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Beautiful home décor has many elements, including artifacts, furniture, lighting, and furnishings. The craft wall hanging ideas are the things that might attract your attention as soon as you enter a room.

A suitable wall hanging can enhance a plain appearance to be beautiful. Many types and sizes of wall hangings have been around for centuries. They served as charms or symbolic artifacts with religious value. You might choose a colorful paper wall hanging or a creative monochromatic metal wall decoration. 

Crafts made of Paper for wall hangings are relatively new to home décor. You can decorate the space with a choice of paper wall art, whether for the kids’ room or the study area. Check out Ganapati decoration ideas for home.

craft wall hanging ideas
Source: Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Craft Wall Hanging Ideas for Decoration That Include Paper Wall Hangings

In the past, carpets, stained glass, or feather jewelry were used to decorate the walls. The function of wall hangings varied as civilization advanced. Wall hangings can give your home that bright feel in a modern city setting when freshly cut flowers might not be available every day. Wood, plastic, wire, metal, quilts, silk, and other materials are available. 

But if you like brightly colored interiors, a paper wall hanging is a fantastic choice. This might enrich your space with life and eliminate the need for expensive furniture purchases.

Exciting Ideas for Paper Wall Hangings

There are various forms of paper wall hanging, so you can experiment with creative wall decoration ideas. 

Consider making easy paper cutouts or floral patterns. Play around with craft paper and more complex designs, such as twister patterns. Colorful Paper may be folded, trimmed, and twirled simply to create a pleasant and unique wall hanging.

Paper Handmade Butterfly Wall Hanging

Unquestionably one of the best papercraft wall decoration ideas is the butterfly folding wall hanging craft. The Japanese art of folding involves artistically folding colorful craft sheets to construct one-of-a-kind shapes. 

The gorgeous craft wall hanging ideas are unique and for home décor. They are created by stringing together these wall decoration crafts. Various attractive wall hangings can be produced in varying shapes, sizes, colors, and threads. You can make your walls look eye-catching with this beautiful design.

Benefits of Using Color Paper for Wall Hanging

A paper wall hanging gives a basic room a splash of color and texture. You can also set up your paper wall hanging craft to go well with your office. You can alter your paper wall hanging whenever you want a change in style, or you can use it as seasonal décor. 

Using colored paper, you can plan your theme to match the wall hanging. The article can be modified to reflect your mood or the time of year. Want to document a significant event or create some family memories? Make your room look beautiful by adding a paper wall hanging to the background. Additionally, craft wall hanging ideas are abundant, and you can create these out of colored Paper. These are inexpensive and enjoyable for the whole family.

Paper-Punched Wall Hanging

Papers were punched into a circle and threaded together. When you have many thread strands ready, line them up in a row to resemble curtains. This paper wall-hanging craft can draw attention to a plain wall. Here, you can randomly choose papers of any color or stick with a color theme. 

The best part of this Homemade idea is that you may utilize scrap paper from unwanted catalogs, booklets, and leaflets. The more colors you use, the more attractive your paper wall hanging will appear.

Moon Phases for a Paper Wall Hanging

It’s pretty common to make paper wall hangings like moon phases. You must cut out the moon phases from heavy black Paper and correctly arrange them on a string. 

Moon phases of a paper wall hanging
Source: Photo by Mark Tegethoff on Unsplash

To make it more lovely, add a gorgeous ribbon, and hang it on the wall opposite the seating area. Use glossy paper, mirrors, or stones to give your moon paper wall hanging some sparkle. Or use cutouts of clouds and stars to highlight the entire wall.

Pictures of the Paper Craft Wall-Hanging Ideas

Create a mesh with beads, threads, and paper rectangles hanging from it. Print out pictures of the family and attach them to the paper sheets. 

Paper Craft Wall Hanging
Source: Photo by Manja Vitolic on Unsplash

Everyone who looks up at this wall and sees the paper wall hanging is sure to smile. The order of the paper sheets can be random, up-and-down, or in a line. You can use bright Paper in contrasting colors or white sheets of paper to give your printed pictures a white border.

Wall Hanging of Words and Quotes on Paper

Do you have a passion for literature and famous people’s quotes? Or perhaps you’re planning a teen’s room. A fantastic design concept for your paper wall hanging craft is to include inspirational phrases. 

Quotes paper wall hanging
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Add loving remarks for teenagers. Or use intriguing paper cutouts to decorate a child’s room. This thought-provoking paper wall hanging does not require complex planning, artistic ability, or constructing time.

Paper Art Hanging in 3D Craft Wall Hanging Ideas

Do you have pre-teens at home who are becoming increasingly interested in the outside world? Decorate their space with attractive 3D paper wall hangings. With the sun sneaking out from behind, you can hang 3D clouds. 

Alternately, use 3D raindrops from 3D clouds falling on a 3D umbrella to beautify the wall. Alternately, hang a 3D hot air balloon on the border with the pictures of the family taped within the basket. Allow your children to display their paper wall décor by having friends around.