can go for a floating wardrobe. It is mounted in the wall and gives your corner a cleaner look. Make sure the exterior of the wardrobe is smartly finished. Floating wardrobes give a nice look to the wall and also makes better use of the space.

12. Wow By The Window

Many room designs give you the scope to create a nice wardrobe space beside the window. In this way, you can make the best use of the space which would have otherwise been left untouched. It makes the room look complete and does not eat up any additional space.

With these amazing designs, setting up a corner wardrobe would be very easy. While picking up any design, you have to make sure that it suits your space and looks best with the overall interiors of your room. It is also essential to see that the wardrobe does not take up much floor area and it should also not make the room look smaller than its actual appearance. 

Corner wardrobes are perfect for storing extra stuff and you can also sometimes get a corner wardrobe designed for a specific purpose. Go for the one you like and see the difference it brings to your room.