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When most people move into a new home, they do not immediately consider changing the interiors unless it is absolutely necessary. However, painting is an essential task every few years. Painting a house makes it look brand new, adds aesthetic value to it, and protects the walls!

The cost of painting a house per square foot in India is determined by several factors, including the paint used, the location of the painting, the brand, and the area. Given all of this information, it is understandable that people are curious about the cost of painting a house in India!

Because of all these factors, it can be challenging to stay on top of everything. People are sometimes misled and choose the incorrect paint, application method, or vendor.

Several things depend on these choices, like the vibe your house will give. The environment it will create, how significant of an investment it requires and how each element influences the price of paint per square foot so that you can plan your finances better.

House Painting
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To make this process easier, we’ve gathered some essential information about the cost of painting a house per square foot in India that will guide you through it!

Also, read the various inspiration for bedroom colour combinations.

About Interior And Exterior Painting

When it refers to painting, one of the essential questions is what type of surface is being painted since this will play a significant role in the costing process. Paint on the exterior surface is significantly more affordable than paint for the interiors.

However, exterior painting takes a long time because it can need scaffolding or a ladder pulley system. Exteriors need additional paint applications and a thorough sanding/levelling procedure because they are frequently more weathered.

The atmosphere also has a significant impact on the characteristics of both exterior and interior paints. Moreover, the interior and exterior walls dimension is one of several variables that affect the cost of painting a house.

●      The cost of interior painting is Rs. 12/- to Rs. 35/- per square foot.

●      Cost of exterior painting: starting at Rs. 13/- per square foot plus labour costs.

Besides minor variations, the resin used is the main distinction between these two kinds. The resin keeps the pigment in place on the wall you’re painting on. Extremes of humidity and temperature must be withstood by exterior paint. Additionally, it needs to be resistant to fading, chips and peeling.

Therefore, the polymers used to create exterior colour must be smoother. Extreme temperature fluctuations and shifts and moisture have little effect on interior paint. As a result, it’s possible that the resin used to make them will get harder to deal with over time. As a result, smearing and scratching are reduced.

House Painting Cost in India
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1. Interior Painting

Interior paint naturally costs more because it enhances the home’s look, feel, and beauty. Additionally, interior paint is easy to clean and maintain and resists moisture.

Abrasion-resistant interior paint is made to tolerate abrasion. It is made to be more sensitive than exterior paint since it combines space with people.

This kind of paint can be scrubbed and is stain-resistant. It has no fade-resistant qualities because it isn’t exposed to sunshine. Additionally, it does not require sunlight exposure to cure.

The interior paints may now be washed. Thus, the price of painting a wall is also high.

Lastly, interior paint should have minimal little to no volatile organic compounds. Doing so diminishes health hazards, and excellent interior air quality is maintained.

2. Exterior Painting

Exterior paint must therefore defend itself from moisture like rain and snow and the sun’s UV rays. It must also fight off the development of fungus.

These paints are designed to prevent fading and mildew on your furniture. They must not deteriorate when subjected to the UV mentioned above rays and severe heat.

As mentioned earlier, exterior paints are made using soft resins. As a result, they are very adaptable. They, therefore, resist easily cracking as they shrink or grow. They can consequently withstand the negative impacts of humidity and temperature changes.

This house paint can be used on various substrates by altering the shine. Only a modest amount of water is collected at the front of a home during rain. As painting produces the best effects, the workforce cost per square foot is justified.

Applying exterior paint indoors poses a concern since it generates more volatile organic compounds.

Other points to consider include that flat paint doesn’t quite bubble, and water can escape. Curing and settling also require exposure.

Variety Of Paints Available In India And Their Costs

Here we have put together different paint options that will play a major role in setting your budget.

1. Enamel Paint

Because it endures a long time, is simple to maintain, and is available in a range of glossy finishes, it is frequently utilised in high-traffic locations. They are commonly used on metal and wood and are waterproof and sustainable.

Only if you’re concerned about the price of paint per litre, enamel paint is a decent option.

The cost of painting a house per square foot in India using Emulsion paint starts at Rs 80.

2. Distemper

The cost of painting labour per sq foot in India can be reduced by using a low-cost water-based paint known as distemper. Using this paint is a process known as “whitewashing.” It costs little money and is easy to use, yet it wears out quickly.

Because it isn’t washable and degrades and peels off when wet, painting requires a yearly supplemental labour charge.

Distemper paint is available for Rs 10 per sq foot.

3. Luster Paints (Oil or Water Based)

Create a silky, pearl-like surface. Shiny paints are simple to keep clean. With the use of a property painting cost calculator, many factors should be considered (readily available online). This paint takes some time to dry and has a pungent smell, so you shouldn’t use it immediately if you’re moving into your house.

The cost of painting a house per square foot in India using Lustre paint costs Rs. 26 and Rs. 30.

4. Emulsion Paint

Wide-ranging colour paint that is either water or oil-based.

Its best feature is the amazing feature that dries super fast and produces a shiny finish. Emulsion paint is durable and can be somewhat cleaned with a moist cloth soaked in soapy water. Many of these paints also have antifungal properties.

The two types are acrylic emulsion paint and plastic emulsion paint. The desired finishing, such as matte or glossy, affects the cost of emulsion paint and the cost of painting per square foot.

The variables mentioned above affect how much painting a house in India costs per square foot.

5. Texture Paint

A kind of paint used to highlight and accent walls. Knives, rollers, brushes, and trowels are the specialised tools and materials required to create the 3D impression. This raises the per-square-foot cost of painting labour.

Texture paints have a tactile sensation and are thick. The cost of painting labour varies significantly due to the extensive price range.

The priciest option is textured paint, and the cost of painting a house per square foot ranges in price from Rs 80 to Rs 200. 

How Do You Select The Perfect Colour And Paint For Your House?

How to Select the Ideal paint for your house
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The landowner, the size of the area to be painted, and the standard of the materials employed all affect how much it costs to paint a house in India per square foot. A room’s appearance can be transformed entirely by the paints on the walls, making it appear more inviting and contemporary.

Bold colour combinations are currently in style, including bright yellow and fresh green, olive and aubergine, cobalt blue and turquoise. The walls are now decorated with textures, traditional Indian artwork like kalamkari and Madhubani, and delicate colours like violet.

As you get into this process, there are a few things the owner needs to decide before the initiation.

  1. A proper colour scheme should be selected. Cool, warm, bold, neutral etc., because this will affect the labour cost in India.
  2. Consider the topic of furnishings, flooring, and décor when attempting to produce colour harmony.
  3. Afterwards, select a couple of paint colours for both the walls, and play about with the samples. Paint your wall with any of these samples to see how it will look at various times throughout the day before deciding on a colour.

Some Simple Points You Can Consider While You Decide On Your Colour Palette

  1. Try selecting a colour that goes with the furniture you already have!
  2. Start decorating vertically from dark to light.
  3. Refer to a colour wheel to better understand the colour schemes.
  4. Address the formal portions of the home before moving on to the private rooms.
  5. A hack is that black accents go well with every colour. But if you are still doubting, go for grey accents.
  6. Make use of the 60-30-10 rule.
  7. Add some textures and accents to bring out corners.
  8. Keep a balance between cool and warm colours.
  9. Utilise centrepieces that complement the textured walls.
  10. Choose a monochrome theme for your restroom and kitchen.

Some More Factors That Will Affect The Cost Of Painting A House Per Square Foot In India

1. Primer

This component strengthens the paint’s look by acting as a foundation.

The various types of primers that are available affect the primer pricing. Approximately 210 and 270 sq ft can be painted with one litre of priming. The price of primer per litre ranges from Rs 140 to Rs 200.

Contractors generally apply a coat of primer before applying putty to enable better paint application.

2. Putty

A water-resistant white cement-based substance is applied to a surface to correct flaws and undulations.

Putty costs about Rs 50 per kg and often occupies 15 to 35 sq ft.

3. Painting And Repainting

Whether your home needs to be repainted or has lately been painted has an impact on the final cost.

The process of painting generally involves, a good selection of putty, a coating of priming, and at least two to three coats of paint are necessary. On the contrary, repainting calls for touch-ups, a layer of primer, and one or more coats of paint. Painting over is more expensive than beginning around.

4. Labour Costs

Approximately 1.5 times of the overall prices of the supplies go into labour costs for painting. The labour cost is equal to ((3/2)*5,000), which is Rs 7,500 if the raw material is Rs 5,000.

Also, prices may vary between cities. For instance, labour expenses in metro areas are higher than in non-metro areas. You will also save some money on labour by painting your walls; however, only if you have enough time, motivation, and fundamental skills.

Tips For Painting A Home’s Interior Or Exterior

  1. Before selecting the perfect colour and tone, ascertain how much natural daylight each room receives. Darker areas call for warmer tones, whereas brighter areas employ cooler techniques. Make the most of the opportunity because painting a house in India costs money per square foot only sometimes.
  2. On a sunny, clear day, for example, a summertime day, paint a house. The temperature and environmental factors at the application time directly affect how long it takes paint to dry.
  3. Water-based paints have replaced solvent-based paints as the preferred option. Products with no smell, chemicals, and little volatile organic compounds (VOC) (volatile organic compounds) are recommended. Chemically sensitive individuals should choose non-toxic paints free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). (Before spending money on paint, consider how much it would cost to paint a home in India per square foot. Considering that the sum of the two is significant.)
  4. When selecting a colour, it’s crucial to consider the paint’s price and quality. Always buy reputable, premium paints.
  5. Long-term water damage can be avoided by picking the right exterior paint. Before choosing home painters, it’s essential to consider issues like prices and other aspects.
  6. Before painting the wall inside and out, prepare it using a water-resistant solution to prevent seepage or dampness.
  7. Paint the terrace and window grills to prevent rust.
  8. Don’t forget about the ceilings when calculating the price for interior painting.

How To Paint Your Dream House and Still Save Money!

You are perhaps a step closer to cutting costs on a home painting by committing to perform an adequate evaluation of your painting costs. Here are some suggestions about how to balance the books.

1. Reusing The Supplies

Brushes, rollers or painting tape. Whatever you already have, put it to work!

2. Keep An Eye On The Paint Quality

The cheaper paint might be fine, but if you can find the appropriate pricing, even if it’s a bit more expensive, you might be able to acquire extras like lifetime warranties, self-priming, and other things.

3. Use Primer Carefully

There are self-priming paints on the market, which can eliminate the extra expense of purchasing a primer.

4. Reusing Left-Out Colours

Reusing colours is the most efficient technique to reduce painting costs if you’re very set on doing so.

Cost Of Interior Painting Of Bedroom

Relying on a qualified painting contractor who can provide an accurate estimate is the best method to learn how much it will cost to paint any house room. The painter can take measurements of the area that has to be tallied and provide you with a precise calculation of the same.

An average-sized bedroom can cost anywhere from Rs. 2500 and Rs. 4500 to paint in two coats.

Cost To Repaint An Entire House Interior:

You can determine the cost of repainting the interior of your entire home using the labour and paint costs provided above. However, it is advised that you do the same when hiring a professional painting contractor.

A 1BHK’s interior painting project might cost anywhere from Rs. 2500 to Rs. 7000.